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Is Flash Rewards Legit or a Scam? (Review)

Is Flash Rewards a scam? Or is Flash Rewards legit? If you’ve come across the platform, we are sure you may have multiple questions. So to dispel the myths and answer any questions you may have, we came up with this Flash Rewards review.

Here’s our flash rewards review. Read on to learn the ugly truth behind this website.

What Is Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards Website

Flash Rewards is a website that offers users gift cards from eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and other online retailers in exchange for performing activities or playing games. You can earn more coins by playing more games or completing more activities.

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It is also available as an app in the Google Play Store. Deliver Technology LLC owns Flash Rewards, which has been operating since 2016.

The company claims to be legitimate. It operates on the same business concept as well-known and popular reward sites such as LifePoints and InboxDollars, where users may earn prizes by doing tasks.

However, Flash Rewards has received allegations that it is a scam. Because of the substantial quantity of information, you must supply before earning incentives, many people believe it is a fraud.

Some had to sign up for multiple paid offers, received a lot of spam emails, and never received the promised gift card.

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How Do Flash Rewards Work?

Make Money Online Flash Rewards How Does It Work

Upon a quick search on database, the owner turned out to be Deliver Technology LLC. The website will prompt you to complete tasks to earn gift cards from several reputed companies. All you need to do is hit the ‘Get Started’ button.

It will then take you to a page where you can select what gift card(s) you’d like to earn. As of this Flash Rewards review update, the website has the following options:

  • Amazon gift card ($100)
  • eBay gift card
  • VISA gift card
  • Walmart gift card

Select what you’d like to earn, and then you’ll be prompted to create an account.

Signing Up

Flashrewards Account Creation

It is simple to sign up for Flash Rewards. What you’ll need to do to get started is as follows:

  • Visit Flash Rewards and fill out your information, including your name, email address, and other details.
  • Fill out the brief form to assist the website in proposing various deals and options to you.
  • Choose the level of gift card you want to work towards, as different reward categories have various requirements.
  • Also, remember that Flash Rewards is only available in a few countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

To sign up for a Flash Rewards account in the United States, you must be a resident and 18 years of age or older. A valid government-issued ID is also required to redeem incentives because you must prove your identity to cash out.

Completing Tasks or Sponsored Deals

You must complete sponsored tasks to unlock your gift cards or free cash with Flash Rewards. Each tier necessitates completing a number of tasks on the rewards site. Furthermore, trades are divided into levels, with higher-level transactions taking longer to execute.

Many simple bargains include inputting your email address to sign up for new newsletters or subscriptions. Some packages also include the downloading and playing of various mobile games.

The more complex deals necessitate the expenditure of actual money to execute. In addition, gaming deals may require you to play for many hours to complete a specific in-game achievement.

In reality, if you’re striving for a bigger reward, you might spend $20 to $75 or more on promotions, so you have to pay to play with Flash Rewards in several instances.

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Submit Your Deals

To claim your prize, you must submit all your Flash Rewards deals within 30 days of completion. It means it’s essential to document every deal completion, which includes collecting screenshots and storing emails that confirm completed deals.

After the Flash Rewards program has reviewed your submission, it will email you a form that you must fill out to receive your prize.

This form needs you to verify your identity by uploading a photo of your driver’s license or another form of government identification.

One disadvantage of Flash Rewards is that you must give these confidential papers.

And, as stated, recording your contract completions is critical. If Flash Rewards requests proof that you completed a sale and are unable to give it, you will not be paid.

After you submit everything, you should receive your reward within 7 to 10 days of verification. However, many negative reviews regarding Flash Rewards fraud reflect dissatisfaction that incentives never materialize, even after consumers have provided and confirmed all information.

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How Can You Make Money With Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards Google Play

Users can earn rewards by signing up for games, watching videos, subscription products and services, mobile apps, and other activities. Some of its partners need payment for any provided product or service, and you may come across assignments that offer paid trials rather than free trials.

You can select from various offers and tasks that are organized into levels. These chores could involve downloading and playing games, or subscribing to a service.

Level 2 offers a $5 prize, for example. To receive the reward value, you must complete two transactions.

Remember to save confirmation emails or screenshots of your game progress or completion. When you claim your reward, you may be requested to submit them.

How Much Time Does It Take To Earn Money?

Flash Rewards Shein

You have 60 days to complete your assignments with Flash Rewards. Once finished, it may take up to 14 days for your rewards to be added to your account.

There is also a restriction on how many times you can claim your prize sum. For example, if you’ve already claimed a $500 or less award, you won’t be able to do so again within 60 days. You can claim your reward once a year if it is $750 or $1,000. Wait for the specified days or lengths before claiming your reward values again.

Is it necessary to spend money on Flash Rewards?

Remember that Flash Rewards is a reward site, not a freebie program, so you will be expected to spend money. If you don’t mind spending money to earn more, Flash Rewards could be for you.

Flash Rewards does not directly request money from you. The money you spend will go directly to the product or service provider. For example, if you wish to subscribe to Disney+, you can use Flash Rewards.

If you’re using Flash Rewards to play a game, you can make in-game purchases to help you finish tasks faster. The offers you select will decide how much money you have to spend. For example, the out-of-pocket charges for a $250 award will be at least $5, and a minimum of $12 for a reward sum greater than $500.

You can also register for free trials. However, if you cancel straight away, it will not count. For the task to count, you must complete the trial period. You can set a reminder to cancel the subscription before the trial period expires.

Flash Rewards is a prizes site for people eager to spend money in exchange for rewards. Flash Rewards may not be for you if you are not one of them.

What Are the Available Reward Options?

Flash Rewards Gift Cards

You can redeem different Flash Rewards incentives after you complete a certain number of offers. Among the most popular reward possibilities are the following:

How much money you make is determined by the number of transactions you complete. If you complete enough deals, you can earn up to $1,000 in rewards.

Remember that if you want the $500 to $1,000 Flash Rewards, you will have to pay to finish some purchases.

It could entail registering for a free trial of a new streaming network, subscribing to a subscription box service, or taking other actions. Of these, you may be able to cancel before the free trial period finishes and a payment commitment begins, but if you cancel too soon, the activity will not count toward your goal.

In my opinion, a free reward should not cost money or anything other than your time.

And I’m personally uncomfortable making the commitments required to attain a goal since I don’t want to get hit with hidden fees. However, if these are the services you were planning to test anyway, it might be worth it to you.

Is Flash Rewards Legitimate? Does it Pay?

Flash Rewards App

Completing sponsored offers in exchange for monetary rewards is easy, but it has always been a source of controversy.

Regardless of the platform, there is always the possibility of not obtaining the credits. It is because many businesses do a poor job of tracking offers and fabricating system faults to avoid paying. You’ll never know what’s really going on behind closed doors!

I read some Trustpilot ratings and discovered varied feelings regarding the site. Flash Rewards has received a rating of 2 stars out of 5, which is poor!

Some claim to have completed all the offers and received cash without problems. However, most users left negative comments to express their dissatisfaction with the site, warning that they had not been compensated.

Flash Rewards is a legitimate site, but it doesn’t mean they are consistent with the payments.

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Positive Reviews About Flash Rewards

  • The website is simple to use, and claiming their prizes is easy if users follow the instructions.
  • Some users claim to have received their $100 in as little as two days.
  • According to other flash rewards reviews, few customers assumed Flash Rewards was a fraud or a scam but later found it was a legitimate service that rewards users for completing offers.

Negative Reviews About Flash Rewards

  • Several users complain that their reward status has not been changed despite finishing a task or offer.
  • The majority of TrustPilot’s complaints are about users not obtaining their rewards.
  • Customers have complained about unresponsive customer service. Those who have questions or concerns about not being able to claim their rewards say it’s tough to contact customer service. Some have received an email from customer service, but when they try to contact them again, they receive the same response.
  • A few customers have also complained about receiving spam emails after signing up.
  • Users have reported having a terrible experience with Flash Incentives owing to issues with claiming rewards.


  • Deal Variation: There are many different deals on this rewards site that you can complete to help you reach your goals. I don’t like that some are paid, but the variety is excellent if you’re used to sifting through these types of GPT offers.
  • Multiple Reward Alternatives: Flash Rewards does provide a number of enticing reward options.
  • High-Value Rewards: Flash Rewards is recognized for offering promotions such as a $750 Shien Gift card or $1,000 in PayPal cash, which is pleasant if you earn the reward.


  • Long Reward Timespan: If you want immediate gratification for your efforts, this site is not for you. It takes weeks to work your way up to the higher incentives, whereas other reward sites pay you for each task you accomplish.
  • Required Money Investment: While you can make some money on Flash Rewards without spending any money, you must spend money on deals to get a greater payout.
  • Identity Verification: After receiving a reward, you must submit a photo ID and a picture to establish your identity. I’ve been making money online for years and have yet to do so elsewhere!
  • Inadequate Privacy: This site requests more personal information than I am comfortable providing. Furthermore, the site’s privacy policy specifies that they may share or sell your information! This is a red flag for Flash Rewards, so proceed with caution.

Is Flash Rewards a Scam?

There’s not enough evidence supporting whether or not Flash Rewards is legit or a scam. It does share characteristics with some scams, and the fact that you need to spend money to complete offers alone makes it a big NO-NO.

Usarewardspot on one hand is an obvious scam, and being associated with it does no good to Flash Rewards. Using multiple sites with similar copy/layouts doesn’t help either.

Most people are fed up with USA Reward Spot. Removing it from your phone can be a hassle. So, in a nutshell, we can’t really recommend the Flash Rewards platform to anyone.

Even if it was a legitimate one, you’ll spend way too much time and money. If effort outweighs the rewards, it makes not signing up for the website a ‘no-brainer’.

If that wasn’t enough, who even likes to log into a mailbox full of spam/junk emails?!

Is Flash Rewards Safe?

Is it safe to use Flash Rewards? To be honest, I’m not sure. It is one of those cases where you must use your own discretion.

Its own Facebook page admits to having issues with scammers. Flash Rewards also warns social media users that their company works in several regions, with the validity of the promotions varying.

It’s also worth noting that disclosing your personal information can be a major problem. This website does not appeal to me. I’m not thrilled about spending money to obtain a reward. 

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