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flexjobs Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

If you’re looking for a flexible job, flexjobs is a great place to start. But before signing up, it’s important to read a few reviews of the platform so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you. This flexjobs review will cover all the ins and outs of what flexjobs offers and help you decide if it’s the right fit.

In recent years, the demand for flexible work arrangements has increased significantly, driving job seekers to explore online platforms that cater to their needs. One such platform is FlexJobs, a job board that specializes in listing a variety of flexible work arrangements, making it a popular choice for those seeking remote work, part-time positions, and alternative schedules.

We thoroughly reviewed FlexJobs, highlighting its features and assessing its value as a resource for job seekers. Various customer testimonials and expert opinions will be discussed to offer an unbiased and informative perspective on the platform. Interested readers will gain valuable insights into whether FlexJobs is worth considering as a tool in their search for flexible employment opportunities.

By examining the platform’s usability, pricing, job posting quality, and user satisfaction, this article aims to present a comprehensive understanding of FlexJobs. This will allow readers to decide whether to rely on the platform in their journey to secure a flexible job that fits their unique needs and preferences.

What is flexjobs?

Flexjobs Logo

Flexjobs is an online job platform designed for people who want to find flexible jobs such as remote positions, freelance gigs, and part-time or full-time jobs with alternative scheduling options. It also provides employers an easy way to find quality candidates looking for flexibility in their work.

Key Features

Flexjobs Remote Job Search Highlights

FlexJobs is a platform for those seeking flexible, remote, freelance, and part-time job opportunities. The platform’s hand-screened job listings, resume and coaching services, and other features make it a valuable resource for job seekers looking for legitimate flexible work options across various industries.

  • Flexible Work Options: FlexJobs lists flexible work arrangements, including remote jobs, part-time positions, and freelance opportunities. This benefits job seekers looking for jobs that allow them to choose their hours or work from home.
  • Hand-Screened Jobs: To prevent scams and ensure only legitimate job postings are available, FlexJobs thoroughly vets every job listing before it goes live on the website. This feature provides a secure and reliable job search experience for users.
  • Job Search Assistance: FlexJobs offers professional services like resume reviews, coaching, and exclusive discounts on tools and products to help job seekers to excel in their job search and career progress.
  • Easy Navigation & Filtering: The platform allows job seekers to refine their search quickly with numerous filtering options, making it simple for candidates to find jobs that closely match their preferences.
  • Wide Range of Industries: FlexJobs caters to various industries and job categories, from IT and software development to administrative roles, marketing, and many others.

Pricing and Plans

Subscription Types

FlexJobs offers a variety of subscription options for job seekers looking for flexible work, such as remote, freelance, part-time, or flextime roles. The available plans are:

  • Weekly: $6.95
  • Monthly: $14.95
  • Quarterly: $29.95
  • Yearly: $49.95

Money-Back Guarantee

FlexJobs provides a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for users who opt for the weekly or one-month plan. This allows them to get a refund if they are unsatisfied with the service within this period. For three-month and annual plans, only partial refunds are available. Try FlexJobs for a month before committing to longer plans to ensure you make the most of the money-back guarantee.

FlexJobs offers various subscription options for job seekers with different timeframes and budgets. With its money-back satisfaction guarantee, users can confidently explore the available job listings and adapt their subscriptions while job hunting.

Job Search and Filters

Job Categories

FlexJobs offers a comprehensive list of job categories to cater to the diverse needs of job seekers. Some of the popular categories include:

  • IT and Software Development
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Administrative and Customer Support
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Online Teaching and Education

Job seekers can easily navigate these categories to find the most suitable opportunities for their skill set and career goals.

Job Types

In addition to job categories, FlexJobs allows users to filter job listings based on different job types, such as:

  • Remote work
  • Freelance and Project-based
  • Part-time schedules
  • Flexible work hours
  • Temporary and Seasonal work

These job types cater to professionals seeking a more adaptable work setup instead of a traditional office environment.

Filtering and Advanced Search

FlexJobs provides users several advanced filtering options to streamline their job search process. Some of these filtering options include:

  1. Location: Users can input their location and search within specified distance ranges to find remote or in-office jobs that meet their requirements.
  2. Job Category: As mentioned earlier, FlexJobs provides a list of job categories to narrow the search.
  3. Job Types: Users can filter through different job arrangements based on their preferences.

In addition to these basic filters, FlexJobs offers advanced search options allowing users to refine their searches even further. Some examples include searching based on the following:

  • Level of telecommuting (100% remote, partial remote, etc.)
  • Travel requirements
  • Employment status (employee, independent contractor)
  • Willingness to consider international candidates

Search Results and Job Listings Quality

FlexJobs screens every job listing on its platform to ensure quality and legitimacy, which sets them apart from other job boards. This extensive vetting process ensures that users can trust the job listings they find on the site.

Skills Tests

To further improve the chances of users finding the right job, FlexJobs offers skills tests to help job seekers showcase their abilities and expertise. Users can take these tests to strengthen their profile, making them more attractive to potential employers.

Overall, the combination of advanced filters, search options, quality job listings, and skills tests make FlexJobs an invaluable resource for job seekers seeking flexible and remote work opportunities.

Flexjobs Versus Other Job Boards

Comparison With Traditional Job Boards

FlexJobs specializes in remote, part-time, and flexible job opportunities, unlike traditional job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and CareerBuilder, which offer many job types, including full-time, part-time, and contractual positions. Moreover, FlexJobs hand-screens all job listings before posting them on their site to ensure legitimacy and high-quality opportunities.

The main distinction between FlexJobs and other online job boards is its focus on flexible job options. Indeed focuses on a much broader collection of jobs, including flexible and non-flexible positions. Monster and CareerBuilder also cover various job categories, while LinkedIn offers a professional networking platform alongside its job listings.

However, competition for job seekers is present on all job boards. Here is a brief comparison of the key features of FlexJobs and traditional job boards:

Job TypesRemote, Part-Time, FlexibleFull-Time, Part-Time, ContractFull-Time, Part-Time, ContractFull-Time, Part-Time, ContractFull-Time, Part-Time, Contract
Job ScreeningHand-ScreenedVariesVariesVariesVaries
Subscription FeeYesNoNoNoNo
SpecializationFlexible JobsGeneral Job BoardProfessional Networking + Job BoardGeneral Job BoardGeneral Job Board

One of the main differences in job search experience on FlexJobs is the subscription fee it charges for access to its hand-screened job listings. This helps ensure higher-quality listings and fewer scams or low-quality postings compared to traditional job boards.

In summary, FlexJobs offers a tailored experience for job seekers seeking flexible work arrangements. While competition remains a challenge on all job boards, aspirants who prioritize remote, part-time, or flexible positions might find value in using FlexJobs as a resource for finding high-quality opportunities.

Legitimacy and Trustworthiness

FlexJobs is known for its strict vetting process and commitment to providing legitimate job opportunities. The platform takes pride in eliminating scams before posting job listings. Users can expect to find only genuine, flexible positions on the site, which is a significant advantage for those seeking remote or part-time work.

One of the reasons for FlexJobs’s high trustworthiness is its diligent verification of every job posting to ensure its legitimacy. This process helps maintain a positive user experience by eliminating potential risks associated with online job scams. As a result, FlexJobs has earned a solid reputation for being a scam-free job platform.

In addition to its extensive validation process, FlexJobs has received high ratings from users and independent review platforms. Its user rating on Trustpilot is 4.5 out of 5 stars, further showcasing its credibility within the job-seeking community.

While it is not directly affiliated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), FlexJobs’ commitment to eliminating scams and providing a safe environment for job seekers has earned it the respect and trust of many people in the industry.

In summary, FlexJobs is regarded as a trustworthy and legitimate platform for those seeking flexible employment opportunities. The platform’s dedication to vetting job postings and maintaining a scam-free environment makes it an ideal choice for users looking for reliable, flexible work options.

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Advice and Resources for Job Seekers

FlexJobs offers a variety of valuable resources and services to support job seekers in their quest for flexible and remote work. This section covers some of the most notable offerings, such as webinars and courses, resume reviews, and career coaching.

Webinars and Courses

FlexJobs provides a range of webinars and courses to assist job seekers in honing their skills and expanding their knowledge. These resources cover topics such as:

  • Remote job search strategies
  • Networking for remote job opportunities
  • Mastering virtual interviews

These educational resources help enhance job seekers’ skills and stay up-to-date on relevant topics in the remote work industry.

Resume Reviews

A strong resume is crucial for standing out in a competitive job market, and FlexJobs offers professional resume reviews to help job seekers make a great impression. These resume reviews include:

  • Personalized feedback from a resume expert
  • Suggestions for improvements to layout, content, and design
  • Guidance on tailoring a resume for remote and flexible jobs

By taking advantage of FlexJobs’ resume review services, job seekers can ensure their resumes effectively showcase their skills and accomplishments.

Career Coaching

In addition to webinars, courses, and resume reviews, FlexJobs offers career coaching services for those seeking personalized support. By working with a career coach, job seekers can benefit from the following:

  • One-on-one advice tailored to their unique needs
  • Actionable guidance on job search strategies
  • Recommendations on developing a standout resume profile

Career coaching is a valuable resource for anyone seeking meaningful remote work, offering tailored advice and expertise to help job seekers succeed.

Success Stories and Testimonials

FlexJobs has numerous success stories and testimonials from satisfied users who have found flexible positions through the platform. Many users recommend FlexJobs due to its dedication to screening companies and job postings, ensuring that the opportunities are legitimate and scam-free.

One user, Kitty H from Danbury, WI, found a remote freelance position as an executive assistant at IPO Candy. She attributes her success to FlexJobs’ commitment to verifying the legitimacy of companies, providing weekly training sessions, and offering skill tests to help users improve their job search experience.

Employers also have positive testimonials about their experience with FlexJobs. One employer mentioned that they could find a highly-qualified software security specialist with finance sector experience in just a matter of days. The employer praised FlexJobs for its ability to attract candidates with specialized skill sets, highlighting the 8 other applicants who met most of the job requirements.

FlexJobs’ reputation is further supported by its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.68/5.0 customer review score on BBB’s website. These ratings and reviews indicate that the platform effectively connects job seekers with flexible work opportunities.

In addition to its success stories, FlexJobs offers valuable services to users. For example, the platform provides basic resume reviews and updates starting at $179, with career coaching available at $89 per 30-minute call (approximately $178 per hour). This added support can make a significant difference for job seekers who need guidance and assistance throughout their job search journey.

FlexJobs has a track record of connecting job seekers with flexible positions, leading to numerous satisfied users and employer testimonials. The platform’s dedication to screening job opportunities and offering additional services such as resume reviews and career coaching makes it a valuable resource for those seeking work that better fits their life.

Companies on FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an online job board service focusing on remote, home-based, freelance, and flexible job opportunities. The platform is known for its extensive list of reputable employers offering hand-screened job listings to job seekers.

List of Reputable Employers

Employers on FlexJobs come from a wide range of industries, offering versatile job opportunities. While many are established businesses and reputable companies, they must undergo a screening process to ensure they deliver quality and legitimate job postings to the FlexJobs community.

  • Hand-screened jobs: FlexJobs takes an extra step to ensure quality job postings by hand-screening all listed roles. By doing so, they provide job seekers with a safe and scam-free platform to find their desired work opportunities.
  • Reputable employers: FlexJobs hosts a vast list of well-respected employers that continuously add new job opportunities to the platform. Job seekers can conveniently find jobs from trusted companies across various sectors, knowing they work with a real and reliable employer.
  • Thousands of companies: FlexJobs has partnerships with thousands of companies, giving job seekers a wide range of opportunities. This diversity of employers allows users to search for their preferred flexible roles, fitting their unique needs and skills.
  • Company guide: The platform also provides a company guide that helps job seekers understand more about the employers they might be considering. This resource informs users about the company’s culture, values, and work environment, allowing them to make well-informed decisions while exploring job postings.

With a focus on providing hand-screened job listings, reputable employers, and a massive network of partnerships with thousands of companies, FlexJobs ensures a quality and safe environment for job seekers looking for flexible employment opportunities in various industries. This unwavering dedication aids both employers and employees in finding the perfect remote, home-based, freelance, or flexible job match, all within a trusted and user-friendly platform.

Pros and Cons of FlexJobs

FlexJobs offers a variety of benefits to its users, making it an attractive platform for job seekers searching for flexible work arrangements. One notable advantage is the extensive selection of remote job opportunities catering to diverse industries and skill sets. Job seekers can find positions in marketing, human resources, data entry, and more.

Moreover, FlexJobs prides itself on ensuring that the listed positions are legitimate and free of scams. The platform’s team meticulously screens each job offer, allowing users to browse confidently, knowing their time and efforts will not be wasted on unscrupulous listings.

Another benefit is the user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for job seekers to navigate the platform and locate job opportunities that suit their interests and qualifications. FlexJobs also provides convenient filtering options to narrow down search results according to factors such as schedule flexibility, career level, and location.

Despite the benefits, there are also a few challenges that users may encounter while using FlexJobs. The most prominent drawback is that the platform is not a free service. Job seekers must pay a subscription fee to gain full access to the job listings, which may deter some individuals from using the platform, especially those who are tight on budget.

Additionally, while the platform offers an extensive selection of jobs, it may not cater to every individual’s specific requirements or interests, and some may find that the platform’s offerings are not a perfect match for their career objectives.

FlexJobs offers several notable advantages, including a wide range of legitimate job opportunities and a user-friendly interface. However, the subscription fee and potential mismatch between job offerings and individual needs should also be considered by users:

Extensive selection of remote job opportunitiesSubscription fee required for full access
Screened listings for scam-free job searchJob offerings may not align with specific interests
User-friendly interface with filtering options

Is it worth paying for FlexJobs?

The value of a FlexJobs membership depends on an individual’s job search needs and preferences. Some specific benefits of a FlexJobs membership include:

  • Access to a vast database of flexible job openings
  • Exclusive access to twice-weekly Career Coach Q&A sessions
  • Verified job listings for remote and flexible positions

FlexJobs offers discounted services for members, such as 1:1 career coaching, resume review, career change coaching, and mock interviews with expert coaches. Non-members can also access these services at a higher price. For those seeking flexible work opportunities and additional career support, investing in a FlexJobs membership may be worthwhile.

Final Thoughts: Is FlexJobs Worth It?

Flexjobs has some definite advantages over other job platforms. For starters, they vet each employer on their platform before they list any jobs, which means you can be sure that any position listed on their site is legitimate and safe. Additionally, many quality jobs are available in many different industries and locations. The downside of using flexjobs is that a fee is associated with accessing the listings, which may put some people off from using the platform altogether.

If you’re looking for flexible work arrangements, flexjobs is worth checking out as it offers access to many quality job postings from reputable companies. Just be sure to consider the fees associated with accessing these postings when deciding whether or not this platform is right for you.


Is FlexJobs legit worth it?

FlexJobs is a reputable job board offering flexible work arrangements, including remote, part-time, and freelance opportunities. Many users find it a valuable resource for finding job openings, and it has received high ratings from employers and employees. However, whether it is worth it depends on the individual’s job preferences and needs.

Is FlexJobs trustworthy?

Yes, FlexJobs is a trustworthy platform for job seekers looking for flexible work arrangements. They are well-known for their curated job listings and strive to provide legitimate job opportunities by thoroughly vetting employers and postings. While no platform can guarantee 100% scam-free listings, FlexJobs strongly emphasizes providing its users with quality job opportunities.

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