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Is Four Percent Challenge a Scam or a Legitimate Program for Making Money Online?

Welcome to this Four Percent Challenge review. If you’ve come across the program, you may be wondering if it’s a scam or the real deal that can help you make some money online. Since it’s a high-ticket program, don’t be surprised to shell out a little over $5,000 to purchase all their products.

Doing some research can take you far since it can help you avoid scams and also assist in finding legitimate opportunities that don’t disappoint. Is Four Percent a scam or a legit system for working from home? That’s what we’ll be covering today and more.

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Let’s get started.

Four Percent Challenge Review

Four Percent (formerly known as The Four Percent Group) is a platform that was launched by an affiliate marketer named Vick Strizheus.

Four Percent Logo

The product’s landing page ( looks decent. It’s free to create an account with Four Percent. Simply enter your name, email address, and password to set up your account. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you’ll be redirected to the program’s member’s area.

Through the member’s area, you can find dozens of video courses on the topic of internet marketing. It’s free to get started with some, and for some, you need to make an individual purchase.

Here’s a quick video through which Vick gives an overview of the 4% business model:

An Insider Look

Inside the member’s area, you’ll find a quick introduction video done by none other than Vick.

Once you’ve watched the welcome video, you can then watch a free webinar that lasts a little over 4 hours. The video discusses various affiliate marketing marketplaces and income potential and covers an affiliate’s mindset training.

You are now able to access any course of your liking. Simply enroll, and you’ll gain lifetime access to the video course. Depending on your skill level, select something that could benefit you the most.

Four Percent Members Area

Vick mentions it’s not a recorded webinar, but in reality, it is. If you come back to the webinar a few days later, it will be the exact same presentation. It probably was done live once but is now re-used every time someone watches it.

In the webinar, you’re also shown some blueprints that you can receive toward the end of the video presentation. The product is Success Challenge and costs $997 one-time. He stresses the benefits multiple times, and if you’re relatively new to online marketing, it may pique your interest.

Fourpercent Success Challenge Order Summary

You will be shown how it all works and how to connect the pieces to make the process work for you. You can also sign up as an affiliate and get to promote all his products. Some are free to promote for all, and for some, you must buy a membership or individual products.

Four Percent Affiliate Marketing Academy

In his words, you get access to ‘Multiple Income Streams’ when you promote the full product line. You’re also shown a handful of testimonials (apparently shot by real users of the system).

As per the platform, it’s beginner-friendly and advanced at the same time. It’s suited for people new to online marketing and champion affiliate marketers alike. They have a community where users flock and can answer your questions. However, you should be willing to invest over $1,000.

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Four Percent Success Challenge – Tools & Training

Vick claims to get you a ‘success pill.’ It’s more of a drip-fed 30-day training than a magic pill, though. You’re given one video a day instead of granting access to the whole thing on day 1.

Four Percent Training Tools

The training says you’ll be ready to make your first $10,000 per month by the time the challenge completes in 30 days. The only condition where you won’t make it is if you give up too soon before the process works for you.

Apart from the Level 1 – $10k challenge, you can also take these challenges:

  • Level 2 – $100k challenge
  • Level 3 – $1M challenge

With Level 1, you get 30 pills (30 sessions) that last a day each. If there are 3-4 videos for the day (each an hour long), you should set aside 3-4 hours and put in the work. Once you’ve ‘swallowed’ the first pill, the second one will unlock the next day.

You can’t just log into your account and complete it all in one go. If you’re relatively advanced, this may be a little annoying because you can’t jump to topics/sections of your choice right away.

The platform has a 30-day money-back guarantee, but with this drip-feed approach, you probably won’t finish the training until the 30th day. If you don’t like it and would like a refund, the guarantee won’t be valid anymore since it will be way past 30 days (just a guess).


As of this writing, there are 23 Four Percent programs in existence. As time passes by, they may add/remove some programs and/or update some.

Four Percent Training Programs

Internet Traffic Academy, one of their flagship training programs

A few of them are free, and most start at $297 one-time and go all the way up to $1,997 one-time.


You can connect with the support team via email support tickets or live chat if you run into issues.

Four Percent Facebook Page

There’s also a dedicated Facebook group for community members. However, if you don’t fancy social media, try the live chat/support tickets instead.


  • If you want access to multiple courses, you must buy them separately. There’s no one-time membership that can get you a discount on your purchases.
  • Half of the courses either cost $997 or $1,997. If you don’t have the budget, you can do better elsewhere because, with Four Percentage, it can get expensive pretty fast.
  • The content is decent, but it focuses too much on promoting the Four Percent products instead of standalone ones you can promote as an affiliate.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but with the one pill/session a day drip feed approach, you probably will exceed the refund period and as a result, never receive one.

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  • Excellent platform with tons of beginner-friendly training material. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or if you’re just starting out online, there’s a course tailor-made for your needs.
  • Helpful community and an active group on Facebook. If you could use some help, the support team is just a chat/email support ticket away.
  • A few programs are free/inexpensive (starting at $297 one-time). You can test the waters and see if they’re a good fit.
  • Once you’ve enrolled in a few courses, you get lifetime access to them, including updates.

Final Words – Is Four Percent Challenge a Scam?

No, Four Percent is not a scam. It’s a legitimate training platform that can be useful if you’re new to internet marketing. However, their courses are slightly overpriced, and this may get expensive if you intend to buy a dozen programs.

Thumbs Up Icon

There’s no one-time membership as many would’ve liked. If you’re new to online marketing or if you want to take your game to the next level, you can do better without 4 percent. Thankfully, there are better (and cheaper) alternatives out there.

The educational platform is decent, but they put too much focus on promoting their own content (via the training courses) instead of focusing on teaching the students. The 4-hour webinar is free for all to watch, and it can help you decide whether (or not) the program is for you.

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