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12 Best Free Paid Surveys for 13 Year Olds

Are there any free paid surveys for 13 year olds? Can young teenagers make money online through surveys? Read on to find out the best ways to make money online as a teenager.

There is no doubt that, given an opportunity, children would want to start earning their own money early. They can use this to buy their own stuff and supplement what their parents give them.

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One of the easiest ways of making money is through taking online surveys for money. Today, there are many online survey sites that target teenagers. If you are a parent or guardian, the main concern, usually, is whether these teens’ surveys sites are safe for your child to access.

If you are a teenager, on the other hand, you would want to be sure that your parents would approve the online survey sites you are using or visiting.

There are numerous sites that provide free paid surveys for 13 year olds. And, most of these are committed to including only child-friendly content.

Below are some of the most legit survey sites you can trust for your kids.

Genuine Free Paid Surveys for 13 Year Olds

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo: Free Paid Surveys For 13 Year Olds

Survey Junkie is among the best sites that offer free paid surveys for 13 year olds. These teen surveys for money are simple and short.

This means that you don’t have to interrupt your schedule in any way. You can make good money even if you just choose to work during your free time.

The site is legit and ranks high on the rating index, with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. This makes it one of the most highly rated sites for teens surveys.

The signing-up process is easy and fast. No fee is charged for this. And immediately you sign up, you can start earning rewards in the form of gift cards and cash.

You can later redeem your earnings after you have accumulated enough earnings.


Inboxdollars Logo

InboxDollars platform also features among the most highly rated online survey sites. With a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 and flexible age requirements, it has become one of the most sought-after sites for free paid surveys for 13 year olds.

If you are looking for a site that will earn you decent pay for completing simple online tasks, InboxDollars is one such site.  

The survey site also sets itself apart from the competition, with its fast and flexible system for processing your earnings and rewards. And, you do not have to pay anything to join this site.

Also, signing up is fast and simple, and you get a $5 free bonus upon sign-up. Earnings on this site range between $0.5 and $5. This is comparatively higher than on other sites. The surveys are between 3-25 minutes long, meaning that you are not likely to get bored.

 If you complete a longer survey, your earnings will be higher. Furthermore, there are some unique surveys on the platform that will earn you a high of $20 depending on each individual survey.

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Swagbucks Logo

Swagbucks provides some of the best online surveys for money to children aged 13 and above. You can join the survey site the moment you turn 13 and use your free time to complete online surveys and make money in the process.

The survey site is among the most popular ones when it comes to teen surveys. This is because their surveys are simple to understand and easy to complete.

Even better, the site is free to join. And immediately you signup, it awards you a $10 free bonus. This is to motivate you to start working.

For each online survey you complete, you will earn points. You can later redeem the earned points at your favorite stores or restaurants.

Apart from taking surveys, you also have a chance to make money by watching videos, shopping online, and playing games. The survey site is undoubtedly legit and is rated 4.3 out of 5 by Trustpilot.

So, if you are looking for free paid surveys for 13 year olds, this is a great site to join.


Lifepoints Logo

LifePoints is a market research site with millions of users, most of whom are there to take paid surveys. You get to earn points by signing up, taking surveys, playing games, and inviting friends.

To access this survey site, all you need is your mobile phone or a laptop. This makes it very convenient for 13-year-olds because they spend more time on their gadgets than anywhere else.

To make money, all you have to do is sign up on the site, take simple surveys, and earn yourself redeemable points. The site has a generous sign-up bonus of $5. And, you will also get between $0.6 and $1 for each survey you complete.

Withdrawals are via PayPal after you accumulate at least $20 in your account. And if you want to redeem the points as gift cards, the option is also available.

LifePoints is a legit site, a product of a merger between MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. It has a favorable rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. The high rating confirms that the site has many users and is a perfect platform, offering online jobs for 13-year-olds.


Toluna Logo

Toluna also provides free paid surveys for 13 year olds who are interested in making money online. The site also allows you to take part in product testing, and you’ll get paid for it.

The pay on this site is relatively better than on other sites. Of course, this will depend on how many surveys you complete successfully. The payment is made in the form of reward points given for each task or survey you complete.

You can redeem the earned reward points for gift cards or cash at supermarkets and eateries.

Like many other sites, surveys are not the only way of making money on Toluna. You can also earn money by inviting friends, taking part in polls, playing online games, and participating in sweepstakes. The daily sweepstakes the site offers give a chance to earn goodies and other giveaways.

Another outstanding feature of Toluna is that it allows you to create your own content, such as polls. Here, you stand to earn money from the content you create.

When it comes to getting your earnings, the site has a straightforward and efficient reward system. Your earnings will be processed in record time.

Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say Logo

Ipsos i-Say has more than 3 million users and offers free paid surveys for 13 year olds. You can take part in the online surveys on the platform during your free time. The surveys mostly involve sharing your views on a range of issues and earning points for them. Like in most other survey sites, the earned points can be redeemed as gift cards or cash.

The online surveys on this site are short and straightforward. Therefore, you can complete them quickly at any time. You will earn between $0.10 and $1 for each survey you complete.

Also, the site has online contests you can participate in to earn additional cash, among other prizes. Upon signing up on the survey site, you will be enrolled in the contests, which can help you earn good points.

You are free to withdraw your cash earnings after accumulating a minimum of $15. For gift cards, you only need to accumulate a minimum of $10 for you to redeem.

SurveyTime Online Surveys

Surveytime Logo

For short, simple surveys, the SurveyTime platform has you covered.  And, when it comes to free paid surveys for 13 year olds, the site never disappoints.

SurveyTime provides market research surveys for institutions and companies. Teens can join and take part in these surveys to make some dollars.

The platform pays higher compared to other sites. You will be paid $1 for every teen survey you take.  So, aim to complete as many surveys as possible to earn a significant amount of money.

Once you complete each survey, you are rewarded with points. These can be redeemed as cash rewards via PayPal anytime you wish. Other reward payment options offered by the site are gift cards and bitcoin.

One good thing about SurveyTime surveys is that they are accessible even from your phone. This means that you can complete the surveys on the go or even when not at home.

Most of the surveys you’ll receive will depend on your profile information. Therefore, ensure that you give correct information and complete the profile exhaustively.

Luckily, SurveyTime has no geographical limitation. It is available in most countries, meaning that most 13 years olds from around the world can earn money on the platform.


Inboxpays Logo

InboxPays is another popular site for free paid online surveys for 13 year olds. So, if you want to make good use of your free time as a teenager, taking these teen surveys for money is an excellent option.

The tasks are manageable for teens, so do not be afraid to join for fear of complex, tiring surveys. They are short and easy and won’t take too much of your time.

The signing-up process is also short as the site doesn’t require a lot of personal information. Once you are registered, you can start taking surveys and earn points to cash out later.

The pay is commensurate to the survey you complete. However, you can earn up to $100 on specific tasks, which is something you can look out for to maximize your earnings.

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Harris Poll Online Survey

Harris Poll Logo

This site has hundreds of free paid surveys for 13 year olds. There is no joining fee, and you will earn for each survey you complete. The advantage of this site is that it has surveys on a wide range of subjects. Therefore, you’ll surely find something to pique your interest.

It is one of the oldest survey sites, as it has been in operation for over 40 years. This alone shows that it is a reputable site and that many people earn money from it. Of the many legitimate sites for teen surveys, Harris Poll Online surpasses many.  

The main survey types for teenagers here are market research surveys, which are quite straightforward. Also, once you are done with a survey, you can actually access the survey results, especially for things that you might be interested in.

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Survey Club

Survey Club Logo

Survey Club is a reliable site that offers free paid surveys for 13 year olds and adults alike. It is actually among the best teen survey sites in existence. It has a high rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars, meaning it’s trusted among users.

However, unlike other paid survey sites, Survey Club does not own the surveys. It provides brokerage services between the companies offering the surveys and the users. However, the site’s reputation has been built on its consistency in offering free paid online surveys.

You can sign up on the platform for free. Make sure you fill up your profile survey with the correct personal information so that your demographics can be accurately captured. This will help you to receive targeted surveys.

Survey Club pays between $0.5 and $5 for each survey depending on its length. You can cash out your rewards after accumulating a minimum of $20.


Oneopinion Logo

The site is amongst the highest-paying survey sites.  You can start earning money immediately after signing up.

The free paid surveys for 13 year olds on the OneOpinion platform are short and very easy to handle. This way, they are not mentally draining.

In fact, most of these surveys do not exceed a minute. This is ideal for a teenager who may not have a lot of time to spare.

Your average earnings on this site range between 1000 and 5000 points for each survey you complete. One thousand points are equivalent to $1. The good news is that you can earn as high as $5 for just one teen survey.

Sign up today on this site and start completing surveys to make money online as a teenager.


Mypoints Logo

With over 10 million users, Mypoints is undoubtedly a popular survey site. And, while the site is most famous for its, easy to tackle surveys, the cashback program attracts even more users.

For 13 year olds who love shopping, this can be an excellent opportunity to make money from surveys, as well as your shopping activities. Young teens can make more money whenever they shop from MyPoints partnered retailers.

Also, watching videos online and playing games offer these teenagers a better chance to earn more points. Therefore, if you are looking for a genuine survey site for your teenagers, or you are a teenager searching for a way to make some dollars during your free time, Mypoints can be your to-go site.

The $2.5 average pay per survey, bonuses, and pay from those other simple tasks can earn you some good money.

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