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13 Ways to Get Free Pizza Gift Cards & Codes

Pizza is a great snack or a treat for game day. Whenever I don’t like cooking dinner from scratch, my go-to solution is ordering Domino’s. It’s quick and easy, and everyone loves it. However, buying a pie every week can get expensive. Learning ways to get free pizza ensures I get something good to eat without breaking my budget.

I once heard about someone who got Domino’s company’s logo tattooed, but you don’t have to love tattoos to get coupons.

Instead of booking a tattoo artist’s time, this list includes tricks I’ve earned free pizza gift cards and codes. Pizza lovers should follow the tips below to start dining on a free pie in no time.

1. Swagbucks

Homepage Of Swagbucks
Source: Shutterstock / Cast of Thousands

Swagbucks is an interactive site that lets me earn points when I shop, search, and complete surveys. I can earn points when playing games, so it’s a fun way to increase my earning potential. I do these things anyway, so why not get perks for my efforts?

As I accumulate points, I can get a Domino’s gift card. I can choose other retail gift cards for places like Amazon or Walmart, but since I love pizza, I choose to get a Dominos gift card. If you don’t see your favorite pizza joint on the list, trade your points for cash back via PayPal.

2. Survey Junkie

Surveyjunkie Logo And Mobile Site
Source: Shutterstock / SurveyJunkie

Survey Junkie is a platform that gives me surveys to complete in exchange for rewards. When I first made my account, I filled it in so the site understood my needs and could give me surveys that fit my interests. As I complete surveys, I earn points that I then redeem for a Dominos gift card or PayPal cash.

The surveys I complete on this site help companies revise their brands to offer customers the best products and services, so I feel accomplished with my work. It’s a way to help businesses do market research and earn free Domino’s pizza, so it’s worth signing up to try.

3. LifePoints

Lifepoints Icon And Vector Graphics
Source: Shutterstock / LifePoints

LifePoints is a website that provides surveys I complete to earn gift cards. I love this platform because they also have an app, meaning I can earn rewards when stuck in a waiting room instead of twiddling my thumbs. When you sign up with LifePoints, you earn ten points and get a jump start on earning rewards.

Like other survey sites, you can trade your points for gift cards to national pizza chains. If you want free pizza from your favorite hometown shop, simply redeem your points as PayPal money and use those funds to order pizza online.

4. Honey

Honey Search Logo On Laptop
Source: Shutterstock / Honey

Honey is a platform that automatically searches for the best deals possible. I added the extension to my browser so it checks the site I’m on in real time. It shows me savings I wouldn’t have known about or found. The platform has a code for more than 30,000 sites, so you’ll certainly find the best deal for your pizza order.

Using the Honey extension saves time because I don’t have to go to a separate coupon site, search the pizza restaurant, and scroll through codes to find one that works. Honey auto-populates the deals, so I save big without any extra effort.

5. Slickdeals

Slickdeals Homepage
Source: Shutterstock / Sharaf Maksumov

Slickdeals is similar to Honey; I installed it on my browser and got automatic notifications about savings and special deals. I use a code for online shopping, but it’s especially helpful when ordering pizza. I can see discounts when I visit the pizza restaurant’s website and choose the best deal for my order.

Sometimes I search for a code on the Slickdeals homepage. I can see a list of deals from all pizza retailers before choosing. This option lets me save even more because Papa John’s might offer a bigger discount than Domino’s that day. The list even includes grocery store coupons if I want to add a discounted frozen pizza to my shopping list.

6. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel Homepage
Source: PrizeRebel

Prize Rebel is a survey site that offers an assortment of quick surveys and other engaging activities to help companies with market research. After completing each task, I earn points that I can trade for a gift card to a pizza restaurant. Plenty of surveys are available on the site, so I can spend downtime earning points instead of scrolling social media.

My favorite thing about Prize Rebel is the speedy redemption options. A gift card is digital, and even if you request PayPal money, you’ll have your reward as soon as five minutes after you request it. The responsive redemption policy means I can get a craving for pizza and order a free one in no time at all.

7. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars Application Download And Cash
Source: Shutterstock / Sharaf Maksumov

InboxDollars gives me another outlet to earn money from home by taking surveys, shopping online, and playing games. As soon as I signed up, I earned a $5 bonus to excite me for my earning potential. While you might think this platform is similar to others on this list, there are a few things that make it stand out.

The main thing I love about InboxDollars is the variety of tasks. If I don’t want to take a survey, I can play a game or try a company’s app. The other perk is that the site pays out in cash, not points. I know exactly how much money I’ll make from a task without having to convert points into money and do the math to see how long it will take me to save for Dominos sandwiches.

8. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Logo And Graphics
Source: BrandedSurveys

Branded Surveys is a market research site that pays users for their feedback. When I created my account, I answered a few questions about my lifestyle and interests so the site could send me surveys that fit my expertise. Since then, I’ve spent a little time every day giving feedback and earning points.

This site also offers perks in the form of daily challenges and polls so I can earn extra points. It allows me to redeem points as a gift card, PayPal funds, or send it to your bank account, even if you’re in Russia.

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9. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Woman With Shopping Bags And Cards
Source: Shutterstock / ViDI Studio

While it’s not quite the same as free pizza gift cards, buying discounted gift cards saves a lot of money and rewards you with Dominos in the meantime. Many retailers sell gift cards at a discount to encourage sales, so I’ve previously snagged a $50 gift card for $40. That $10 of savings equals a medium pizza at Dominos, so it’s worth watching for these deals.

I also look for discounted gift cards on specific sites that offer this perk. Some of the best places to find a Dominos gift card include:

When I purchase discounted gift cards online, I can see the exact price I pay, how much the card is worth, the discount percentage, and any special qualifications I’ll have to meet to use the gift card. For example, with a free Dominos gift card, I might pay $20 for a $25 card, saving 20%. 

10. Find Coupon Codes

Hand With Mobile Phone Finding Discount Coupon Codes
Source: Shutterstock / NicoElNino

Before completing a Dominos order, I search online for free pizza gift card codes and coupons. There are many sites that post coupon codes for major retailers, including restaurants. If your favorite option is Domino’s pizza, you’ll have no problem finding a promo code.

Check out the Domino’s pizza discount codes I’ve found on sites like:

When there are multiple discounts available, I always find the one that suits my order and saves the most money. For example, some codes only apply to carry out orders, so if I need delivery, I can keep looking to find another option. Common code guidelines include free Domino’s delivery, a free order of parmesan bread bites, or discounts when buying a large pizza.

Some of the best coupon codes don’t have stipulations, meaning I can order whatever I want and take up to 30% off the total order. Shop around on these coupon sites and find the best deal for your favorite restaurant to save money.

11. Download the App

Now that smartphones are commonplace, most pizza restaurants developed their own apps and offered specials through them. I have apps for all my favorite pizza places, so I can log in to see certain discounts. Sometimes they’re based on a special day, like Pi Day, or a specific time, like when they’re offering free delivery to increase business.

It’s free to download an app, so you have nothing to lose by trying to find free or discounted Domino’s with this tip. You can also follow places like Dominos on Facebook for deals.

12. Sign Up for Emails

I used to think that because I downloaded a restaurant’s app, I didn’t also need to get email newsletters. However, many pizza places offer distinct deals across all platforms. I would find a certain discount code for temporary use on the app, while the email contains a bigger percentage to make a better deal.

For example, Marco’s Pizza email club gives exclusive access to information about new pizzas and special deals that can help you earn discounted or free pizzas. You can sign up for email alerts on any store website because they typically post them near the logo to simplify the process.

13. Pizza Rewards Programs

Hands On Pizza On A Box
Source: Shutterstock / Image Source Trading Ltd

Many retail pizza chains offer rewards programs. It takes a few orders before I rack up enough points for free Domino’s, but if I get pizza from them anyway, I figure I might as well earn something for my loyalty. Depending on what you order, you could get perks in just five days.

Some popular pizza reward programs include:

  • Domino’s, where I earn ten points for each order and get a free pizza with 60 points
  • Papa John’s, where I earn one point for each dollar spent and get $10 with 75 points
  • Pizza Hut, where I earn two points for every dollar spent and redeem points for menu items

In addition to national chains, other retail pizza places offer rewards, like California Pizza Kitchen, PizzaRev, and Sbarro. If your favorite pizza is a local place, ask if they have a similar loyalty program. Many businesses offer punch cards so you can earn a free pizza or side after a certain number of purchases.

Companies often revise their rewards programs, too, so I often get more than I expected. For example, it used to take 100 points for a free Domino’s pizza, but Domino’s ended that and the amount decreased over time. If you earn rewards from a pizza place, check their redemption policy occasionally to ensure you take advantage of the best deals.