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5 Awesome Freelance Business Cards

Just like other jobs, business cards are also important for freelancers. In this article, you will find some amazing freelance business cards examples along with everything related.

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As freelancers, most of our work has gone digital – from scheduling appointments, booking orders, signing contracts, or even submissions.

However, one thing that will never change is the fact that businesses are about relationships. The stronger your approach towards building relationships with potential and current clients, the quicker you will climb the success ladder.

So how does a freelancer build sustainable relationships with clients? That’s where the idea of a tangible freelance business card comes in.

Stronger relationships depend on building firsthand connections and one on one association. These connections are strengthened by actual tangible objects rather than digital ones. That’s how human minds are programmed to react.

There shall always be a long-lasting impact of a handwritten note or a business card over a contact number sent over WhatsApp.

This is perhaps the same reason the business card printing industry has never seen a decline. A physical card assists you in creating a presence and maintaining it, which is one step forward to success.

Benefits of Having a Freelance Business Card

As a freelancer, you are the owner of your own business – the service you provide.

Freelance Business Cards

You also are well aware of the infamous ‘feast or famine cycle’ – that is a reality with your business. There are days you are flooded with work, too busy that you end up outsourcing. Then there are days when you send proposals day in and out, waiting to hear back from clients.

To break free from this cycle, you need a professional stance in the business world where your business is treated as a proper entity. This way, your services are considered equivalent or even better to those working 9-5 under corporate structure.

Having a freelance business card on your hand is probably as important as a freelancer’s resume. Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd, but it also gives a boost to your physical presence. As a result, your clients keep coming back to you.

With accurate information to reach back to you, your freelancer business card makes you more approachable and easily reachable. It also helps you establish your image as a professional who clients can trust.

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Elements of a Freelance Business Card

Now that you are thinking about business card ideas for your freelancing services, it’s time to decide what goes on it. As we move further, we shall discuss the essential details you should include in it.

A business card is a tool to emphasize your brand image. A well-designed freelance business card should do just about that.

An efficient business card serves as a reminder for the clients of your interaction. It also provides a push to clients who are in need of your services.

As a freelancer, your business card should be a representation of you as a person. By adding a few essential elements and staying away from extra clutter, you can create a card that is noteworthy as well as informational.

Remember to balance out the negative and positive space on your freelance business card. Not only the details that go on a card are essential, but how you place them is equally essential too.


The most crucial element on your card is your logo. A well-constructed and striking logo represents your service and your core values. Not only does the logo represent your business, but it also serves as a memoir for your clients.

Business Card With Logo

As customers’ concentration span is decreasing, a solid logo quickly implies that you are responsible, top-notch, and detail-oriented.

Your logo could be your name, a monogram, or a pictorial representation of your service. As long as your logo is outstanding and the image is high-quality, it should create a long-lasting impact.

Remember to give appropriate negative space around your logo, or else it could lose its effect.

Company Name

Your company’s name should be the highlight of your card. It should ideally be the most prominent font and most noticeable item.

If you don’t own a company, it’s okay to leave out this information. Since most freelancers don’t have registered companies, you could use this space to highlight your name, title, or your skill.

Name and Title

Most clients will remember you through your name and, importantly, what service you offer. Having it in black and white helps elevate your presence when they need to get in touch with you.

Since you work as a freelancer, your business card should contain this vital piece of information about you. Your title should include your position as a freelancer.

Tag Line

Consider it as the gist of your work. A strong tagline is a building block of brand identity, which in your case is you. Summarize your skillset under ten words to allow your potential client an insight into your work.

A well-constructed tagline not only highlights your work but it sets you apart from competitors.


As a freelancer, you must have an online portfolio to showcase your best work and potential. This essential piece of information rightfully deserves a spot on your freelance business card.

Contact Number and Email

Perhaps the most crucial reason why a customer will use your business card is to get in touch with you.

You should align your recent phone numbers and email id to the right or left. If you have more than one place of contact, choose the ones that you use regularly.

Is ‘Freelance’ a Bad Term

As a freelancer, you have unlimited opportunities. You could choose to work for other companies on a part-time basis or individually with your team to deliver your service.

As more and more people are giving up their routine jobs for a more flexible freelancing career, it provides them with unlimited opportunities to specialize. Corporations have also benefited from this shift to flexible and specialized employment behaviors.

By hiring a freelancer, companies can get one-off work done quickly, effectively, and most importantly, they end up reducing their costs.

Hiring a freelancer means you don’t have to provide the same compensation level and still get top-notch competitive results — a win-win situation.

It is safe to say, for the year 2021 and upcoming years, freelancers will be more in demand and preferred over traditional employees.

Hiring a Graphic Designer for a Freelance Business

As mentioned earlier, businesses survive on your ability to establish meaningful communication. As a freelancer, the need to create a brand image for your business is hugely amplified in order to attract clients and maintain contact.

Hiring A Graphic Designer

A graphic designer helps you achieve a consistent brand image that sets you apart from millions out there. Graphic designers use visuals, imagery, and shapes to convey what your brand is set out to achieve.

By creating a brand image for your freelance business, you can communicate your personality and qualities.

Since most of us react better to visuals compared to texts, a graphic designer plays an indispensable part in the success of any modern business or, in our case, as a freelancer.

Through consistent branding, starting from the logo, simple business cards, and web design, graphic designers bring about effective marketing. Effective marketing is the key to create wants and can maneuver consumers’ decisions.

An intelligent graphic designer will prove to be an asset for your freelancing career by creating opportunities you didn’t know existed. Unless you are hard on cash, there is no way you should put off hiring one to establish your freelance career.

Get Your Freelance Business Card Designed Here

Looking for some good sources to get a perfect design for your business card? Here are some best options.

99 designs by Vistaprint

99 Designs is one of the most trusted websites to hire a graphic designer for your freelance business card.


You can find hundreds of specialized graphic designers who can create a brand entity for you. Not only do they enlist the most creative of the lot, but they also make the process of getting your work done as simple as ABC.

The website allows you to choose from two options, listed below.

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Work Directly

As soon as you convey your needs and expectations, for example, a freelance web designer business card, you are connected with a professional. Through direct communication, you can get customized work done for you.

Start a Contest

If you are open to different design ideas to choose from, you can post your basic requirements and invite everyone to bring their best foot forward.

Any designer on the website can pitch in their idea or create a visual for you. With hundreds of design options to choose from, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Flex jobs

Flex Jobs is all about creating a flexible and dynamic working experience for their customers. You can discuss the details of your work with their research department. As soon as your job is up on the web, efficient graphic designers will approach you.


Select the individual who best meets your needs and consider your burden relieved.


Toptal is an online network, including the top 3 % of the world’s best freelancers. If you are a freelancer who expects their business card and brand image to do the talking, then this is the place to be.


You are asked to input your requirements, your project’s time frame, and finalize a freelancer within 48 hours. Since every applicant at Toptal is crucially monitored and evaluated, there is complete assurance that you are in good hands.

An expert from the Toptal team will discuss your expectations and goals. Within 24 hours, the experts will match you to the most suitable candidate for your job. Once you are satisfied with the selected candidate, you can make the payment.

Toptal ensures you receive the best services from the best professionals without making risky decisions.

5 Awesome Freelance Business Card Ideas

It looks like you finally decided to take the leap and get a freelance business card printed for yourself. We have scoured the web and found the most eye-catching business cards so the templates can inspire you.

Just in case, if you are a graphic designer and can design awesome business cards, consider registering yourself at Solid Gigs.

Solidgigs Logo

This platform will do your most strenuous work for you- hunting clients.

All you need to do is register yourself on their website, and they will send you a daily email. Now you can focus on the more rewarding part of your job and leave the rest to experts.

Let us take a look at freelancer business card designs to help you select the most suitable template for you.

Freelance Makeup Artist Business Card Ideas

This card is printed on both sides and contains enough information without cluttering the space.

Makeup Artist Card Design

The front uses a white background with a green logo, and the back uses the same image but reversed colors.

Freelance Journalist Business Card Ideas

This business card uses the classic combination of tiffany blue, navy blue, and gold detailing. The space on the card is divided in half, allotting a big chunk to the company’s name or logo.

Journalist Business Card Ideas

Towards the center goes your logo and on the other side, you name in block letters as a highlight. This card template can be used if you are a freelance journalist.

Freelance Photographer Business Cards Ideas

This classic combination is a perfect combination for a creative person. You can use this template with a black background and white details if you are a photographer.

Freelance Photographer Business Cards Ideas

This card uses orange to provide a pop of color and highlight the most important details.

Freelance Software Developer Business Card Ideas

As a freelancer software developer, you expect your business card to show your expertise. For example, a card with the bar code imagery is right on point to show your relevance to the computer industry.

You can use a basic black and white text and background and a little bit of sharp color to highlight your skills.

Freelance Journalist Business Card Ideas

As a freelance journalist, you are free to publish your work anywhere you wish to. But it would be best if you had a presence amongst publication houses and newspapers.

Use your business card to communicate your job specification and your company’s logo if you have one. Here is an example of an impressive business card for a dentist.

Freelance Journalist Business Card Idea

However, you can use this card as a template to use as a journalist as well. The idea is to keep it clutter-free, to the point, and make your contact detail more visible.

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