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15 Freelance DIY Handmade Craft Jobs to Earn from Your Hobby

Are you a home crafter who loves to DIY? Check out our list of the best DIY handmade craft jobs you can choose from. It will help you turn your passion for crafting into a creative career.

If you’re good with your hands and enjoy crafting, consider turning your hobby into a job. Generally, there are multiple freelance DIY jobs you can do from home to earn some extra money. And, best of all, you get to work with your hands and create something beautiful (or functional) in the process.

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But remember, this kind of job search requires skills. What are you good at? That’s where you start.

From here, know where to look for these crafty jobs too. The truth is there are numerous job opportunities out there for creative crafters. However, without knowing where to look, it might get quite tricky for you to get good gigs.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Make sure you choose a DIY crafting job that makes you happy while you work from home.

Best Handmade Craft Jobs for Stay-at-Home Creatives

DIY projects and freelance crafting jobs are great for artisans and crafters to create art and earn income while staying home.

If you’re crafty, check out these excellent work-remote opportunities:

1. DIY Woodworking Jobs

Freelance Woodwork

Woodworking has existed since ancient times when materials weren’t scarce and limited. If you love DIY woodworking, apply for a freelance DIY woodworking job. It can help you create a supplemental income or even make a full-time living.

This type of job is quite rewarding and exciting. The bonus is that you can create simple to complex woodworking projects easily and from home.

Remote woodworking can help you relax and remove the stress of everyday life. And the best thing? You don’t need physical woodworking skills to become a professional freelance woodworker – a high school diploma will do. But you also need a creative mind to get artistic project ideas, unique designs, and plenty of planning.

However, getting certified is best, as this can showcase professionalism previous experience, and competence. So, before starting your freelance job, develop a deeper understanding of woodworking tools and techniques.

Moreover, woodworking is also an effective form of art therapy worldwide. This ability is because it blends planning, grabbing the supplies, planning the cut list, measuring, painting, and cutting.

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2. DIY Sewing Pattern Maker and Seller

Sewing A Clothe

Does your skill level in sewing make you happy? Have you gone crazy for DIY sewing? Why not use your skills to find to start a DIY sewing job from home? It is an excellent opportunity to start your online business, especially for stay-at-home moms or someone who wants their working freedom.

The great thing about selling patterns is that you can sell the same pattern repeatedly. If you have been an independent contractor for many years, you can use Amazon or Etsy to start your handmade sewing business. It can help cultivate your sewing skills and convert your online small business into a passive-earning machine.

That means doing the hard work just one time and reaping benefits over time. Sewing can be a fun pastime. It helps to relax your mind and improve your physical product mental health.

You can sell your unique sewing patterns or open your doors to custom sewing orders using the Amazon service. Moreover, since designs are offered to the buyer digitally, shipping or emailing the finished product is free. That means buyers need to wait for less, which is excellent for any business to be successful.

You can also create your own website to sell your products to pair with the large sales channels of Amazon and Etsy. It’s pretty easy in today’s age to hire a developer to start building a quality e-commerce website. For instance, you can hire a developer on TopTal or FlexJobs.

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3. DIY Freelance Writer for Home Decor

A Person Typing On The Laptop

Do you love writing about home decor and sharing your personal experience? Start a DIY home decor writer job from home. Craft blogs are an excellent option here, but you can also seek job opportunities in companies.

Numerous companies are looking for expert interior design and home decor freelance writers. Not only can you make money from your writing passion, but you can also become part of a company or wider team.

These companies also offer cutting-edge editorial tools to ensure you generate high-quality content with minimal bottlenecks. To pursue this job, you need a minimum of 1 year of writing experience and home decor writing samples.

You can find these same clients and companies by starting out on one of the top freelance websites to build your book of business. Check out SolidGigs to find freelance jobs directly in your inbox.

4. DIY Craft Instructor

Pottery Craft

With more and more kids digging into arts and crafts projects, becoming a craft instructor is an excellent work-at-home opportunity. Many DIY craft instructors earn thousands of dollars annually by recording and posting DIY craft lessons on in-demand topics.

Start this job today if you like to fuel children’s creative spark. Teaching DIY craft classes online is a great way to supplement your income.

The great thing is that you can pre-record DIY lessons and interact with students conveniently. Many online teaching platforms can help you create tutorials for other instructors, record your instructional DIY videos, or teach for a specific organization.

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5. YouTube DIY Crafting Tutorials

Couple Doing A Diy Project

YouTube is continually growing daily, and around 5 billion videos are watched by people every day. Therefore, it is an excellent option if you are passionate about creating DIY videos and ready to share your DIY crafting talent.

The great news is that starting a YouTube crafting channel initially does not require much investment. Moreover, you can run your channel without stepping on your foot.

Many artistic YouTubers earn a solid living from their DIY channel. The secret to success here is to create high-quality and exciting DIY content that is simple to follow. This will boost your views and help you quickly connect with your online audience.

You can get great popularity by cross-promoting your DIY crafting blog and YouTube channel on social media and using blogging. Your earnings on your channel rely on its popularity and the advertising income you generate.

However, you should also note that plenty of efforts and promotions are involved in becoming a YouTube DIY Crafting Channel Star. You don’t expect to become a star by posting just a few videos.

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6. DIY Jewelry Marking Making

Jewelry Manufacturing

Have you ever encountered wonderful handmade jewelry and thought, “I can make that.” Well, you cannot only make the jewelry but also sell it.

Social media has made it possible to reach a broad audience. Many people are drawn to unique items. So, you’re more likely to find customers for your products.

If you plan to pursue DIY jewelry, put the word out. Let your followers see personal pieces that you’ve made and get some feedback. There are even physical markets where you can display DIY jewelry.

This is a fantastic way to earn money for folks who want to work independently from home. It can also be a great side hustle and let people enjoy your creativity. You can progress and host virtual jewelry-making classes.

7. DIY Soap Making Classes

Soap Manufacturing

Soaps are important. Almost everyone needs soap to clean, making it one of the most reliable craft jobs that you can do from your own home. Unfortunately, many commercial brands aren’t good and don’t use beneficial ingredients. This has forced many people to seek all-natural soaps. So, if you love making your natural soap, it’s time to share that with the world.

Coming up with a class where you teach people how to make their soap is a winner. They can learn the step-by-step process of soap making. And you can share some secrets to making soaps with unique fragrances.

On top of soap-making classes, use this opportunity to market your products. This is the beauty of crafts because people who enjoy the classes won’t hesitate to spend even more money afterward. They might even end up becoming repeat customers if they love your soaps.

8. DIY Photographer for Home Décor

Rolleicord Creative Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. There’s money to be made if you have a skill in photography.

Make it a point to take some amazing home décor photos and post them. Start to attract individuals and companies who would be willing to pay for such work. You can even collaborate with a freelance writer on this project.

The writer focuses on the words to best describe the view, and you take cool pictures. Combining the two makes you a winning team for folks who need such content. And the best part is you can work remotely for convenience.

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9. DIY Painted Glass Décor

Glass Painting Decor

What happens to all those glass bottles and jars that no longer have products? Do you get rid of them by adding them to the recycling bin?

You no longer need to do that since this is a great chance to improve your painting skills. How about working on some unique DIY glass décor?

Glass is perfect and reusable. So, don’t hesitate to take those old glass jars and turn them into works of art. You can use paint, beads, and other craft materials to make them unique home décor items.

The jars can hold items like beads, smaller candles, or coloring pens in your home. Explore your creativity and see what you can make.

10. DIY Colorful Socks Crafts

Diy Creative Socks Crafts

Do you have many mismatched socks in your home that you don’t want to throw away? This craft job is simple and fun to do. You can create some colorful socks and crafts and sell them.

Unique things are quite attractive, and socks crafts fit these criteria. For instance, they can turn into unique decorative bean bags. In addition, you can use socks to make a mug cozy with some unique patterns made using thread and colorful buttons.

Some folks enjoy buying soft dog chews for their pets. Colorful socks are perfect for making these treasured dog toys. You can also cut the bottoms and make excellent leg warmers useful during winter.

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11. DIY Wall Art for Sell

Paint Brush Color

Are you creative and love making art with paper, markers, and other items? Well, think about venturing into DIY Wall Art and selling it.

You can even go further and use recycled stuff or other materials to make the art—for instance, bottle caps, old buttons, and so on.

Ultimately, DIY wall décor can fetch a good price when you sell them, especially online. Giving online art classes is even possible when people enjoy your work.

You can do all the work and filming in your own home. Folks attend the classes and get advice on how to improve their crafts.

12. DIY Woven Crafts Maker

Colorful Woven Baskets

There are so many different types of woven craft jobs that you can make at home. If this is a hobby you enjoy, you are good to go. But, if you don’t know how to make woven crafts, you can still learn from thousands of online tutorials.

Woven crafts include mats, pencil holders, baskets, bags, and more. Doing one type of woven craft or multiple at a time is possible.

The best part is you can earn money if you properly market these unique products. People love unique bags or pen holders that they can display at home. And some professionals earn good money from DIY woven crafts in craft stores.

Not only can you sell the crafts, but you also teach classes. Online tutorials on how to make mats, bags, and baskets can interest many people looking for new hobbies.

13. DIY Candle Making

Diy Candle Making

Candles make the house smell so amazing, don’t they? People have been making candles for a long time. And so can you! There’s the option to make scented or unscented candles. You can also choose if you want them to be white or incorporate colors into these homemade candles.

Start by making samples you can use in your own home and hand over to a few friends. Let them give you feedback on the quality of the candles. Feedback is good because it can help you hone your craft.

Pick patterns of various sources, shapes, and sizes that can interest people. It’s even possible to have candles in the shape of different animals.

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14. DIY Knitting Tutorials

Knitting Tutorials

Have you ever seen folks who love to knit do short videos showcasing their talents? If you have the same skills, why not share them?

Knitting tutorials are a great way to showcase your skills and advertise your merchandise. In addition, remote knitting can help you relax and have a wonderful time at home. People would love to buy scarves, leg warmers, beanies, and throw blankets.

The sky is the limit when it comes to unique knitting ideas. Some folks knit lovely handbags and make a brand from their craft creations.

Tutorials can also help others who want to use knitting to ease stress as they learn how to do it. Posting videos on YouTube and TikTok can bring together a community of knitting lovers.

15. DIY Cement Pots Maker

Diy Cement Flowerpot

Flower and plant pots are a big hit for home décor that you can make and sell online. So, don’t hesitate to showcase your work if you enjoy making them. You can make such crafts in your home with freedom and time.

Cement is a good material for making amazing plant and flower pots. You can even film the process and post it on a YouTube channel. Building the pots and posting on certain social media platforms can earn you a good income.

Best Sites to Get DIY Freelance Crafting jobs

After identifying what you are good at and choosing the DIY path you want to follow in crafting your own schedule of jobs, it’s time to find those gigs. But where do you get them? How do you get the latest job alert?

If you’re interested in looking for the best sites to find freelance craft jobs, there is no need to worry. Plenty of online platforms allow you to search and apply for DIY crafting jobs that suit your skillset.

Some of the most popular sites for finding crafting gigs include Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, FlexJobs, or job boards like indeed, where different kinds of job ads are posted daily. All you need to do is to register with one or a few of these platforms and easily get your next job.

However, also note that numerous cons and scam sites exist. Be careful with the numerous job ads that you find online. Ensure you’ve thoroughly researched a platform or job alert to avoid falling prey to the many cons.

Are DIY Craft Jobs Worth It?

Yes! Making money from awesome crafts is a great way to mint money for many years. If you have a passion for crafting and have gone crazy for DIY, it’s worth looking at our recommended DIY crafting jobs from home.

Being self-employed by doing your crafts is a great idea. For starters, it allows you to set your pay, which you don’t have to share with anyone. Moreover, it offers a flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation time, especially for those who love to travel.

Lastly, with some creative energy and smart work, you can succeed with a paid craft job from home. But you must be patient and persistent to hone your skills, grow your client base, and make good money.

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