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20 Best Freelance Graphic Design Websites

Do you want to start freelancing as a graphic designer? I have listed the 20 best freelance graphic design websites to help you get started.

You can get a high paying 9-5 job if you have a knack for graphic designing. But not every graphic designer gets inspiration from sitting behind the same desk daily.

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We understand, professional or not; graphic designers need the flexibility to get their creative juices flowing. That’s why freelance graphic design jobs are in high demand.

Best Freelance Graphic Design Websites

As artists, who wouldn’t want to work whenever they feel like it and handpick every project to work for? If you think the same way, you should sign up for freelance graphic design websites today. Here’s a list of the best graphic design freelance websites where you can land your first client right away.


Flexjobs Website

Flexjobs is one of the best freelance graphic design websites for designers aspiring to work from home. As the name suggests, the platform lets you find flexible jobs, including part-time freelance work and permanent remote jobs.

Apart from graphic design jobs, FlexJobs offers job listings for over 50 different career options. What sets this site apart from other freelance platforms is that it allows you to promote your skills.

They hand-screen each candidate before letting them find work on their site. Not only does that attract reliable clients, but it also reduces the clutter and makes way for talented designers. All you have to do is become a member and start getting work on FlexJobs right away.

  • Price – $27.80 per month
  • Availability – US citizens only
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – email contact provided


Solidgigs Logo

If you’re new to the freelance world, SolidGigs is the ultimate platform that helps you find profitable freelance graphic design jobs. Unlike other freelance graphic design websites, this platform does not display hundreds of job offers to its users.

Instead, the site gives you a weekly gig list of the jobs. This means you don’t have to scrounge through hundreds of options to find a reliable one. According to your profession, the site claims to display only 1% of the best job options available online.

However, you’ll have to pay a monthly or yearly premium to get full services from SolidGigs.

Most importantly, the site offers productive educational resources to help you establish yourself as a freelancer. This makes it one of the best freelance graphic design websites for beginners.

  1. Price – $19 per month
  2. Availability – worldwide
  3. Mobile app support – is not available
  4. Customer service – email contact provided


99Designs Website

Regarding freelance graphic design websites, we cannot overlook 99designs. It is the ultimate job hub for graphic designers, including advertisers, illustrators, merchandisers, and animators.

No matter what kind of design you’re good at, you can find a job on this platform. What makes 99designs unique is that it has competition. For example, when a client needs a job done, he will post it on 99designs, and all the designers can view the brief and send in their bids.

Usually, only one designer gets selected to do the job. Also, you might not get chosen for multiple positions, but sometimes just connecting with one client is enough.

After that, the client can hire you or refer you to other prospective clients. The bottom line: it is a great site to build your portfolio and connect with other graphic design freelancers. You can access useful tools and information to improve your design skills further.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – helpline number provided

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Fiverr Website

Fiverr is a go-to platform if you’re wondering how to get started on a freelance graphic design website. The site is easy-to-use and gives beginners the exposure they need.

Mainly, Fiverr is a site where employers can connect with freelancers and build healthy working relationships.

As a graphic design freelancer, you can set your own work rates and post a Fiverr gig. After that, you’ll be approached by clients who like your portfolio and are interested in hiring you.

Once you land your first client, all you have to do is keep pumping out good work and maintain your rating to get consistent projects in the future.

In return, Fiverr charges a small percentage of every payment you receive through their platform. However, it is entirely free if you want to sign-up and post your first gig.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – dedicated page provided for help and support


Freelancer Homepage

When it comes to graphic design freelance websites, Freelancer is one of the pioneering platforms in the genre. Here, employers post their jobs, and freelancers can bid on them, providing their own work duration and rates.

The employer will then choose the best bid and hire a freelancer to complete the job. There are millions of projects advertised on Freelancer for about 50 different categories.

As a designer, you can search for graphic design jobs and get a list of jobs in seconds.

While it does take some time to get your first project, you can generate a steady workflow once you build your reputation on the site. The best part is you can sign-up and get started on the site for free and start paying only after you get a consistent workflow.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – help and support portal provided


Upwork Homepage

Upwork is a popular freelance platform with 10 million members. Around 4 million registered employers provide open projects from various fields every day.

By joining Upwork as a graphic design freelancer, you can not only set your own rates and working hours, but you can also build your own portfolio for potential clients to check out.

We love this site because it allows freelancers and employers to communicate with each other effectively. This ensures work efficiency and saves time for both sides.

Upwork keeps a small percentage of the commissions you receive through the site as service charges.

  • Price – free sign-up with premium purchases
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available.
  • Customer service – customer support page provided

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Designhill is one of the most popular freelance graphic design websites. Here, freelancers can find design jobs in various ways. These include design contests, manual searches, and advertisements in their online shop.

As a freelancer, you can start by building your profile with a basic design portfolio so that clients can refer to your work easily.

Besides that, you can further develop your portfolio and connect with the community by participating in design contests.

While the clients usually choose only one candidate, you can get a lot of exposure and experience working on multiple projects.

Similarly, you can showcase your expertise by designing merchandise such as T-shirts and other accessories and selling them on Designhill. You can earn from this venture and gain popularity while polishing your skills simultaneously.

  • Price – free sign-in
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available.
  • Customer service – contact and FAQ page provided



Toptal is a well-known freelance graphic design website where talented designers can market their work and land high-paying jobs.

However, not everyone can join Toptal. The website has a comprehensive screening system where every aspiring freelancer has to submit his work to get selected on the platform.

This might sound like a rigorous process, but it is beneficial for talented designers in the long run. Firstly, it doesn’t get overcrowded, so your art can easily stand out. Secondly, it has a good reputation among clients, which makes it a go-to choice for them.

Believe it or not, online platforms like Airbnb and Thumbtack hired their designers from Toptal. Don’t get intimidated; you must take the first step to get a big project.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available.
  • Customer service – contact and FAQ page provided


Behance Website

Behance is nothing short of a social media platform for graphic design freelancers. When you fill out your profile on the app, you’ll have to provide some design samples as well. The platform posts these samples for a community of designers and employers to view and gain inspiration.

This not only helps your work get more positive exposure and appreciation, but it also enables you to get hired as a freelancer. However, unlike other freelance graphic design websites, Behance doesn’t provide a long list of design jobs.

Instead, their job section only has a few projects at one time. Mainly, freelancers and employers on Behance rely on the community to find work or hire talented designers for their projects.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide for invited users
  • Mobile app support – android app available
  • Customer service – help and support page provided

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Dribbble Homepage

Dribbble is more or less a community for graphic design freelancers, just like Behance. You cannot expect to sign-up and look for work or post gigs as you would on Fiverr or Upwork.

It is a closeted network where you can advertise your design portfolio and create a reputation for yourself in the design community.

Additionally, you can access creative work from other designers to get the inspiration and guidance you need as a beginner.

But it’s not easy to join Dribbble. You’ll need an invitation from someone already a site member to upload work on the platform.

Nevertheless, the task isn’t too tricky if you have the right contacts. Moreover, the platform has a job board where you can find potential clients and projects, but the list is limited. So it would be best if you mainly focused on building your portfolio and getting popular while you’re on Dribbble.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is available
  • Customer service – support page provided

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Peopleperhour Website

PeoplePerHour is a freelance graphic design website that uses a unique system to match clients with the right designers.

On this site, employers must post all the details of their project, skills, and other specifics they need in their design.

After that, the platform works to analyze the data and handpick the correct designer for the job. This ensures designers get tailor-made projects according to their skill set.

The sign-up process is similar to other freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr. But the recruitment process is more streamlined and specific than other platforms in its league.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – support center included on the website

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Guru Website

Guru is a well-known freelance platform where beginners in graphic design can easily land their first projects.

This site stands out from other platforms because of its transparency and useful communication tools.

To get started, you’ll have to create your profile, define your talents, and work samples to prove your word. Potential clients can view your portfolio and details on the platform and communicate with you further.

Similarly, looking through their job listings, you will find all the project details mapped out in front of you. This way, you can be sure you won’t have to take up any hidden tasks or extra work apart from the project defined on the platform.

If you’re skeptical about meeting clients online, Guru is a reliable place to get started.

  • Price – Free
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available.
  • Customer service – support page included on the website

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Angellist Website

AngelList is a freelance platform that focuses on hiring for startups. Instead of finding high-end clients like on other freelance graphic design websites, you’re more likely to find low-profile clients here.

However, that’s an excellent prospect if you’re a beginner. You can land some of your first projects easily on the platform to build your portfolio before you reach out to high-profile clients.

Remember, in the case of low-profile clients; there’s more room for learning through trial and error.

Besides that, the startups you design for can become highly established online businesses in a few years and maybe generate a steady workflow. You can always hope for the best!

Currently, AngelList boasts a list of 100,000 startups on its websites ready to hire freelancers.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – country-wise job searches available
  • Mobile app support – is not available.
  • Customer service – not available

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Designcrowd Logo

DesignCrowd is a worldwide graphic design hub that can be the perfect career starter for freelance designers.

This platform’s highlight is its extensive job lists where freelancers can find projects according to their design skills. Whether you’re an animator, illustrator, or web designer, you can easily find the right job.

While freelancers can pitch clients for the projects they wish to work on, clients can also handpick designers on the platform.

Moreover, employers can even hire multiple designers or crowdsource their designs. By participating in crowdsourcing programs, you can create a diverse work portfolio and gain popularity on DesignCrowd.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available.
  • Customer service – contact number and FAQ page provided

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Simply Hired Website

SimplyHired is an accessible and versatile freelance graphic design app. Although the platform is more inclined towards full-time hiring, you can find part-time and work-from-home opportunities in their job listings.

The best part is while clients have to pay to list their jobs on most platforms, SimplyHired is entirely free for both employers and freelancers.

Additionally, they have useful job search tools ideal for freelancing beginners on their website that get you tailor-made search results according to your skillset and expectations.

Also, you can get the resources you need to improve your client-pitching technique on the site by referring to their educational portal.

What we love about this platform is its user-friendly app through which you can get job updates and notifications.

Price – free sign-up
Availability – for US citizens only
Mobile app support – is not available
Customer service – support page provided on the website

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We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely Website

As the name suggests, We Work Remotely doesn’t restrict freelancers to jobs according to their demographic locations. Instead, the platform widens the horizons for aspiring graphic designers to reach further and land clients from all over the world.

All you have to do is make a personal profile, along with your work examples. If a client finds your profile attractive, he can contact you.

Even if you don’t get projects immediately on We Work Remotely, you can get worldwide exposure for your talent. Get inspiration from designers and projects worldwide!

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – not available
  • Customer service – FAQ page included on the website

Working Not Working

Working Not Working Website

Working Not Working is the ideal platform for graphic design freelancers hoping to turn their hobby into a full-time job. The site works for budding advertising freelancers, empowering them to reach out to audiences who appreciate their art.

Besides showcasing their talents, freelance designers can find high-paying projects on the website’s job board. Here, they can look for projects that fit their skillset and pitch the clients.

Furthermore, freelancers can connect with other designers on the platform to improve their portfolios and enhance their design skills. Many serious graphic designers are on the site, so you can surely get the inspiration you need as a beginner through their work.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – FAQ page provided



AwesomeWeb is one of the freelance graphic design websites that offer high-end work to established designers. While it may not be the best option for beginners, they can still sign-up and gain exposure to the design community.

Mainly, the site has professional programmers, web developers, and graphic designers as their permanent members. This makes it a go-to platform for high-end clients willing to pay good bucks to get their job done.

If you wish to sign-up for AwesomeWeb, you’ll need to post your work and go through manual scrutiny before becoming a member. If you already have an impressive resume paired with a diverse portfolio, you can easily land high-paying clients on the site.

The best part is the platform does not charge any percentage of your project fee. Instead, you only have to pay a small monthly premium and get access to their job lists immediately.

  • Price – $27 per month
  • Availability – worldwide
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – contact page provided

LinkedIn ProFinder

Linkedin Profinder Website

Like Fiverr and Upwork, LinkedIn ProFinder is a platform where freelancers can find jobs easily.

First, you have to fill out your personal profile. The platform then uses the information to list you on ProFinder so that employers and clients can hire you if they like your profile.

The best part about using LinkedIn Profinder is that it’s already a significant professional communication hub. Once you establish yourself as a graphic designer, you’ll get good exposure and create transparent working relationships with potential clients.

Currently, the platform is only available in San Francisco and a few other metropolitan cities in the US.

  • Price – free sign-up
  • Availability – limited cities in the US
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – not provided

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Craigslist is a well-known online platform for just about anything. If you’re a graphic designer, you can showcase your work to a vast marketplace through this platform and get lucrative projects to work for.

However, with Craigslist, you’ll have to find and pitch clients solely on your own merit. The site won’t do anything to boost your profile or post any relevant job lists for you.

This also means you won’t have to pay a hefty premium or sacrifice a percentage of your earnings.

To ensure effective communication with clients through Craigslist, you’ll have to maintain consistency and transparency. Make sure you do your due diligence before completing a commissioned project to ensure a safe working relationship.

  • Price – Free
  • Availability – only available for US and Canadian citizens
  • Mobile app support – is not available
  • Customer service – help and support page provided

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Final Words

That concludes our reviews for the best freelance graphic design websites available on the internet. Designing is a job that requires concentration and inspiration simultaneously, and you can’t always get both in a formal workplace.

Besides that, with visuals and online presence becoming more important, almost all businesses need designers at some point and choose to hire remotely. Both of these factors contribute to the growth of the freelance graphic design industry.

While the long list of options is great for freelancers, you should scrutinize the platform you pick correctly to save your time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Graphic Designers Paid Well?

Graphic designing is a pretty lucrative career field. Professional graphic designers can earn thousands of dollars monthly while doing a 9-5 job.

As far as freelance graphic design is concerned, a typical project can pay you anywhere from $5-$50. It mostly depends on the expertise and time required for its completion.

Besides project-based payments, freelance graphic designers can also demand hourly payments from their clients, increasing their remuneration to hundreds of dollars per project.

How Do I Advertise Myself as a Freelance Graphic Designer?

The first step to becoming a freelance graphic designer is advertising yourself to the design community. You can do this by posting your design samples on social media and, after that, extending your reach toward popular design platforms.

Besides that, you can join design competitions on platforms like 99designs to gain exposure to clients and peers. Many sites let you post your entire portfolio and make it accessible to employers. Do your research and diversify your portfolio to gain more popularity in your niche.

What Information Do I Take From My Client?

By understanding your client’s needs and demands, you can deliver the work they’re after. Along with the details about the project, try to find out as much as possible about the company, its overall brand image, and the aims they intend to fulfill through the design. This way, you can create a design keeping all these factors in mind.

How Much Should I Charge for Extra Edits as a Freelance Graphic Designer?

While providing a design quote on a freelance graphic design website, you’ll need to mention the number of revisions you will provide within the rate. If the client still wants you to revise the design further, you can charge extra for your work.
These charges depend on the nature of the request, and the time it will take you to complete the task. Although, if you’ve already established your conditions in your quote, you can deny further revisions as well.

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