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14 Best Freelance Translation Websites

Working as a freelance translator seems like a dream. With ever-increasing globalization trends, translation jobs are increasing, and so is the demand for freelance translators.

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As a result, the rise of online platforms like Fiverr and other platforms like TranslatorsBase have given translation freelancers a quick way to find freelance translation jobs and advertise their skills. Anyone who knows at least one language (other than their own) listen up; you could be sitting on a mini-goldmine!

However, finding and sticking to a freelance translating resource for getting continuous work isn’t as easy as you might think due to high competition.

There are a bunch of translation platforms, and most of them are overcrowded with cheap translators who do translation jobs to make a few quick bucks.

Fortunately, there are a few freelance translation websites or apps on the market that can see you paid easily and fairly if you can translate and offer other services. These online translation job platforms are a great way to get started and find a plethora of translation work if you know a second language.

This post has listed the 14 best online freelance translation sites that connect professional translators with businesses.

These job portals provide freelance translators with endless opportunities and can help them take their translation careers to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at the post for details.

Top 14 Freelance Translation Platforms

Are you looking for work-at-home translation jobs? If you have the skills and knowledge in the field, there are multiple freelance websites to find your desired translator jobs.

Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned translator, the following online resources can help you determine which freelance translation website makes sense for you based on your expertise.

So let’s get started without further ado!

1. Fiverr

Fiverr Homepage

Fiverr is one of the best freelancing marketplaces where translation freelancers can find work as translators.

Being a freelancer, you can advertise and find almost any imaginable job on this revolutionary online portal. The Translation category is one of the most highly demanded services on the site’s homepage.

With hundreds of freelance translation jobs nearly in any language, there’s no shortage of translation jobs on this diverse platform.

Since there are countless freelancing jobs, you’ll likely find suitable work with relative ease.

Fiverr’s filters allow translators to narrow their search results by their native language, source & target language, expertise, and the document type they’re translating.

Also, this site is easily accessible for both freelance translators and clients. You can register on the platform with a completely free account, without paying nary a penny.

One drawback of this online job translation portal is that there are thousands of translators who are up to sell their services for as low as $5. Hence the name.

Though Fiverr might not be the best platform to grow your translation career, it is definitely an excellent place to start. It can help you achieve long-term translation projects and get great results in a small interval of time.


  • Perfect filtering capabilities.
  • Safe payment mode.
  • Secure messaging system.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • There’s no subscription fee to join or list your services on Fiverr.
  • However, you pay 20% of every transaction to the platform.

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2. Upwork

Upwork Homepage

Upwork is another leading name in the freelancing world. It is a go-to platform for all freelancers, regardless of their profession and expertise. Being a translator, you can find hundreds of translator jobs on this platform.

Despite the competition on Upwork, you can get hired for translation projects without prior experience – so hold off on that bachelor’s degree for now. This is because of the vast number of online translation jobs on the platform.

As Upwork is a competition-centric portal, translators need to sound competent in their source language to get hired. They should focus on creating impressive Upwork profiles with clear translation skills, experience, and hourly rates.

Since there are various full-time or part-time translation jobs, translators can search for jobs that suit their skills and expectations, including native & other languages, duration, and payment – either fixed or hourly.

Also, bear in mind to read the job offer carefully to determine whether your skills fit the client’s requirements or not.

Once you get hired for a work at home translation job, focus on delivering quality work. A good job can help you build a great profile on Upwork and get regular work.


  • No registration charges.
  • Easy-to-use platform.
  • Time tracker.
  • Provides hundreds of job opportunities.
  • You can check reviews on clients’ profiles to.
  • Hourly contracts.
  • Weekly payments.
  • 100% secure payment structure.


  • Upwork takes 20% on the first $500 from a single client.
  • Once you make $500 from the same client, the service charge drops to 10%. Moreover, on earning above $10,000 with that single client, you only have to pay 5%.


Freelancer Homepage is another freelancing portal covering various fields, including website designing, development, SEO, writing, and translation.

While it may not list as many translation jobs as Upwork and Fiverr, it provides freelancers with a range of great offers.

You can enter this freelance website with your Gmail or Facebook account. Once you do so, you will obtain a free membership, allowing you to access and apply for different translation jobs.

When it comes to freelance translation services, this platform has its own dedicated page. With so many online translation jobs, from legal, finance, and medical to technical translation, you can find a project of your choice.

Freelance translators who want to stand out from their competitors must write personalized proposals and offer competitive prices.

The best part about is that there’s a high demand for both new and experienced translators. This makes it easy for you to find translation work, no matter your experience level.

In addition, has established a great image based on users’ opinions and reviews.

Overall, it is a premier source for online translators to find suitable job offers.


  • No sign-up charges.
  • Time tracker.
  • No-cost chat.
  • Easy to use.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Value for money – quality freelance translations.
  • Secure and protected payments.


  • 10% of your total earnings go to for fixed projects.
  • Similarly, the platform charges a flat 10% for hourly projects.

4. TranslationDirectory

Translationdirectory Homepage

TranslationDirectory is one of the finest portals for anyone related to the translation industry. This is an exclusive platform where freelance translators can find their desired jobs and earn money.

Featuring more than 7,500 translation agencies or companies in their directory, TranslationDirectory is a well-known name in the market.

This is a well-organized platform with lots of details and translation opportunities. It has made it easier for translation freelancers to meet potential recruiters.

TranslationDirectory offers professional membership for businesses and freelancer translators for just $8 per month with several benefits.

As a translator, you need to purchase this paid membership to begin working on this website. Once you become a member, TranslationDirectory will help you contact trustworthy clients who will offer you continuous freelance work.

You can search for work based on various factors, including the native tongue, location around the world, and price.

One of the top values of buying a membership is that it allows translators to build long-term and professional relationships with clients.

Additionally, the database of TranslationDirectory for blacklisted agencies will save freelance translators from scammers and spammers.

Overall, becoming a member of this freelancing portal can be a great investment decision for you as a freelance translator. TranslationDirectory is a no-brainer site for language-lovers, bringing translators and potential clients together.


  • Legit and reliable platform.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Informative and well-organized portal.
  • Provide a list of reliable and blacklisted outsourcers.
  • Efficient and friendly customer support.


  • The annual professional membership costs $96, i.e., $8 per month.

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5. TranslatorsCafé

Translatorscafé Homepage

TranslatorsCafé is another well-known marketplace for finding freelance translation jobs. The platform provides translators with a convenient way to make direct clients in the global linguistic community. It’s a favorite among many translators and other language lovers.

Translators can set up their profiles quickly and start accessing translation jobs. As this job portal covers a vast range of language pairings, it can be a perfect way to look for new clients.

Also, you can build your translator profile on your own and start tracking your job proposals in your personal translation agencies list.

Once you become a registered translator on TranslatorsCafé, you’re all set to offer your translation services to registered clients. Also, you will get notified every time a new translation job is posted on the job board.

Another good thing about the platform is that it allows translators to buy fancy translation software and search dictionaries.

The help section is quite helpful, especially when it comes to checking clients before accepting a job offer or dealing with translation agencies.

If you haven’t used this translation website, sign up today to leverage the full search capabilities of this platform!


  • Free registration.
  • Over 3,500+ translation agencies.
  • Less trashy jobs.
  • Offers the desired job for translators.
  • Convenient and easy to use.


  • Free to $80 annual membership.

6. TranslatorsBase

Translatorsbase Homepage

TranslatorsBase is an online translation marketplace where professional translators can create an online presence, offer services, and grow their reputation while they translate.

As the name specifies, this user-friendly platform specializes solely in translation jobs — a portal of translation jobs from or to different fields and languages.

This website covers a range of industries, including video game text, research papers, visa applications, brochures, and school transcripts. You can find a translation project of your choice easily.

Though the competition is high on TranslatorsBase, you can make your bids stand out from other translators by giving a customized touch. Personalized bids are a great way to earn potential clients’ trust and convince them that you’re the professional they need to give them the practical advice to make them sound like a native speakers.

In addition, translators have to buy an annual membership to leverage the benefits of available tools.


  • A reliable and well-organized site
  • A dedicated translation marketplace
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • A steady source of translation projects
  • Offers a fast ROI (return on investment)
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to guarantee secure payments
  • Professional and quick support service


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7. ProZ

Proz Homepage

ProZ is one of the industry-leading platforms for freelancers to get translation jobs. This is an online community for over 1.2 million translation companies and language professionals.

This is reputedly the oldest online platform dedicated to connecting freelance translators with clients.

Home to translators and translation companies, ProZ claims to serve the largest community of professional translators — enabling them to outsource translating jobs across the globe.

Other added features of this translation website are contests and forums. These two properties help translators build their presence among colleagues and clients.

ProZ is an excellent online space for finding many jobs in translation work in any language pair.

Note that the free mode doesn’t give you a priority position in the directories. That means you have to pay a subscription fee to access more advanced features.

Register today as a freelancer on this freelance website and be ready to find translation jobs in tons of different languages!


  • Easy-to-use platform.
  • Registration is free for translators.
  • More than 100 languages that you can translate into.
  • A terminology query section that clears doubts.


  • This translation workplace offers two membership plans.
  • Standard Plan for $120.
  • Plus Plan for $180.

8. PeoplePerHour

Peopleperhour Homepage

Looking for translation job offers? PeoplePerHour has you covered! Compared to other translation sites, this platform is harder to get into.

You need to give a few details to register as a freelancer on this site. During their screening process, they ask multiple questions to make sure the work quality is of a higher standard than other sites.

Consequently, PeoplePerHour is well-known for its high quality. Therefore, every translator needs to provide valid details to get themselves accepted as a professional freelance translator.

If you’re searching for long-term translation jobs, PeoplePerHour might be the best option. No matter your first language, the site features hundreds of translation jobs and opportunities to help you grow your translation career.

All you need to do is brush up your CV and upload it on the site along with other translation certifications you might have collected. Clients can hire you based on what you showcase to them through your profile.

Overall, PeoplePerHour is one of the best sources on the web to find work as a professional translator online, receiving payments regularly.


  • Highly flexible.
  • Easy and safe to work around.
  • Fabulous customer support.
  • No sign-up fee.
  • Precise workflows.


  • Freelancers pay 20% on projects less than $350.
  • The service charges vary depending on the total earnings.

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9. Tomedes

Tomedes Homepage

Tomedes is a respected translation company that provides language or translation services to all size enterprises, from big businesses to small businesses!

It offers translation services for personal, medical, technical, legal, financial, and many other fields.

This online platform provides freelance translators with an easy-to-use portal that enables them to browse a range of translating job offers. The website matches the translator’s skills to the client’s requests to ensure a perfect fit.

To be a freelance translator on Tomedes, you must register an account on this platform.

While registration, make sure to provide information like the amount of experience and the ability to translate.


  • Easy-to-use portal.
  • Supports over 120 languages.
  • Over 950+ language pairings.
  • 95,000+ satisfied customers.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • 1-year guarantee on all language and translation projects.


  • No Fixed translation price.
  • Fees depend on varying factors, including content type and urgency.

10. OneSky

Onesky Homepage

OneSky is a simple, affordable translation platform specialized in mobile apps and websites. With 1,000+ translators from more than 50 countries, this platform is ideal for professional freelancers with experience in translating web content, games, and apps.

Sign up for free and start applying for potential freelance translation jobs you find on the platform.

The site features multiple job offers, so you can find projects that fit your industry knowledge and experience to deliver quality work.

Also, the translation site offers direct communication with clients in case you have any queries related to the project.

Moreover, OneSky is trusted by the world’s leading e-commerce companies, mobile games, and developers and apps, including Hero Charges, SEGA, Intercom, Shopify, QuizUp, and Epic Games. That means you can get a chance to work with industry-leading companies or clients.


  • Supports over 50 popular languages.
  • Higher quality translations.
  • Activity dashboard and tracking.
  • Integrated workflow.
  • Amazing customer support.


  • Translation price starts at $0.04 per word.

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11. LinkedIn

Linkedin Homepage

Underutilized by professional translators, LinkedIn is another perfect online resource for finding translation projects.

You need to understand the golden rule to succeed on this platform. It’s not a place to upload your CV and wait for clients to contact you.

LinkedIn requires active participation from every participant. Being a translator, you need to connect and interact with people, comment on others’ work, and post your own work.

You will come across various freelance translation jobs on the LinkedIn feeds every time an employer posts a job.

Go through every job carefully and apply for it only if you think it’s a perfect fit for your translation skills and knowledge.


  • Easy-to-use platform.
  • Offers opportunities to build a network.
  • A range of translation job offers.


  • Free to use.

12. Blend Express

Blend Express Homepage

Formerly known as One Hour Translation, Blend Express is one of the successful platforms among the old translation agencies. The platform works closely with freelancers, allowing them to find projects that match their skills.

Once you get hired for a translation job, make sure to tackle the work in record time to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

Regardless of your area of expertise, you can find your desired jobs as the platform covers various fields, such as legal, finance, retail, eCommerce, marketing & advertising, and more.

Sign up today and start translating clients’ documents right away and get paid to your account directly for every job you complete.


  • Quick, simple, and affordable.
  • Good support for translators.
  • High-quality translations in about 120 languages.
  • Support over 3,200 language pairs.
  • Secure payment models.


  • It has two plans:
    • Business General – $0.087
    • Professional – $0.13

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13. Unbabel

Unbabel Homepage

Unbabel is another excellent online space to grow as a professional translator. It is a community of professional translators with over 40,000 translators worldwide.

This platform offers endless opportunities for freelancers to advance their careers as translators.

Also, translators can make more money on this platform compared to average freelancers.

One of the best features of this translation site is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the month. You will receive payments every week.


  • Supports 28 languages.
  • No need to have professional experience to work here.
  • Payments are fast — weekly payment pattern.


  • Unbabel pricing depends on the work.

14. Your Own Website

Your Own Website

Yes, you heard it right — create your personal website. While this is not a freelancer platform, creating your own translator portfolio can be an excellent way to highlight your job applications on other portals.

Most businesses or clients ask translators for their LinkedIn profiles or websites during the hiring process.

Having a dedicated translator site can help you build a great impression on clients and earn more and more projects.


  • Simple and affordable.
  • Helps you build a great online presence.
  • Makes it easy for you to earn projects.


  • Free to $1K.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the reliable freelance translation sites or resources over the internet. Pick any of these portals and browse them to find freelance translation jobs with clients across the globe. Use any freelance sites from the list and find your next translation job today!

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