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7 Best Freelance Websites for Artists

How do you choose the best freelance artist website? Is it even possible to make money as a freelance artist? Let us find out.

One of the most important things you can do as an artist is to get your work out there. But with so many options and platforms available, it can be tough to know exactly where to start.

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Luckily, this article sorts you out. We have compiled a detailed list of the best freelance websites for artists (based on thorough research and user reviews), so you can focus on what’s important – creating great art. Whether you’re looking for exposure, sales, or just a way to connect with other artists, this list has something for you.

The truth is it’s never easy identifying a great freelance artist website. However, with the following websites, you can easily grow your career as an artist through the numerous freelance jobs offered here.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Freelance Websites for Artists

1. Fiverr

Fiverr Logo

First in line for the best freelance websites for artists is this incredible site that has become a freelancers-favorite. While it was established as a site for small $5 tasks or projects, Fiverr has grown into a platform for all kinds of freelance work. Whether you’re looking for paid illustration, graphics design, digital art, or even creative writing gigs, Fiverr is sure to have something for you.

Right now, this online marketplace is the world’s largest platform for freelance services, boasting over 3.4 million clients or buyers. This broad buyer base gives your artwork the best chance to find someone who likes and buys it.

Also, unlike many other platforms where you have to bid for projects or clients, things here are pretty different. Clients flock to view the artists’ work instead of artists flocking to a job posting from a client to apply. All you need to do here is post your work – the right client will spot and buy or hire you to make more for them.

In addition, Fiverr offers a fantastic support system that provides both buyers and sellers with tips and advice. If you are just starting as a freelance artist, this platform is undoubtedly an excellent place to start.

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2. Toptal

Toptal Logo

Another undeniably great site for artists to find freelance jobs is Toptal. However, this site is a bit more exclusive than Fiverr and requires its freelancers to go through an application process. But not to worry, it is well worth it if you pass the rigorous tests.

Toptal is among the best freelance websites for artists because of its reputation in the freelance industry, for a good reason. Freelancers and clients love it because it’s a reliable and trusted platform with very high standards. This means that when you get hired by clients on Toptal, your work will be taken seriously.

With a selection of top-tier clients from all over the world, you can find plenty of opportunities on this website. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term projects, Toptal has something for everyone. And the best thing, it eliminates the possibility of scammers and freelancers who underbid on projects.

Plus, their customer service team provides quick and helpful responses whenever you need them. They are available 24 hours a day from Sunday through Friday, except Saturdays when they operate from 6:00 am PT to 10:00 pm PT.

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3. 99 Designs

99Designs Logo

With over 59 million freelancers in the US alone, the competition out there is quite intense. Therefore you need a platform that you can rely on.

99 Designs offers the best platform to make money with that talent, whether you are a seasoned artist or a newbie in this industry. It is a great online marketplace for all kinds of graphic design projects such as logos, print, web designs, business & advertising, art & illustration, as well as clothing & merchandise.

The site connects clients with talented designers all over the world. And as an artist on 99 Designs, you will have access to plenty of exciting projects from clients looking for creative work.

The best part about this platform is that you can set your own hourly rate or bid for project-based assignments. In addition, the site also has a feature called ‘contests’ where you can compete with other artists to create the best designs. These competitions give you a chance to win cash prizes, which makes being on the platform even more fun, and allows you to showcase your talent.

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4. Solidgigs

Solidgigs Logo

With Solidgigs, you get more than just freelance work! The platform also focuses on creating solid and beneficial relationships between freelancers and clients.

Unlike other freelancing sites for artists like Fiverr or Upwork, Solidgigs is more inclined to give you access to tools that help you grow your freelance career. In fact, it is more of a lead-generation tool that freelance artists and other freelancers can plug into their businesses.

How does it work?

Tell the platform what you are capable of, that’s the type of gigs you offer, and they search for the best clients that match your offerings. Here, you don’t need to stay glued to your PC or laptop looking for potential clients. Instead, every time a potential one is available, you get an alert from Solidgigs.

From here, the only thing remaining is to apply directly to the lead, and if it all goes well, you get yourself a client. And the best thing? You get the entire agreed pay from your client.

Apart from the affordable monthly subscription fee, you must pay to become a member of Solidgigs, the platform doesn’t charge any commissions. This is unlike what happens on many other freelancing sites where you can part with up to 30% of your pay. Get a comprehensive overview of this platform on our Solidgigs review.

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5. Upwork

Upwork Logo

We can’t talk about the best sites for freelance art jobs and leave out Upwork. While it is an all-around freelance site offering job opportunities in all sectors, it certainly offers an excellent opportunity for freelance artists.

Anyone interested in the freelance business can find something worth doing on Upwork. The thousands of opportunities the platform offers give everyone a chance. Whether it’s freelance designers, photographers, writers, or graphic designers, everyone can reap big on this platform.

If you want to advance your freelance career in art, this is among the most popular freelance websites to consider. Plus, it is free to join, except that you have to pay to bid and also part with part of your earnings as commission fees. Otherwise, the platform is a great choice.

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6. WriterAccess

Writeraccess Logo

Are you looking for incredible platforms offering freelance artist jobs? WriterAccess is one that you cannot ignore. It’s an excellent website for anyone looking to pursue a freelancing career in writing, editing, or design.

This platform offers freelancers the opportunity to write and take on challenging writing jobs from some of the top organizations around the world. On WriterAccess, you can find creative jobs such as advertorials, copywriting, blogging, graphic design, and white papers.

As they’ve put it on their website, the platform offers the right talent, training, and tools necessary to grow a business through content. As such, clients come to this platform looking for top talents for their projects. That’s where you come in as a freelance artist.

With WritersAccess, you can scale your freelancing career and become the famous artist you’ve always wanted. So, instead of worrying about where to find freelance art jobs, register with WritersAccess and see the difference.

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7. FlexJobs

Flexjobs Logo

Any serious freelancer knows about FlexJobs. But if you are just starting here, no worries still. FlexJobs is among the best online platforms for freelance artists looking for legitimate and well-paid jobs. It is the best fit for both freelancers and employers, as the site specializes in providing vetted opportunities from trusted companies.

With FlexJobs, you can access over 25k legit online jobs sourced from over 5k companies across the globe. Now, this is a big opportunity base. The categories range from accounting, education & training, writing, editing & translation, and of course, graphic design.

So no matter what industry you are in as a freelance artist or designer, FlexJobs has you covered. All you have to do is create a portfolio on the site and start applying for freelance jobs that match your skill sets. And the best thing is there’s no limit to how much money you can make as a freelance artist.

Other benefits of searching for freelance art jobs with FlexJobs include the following;

  • Access to career coaching
  • Friendly customer support
  • Being the first to access available jobs in the market
  • Access to resume reviews

You get a complete package with FlexJobs.

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Most Popular Freelance Art Jobs

Sometimes when we talk of artists, what mostly comes to mind are beautiful drawings on the walls or sweet melodious music. But there is much more than that.

Here are some popular jobs that fall under art jobs;

1. Graphic Design Artist

When we talk of graphic design, it mainly focuses on designing art using digital tools. This can include anything from logos, websites, ad campaigns, and other marketing projects. Usually, graphic designers are pretty good at creating stunning digital art that helps people visualize products and services.

2. Illustrator

Did you know that professional illustrators are also artists? Yes, they are! They use art to convey a message or tell a story.

Most will draw interesting pictures in magazines, promotional posters, or even kids’ books. And it’s pretty much possible to pursue a freelancing career as an illustrator. Any of the platforms mentioned above allow you to do just that.

3. Photographer

A Photographer Taking Shots

Photography is not just taking a camera and taking some shots. It is a work of art that needs talent and skill.

You can tell a skilled photographer from an amateur just by looking at their photography. So when I call a photographer an artist, you can see why.

There are many opportunities to do photography as a freelancer. So many companies and brands are ready to pay top dollar for good images of their products, buildings, and landscape. In fact, this can be one of the best-paying freelance art jobs if done right.

4. Calligrapher

I’m sure you have heard of calligraphy before. It involves fancy writing, and some people are quite good at it. Calligraphers are paid to produce custom writing pieces for individuals, companies, and brands.

Someone can also mass-produce stunning hand-lettered prints and sell them on platforms like Fiverr or Etsy. It is a unique type of art that can earn you good money if done right.

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How Do These Sites Charge?

Each of the freelance sites mentioned above has its own charging model. Some take commissions from each job you win or even charge for account registration. This can vary depending on the platform and what services you are using.

Also, some of these platforms may have additional payment options for premium plans that offer extra features such as access to more freelance jobs or better customer support. But, overall, most of these online platforms don’t cost anything to register and start searching for freelance art jobs.

For instance, Fiverr and Upwork charge a commission on every project you get but have zero sign-up fees. Fiverr charges around a 20% flat rate on the value of the project. Upwork, on the other hand, charges 20% per the project’s value until you hit $500 in earnings with a particular client.

It will drop to 10% from here until you hit $10,000. It will drop to 5% when the client pays you over $10,000.

For a platform like Solidgigs, you pay a subscription fee of $35 a month and get access to all the jobs on the platform. When you pay yearly, they will charge you $21 per month. You don’t pay any commission here.

My advice? Before joining any platform, ensure you are fully aware of the fees and subscription charges you’ll incur for getting a client on the site. This way, you don’t get a shocking surprise when your pay comes.

One last tip: when picking a platform, ensure it offers helpful customer support, reliable payment methods, and secure communication channels. That way, you are assured of getting help whenever you need it as a freelancer.


Am I protected on these freelance artist websites?

Yes. Most of these platforms have built-in features to protect both freelancers and employers. As a freelance artist, you can rest assured that the website will protect your payments and help you resolve payment disputes with clients. And as a client, you are protected against lazy freelancers who want to earn money without delivering.

What type of jobs do I expect to find as a freelance artist?

The types of projects you will find on various platforms vary from one platform to another. Generally speaking, you can expect a variety of jobs related to design and art, including logo designs, web designing, book covers, illustrations, motion graphics creation and editing, and advertorial copywriting. It depends on what you are good at.

How will I get paid?

Most of these platforms offer various payment methods you can choose from, depending on what suits you best. This includes PayPal, Payoneer, and direct bank transfers. But check first if a platform has reliable payment modes in your region.

Do I get to choose my pay rate and working hours?

Yes, to some extent. You will have the freedom to choose jobs at your desired rate, and during the hours you feel comfortable working. This ensures that your freelance art experience is smooth and stress-free.

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