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8 Best Freelance Websites for Lawyers

The legal industry and the way modern lawyers use their practice evolves. Going freelance and beyond traditional law firms is ideal for modern attorneys. Here are the best freelance websites for lawyers interested in ditching 9 to 5 work and being your own boss.

The Benefits of Going Freelance

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Going freelance is perfect for attorneys to leverage their law degree and experience. Freelancing helps lawyers supplement the income they earn from their full-time job. It also allows them to generate extra money to tide them over during tough times.

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Most beginners would like an easy job to get the hang of working from home. It is a good approach not to be overwhelmed with the setup.

The usual 9 to 5 doesn’t offer much freedom in schedule and workload.

With a freelance job, lawyers work with complete control over their workload. If you want to know how to become a freelance lawyer, continue reading below.

What Do Freelance Lawyers Do?

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Those who work in a law firm know how a sudden influx of projects can overwhelm a team. Firms that need more capacity to handle legal work may turn to freelance lawyers to fill the gaps. Hiring freelancers to help mean they don’t need to hire more staff and overhead costs.

Freelance lawyers work with specialized attorneys, either through their freelance attorney websites. As a freelancer, attorneys complete legal projects on a flat fee or by the hour.

Freelancing is non-committal and non-professional. It may have an unfavorable reputation among those with a legal career. But this is not true; even established lawyers choose this route.

However, before hiring a freelance lawyer, research and investigate to avoid mistakes.

BigLaw attorneys and qualified attorneys become freelance attorneys for the freedom and earning potential it provides. Or, one can look for high-paying expert witness jobs and share expertise in legal services and law firms to earn more.

What Can a Freelance Attorney Help Me With?

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You can hire a freelance attorney to manage your taxes, contracts, and legal problems. Because there are many freelance attorneys available, you gain access to skills in various legal topics. It is simple to locate a lawyer who can meet your specific demands and agree to a freelance work agreement.

Freelance attorneys are more affordable than hiring lawyers with established law firms. That’s why they are ideal for those on a tight budget.

It’s also quite useful for business owners. You can get cheap incorporation and compliance services instead of filling out documents.

But, hiring a lawyer online is not without risk. Only hire from a recognized website to prevent being trapped with a terrible lawyer. You can refer to this list or look for law firm marketing blogs.

Before hiring, look into the lawyer’s licensing, schooling, work examples, and client evaluations.

The 8 best freelance websites for lawyers

1. FlexJobs

Flexjobs Main Webpage

Fees: Subscription fees range from $6.95 weekly to $49.95 annually.

While it doesn’t cater to freelance attorneys, FlexJobs is one of the best freelance websites for lawyers. In this freelance marketplace, lawyers get access to more than 32,000 jobs from over 49,000 companies. It claims to be the hands-down leader in the flexible and remote job search market.

FlexJobs spends more than 100 combined hours reviewing clients and job postings. FlexJobs charges a membership fee to have the best opportunities.

Besides offering an extensive job listing, the platform provides resources to its members. These resources help support a freelancer’s job and other areas of their life and career.

FlexJobs members have access to discounted career coaching, job search, and member savings. It ranges from career advancement services and travel and video courses and guides.

Type of work available:

Available Jobs At Flexjobs

Freelance lawyers will find various legal jobs on the platform. It ranges from performing litigation, draft pleadings, legal briefs, software patents, and more. Most jobs need licensed attorneys with at least one year of related experience.

How to join

Joining FlexJobs is easy by looking for job opportunities and selecting a subscription level. Your subscription level depends on how long you plan to use the platform. Once subscribed, you can proceed straight to the registration page. And get full access to job listings, industry information, and the weekly newsletter.

2. Lawclerk

Lawclerk Main Webpage

Fees: No monthly or annual fees.

Lawclerk offers freelancers the tools to run a freelance business, making it one of the best freelance websites for lawyers. The platform handles tax reporting, the vetting of hiring attorneys, and the payment. It means that freelancers don’t have to worry about getting paid.

The platform offers a secure chat and document library for sharing documents. It also has a two-tier conflict check process. And it also has a ‘teams feature’ to work with your favorite freelance attorneys.

Type of work available

Lawclerk is a freelance marketplace connecting freelancers with an extensive network of freelance lawyers looking for help with many written works. It ranges from drafting pleadings to completing complex discovery.

How to join

How To Join Lawclerk

Once a freelancer’s account is approved, they can search and apply for projects they like. Complete details about each project are provided. It includes the application period, project deadline, initial draft deadline, and project price.

All projects in Lawclerk are on a flat-fee basis. It means the project prices in each assignment are the total amount you’ll earn.

Freelancers may expect payment within eight days of submitting the final project.

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3. Hire an Esquire

Homepage Of Hire An Esquire

Fees: No monthly or annual fees.

Established in 2011, Hire an Esquire is one of the best freelance websites for lawyers. For more than a decade, the platform has innovated legal professionals’ work. They reinvent legal staffing with a proprietary online platform.

It analyzes a candidate’s expertise and experience to match them. It includes contractual and permanent positions at legal departments and law firms.

As of 2021, there are more than 12,000 vetted legal professionals. There are also 100+ registered AmLaw 200 firms, in-house legal departments, and boutique firms in Hire an Esquire.

Type of work available

Hire an Esquire is ideal for any type of freelance attorney. Also for legal assistants, paralegals, law librarians, legal administrations, and other legal specialists.

The platform grants a freelance attorney with various legal works. They also provide flexibility to choose the job and schedule they prefer. Hire an Esquire offers freelancers a higher hourly rate due to lower overhead.

How to join

How Hire An Esquire Works

Legal professionals must submit their bar license information to join Hire an Esquire. The platform must verify that you are a barred attorney in good standing.

All aspiring members should also submit three references. These may be from direct coworkers, previous employers, or satisfied clients. And they must undergo a short phone interview to ensure a good fit.

4. LegalBee

Homepage Of Legalbee

Fees: No monthly or annual fees

LegalBee is one of the best freelance websites for lawyers. It is ideal as it offers career coaching tips for a freelance attorney in transition.

The company defines itself as a legal search and placement company. It places attorneys in permanent and freelance positions for various law firms.

The platform’s ace card is its freelance team which it calls the ‘hive’. It includes a group of experienced freelance attorneys available on demand. They handle scheduling conflicts, work overflows, and staffing gaps.

The platform also offers the tools a freelance attorney needs to become successful. It includes short and long-term coaching sessions, interview preparation, and resume feedback.

Type of work available

A freelance lawyer has plenty of work to choose from. It includes dispositions, handling court appearances, legal research, and more.

How to join

Freelancers aiming to join LegalBee must have at least five years of experience to be considered. All aspiring members must undergo an interview, submit three references, and draft a few writing samples.

They review bar registration status, and disciplinary history is also confirmed.

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5. Montage Legal Group

Homepage Of Montage Legal Group

Fees: There are no fees to join Montage Legal Group.

If you look for a freelance lawyer with the best legal services, the Montage Legal Group is the best. It has exclusivity and a high barrier to entry. The Montage Legal Group is one of the best freelance websites for attorneys lucky enough to get in.

The platform connects in-house legal departments and law firms with experienced freelance lawyers. It includes those with impressive credentials from top schools like Harvard Law and Georgetown Law.

The platform’s freelancers have trained in prestigious law firms like Slate, Meagher & Flom, and others.

Here, freelance attorneys assist legal departments and law firms on substantive legal projects by the hour.

Type of work available

There is no typical project on the Montage platform. There is a hodgepodge of jobs available, including drafting motions and commercial agreements.

Montage allows its freelancers to work as much as they want. While others work for 10 hours per year, the more devoted may opt to work 50 hours per month for different law firms. Your schedule depends on your background and the projects that come through.

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How to join

They consider freelancers with excellent credentials from top law schools. Those with 5 or more years of full-time legal experience in a judicial clerkship or government position. Freelancers set their own rates, which may vary from project to project.

To join, freelancers must send their resumes to [email protected]. And the next steps vary depending on your background and current needs.

6. UpCounsel

Homepage Of Upcounsel

Fees: Membership fee depends on the features and services attorneys select

Upcounsel leverages the best technology to develop the best freelance websites for lawyers. On this freelance lawyer website, attorneys can choose their clients and projects. While clients select an attorney from the limited number of proposals they receive.

Upcounsel is great for freelance lawyers looking for long-term clients. The platform claims that over 35% of its clients re-hire an attorney through the platform. It means your marketing investment pays off now and in the future.

Upcounsel also assists its freelance lawyers with marketing and brand building. Members are guided through the process of publishing high-impact content showcasing expertise. The platform’s SEO engine generates guaranteed views so expect maximum exposure.

Type of work available

Webpage Showing Popular Legal Areas At Upcounsel

Individuals, startups, and enterprises use Upcounsel for initial business contracts. They also offer to form legal entities, patents, venture financing, and corporate maintenance. With clients joining monthly, there is an increase in practice areas and geographic interest.

Attorneys in UpCounsel are free to negotiate their fee structure and rate. Some charge a fixed price per project, while others charge by the hour.

How to join

Only barred attorneys in good standing can join Upcounsel. Signing up is as easy as creating an UpCounsel profile with complete details. A thoughtful, well-written profile is essential to ensuring success on the platform.

Among the information required are your photo, client reviews, law school information, a resume, and representative clients.

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7. InCloudCounsel

Homepage Of Incloud Counsel

Fees: There is no membership fee to join InCloudCounsel.

InCloudCounsel is one of the most successful legal technology startups today. The platform’s team consists of former Big Law professionals and corporate attorneys.

Freelance lawyers looking for a side job will feel at home with the platform’s solutions. These are built to give them a flexible work schedule and geographic independence.

Working with InCloudCounsel offers freelancers the freedom to take on as much work. They can fit their schedule while being able to work wherever they like.

All the tools they need are accessible on the company’s cloud-based platform. Attorneys who work with InCloudCounsel telecommute from their homes, offices, and beyond.

As a member of InCloudCounsel, freelance attorneys are offered competitive compensation and access to high-caliber clients. You are offered the administrative support you need to focus more on practicing law like in a law firm.

Type of work available

InCloudCounsel is an expert at investment banking, asset management/corporate, real estate, and document abstracting services.

Freelancers can expect to work on various drafts and agreements. It includes confidentiality agreements, contracts, credit agreement abstracts, pitch NDAs, and franchise documents.

How to join 

Interested applicants should visit InCloudCounsel’s ‘Work Opportunities’ page. You can see the openings available and apply for the job using the on-site form.

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8. Lawyer Exchange

Homepage Of Lawyer Exchange

Fees: There are no fees to join Lawyer Exchange.

Lawyer Exchange claims to bring the gig economy to law. It is through matching attorney jobs with lawyers ready to work on a short-term per-project basis. It’s a great all-around freelance platform for lawyers looking for extra income. Lawyer Exchange’s unique selling point is that it’s open to attorneys of all skill levels.

There are several opportunities here if you’re a new lawyer or a recent law school graduate. You can find freelance lawyer work and get started on projects. It is a great way to rack up real-life experiences while you wait for the bar or search for a full-time position.

Lawyer Exchange is a great place to start solo practice and learn from seasoned attorneys. You can find plenty of opportunities in Lawyer Exchange. It includes experienced attorneys who are re-entering the profession. And those looking for job flexibility or to gain experience in different areas of law.

Type of work available

Homepage Showing Work Available At Lawyer Exchange

The platform hosts legal work, but the most common types of freelance lawyer jobs include research, drafting, review, client interaction, and appearances.

How to join

Unlike other platforms with a high barrier to entry, it’s easy to join Lawyer Exchange. You can sign up and create your own profile for free, browse legal projects and submit proposals. All freelancers get to negotiate their hourly rate or fixed-price rate before working.

Unlike other platforms that shave off a percentage of your earnings, freelancers in Lawyer Exchange get to keep 100% of their invoices without extra charges, hidden fees, or commitments.


How does a freelance attorney work?

To start as a freelance attorney, update and improve your resume. You can then register for a free account on these freelance marketplace sites.

How Much Do Freelance Attorneys Charge?

A freelance attorney can charge hourly, monthly, or per project. These rates vary depending on expertise and the type of work they undertake.

Is it Worth It to Hire a Freelance Attorney?

Hiring a freelance attorney is worthwhile if you need legal advice. Hiring attorneys is unavoidable in certain situations. A freelance attorney is an inexpensive option to get any legal job done.

Where Can I Hire Freelance Attorneys?

You can hire freelance attorneys on Fiverr and Upwork if you have a limited budget. If you need more advanced work, you can search from one of the sites above.

What Do Freelance Attorneys Do?

Freelance attorneys can handle almost any legal task that you may need help with. Many enterprises hire freelance attorneys for trademark registration, contract drafting, and agreement drafting. Many independent attorneys practice family law, including divorce court, bankruptcy, immigration, and adoption.

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