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8 Mistakes To Avoid When You Need A Freelance Writer For Hire

Are you looking for a top-quality freelance writer for hire? Make sure not to commit the mistakes listed in this article.

Looking for a freelance content writer? You’re not alone. Almost 55% of new businesses rely on content marketing as an essential part of their business strategy.

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However, the increase in demand is directly proportional to the increase in supply. You’ll probably find a million leads if you search ‘freelance writer for hire’ on Google.

This can get quite confusing, especially if it is your first time getting freelance services online. In case you hire the wrong person, not only will your marketing strategy backfire, but you’ll lose a lot of money and waste your time.

Don’t worry. I’ve listed down the most common mistakes recruiters typically make while finding a freelance writer for hire.

Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For a Freelance Writer for Hire

Believe it or not, 33% of all freelancers work in creative fields like design, photography, and writing. And remember, every writer out there is trying to get your attention.

Freelance Writer For Hire

While there are many freelance writing services up for grabs at cheap rates, it’ll take a lot of research and consideration to hire the ideal freelancer for the job.

This means it is easy to make mistakes while you’re at it. Not only in writing services as well as following hiring freelance lawyers guide and other freelancers to hire.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered. I’ve rounded up all the common mistakes made by people finding a freelance writer for hire so you can learn from their experiences without facing the consequences yourself. So let’s dive right in.

   1. Hiring a Writer From the Wrong Place

The worst mistake people make is choosing where to hire freelance writers. Usually, they go for content writing agencies and companies, but unfortunately, that’s not the right choice.

Making Notes

You see, most freelance writers for hire in these agencies don’t get paid according to their content. Instead, they get paid very little for each blog post or on an hourly basis.

Meaning, the only way they can maximize their earnings is by churning out lots of content every day. This highly depletes your chances of getting good quality writing services.

On the contrary, online freelance platforms give freelance writers the freedom they need to select the projects, set their own rates, and work at their comfort. By getting a freelance writer for hire from these platforms, you’ll get the quality and consistency you need. Here are some popular options where you can look for high-quality freelance writers for hire.


Most of the time, freelancers are scrounging through Google search results and pitching every potential client they come across to generate a steady workflow for themselves. This naturally means they cannot give particular attention to any client they approach, leaving them in a confusing situation. That’s not the case with SolidGigs.

The website provides relevant weekly gig lists for their freelancers, so they have only 10-12 clients to approach every day.

The website’s database will only show your job to the freelancer if it fits their portfolio and ability. This way, you’ll get quality services every time without dealing with incompetent freelancers.

Writer Access

Writer Access is one of the largest freelance writing platforms online. Currently, they have more than 15000 writers working for about 40,000 brands and agencies.

For an affordable premium, the website gives employers access to content strategists and expert content writers. The writers get to set their own rates, but you can expect to pay around 6-10 cents per word.

The best part is, the site gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the work you get. You can also start using their 14-day free trial and pay only if you find the services productive.


Fiverr Logo

Fiverr is a go-to website that connects employers with freelance writers for hire. Whether you need a freelance medical writer, a freelance resume writer, a freelance travel writer, or even a freelance fitness and health writer, you can find them all on one platform.

Here, writers create their gigs, including their freelance writer hourly rates or project-based rates. Along with that, they mention a specific turnover time, the number of revisions you’ll get, and the various packages you can opt for.

This way, there’s no confusion on your end when you choose a freelance writer for hire. Similarly, you can view the candidate’s work portfolio, ask for relevant samples, and communicate effortlessly through the platform.

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Flexjobs is another well-known freelance platform where you can get freelance writers for hire, including freelance fitness and health writers and freelance fashion writers jobs.


What makes Flexjobs a good platform for employers is its rigorous skill testing. The website only endorses those writers who pass multiple skill tests, making them a reliable choice for those who want freelance writers for hire.

Besides that, Flexjobs helps its writers create comprehensive resumes that help their employers easily find the writer they need for their organization.

   2. Not Reviewing the Portfolio or Work Samples

Mostly, employers who are in a hurry try to judge writers by their rating or word-of-mouth. In such cases, they overlook their work portfolio and samples.

This is just like purchasing a shirt without looking at its sizing details. You don’t know what you’re paying for and whether it will fit your needs or not. Consequently, you will read their actual written content only when they submit your project work.

At that time, the deal is already sealed. And if you’re not satisfied, you’ll probably have to pay for content that’s of no use to you. You can get some revisions if the writer or aspiring freelance writer you hire offers any, but it is still a hassle and will waste lots of time.

Take time to review some relevant samples or assign test content regarding your genre to gauge the writer’s potential in your field.

   3. Picking the Cheapest Writer From the Lot

Most employers perceive content writing as an easily acquired skill, so, in plain terms, anyone can do it. That’s not the case. Creating tailor-made original content with adequate research is not an easy task, and that’s why content writers charge accordingly.

If someone is willing to deliver your work for half the price of everyone else, don’t fall for it. I know what you’re thinking; what’s wrong with saving some money on marketing expenses, and what if the cheap writer works as well as the others?

Well, look at it this way. If you hire a writer with low rates, you won’t be able to argue with him if they deliver insufficient quality. One low-quality writing project can result in the downfall of your entire marketing strategy, which will ultimately cost you a considerable financial loss.

This doesn’t mean you should hire the most expensive writer you find either. The correct way is to review the writer’s portfolio and efficiency to work in your field, then see if their rates fit your budget.

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   3. Not Compiling a Comprehensive Contract

When you hire a freelance writer, you’re connecting with a person for a one-time project; who needs a contract for that? That’s where most freelance employers go wrong.

You see, when you’re working with a freelancer on a one-time project, that’s when you need a contract more than ever. That’s because while an in-house writer will stick with you for at least a month, a freelance writer has no obligation to your work.

If you hire a freelance writer without a contract, you’ll have late submissions, quality issues, haggling over rates, arguments over the mode of payment, cancellations without prior notice, and whatnot.

Once you select a freelance blog writer for hire, propose your work contract before you assign your project. The contract should be comprehensive so that no loopholes are left out. Remember, you don’t actually know the person you’re working with, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

An ideal freelance writer contract should include:

  • Details about the services the writer will provide
  • Submission date of your writing project and the price reduction if the writer does not deliver on time (if any) or salary raise conditions
  • The number of revisions you get
  • When will you pay, including details about advance payment if there are any
  • Contact details for the writer to reach out if there’s any query while working on your project
  • Submission format of your content
  • Clauses about originality and uniqueness in your content and consequences if he fails to deliver
  • The mode of payment

Make sure the writer goes through your contract and agrees to it before moving further with your project.

Besides that, 11% of all freelance writers state that they’ve had at least two to three clients who haven’t paid them. An official contract can help you create the trust factor you need and get good quality services.

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   5. Not Defining the Responsibilities Clearly

You cannot be vague and ambiguous when you approach a freelance writer for hire. Clearly define what you need from the writer to avoid confusion and frustrating mishaps when you get your work.

Remember, freelancers work with many clients, so it is easy to get confused if your guidelines are not clearly defined.

If you want your writer to create content with proper SEO and keyword research, tell them that beforehand. Or else, you’ll still find your writer waiting for the details from your side when it is time to submit the work.

In a nutshell, when assigning a content writing project, make sure to clearly define the following responsibilities so that you and your writer are on the same page.

  • Keyword research and SEO
  • Word count
  • The inclusion of stock photos or other graphical details
  • Revisions

Don’t leave anything to assumption, and you will get the work you need without any disagreements towards the end.

   6. Not Showcasing Your Brand and Products to the Writer

All that freelance writer has to do is write a blog post for your website; why should they know your brand identity for that? That’s a mistake most people who need a freelance writer for hire make.

First of all, identify your end goal for hiring a freelance writer. You need these services to create a good ranking for your website or advertise your products, all of which brew down to one aspect.

The writer’s work is ultimately needed to market your brand in some way or the other. Unfortunately, if you don’t bring them to terms with your brand identity and product range, they won’t be able to deliver the work you need.

That’s why, while hiring a writer, you should explain what your business or blog stands for and attempts to deliver. This way, the writer will know whether to

  • Use a formal or informal writing style
  • Include experiences and anecdotes
  • Write in the first person or not
  • Include citations and references
  • Provide legitimate case studies

These points will eventually help the writer produce the high-quality content you need and get his creative juices flowing in the right direction.

   7. Setting Vague Deadlines

The deadline is your freelance writer insurance. We’re not saying you shouldn’t provide flexibility to your writers. Instead, talk with them initially to decide on a date that suits you both.

Setting Goals

It is common to come across unreliable freelancers, especially if you’re hiring a cheap writer from a well-known content mill. That’s why, if you don’t set a deadline, you’ll get lots of backlog on your work.

When setting a deadline, try not to be too unrealistic either. You cannot ask a writer to conduct research, look for keywords, find images, and complete the entire post in a day. This can also put stress on the writer leading them to deliver low-quality work.

   8. Bad Communication

This is the worst mistake you can make when you need a freelance writer for hire. Don’t disappear after you sign a contract and assign a project to a freelance content writer.

Instead, define the mode of communication where the writer can reach out to you if they have queries regarding your project. If you don’t leave him with an option, your work will stop at a dead end and get delayed.

Furthermore, along with providing your contact details, make sure to reach out to your writer occasionally. Keep asking him about the progress of your work and whether he needs any support from your side. This will keep the writer motivated and make sure there aren’t any roadblocks in your writing project.

Final Words

That concludes my list of mistakes to avoid when choosing a freelance writer for hire. Bottom line, the best way to prevent any mistakes while hiring a freelancer is to give time and attention to the process.

Ensure you have every aspect such as the rates, responsibilities, payment modes, and deadlines sorted out before you finalize the contract. This way, you will develop a healthy work relationship, which will help you get consistent freelance services in the future.

If you’re approaching freelance writers for hire online, always choose reliable platforms. If you can’t afford paid websites, try out their free trials and pay only when it proves to be profitable for you.

The same goes for hiring a good press release writer or a copywriter. However, if you decided not to hire a writer and would love to try your writing skills, it is never too late to try. You can read blogs and learn from their style of writing.

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