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10 Best Freelancer Websites for Logo Design

A number of freelance websites for logo design are available for all sorts of services that can be delivered online, including website logo designs.

These include providers who are capable in developing graphics and artwork as well as handling the integration of such images into the coding of websites as well how to manage the same across multiple web pages.

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Here are 10 platforms that some of the best graphic designer freelance website resources active now and provide an easy access to freelance providers who specialize in logo design as well as other services:



Unlike many provider sites that use either an auction format borrowed from eBay or a search platform where a client looks for a provider that matches their project need, 99design uses a contest format for logo designs.

Once a client posts their specifications and job needs, the providers participating generate their ideas of a logo design proposal. The submissions are entered, and the client gets to review and pick among the options which one they want or like.

That can be refined until the client is fully satisfied. The approach works very well for one-off jobs and short tasks, but the client would have to keep submitting new contests for ongoing work without any guarantee the same provider will compete or be available to select from.

So, long-term commitments are not supported as well.

If you’re looking for a good but not expensive logo design, the Fiverr logo design can be a perfect solution as well.


If you’re familiar with Adobe, they are well involved with graphics, images and design software programs. Believe it or not, they are also diversifying into the talent field and providing a platform for logo designs and clients seeking those services, finding a place in freelance websites for logo design ideal for freelance illustrator.

Behance works through Adobe’s combined cloud tool service known as Adobe Creative Cloud. So that means a client will need an account with that system to access the services. It will also make a big push for the client to use Adobe’s tools, which can be bought outright or used on a monthly service cost.

However, Adobe does want a 6-month commitment on accounts and does not favor a monthly subscription. Adobe users have long been known for amazing graphic work and performance because Adobe provides them an amazing library of imagery to work with in addition to its advanced graphic tools.

Behance brings it all together as one of the best graphic designer freelance website choices. No surprise, the logo designs that come out of the Adobe platform tend to be very professional in approach.

However, the monetizing of every connection to Adobe might be an issue for clients.

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While the name sounds more like something associated with basketball, Dribbble has been around for a while among the best creative freelance websites connecting clients with designers specifically.

When it was first created, Dribbble was not openly accessible to all providers. Instead, it used an internal vetting system that identified known designers and invited them into the platform based on their proven work and experience.

That said, sites grow, and Dribbble opened its doors to general access to handle increased client demand for work. Dribbble provides more than just a client connection point; it works more along the lines of a community for designers to network as well as learn from.

Clients can connect with designers directly and form specific projects based on needs and communication, i.e. a job board. Dribbble also provides a matching services with its Talent Partner that helps a client find an appropriate designer for logo design as well as other needs.

Because of the different options available, Dribbble gives clients flexibility in spelling out price levels and experience expectations for logo design services. That helps keep cost down but insures that the skillset is appropriate as well.

Clients who know exactly what they are doing can connect directly and those starting accounts but not sure what to look for can be guided as well, covering both worlds for clients.

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Freelance Logo Design (FLD)

Another source specific to logo design work, FLD utilizes the competition and contest format for job production and winning tasks from clients.

The nice aspect of this site versus others, however, is that the client doesn’t have to wade through hundreds of contestants and their work. Each client and project gets a total of three freelancers competing for the work identified.

The model tends to produce better work in a contest as the odds of winning the job are higher for each of the provider participants (33 percent versus 1 percent or less).

Once a client picks a logo desired, they can continue with that provider and seek unlimited revisions until the project is complete. This approach tends to work better for clients trying freelancers for the first time and ranks well among best freelance websites for beginners and provides ideas for starting freelancers.

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Logo Arena

Developed specifically for logo design work, Logo Arena connects clients to a crowdsource environment for service delivery.

The client scopes out the logo design, and then it gets entered into the provider arena as a contest. The contest spells out the rules to the participants of what to produce. The client then gets to choose the best logo design from a contestant as the winner.

If the client doesn’t feel a blind contest meets their needs, Logo Arena staff can help narrow the contest to hand-picked designers for the competition.

This platform provides an enhanced competition factor, and the client can enjoy a money-back guarantee if the product is unsatisfactory.

If you are opting for a quality graphic design, most people consider either 99designs or Fiverr.

People Per Hour

Specific to European clients and particularly small businesses, People Per Hour focused on providing affordable design services on a task basis.

The rates were originally based on hourly commitments for jobs and short tasks. Clients could access providers by an internal provider list, and logo design projects could be managed with a built-in project management tool as well.

The site has gained appeal as a discount service resource and quick identification of key logo design providers for short jobs.

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Tailor Brands

Designed to use automation far more heavily than many other provider sites, Tailor Brands might come across as foreign, even depersonalized at first and ideal software for freelancers. This is because the platform relies heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a match of services to client needs.

Tailor Brands tends to work very well for clients who need a one-off project quickly with a short-term commitment. The site uses a question process, definition of expectation and visual choices to develop a “feel” for what the client wants.

Then choices are provided that the client picks from. There is no charge through this initial development process. Once the initial concept is picked, the site can finish the logo as-is or refer it to a human logo-designer for enhanced detailing and finishing.

The client makes the choice to stick with either the basic logo delivery or to commit to a more detailed approach.

Tailor Brands is advantageous because of its free trial phase that costs nothing for a client. It has an extremely fast delivery schedule, which helps clients who are in a hurry.

And clients can choose to have a membership service, or commit to just a singular project without any further commitments as well. It would not count under the best freelance websites for beginners because client need to have a good idea what they want up front.

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Designed to enhance the connection of clients to freelance service providers and reduce the risk of hiring unknown skillsets, Total focuses on giving clients the ability to find and hire providers that are a detailed match to client needs.

This is done through a detailed screening process that categorizes the providers by their identified aspects, and then their skills are tested to insure to land a project objectively the given provider can produce the skill stated or advertised.

Skills tested include logo design among other services like graphic design and website visual building as well.

Instead of just farming thousands of providers with a basic account entry, the site’s approach focuses instead of cultivating a smaller group of full-tested and experienced providers who have a proven track record of successful solution service.

Each provider is well-known by Toptal’s platform as well as profiled in detail. Clients who sign on are initially matched with a provider that is identified to best meet their needs.

There is then a two-week trial period, and the client has within this time period to decide whether the designer is indeed a good fit or a new designer should be tried out or quit the service entirely.

If the match doesn’t work out during the trial period, a client has no extra charge. Once the two-week period is complete, the service cost begins.

Toptal is particularly useful for longer term projects where an extended commitment is needed by a provider, and it works as one of the best freelance websites for beginners.

It provides tools for relationship-building as well as for interim schedule gaps and pausing until phases of the project need to kick in and become active.

The platform reduces a client’s need to go through all the candidate vetting and researching themselves as the work is already done by the platform.

Because the providers are tested and verified, Toptal stable of providers are already guaranteed to be professional caliber, eliminating the risk of a client ending up with someone who exaggerated their capabilities.


Previously known as E-lance, Upwork is an auction-style hiring platform for services. The client goes in and spells out the details and scope of a project, and the provider members in Upwork then pitch their service cost and capabilities, competing against each other for the project hire.

While the approach does give a client a far more competitive and affordable channel for service hiring and logo design, the providers themselves are independent.

The platform simply provides a medium by which to connect, charging a fee to the provider and client for the opportunity. Providers are vetted by their prior experience and projects in Upwork. The better the provider, the more ratings they have with prior project success.

Upwork’s advantages are its ability to filter providers for logo design as well as to compare various project budget costs between candidates.

However, because Upwork is only a connecting point, there are insufficient guards for confirming the contact point one works with is actually the person who will do the work.

Both in its previous form and current, Upwork has had plenty of providers who turn out to be middlemen using subcontractors to do the actual work delivered.

Because there are so many providers available through the channel, however, the selection capability is very high.

Overall, Upwork tends to have a high number of return clients, and the cost of logo designers available tends to be very affordable versus hiring directly.

The system also gives controls so that payment is made on deliverables versus up-front commitments.

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Working Not Working

Unlike many platforms that are geared for translating providers as ready workers to clients, much like a temp worker service, Working Not Working is more aligned with the original Internet bulletin board.

People leave notes for each other, comment, post, and discuss through various job board forums and strings.

For clients, this might seem a bit unruly and amateurish, but it can be a great way to connect directly with freelance logo designers versus going through middleman search tools and not having a personal feel of a candidate before hiring.

Because of the high creativity factor, Working Not Working scores well in the best creative freelance websites category. Clients can easily see if a freelance logo designer is available to take on a project or if they are closed and when availability will come up again.

This is particularly helpful when a client wants to keep working with the same provider.

On the other hand, if a client doesn’t want to go the job board route but does want the direct personal aspect Working Not Working provides, the platform gives clients a matching service through its WNW Concierge Service, who will take care of the legwork finding providers in the system that are a good match for a logo design project.

Unlike other platforms that charge per service as a fee on top of the payment, WNW charges as a client hires a provider. This is a flat fee cost which works better with long-term project assignments versus short-term frequent hiring on various tasks.


The above is not the ultimate limit to the freelance universe. There are other sites like Fiverr and SolidGigs, for example, that also provide freelance logo design providers as well.

They are a bit more general and it can take some additional searching, but many offer lower cost services than the above reviewed sites.

However a client picks a provider through a platform, even with the best graphic designer freelance website, you want to be sure to be very clear on project scope and expectation as well as the budget and deliverables.

The more detail that is provided, the better one will find a match with a freelance logo designer through middleman sites like those above. Simply throwing out a concept that is ambiguous and missing specifics will likely end up as a disappointment.

So, take the time to research ideas close to what your concept is as well as aspects that you really want to see in a logo, and your provider through any freelance websites for logo design will have a far better idea how to achieve that solution.

In addition to that, Designhill and Design Crowd are some of the online graphic design marketplaces to check. You can get cool and nice ideas from them, too.

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