FunnelFlix – How Good Is ClickFunnels’ Latest Offering?

There's a fair chance you know what Netflix is. It's among one of the more popular media services providers across the globe. FunnelFlix is just that, but with a touch of ClickFunnels.

So, is it worth it, or is it a total waste of time? This review will answer the question. If you're a fan of spoilers, here's one right away. It's far from a scam, and the training quality is just as one would expect from the ClickFunnels platform.

FunnelFlix Review

FunnelFlix can be found on your ClickFunnels dashboard. Simply log into your account, and head over to the section to access it. It will contain a series of training videos, but your access will be determined by your account's membership level.

You can also access it from:

In an order to take advantage of the platform, you need to be an existing CF user. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial if you aren't a member yet.

The following video from Russell Brunson throws some light on the newly-launched feature.

The FunnelFlix Platform

With Funnel Flix, you get a handful of goodies. Video courses on online marketing to be specific. Let's take a look at them.

1. One Funnel Away Challenge

OFA Challenge is the first video training course which you can get with FF. If you're looking to implement funnels in your business and are unsure how to begin, this is a good starting point.

Bought separately, One Funnel Away costs $100 one-time which will also get you the physical booklets and other training material. If you'd like to learn more about OFA challenge, definitely check out this review.

2. Affiliate Bootcamp

CF Affiliate Bootcamp covers various online marketing topics ranging from creating a persona to creating an offer to managing ads. The videos were recently re-recorded to keep up with the latest market trends. It also contains real life case studies of more than 20 successful CF affiliates.

The strategy shared are the ones they used to win the dream car contest with the platform. It covers everything from day 1 to day 100 of what one would do if they were to start all over again. Full review of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp can be found here.

3. Funnel Builder Secrets

FBS covers a lot of ground - from funnel hacking to getting you access to funnel university. Apart from the high quality training material, you will also get 12-months access to ClickFunnels' flagship platinum plan. 

Funnel Builder Secrets is among the best products to go for if you're looking for a discount on the software platform. It's $2,995 for the year, which can get you roughly a $50 discount each month from the regular monthly plans. 

4. Funnel Hackathon

With the Funnel Hackathon, you can master the art of building funnels. The real-time coaching can help you get started if you're still on the fences for whatever reasons.

Covered topics include creating lead funnels, survey funnels, webinar funnels and many more.

4. Traffic Secrets

With TS, Russell teaches how one can consistently bring in a stream of web traffic to an offer. Without having web traffic, an online business is basically dead, and this problem is tackled with Traffic Secrets.

It teaches how you can get traffic, and once you have it, what to do with it.

Other than these, Offermind, Funnel University, and Funnel Hacking Live are other products you can get with Funnel Flix. Not all these are available to all CF users.

As one would expect, the Platinum plan includes everything from the Standard plan. Following are the products you can get with FF (depending on your plan):

Standard Plan




  • 30 Day Challenge
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • 10x Documentary
  • Funnel Hacking Live
  • Adskills
  • Tons Robbins' Private Collection
  • Product Secrets

How To Get Started With FunnelFlix

To get started, you must possess an active Click Funnels account. Our in-depth review of the software can be found here

funnelflix on clickfunnels platform

Note: You can get a FREE 14-day trial and test drive the platform without any limits.

Considering the sheer value you get from FunnelFlix, it makes it totally worth the investment in a ClickFunnels account. It's also worth mentioning you will get a FREE 14 day trial whenever you sign up, so there's nothing to lose.

If you're a beginner, and would like to build an online business, the timing couldn't have been any better! The step by step training programs should help you get started in no time. If you run a business online, this should be a great resource for anyone.

So, will you try Funnelflix? What did you the like the most?

Or did we miss anything?

Either way, let us know by leaving a quick comment down below.