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Is FxFunnel the Smartest Funnel Builder Today?

In the last few years, many people in the affiliate marketing space have made a switch to marketing funnels. They often yield a very high ROI for their marketing campaigns as they squeeze the maximum out of a visitor.

FxFunnel is a newly launched platform that claims to be the world’s smartest funnel-building and membership page-builder software. In this review, we explore the platform and share our findings with you.

FXFunnel Review – What Is It?

FxFunnel is a cloud-based funnel + membership website building tool. It’s similar to software suites like ClickFunnels and Funnels Kit but comes at a very affordable price point. Coming to features, it boasts brand-new features that few page builders in the market have.

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It can help you eliminate the guesswork by cranking out high-quality funnels that convert well out of the box. It also comes with a special feature known as “inbuilt unique URL,” a membership protection technology. It locks onto the device from where someone signs in, so if a user shares his sensitive login data with others, it won’t work without your permission.

This added security layer is something not many standalone page builders have today. Other than membership sites, you can build a sales funnel and provide a secure environment for digitally delivering products to your customers.

Fxfunnel Dashboard

With FX Funnel, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Following are a few goals you can achieve with the software:

  • Create membership sites and charge a one-time/recurring monthly fee
  • Create high-quality webinar funnel and sales funnels
  • Seamlessly sell digital/physical products
  • Build funnels with ease (no technical skills needed)
  • Connect with various payment processors like PayPal and email marketing platforms like Getresponse.
  • 100% cloud-based – accessible from any device 24/7

Who created FxFunnel?

Misan Morrison is an experienced internet marketer and the founder of FXFunnel. With years of experience in the industry, he constantly seeks new strategies to improve work productivity. As a top affiliate for multiple popular products, Misan has gained insights into how successful individuals create their funnels.

Given Misan’s background, it’s reasonable to assume that FXFunnel is a high-quality marketing funnel builder worth trying out. Misan undoubtedly designed it with the goal of meeting or exceeding users’ expectations.

Creating Your First Funnel

Creating a funnel with the platform is easy. After you log in, you will be greeted by a dashboard that is easy to navigate. Select the type of funnel, start with a pre-built template, and once you’ve filled in the data, it’s ready to go.

It comes with a profit auto-predictor tool that can predict the profitability of your funnel before you put it to the test. The page builder uses a point-and-click pattern for editing; you won’t need any past experience or technical skills to use the platform. It’s worth mentioning the pages will be 100% mobile responsive (they will work and look great regardless of the device you’re using).

Fxfunnel Dashboard

Once the funnel is built, publish it, and you will have a newly created membership site. Following is a quick walk-through video if you want to take a sneak peek.

FxFunnel Features

If you are looking for a software tool to simplify your funnel building process, FXFunnel might be just what you need. This all-in-one funnel building software tool is suitable for beginners and experts alike due to its virtually no learning curve.

Let’s explore the critical features of FXFunnel that make it an excellent choice for building physical or digital product marketing funnels.

1. Start From Scratch or Choose From Over 100 Proven-To-Make-Money Templates

FXFunnel offers the flexibility to either start from scratch or choose from over 100 stunning funnel templates. These templates are proven-to-make-money and perfect for beginners who lack design skills. Moreover, you can easily customize them to match your branding and product offerings.

Fxfunnel Templates

2. Use The Drag-n-Drop Editor To Customize Your Funnels And Membership Sites With Ease

With FXFunnel’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly and easily edit your existing pages without ever touching any code. Whether you want to change your landing pages, sales pages, or checkout pages, the editor covers you. Additionally, you can start from a blank canvas and let your imagination run wild.

3. Build Membership Sites With A Few Clicks

FXFunnel allows you to build stunning membership sites with just a few clicks. You no longer need to waste hours on complicated tutorials or hire a developer to set up your membership site. FXFunnel offers pre-designed membership site templates that you can customize to match your branding and product offerings.

4. URL Protection Technology Comes Standard With FX Funnel And Ensures You Don’t Lose A Penny To Privacy

FXFunnel is a marketing master’s dream, offering an impressive range of features to elevate your digital game to the next level. One of its stand-out features is the standard URL protection technology with the software.

This feature is like a trusty superhero, automatically locking down all user account details to ensure that no unauthorized access or sharing of your products occurs without your say-so. With complete control over who can access your precious wares, you can wave goodbye to any revenue losses resulting from pesky privacy breaches.

FXFunnel’s URL protection technology is the ultimate safeguard for your physical or digital products, ensuring your sales funnel is watertight and secure.

5. FXFunnel Uses Artificial Intelligence To Predict How Much Profit You’ll Make Before You Deploy Your Funnel

FXFunnel includes Profit-Prediction and Funnel Simulator System for free when you get FXFunnel right now. This feature lets you quickly predict the profit potential of any of your sales funnels before investing time, effort, and money in creating the actual pages and sending traffic to them.

Here are additional features of FxFunnel:

  • Securely Hosted In The Cloud – Never worry about hosting your funnels and membership sites again! FXFunnel is securely hosted in the cloud, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your time to focus on creating captivating content for your audience.
  • Integrates With All Major Payment Processors – FXFunnel seamlessly integrates with all major payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, and ClickBank. It means you can offer your customers various payment options and increase your sales potential.
  • Integrates With All Major Email Marketing Services And Software Tools – Connect your FXFunnel account with your favorite email marketing services and software tools, allowing you to build your email list and nurture your leads effortlessly.
  • Add Your Facebook Retargeting Pixel With A Click Of Your Mouse – With FXFunnel, you can easily add your Facebook retargeting pixel to your funnels and membership sites with just a click. This powerful tool allows you to retarget potential customers who have visited your site before, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Can You Make Money With It?

Definitely, you can, but it’s very specific, and you must have a good working knowledge of funnels, to begin with. If you’re relatively new to internet marketing, you should first learn the concepts, solidify your foundation, and then implement funnels to skyrocket your profits in business.

With that said, if you know what funnels are and how they work, read on to discover the various ways you can use to monetize them.

  • Create a membership website, sell subscriptions, and receive recurring cash flow.
  • Set up a dropshipping store and make money selling physical products.
  • Sell digital products & services.
  • Set up affiliate funnels.
  • Create high-quality funnels and sell them in the built-in funnel marketplace.’
  • Predict the quality of a funnel before you begin; this can help maximize your revenue and profits.

FxFunnel Pricing

The program costs $67 one-time and is relatively inexpensive for what it has to offer. It doesn’t come with a free trial option, but what you’ll pay will roughly be a quarter of what you’ll usually pay with more popular page builders.

With the basic membership, you get everything mentioned above, unlimited hosting for your funnels and images, 50+ ready-to-use funnel templates, a commercial license, premium support, and a private FB community group.

It also comes with a series of upsells/OTOs, which you may/may not need depending on your requirements and usage:

OTO1 – FX Funnel Deluxe ($47)

Take your traffic, conversions, and profit to the next level by accessing seven additional profit-producing features offered by FXFunnel:

  • Personalize your pages with your brand by using custom domains.
  • Identify the highest-performing offers by running robust A/B split tests.
  • Gain access to over 100 extra funnel templates to diversify your options.
  • Leverage over 200 fill-in-the-gap copy templates that have been proven to convert.
  • Embed your funnel offers on top of other people’s content with Traffic Hijackr.
  • Join the FXFunnel Profit Masterclass and receive additional training to maximize profits.

OTO2 – FX Funnel Agency + DFY Website ($67)

FXFunnel provides a done-for-you agency system that takes your profit to the next level by closing clients for you. This system includes several valuable features, such as creating multiple FXFunnel accounts for clients or virtual assistants.

  • Multiple FXFunnel accounts
  • Done-for-you website
  • Ready-made email/sales script
  • DFY proposals
  • DFY print-ready commercial graphics templates
  • DFY Facebook Ads creative
  • DFY pimped-to-sell telemarketing scripts
  • DFY legal contracts

OTO3 – Whitelabel License ($297)

With FXFunnel’s WHITELABEL License, you can build a 6-figure/year software business by selling FX Funnel as your own. You can add your logo to the FX Funnel app and sell access to 100-500 customers while keeping 100% of the profit.

The Whitelabel license will only be activated for customers after the FXFunnel launch, ensuring no competition during the launch week.

The Whitelabel offer will be deactivated for buyers after the launch week, making this a limited-time opportunity.

Consider the following outstanding capabilities:

  • Obtain access to the WHITELABEL Version and market FX Funnel as your product.
  • Customize FX Funnel with YOUR logo and branding.
  • Receive all sales materials as part of the package.
  • Sell up to 500 copies at the price of your choice!
  • Launch your own software company quickly and easily, with no complications.

OTO4 – FX Funnel/Sendiio ($67)

Gain lifelong access to a one-of-a-kind autoresponder that empowers you to harness the potency of email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger, all from ONE convenient dashboard, and with NO MONTHLY charges!

Check out some of the fantastic features below:

  • Generate unlimited email marketing campaigns.
  • Generate unlimited text message campaigns.
  • Generate unlimited Facebook Messenger campaigns.
  • Import unlimited email addresses AND phone numbers effortlessly
  • Pay zero monthly fees.
  • Smoothly integrate with FX Funnels through API.

OTO5 – DFY/Template Club ($27/month or $97/year)

Receive supplementary 10-20 FX Funnel Templates each month, guaranteeing that you always have enough templates available for both your use and that of your clients.

Here are some exceptional features:

  • Receive 10-20 NEW funnel templates EACH month.
  • Use them to establish funnels for yourself OR your clients.
  • Market them IMMEDIATELY for $1,000 or MORE, EACH!
  • Benefit from our design team for your financial gain
  • NEVER exhaust your supply of fresh templates for profit.

Bonuses? Of Course

You can access the following special limited-time bonuses when you grab FX Funnel. To download them, log into your account’s members area from the ‘bonus’ menu.

Bonus #1

Ultimate FB Traffic Poster

Post your links, text, and images on Facebook groups & pages with this software. It helps you share your content with the world and help you get free traffic to your marketing funnels or business opportunity offers.

Ultimate Fb Traffic Poster

Bonus #2

Email Traffic Booster

According to Business Insider, 82% of the people reading your content share it via emails via copy and paste, so others never visit your website.

This software tackles the problem and includes a reference to your website every time your content is copied. Works with various platforms – some of them include WordPress and Joomla, and Tumblr.

Email Traffic Booster

Bonus #3

Comment Traffic Generator

Boost your website traffic, subscribers list, and sales with this simple-to-use WordPress plugin by sending a thank you email to people who comment on your blog posts.

Introduce them to your evergreen content, add your affiliate links, send an introduction message about your blog, and much more.

Comment Traffic Generator

Bonus #4

Soci Traffic Profits

Add posts to your Facebook page from your website articles in a jiffy with this WordPress plugin.

Place the WP posts after the ‘About’ section, get more attention from users, and ultimately better engagement from your page subscribers.

Soci Traffic Profits

Bonus #5


Create video sales pages in no time with this WordPress-based page builder plugin. Build responsive pages which look and work great on all devices.

The eye-catching pages will load fast and are compatible with all WordPress themes. See WordPress Essentials.


Bonus #6

Share Blast

Get maximum exposure on social media websites with a click of a button. This social share plugin will share your content on over 42 social platforms.

Some of them include Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, Skype, and Viber.

Share Blast

Bonus #7


Legally hack and download your favorite videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook without an API and use them to drive traffic to your web properties.

It can also search for videos on these websites and extract the ones you want.


Bonus #8

WP Progressive Web Apps

These use top-notch web technologies to deliver a quick, seamless experience with no app stores or downloads. Comes with the goodness of the web.

Wp Progressive Web Apps

Bonus #9

Instagram Feeder

Create attractive Instagram image galleries with this powerful WordPress plugin. Make sure of the responsive feed for displaying photos directly from Instagram.

It comes with a handful of filters that one would absolutely fall in love with.

Instagram Feeder

Bonus #10

Coupon Wheel

Use a spinning fortune wheel to improve engagement and get more leads and sales from your business website.

Issue WooCommerce coupon codes and send them directly or through email. It also comes with a scarcity timer which can help with engagement.

Coupon Wheel

Bonus #11

Interactive Image Builder

Tag your images with any content of your choice with this plugin, and make them more interactive. Take an image and tag it with literally anything.

Hyperlinks, photo albums, and YouTube/Vimeo videos are just a few.

Interactive Image Builder

Bonus #12

Veed Survey

Run surveys and gather information about various products with this mobile application. You can use it for personal/business purposes.

Participants can answer the questions through video and complete the questionnaire according to their preferences. Upon completion, users will be awarded points which will reflect back in their user profiles.

Veed Survey

Bonus #13

WP Video Bot

It created automated video-only WordPress websites with this premium plugin. It comes with a scheduled import system to maintain your website and keep it up to date with the latest videos.

It supports a range of services. Some of them include YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Youku, Canal+, and TED.

Wp Video Bot

Bonus #14

FB Tube Videos

Integrate videos from YouTube with Facebook with this application and enrich your page(s). Integrate from your channel, YT search, playlist, or featured/trending videos.

This app will do all the searching for you; no more manual searching!

Fb Tube Videos

Bonus #15

Veed Looper

Create movies that have an infinite loop and a smooth transition.

Great for creating video backgrounds without expensive video creation software.

Veed Looper

Bonus #16

FB Traffic Engine

Lock pages on your website and only display them when someone hits the Facebook ‘like’ button. This will increase your fan page following, likes, social shares, and traffic to your website.

Apply content locker on all or selected pages of your choice. You can create unlimited lockers which all work independently.

Fb Traffic Engine

Bonus #17

FB Photo Box

Easily and quickly share your Facebook photo albums on your website’s homepage with this plugin.

Greet your visitors with a 100% responsive carousel. You can edit the number of images for different screen sizes and choose a different number for each.

Fb Photo Box

Bonus #18

FB Live Voter

Ranking your Facebook page content in terms of popularity is an excellent way to take your engagement rate through the roof.

Take note of users’ post reactions and, with the live voter, create more meaningful content.

Fb Live Voter

Bonus #19

Traffic Hover

This plugin combines some of the most popular social media services under one roof. Quickly add social media hover buttons on your images and make them instantly shareable.

It supports Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, just to name a few. The effects are smooth and sport cross-browser compatibility.

Traffic Hover

Bonus #20

Website Monetization Secrets

Running short on ideas on how to make more money from your website?

We got you covered. Get our special e-book, which contains 100 ways that you can use for monetizing your website.

Website Monetization Secrets

Things We Liked

People have been using autoresponders and funnels for a long time, but they often pay a hefty fee for all the tools. We like all-in-one software suites that are easy on the pocket and still have features. Following are a few things we liked about the platform:

  • FX Funnel is easy to use – the learning curve is non-existent and will save you a lot of time.
  • All in One Toolkit – Create fully fledged funnels with capture pages and bridge pages, collect payments, and integrate with third-party applications. You name it; it probably has it.
  • Easily accessible, fast, and secure – Since everything is hosted on a cloud, the data is secure and easily accessible from any device, regardless of your location. You’re covered if you’re traveling and want to check your funnels from a remote location.
  • Inexpensive – The platform is relatively inexpensive compared to other all-in-one suites, which often cost hundreds of dollars a month. You can get everything at a fraction of the price for a limited time.

Things We Didn’t Like

Every product has pros and cons. FX Funnel is no exception to this.

  • No FREE Trial – Unlike other software applications, FxFunnel doesn’t come with a free trial option (as of right now). This may change in the future. If it does, this review will be updated accordingly.
  • No affiliate program – People prefer to promote the programs they love using and make money by referring them. This is one of the reasons why ClickFunnels is so popular. Not only is the funnel builder decent (also costly), but their affiliate funnel programs are among some of the best in the market.

Final Verdict – Should You Try FxFunnel?

FxFunnel is worth a shot, considering the features you get at an attractive one-time fee. Not many funnel-building tools are this inexpensive (often cost hundreds of dollars a month) and come with exclusive features.

Not only is FX funnel an easy-to-use software application, but it also comes with unique features which not many page builders have, like membership website protection. With hundreds of in-built funnel & copy templates, you would quickly be up and running with the cloud-based app.

Yet To Make Your First Dollar Online?

No worries, we got you covered. Using funnels in your business is a great way to skyrocket your online marketing efforts, but you need a strong foundation in the first place. It’s important to set the basics before you take your game to the next level.

Affiliate marketing is one of our favorite business models for a good reason. It provides time and location freedom like no other business model (online or offline). You can set your hours and earn a passive income. Check out our top recommendation for working from home to learn affiliate marketing.

The training teaches just that; it is thorough and works, but you have to make it work by putting in the work. If you’re ready to make your first dollar online, I highly recommend you check it out. It will pay dividends over time, proven time and time again.

Click Here For Our #1 Recommendation

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Ease of Use






Value for Money



  • Inexpensive compared to other page builders
  • Standalone application, 100% cloud-based, access your funnels on the go
  • Boasts features which not many page builders have
  • Among one of the most secure software suites for building membership websites


  • No Free trial - as of right now, there's no free trial/demo period associated with the platform. You must purchase the software to see if it's a good fit for your requirements.
  • No affiliate program. Again this may change in the future but you can't promote the system as a user and receive commissions on your sales.

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