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17 Ways to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer Running

Is it possible to get paid for leaving your computer running? Very possible! Nowadays, there are more than enough ways to make easy money online. Harvesting processing power is certainly one of the easiest.

If you are looking for a way to use your computer to make some money, check out this detailed guide.

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Imagine making money from just leaving your computer on. That’s just how easy making money online nowadays is. And it’s pretty legit!

With the current technological advancements, most businesses are now operating online. And most data-intense companies need considerable processing power to conduct their business efficiently.

For this reason, the companies reach out to individuals and other companies to rent or purchase more computer power. This is mainly known as distributed computing and has become quite common.

Therefore, you can easily get paid for leaving your computer running – instead of leaving it idle, earning you nothing. You should only note that this isn’t an easy way to get rich. However, it can be an excellent way to earn easy extra cash to supplement your main income.

But how does this work? How can you get paid to leave your computer on? Let’s find out.

Top Ways to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer Running

There are several ways you can leave your computer running and earn passive income. Here are the most common options;

1. Honeygain

What Is Honeygain

Honeygain is a crowdsourced web intelligence network that pays computer owners to use their computers. Established in 2018, this is the first app to enable users to make money by renting out their internet connection.

You read that right! With Honeygain, making passive income online just got easier. You only need to download and install the app on your computer or smartphone, allow it to use your internet data, and get paid.

Generally, Honeygain connects computer owners with market research & data collection firms that need extra computing power. The app uses your computer to conduct relevant research on the web and provide information to its clients.

The good thing about Honeygain is that it doesn’t interfere with your privacy or private data. Unlike some other apps, Honeygain doesn’t spy on you. It will neither monitor your browsing behavior nor your search habits.

Therefore, you can ensure your data is safe, even as you earn some bucks. Some of the unique benefits of Honeygain include:

  • Allows you to earn passively with your computer or smartphone
  • Doesn’t compromise your security
  • You will know what exactly your device’s internet is being used for

Also, the more data you share, your earnings will increase.

2. LoadTeam

LoadTeam is another incredible app that allows you to earn passive income from your computer. If you are looking for a way that your computer can earn money for you, this might be it.

Unlike Honeygain, this Windows-specific app uses your idle computer power to help you make money. This app is designed to run in the background without disturbing what you are doing on your PC. It quietly processes one task at a time, sending LoadTeam the results for each job done.

Once you’ve earned your money, the app allows you to withdraw the money through PayPal. You can then use your money the way you want. The minimum withdrawal threshold on LoadTeam is a mere $1, which makes it an excellent way to make easy money.

LoadTeam allows you to run the app on as many computers as you like. You can increase your income by downloading the app on several devices. The more PCs you use, the better your income will be.

Currently, LoadTeam has over 87,000 users, allows registration in 164 countries, and has completed over 100,000,000 jobs.

3. MQL 5: Distributed Cloud Network

MQL5 is also among the bigwigs in this field. By just letting them use your computer processing power, they pay you for it. This means you are making money from doing absolutely nothing. The hardest task here is just leaving your computer on.

If you want to put a few extra bucks into your wallet, MQL5 is undoubtedly a great app. But how does the app work? MQL5 mainly works by linking numerous trading robots to desired processing power. The platform gets this massive processing power by outsourcing from various individuals like you all over the globe. This way, it can provide all these robots’ processing power.

In return, MQL5 rewards you for letting it use your CPU. Therefore, while the trading bots run their operations smoothly, you get paid for enabling them. It’s a win-win scenario.

If you have some PCs you can rent out to MQL5 Cloud Network, you might be making some dollars from that. And, since you are not required to do anything, even a few dollars are worth it.

4. Golem Network

Golem Network is a good solution for individuals and companies looking for more computing power for their businesses. It is a P2P network that enables various individuals and entities, including scientists, developers, animators, etc., to access more computing power. This way, they can easily perform their power-intense activities with ease.

The good thing with the Golem network is that anyone can rent out their computer’s processing power. Whether you have one or several computers or are a large entity with massive servers, the platform offers this money-making opportunity to everyone.

All you need to do is allow Golem users to use your computer’s CPU, and you can earn some bucks. Also, while it’s among the newest market entrants, the app has proven reliable and legit. It connects users, allowing them to earn from each other by sharing their idle computer power.

Generally, Golem uses a per-hour system. And it usually uses Ethereum and smart contracts for its transactions.

So, why let your computer lay idle while you can make a few bucks from it? Sign up for Golem today and start earning passively from your device.

5. GamerHash


Want to learn how to earn money with your computer? GamerHash is one great option. With this app, you get a chance to earn cryptocurrency or GamerCoin by simply sharing your computer’s processing power.

However, the GamerHash app differs somewhat from other apps on this list. This is because it focuses more on gaming, meaning it’s best fitted for gaming enthusiasts. Non-gamers may not benefit much from the app.

GamerHash is a crypto-mining app. It mines and converts the most profitable crypto coins into bitcoin. Users on this app are paid via bitcoin and can exchange this bitcoin for games, prepays, skins, etc.

However, if you aren’t into gaming, you can transfer your bitcoin to another exchange or external wallet. A fee of 0.0002 BTC will be charged for the transfer.

Your earnings depend entirely on the amount of crypto you’ve mined. The only disadvantage is that new users won’t earn a commission in their first 30 days on the app. Otherwise, the app offers an excellent way to make some extra money.

6. My Cashware

It is easy to make money online. And, My Cashware is such a good example of this. Like many apps here, the My Cashware app helps interested individuals make money online by leaving their computers on.

Once you install the app on your PC, it uses your processing power to conduct its virtual currency mining activities. This way, as they make money, they also share some with you for using your computer.

However, their money-earning process is a bit different from other apps. They don’t pay you for simply using your PC’s processing power. Instead, the app will create a crypto mining station from your PC.

In other words, it will create virtual currencies from your computer. All you have to do is give the app permission, and you can start making money online. Luckily, it’s all passive, and you won’t have to do anything yourself.

The software runs on your PC’s background, and you might not notice any changes. That way, you can still use your PC even as the app continues mining.

Also, you can earn more money through the app’s referral program. If you introduce some friends to the app, you get 20% extra income from their earnings.

Now, all this sounds like a good deal regarding earning passive income.

The HyperLink app is also a newcomer in this distributed computing arena. The platform is designed to allow companies and individuals to access more CPU power for their activities. Alternatively, people with computers can make money by renting out their PCs on the app.

Hyperlink app was established in 2020 and works as a global supercomputer network. It offers an opportunity for everyone to make easy money online.

The app claims to offer better commissions when they use your computer than all other apps. It advertises that someone can make up to $6,000 per year. This is quite high compared to most other apps, which only pay up to $840 annually.

However, your amount is pinned to your computer’s processing power. Computers with more cores are much faster and will complete more computing tasks. Subsequently, the owner earns more money.

Currently, this app works only on laptops and desktops. However, they have plans to introduce an app for tablets and smartphones. Fortunately, the app is supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

How is HyperLink’s payment process? You can withdraw your money through PayPal, direct bank transfers, or credit and debit cards.

While this is a relatively new app in the market, it promises a brighter future for its users. And you can undoubtedly try it out.

8. MinePrize

Still on how to make money with your computer? MinePrize is another great app. And its operations are not any different from those of other distributed computing apps.

The app needs your CPU power to compute some tasks and pays you for this. This means you get paid for doing almost nothing – except leaving your computer running.

As for joining the app, the process is free and considerably easy. All you need to sign up is your email and password. After this, you sign into the app, open a particular web page, as directed, and leave the rest to the app.

The app will solve complex math tasks on your computer and compensate you for it. By allowing the app to run on your computer, your PC becomes part of a larger computing network. Here, for every task completed on your PC, you earn some points.

The number of points you earn will depend on your PC’s computing power. Therefore, if you have a PC that you don’t use much, you can turn it into a source of passive income through MinePrize.

You can use your earned points to redeem various products as you like. For instance, with 310,000,000 points, you can get a MacBook Pro.

9. Ougo Browser

As I said, numerous ways exist to get paid for leaving your computer running. Ougo Browser represents one of the best options. Leaving your PC on with this app is enough to earn you some cash.

And it earns well. For instance, when your PC runs 24 hours a day, you can easily make 10 dollars daily. This will translate to around $300 a month, which is certainly a good amount of passive income.

You don’t have to do much to earn this money. Just leave your computer on, and you are good to go. Also, you’ll earn an extra 5% from any of your referral’s earnings. This means that the more friends you refer to this app, the higher your chances of earning more money.

If you want to monetize your idle computer power, Ougo Browser helps you do just that.

10. Kryptex

Kryptex is a cryptocurrency mining platform. And it also pays you to use your idle computer power.

This Windows app has made crypto mining considerably easy and convenient, even for beginners. All you need is a computer that you don’t regularly use to start earning passively.

The amount of money you make with Kryptex depends on your computer’s processing power. Therefore, if your computer has more cores, you have better chances of making more cash.

For instance, the AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, an 8-core processor, will earn you around $95 monthly. On the other hand, a mining PC or mining rig can help you earn up to $615 a month.

Even better, those who own a mining firm can make up to $13,000 monthly. Evidently, the higher the computing power, the better the returns.

Withdrawing your money from this platform is also pretty easy. You can either withdraw directly to your bank account or as bitcoin. This means the app is a good way to make easy money for those looking for an international currency.

More Options to Make Money Online with your Computer

Distributed computing is not the only way to earn through your computer. You have more options than you can care to explore.

Here are some of the most lucrative ones:

11. Developing Apps

Developing Apps

If you are tech-savvy, developing apps can be a great way to make money from your computer. Currently, every industry is looking for apps that can make their operations easier.

Whether you are developing financial services apps, gaming apps, security apps, or even farming apps, the potential is huge.

The good thing about developing apps is that they can even become your primary source of income. And, if you want to do it as a side hustle, it’s also possible.

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12. Blogging

This is an area that can help you make really good amounts of money. You only need a computer, your writing skills, and the internet. Use Bluehost to start a blog instantly and for as low as $3.95 per month.

Luckily for blogging, there’s no limit on how much money you can make. It all depends on the type of content you create and the number of followers or traffic you attract.

You can create a blog about anything, depending on your interest. But, you should ensure that you choose a niche that interests people. For instance, you can write about finances, technology, or environmental issues.

You can earn through ads, affiliate programs, and event sponsorships when your blog garners enough traffic. Blogging can be a way of changing your financial situation for the better.

13. Taking Surveys

If you want it easy, without using much effort, surveys are the way to go. There are hundreds of paid survey sites on the internet. All you need to do is identify some of the best ones, combine two or more, and start earning.

A platform like Survey Junkie helps you earn money just for sharing your opinion about certain issues. Generally, companies out there need your opinion on how their products or services are doing in the market. This way, they are keener when releasing new products or services.

The platform will also pay you to complete other simple tasks like watching online videos, playing games, and even shopping. They are easy tasks for cash!

Other paid survey sites you can try out include:

  • InboxDollars – The site pays you to complete simple tasks, including watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games.
  • Swagbucks – With a $10 welcome bonus, Swagbucks introduces you to some of the easiest payment methods.
  • LifePoints – The platform offers free paid surveys, paying you for every opinion you offer. The platform has disbursed over $22 million to its users.
  • Toluna – Use your voice to influence the world. With Toluna, your opinion will influence what some of the biggest brands in the world do.

When you think of easy ways to make money online, paid surveys must be there.

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14. Freelance Writing

Just like blogging, you only need a computer, a reliable internet source, and your writing skills. However, instead of writing for your blog, you write for other people.

Freelance writing has become so popular, and you can do it anywhere anytime. Currently, numerous platforms offer writing opportunities for freelance writers. Mainly, they connect the writers to interested clients at a fee.

A good example of such a platform is FlexJobs. Here, you register and start applying for the jobs posted on the site. The amount of money you earn here depends on your skills and your field of expertise. Your negotiation skills also play a major role here, as you can convince the client to pay more.

Other useful platforms here include:

Making money from home has never been easier.

15. Design Logos

Is graphic design something you can do? If yes, creating logos for individuals, websites, and companies can make you good money.

However, you must possess that creative eye to penetrate this field. If you can create logos that people can’t resist, you can be sure to reap good returns.

The best thing about designing logos is that you’ll probably do something you love. Therefore, it will be fun and still help you make money.

You can use free logo builder software such as Canva, Logaster, Envato Elements, Tailor Brands, etc. This means you don’t need big capital to start.

16. Look for Transcription Jobs

Becoming a transcriptionist is also worth your time and effort. Here, you only need a computer, good listening skills, and a pair of headphones.

From here, join one of the many transcription sites on the internet and start making money. Transcribing is the process of converting audio or video files into written documents. And platforms like TranscribeMe, Rev, Scribie, and Upwork have a lot of these jobs.

These tasks pay well, depending on the topic and the complexity of the task. Fields like law and medicine also tend to pay better.

If you have good listening skills, this might be the easiest way to make money from home. Also, it could be the best way to earn with your computer.

17. Create Courses

Your computer, plus the immense knowledge you hold inside, can be a source of income. You can share your knowledge and make money if you are well-versed in a particular subject.

Creating an online course doesn’t require much. You only need to identify the right platform and have the desired knowledge.

Generally, many people are out there looking for the knowledge you have. And if they can get it, they are ready to pay for it. So, why sleep on something that can become a source of income?

Simply create useful content for your target audience, which can be your next source of passive income.

You can try uploading your courses on platforms like Udemy and Coursera. Or, you can sell the courses directly to interested persons from your website.

What is Distributed Computing?

Computer Processing Power

Before signing up for anything online, it’s good to make sure that you understand it well. This will help you avoid falling into scammers’ hands, as they are always lurking in these internet corridors.

So, what do we mean by distributed computing? The concept is pretty simple. It is sharing your computer’s processing power for money. In other words, you let someone use your computer’s CPU power and pay you for it.

When we talk of distributed computer networks, it refers to a collection of software components located in several computers but running as a single system. These computers can be located close together, connected via a local network, or far away geographically, connected via a wide area network.

Generally, the various computers will communicate with each other through signals and messages. The system can comprise various configurations, including personal computers, mainframes, workstations, etc. The main goal is to increase computing power by combining multiple computers’ processing power.

But for you, all you need to know is that your computer is being used by someone else, and you are getting paid for that.