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15 Ways To Get Paid to do Simple Tasks Online

The digital gig economy is steadily growing. Last year, the Pew Research Center reported that 16% of Americans had worked on a gig economy platform online in 2021 alone. 

For many people, working online offers many benefits, including making your schedule, earning money whenever, and getting paid in smaller increments. 

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However, only some know where to look and scam websites. 

Thankfully, we’ve researched for you. This guide offers a comprehensive list of the best online small tasks you can complete to earn cash quickly.

If you’re looking to complete tasks online, this guide will provide you with everything you need to get started.

15 Best Ways To Get Paid To Do Simple Tasks Online 

The online gig economy is an increasingly popular resource for workers seeking additional income—and those looking to replace their income altogether. 

There are many benefits to working from home, including the following:

  • Choosing your hours 
  • Making your schedule 
  • Completing small tasks (or micro tasks!) and saving time 
  • No commuting 
  • Earning extra cash  
  • The ability to monetize your spare time

1. Data Entry 

Person Typing On A Laptop
Corinne Kutz / Unsplash

Data entry is a small task that can allow you to earn money online.

Research reports that the average data entry work in the United States earns nearly $18 an hour—a salary much higher than the national minimum wage.

Data entry typically involves typing information into an electronic platform or document database. These are often higher-paying tasks, and they may include: 

  • Updating contact information
  • Creating and updating accounting records
  • Transcribing videos, writing captions, etc.
  • Translating text (though the job description will specify this)
  • Additional data entry tasks
  • Review calls 

Remember that most data entry jobs require a high school diploma or GED to qualify, though you may only need to provide proof to some prospective employers. You should consider listing any office-related positions you’ve held and your experience with computers.

Additionally, you’ll likely need to be able to type quickly (and prove that you can do so). Most data entry jobs require you to meet a certain WPM (words per minute) threshold. 

You can find data entry tasks on FlexJobs, SolidGigs, or other gig economy websites. While they don’t pay high-enough wages to cover all your expenses, they can be a lucrative side gig.

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2. Human Intelligence Tasks 

Person Using A Macbook Pro
Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Human intelligence tasks are simple tasks that you complete for a given company or organization. These tasks are referred to as “human intelligence tasks” because the term indicates the absence of artificial intelligence.

Sometimes, human intelligence workers train artificial intelligence in their tasks. These tasks typically involve repetitive behaviors such as:

  • Tagging videos or photos 
  • Tagging keywords 
  • Transcribing or translating sentences 
  • Identifying the content of an image or video 
  • Facial recognition

Human intelligence jobs are perfect for those who prefer consistency and predictability. However, they are also ideal for people who consistently learn and gain exposure to new things and experiences. 

There are two ways you can earn money from these tasks:

  1. You can obtain a full-time position at an agency
  2. You can work as a freelance contractor and take on individual projects

If you have yet to gain experience, you may wish to work for an agency first. You can typically find human intelligence tasks on traditional gig economy websites or job recruiting boards. They usually offer some incentives like coupons and gift cards.

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3. Watching Videos

Watching Minions Movie
Onur Binay / Unsplash

Most people don’t believe you can earn money from watching videos online—it seems too good to be true. But there are many sites on which you can watch videos—for free and for money. 

This task is typically available on websites that offer additional micro charges like surveys, games, and more. 

Most platforms work in the same way. You first sign up for an account; then, you can take on different tasks and complete them relatively quickly. Some charges may include advertisements, while others focus exclusively on entertainment content or videos.

There are other platforms where you can earn cash and contribute to charitable causes and fundraisers. 

Swagbucks is one of the best websites for watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games for money. This all-in-one solution allows you to engage in different activities and tasks and earn points. You can then receive a direct deposit into your bank account or PayPal account.

4. Taking Surveys 

Giving An Online Survey And Reviews
Teerachai Jampanak / Shutterstock

Taking surveys is one of the best ways to earn money online. If you’re on your computer often, you can incorporate surveys into your daily routine.

First, it’s relatively easy—most surveys are branded or census surveys asking questions about your personal beliefs, opinions, and more. This can also be fun if you like reflection exercises and writing about yourself.

Additionally, you can often access online survey opportunities on Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and more. Some of these companies will let you know in real-time when a new survey is available.

These platforms are typically fun and easy to use. Survey Junkie and Swagbucks function in the same way. You take surveys, earn points, and redeem those points for gift cards. 

Unlike Swagbucks, Survey Junkie only offers gift cards, but you can get gift cards from stores like Starbucks. Wal-Mart, and more.

There are many different benefits and drawbacks to earning money from surveys online. While you aren’t likely to make much per survey, you can undoubtedly take a bunch in a row and earn more. Taking surveys is easy for most people, so you can do it while watching television or looking after your household or children.

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5. Offer Customer Service or Tech Support

Woman On A Customer Service Job
Charanjeet Dhiman / Unsplash

If you like working with people, consider working in customer service or quality assurance. Whether you work for an agency or an individual business or brand, the job is essentially the same. 

You are on call for a given amount of time (typically, you get to choose your hours), and you simply wait for calls to come into your phone.

When they do, you follow a strict protocol for helping the person on the other line. You’ll be expected to know the basic ins and outs of the brand and industry you work for, though you likely won’t need too much-specialized knowledge.

Customer service is increasingly transitioning online, so there will likely be many jobs in this field soon. You can work full-time or part-time in customer service and another job simultaneously! However, make sure that you don’t become overwhelmed while juggling these jobs.

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6. Shopping Online 

Shopping Clothes Online
charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

In all likelihood, you already spend time online shopping—most people do.

As the economy transitions into the digital realm, more and more people are shopping online. Few know, however, that they can find coupons or earn cash back on select purchases using online shopping apps and software (or extensions). 

Innumerable apps help you save money on online shopping you would do regardless. For example, you can use extensions like Rakuten or Capital One Shopping to find the best deals on most items.

Alternatively, you can shop through platforms like Swagbucks or LifePoints. LifePoints even allows you to try product testing, so you can earn money from testing out select products without investing your own money.

Remember to verify any extension or app you use—particularly if it asks for your personal information. Failing to do so may result in identity theft or compromised credit card information.

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7. Writing Services

Woman Typing On A Laptop
Luke Southern / Unsplash

Freelancer writers contribute an estimated $1.2 trillion to the economy each year. 

As many publications transition online and businesses turn to the digital economy to sell their products, there is a growing demand for copywriters, bloggers, and more.

You can quickly get started freelance writing online on a website like FlexJobs. This gig economy platform allows businesses and freelancers to connect on writing projects. You can work on tasks like:

If you enjoy writing or are interested in getting better at it, this may be your job.

Freelance writing pay can vary depending on your skill level, expertise, and whether you work for yourself or someone else. 

You’ll need to demonstrate your writing ability, so having a resume that highlights your writing-related competencies and skills is a good idea. Additionally, you may have to take a qualification test or complete various tasks related to writing.

Consider creating a writing sample if you don’t have one so your prospective clients have something to consider when considering your application.

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8. Sell on an Online Market Place 

Online Shop Shown On A Laptop Screen
Achira22 / Shutterstock

Since eBay changed the world forever, thousands of global online marketplaces have come and gone. Many online marketplaces are available, but the most commonly used are Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and Amazon.

Most of these websites are platforms that allow businesses and creators to create storefronts and advertise their products. While this doesn’t exactly consist of doing tasks for money, it can be a great way to monetize your creative hobby or branch out into a new field.

You can sell nearly anything online, including:

  • Handmade goods 
  • Third-party goods 
  • Used or new clothing 
  • Household goods (candles, decorations) 
  • Art, antiques, and collectibles

You can even buy and resell products from a supplier. 

If you enjoy selling on an online marketplace, you can create your online store with a comprehensive eCommerce site builder like Shopify.

9. Graphic Design 

Professional Working On A Graphic Design
Thanzi Thanzeer / Unsplash

Graphic design is an excellent, engaging, creative way to earn money online. The average graphic designer earns nearly $50,000 yearly at a starting salary, which is a highly competitive pay rate.

Graphic designers spend their time designing and executing digital marketing campaigns, visual art designs, fashion prototypes, architectural models, and more. 

They typically work with software like Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop, or Crello. 

You should have no problem finding work online if you’re a professional graphic designer. If you still need to, you can undoubtedly learn visual design basics from YouTube or take a course online.

Once you have the requisite skills, simply create a profile on a freelance website like FlexJobs or SolidGigs

Most platforms require you to create a profile, add your credentials and resume, and feature a picture of yourself and some personal information on your profile.

Then, you can comb through job boards or wait for employers to contact you, depending on your chosen platform. 

10. Play Games 

Man Playing Online Games
Florian Olivo / Unsplash

Playing games is easily the most fun way to earn money.

If you’re already a video game connoisseur, this may be the position for you. If not, you might want to brush up on your skills by playing games for cash.

There are many different ways to earn money playing video games. First, you can become a full-time video game tester. This full-time position may require experience and credentials but is generally fully remote.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to perform quick tasks for money, you can do so on websites like Swagbucks

On Swagbucks, you can play different types of games across all different genres and earn points. You can then redeem those points for cash sent directly to your bank account. 

Remember that you will likely earn less from a platform than a full-time position, but it’s a quick and easy way to make extra cash.

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11. Become a Personal Assistant 

Smiling Woman In A Office Setting
ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash

If you’re looking for a lucrative, fun way to earn money, consider becoming a personal assistant.

The pay range for a personal assistant is between $30,000 and $40,000 a year, and the demand for US-based personal assistants is always high since many personal assistants typically come from overseas.

Virtual assistants may perform any number of tasks, including:

  • Scheduling appointments and meetings 
  • Making phone calls and taking messages
  • Arranging travel 
  • Event planning 
  • Managing email inboxes 
  • Data entry or management
  • Other tasks

Some personal assistants work directly with clients, while others operate through an agency. Alternatively, you may work with one person or switch. 

You can look for personal assistant positions on job boards like FlexJobs, but keep in mind that you may have a less flexible schedule than you would with other jobs.

12. Data Research 

Two Professionals Conducting A Data Research
UX Indonesia / Unsplash

If you love learning new things, data research is for you.

A data researcher is a person who completes short tasks related to data collection. A data collector compiles and sorts through data from numerous sources. Data researchers are often specialists in specific fields, but they can also specialize in multiple areas.

As a data researcher, you’ll probably spend most of your time reading briefs, gathering evidence and data on a given topic, and reporting it to the client. 

Although it is an exciting job, it also isn’t too demanding. Most research tasks are relatively simple on such platforms and require you to trawl through websites to find all the information you can.

Some jobs require you to analyze the data, though most likely will not, since data researchers are increasingly contracted freelancers rather than full-time workers.

To find data research jobs, check out job boards like FlexJobs.

13. Become an Independent Contractor 

Contractor On A Construction Site
Becca Tapert / Unsplash

If it seems like everyone left their jobs for freelance work, that’s because they did.

In 2022, there were 23.9 million independent workers in the United States—nearly a 200% increase from the year before.

Most people leave their jobs because freelance work allows for more flexibility. You can choose your hours, work on your own time, and earn as much or as little as you want or need.

You can turn it into a freelancing opportunity if you have any skills. 

For example, if you are a teacher, you can offer tutoring. If you are a mechanic, you can create simple videos on how to solve common automotive problems. 

The opportunities are endless! Once you’ve decided on your area of interest, you can begin posting on job boards or platforms.

Ultimately, freelance work requires more effort than some of the micro tasks on this list, so keep this in mind before launching your freelance career.

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14. Answering Questions 

Swagbucks Website
Swagbucks / Swagbucks

The demand for intelligent people who can answer complex questions is high. If you have specific niche interests or feel qualified to answer crowd-sourced questions, you can sign up on a platform like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie

You’ll quickly find hundreds of online surveys on various topics on those websites.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access branded questionnaires from companies seeking to understand their clientele better or individual questions posted from third-party sources.

If you prefer to work with people directly, you can opt for a freelance exposition with a tutoring website like HelpOwl.

You can earn extra money completing short tasks on question-and-answer websites too. Though some may require credentials, others do not. Many sites connect students with questions to experts in specific fields. 

15. Cash-In Robocalls

Robocall Showing On A Mobile Phone Screen
Ivan Marc / Shutterstock

Most people have yet to learn that they can earn money from pesky robocalls.  Robocalls are technically illegal—soliciting agents cannot contact you without your consent. There is only one stipulation here, however; you must be on the national do not call list.

The process to do so is straightforward. Simply navigate to the government website and enter your personal information. You must specify that you want to avoid receiving calls from telemarketers and other soliciting agencies.

Once you have done so, simply wait to receive a robocall. You can begin to note the company’s information and pursue legal action when you do. 

They are often obligated to pay you compensation if you choose to pursue them, which you can easily do by:

  1. Remaining on the phone
  2. Gathering any details that you can from the recording
  3. Research the caller to gather additional information
  4. Write a Robocall demand letter

You can earn up to $1,500 by pursuing action against these invasive companies and it will also contribute to dissuading them to continue the practice.

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