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18 Ways to Get Paid to Generate AI Content

There’s no denying it: AI is a hot topic, and it’s only getting hotter. While writing about AI, you have to mention more than just the technical aspects. You are also supposed to show how it affects people. That means you should find real-life examples of how people use AI in their jobs and everyday lives. Like me.

Artificial intelligence is an in-demand technology, and there are plenty of people who want to create content for AI applications. If you have experience writing in artificial intelligence or software engineering, you could be well-positioned to take advantage of this emerging industry.

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But where can you find these AI examples? How to know if they’re accurate? And how can you make them resonate with your readers? That’s where we come in!

If you’re looking for an easy way to make extra cash, consider writing AI content. This blog post has mentioned several ways to get paid to generate AI content. Let’s scroll down and get started!

Top Ways to Get Paid to Generate AI Content

1. Offer AI Content Consulting Services

A Man And Woman Looking At Laptop And Discussing Something

AI content consulting services are an excellent way to get paid to generate AI content. The reason is simple: it’s a service that is in demand and will never get out of fashion. Why? No matter how good some AIs may be at generating the content, that content isn’t necessarily good.

The best part? You can use your existing skills in writing blog posts, creating copywriting, SEO know-how like keyword research, content creation, and other expertise to provide the service.

If you’re looking for ways to get paid, it’s essential to know that there are several options available. AI content consulting services are one of the most popular ways to make money. You can use your expertise in the AI field or even your ability to communicate well with people to help companies create impactful content that gets results.

You can work with AI-based companies to help them create better, more engaging blogging content. Go through their existing strategies or suggest new approaches to generate eye-catching content. You can do this remotely or through a freelance contract.

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2. Write Blog Posts for AI Startups or Established Companies

A Lady Typing On Her Laptop

AI is everywhere—and it’s not going anywhere. As more and more companies start using it to power their businesses, the need for content that explains what AI is, how it works, and how to use it is growing. Some of the best AI writing tools are:

If you have a background in writing or journalism, this could be your opportunity to make money. You can generate content that educates readers about a particular topic they’re already interested in while using AI writing software. Though your experience is enough to do the writing, knowledge of a new trend is always a good marketing strategy.

One of the most common ways is to write for online publications or industry magazines. You can find many examples on several sites, including LinkedIn, where people post opportunities as they come up.

Some companies or clients will pay you per word. However, the average pay rate isn’t very high (usually around $0.15 per word). So if you want to make decent money, you’ll need to write long articles, or lots of short ones. 

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3. Write AI-Related White Papers for Businesses

Working Desk With Keyboard, Pen, Sunglasses, And Notepad

Businesses or research institutions often use white papers to inform and persuade the audience on a specific topic or solution. They can also be highly technical and require deep knowledge of the subject matter.

If you have experience and knowledge in the AI field, consider offering your services as a white paper writer for businesses or research institutions. You can also insert a copywriting business to your clients using AI copywriting tools with expertise in sales copy, product descriptions, ad copy, etc.

You can approach companies directly or find white paper writing opportunities on online job boards or freelance marketplaces. The pay for white paper writing can vary, but it often ranges from $500 to $1,000 per project, depending on the length and research required.

This can be a great start to creating your own business in the online writing field. If done wisely, you can make good money out of it.

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4. Apply for AI-Related Writing Jobs on Freelancing Sites

A Girl Wearing Headphones Using Her Laptop And Taking Notes

Another way to get paid for AI content is by applying for AI-specific content jobs on freelancing sites. Companies and countless individual clients are always looking for freelance writers on online job platforms to help them create blog posts or other content involving AI.

From blog writing to landing pages to social media content to press releases and more, there are a more than a handful of AI-related writing jobs. You can approach potential clients or companies through freelance job boards to offer your writing services.

Upwork, OnlineJobs, and; there are a lot of similar freelancing sites that make it easy for you to find relevant jobs. Search for keywords like “AI content” or “artificial intelligence writing” on online job boards to find content opportunities. These platforms allow you to end up with content projects that interest you and align with your skill set. You can also offer SEO services as part of the package.

Additionally, by applying for writing jobs on freelancing sites, you can often set your own rates and work remotely on a project-by-project basis. This can be a great way to get paid while gaining experience in AI content creation.

Being a freelance copywriter, you can also find opportunities for long-term contracts, offering a more stable source of income. Apply for a copywriting job based on your experience, get hired, and make money for creating quality AI content. Whenever you apply for a job, have clear communication with the client about expectations and deliverables.

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5. Write AI-Related Content for Online Publications or Industry Magazines

Fingers Scrolling On An Ipad

Another place to start is by writing AI-specific content for online publications or industry magazines, looking for new voices on emerging technology topics. This is an excellent opportunity for writers who want an outlet for their opinions on AI tools and how they will impact our world. Like me.

Think about writing blog posts for AI-specific businesses, creating articles for online publications or industry magazines is another way to get money for blogging. This way, you will not just make money but can also share your knowledge and insights on AI.

There are lots of publications that are always looking for fresh content and new perspectives. So, if you have expertise in AI and can write well, you can pitch relevant publications with your unique ideas on this technology.

You can find publications by searching online or networking with professionals in the industry. Many e-publications pay per article with varying rates depending on length and publication.

Overall, writing AI content for industry magazines and publications can be a great way to earn a steady income while building your name as a thoughtful writer in the AI writing industry. Contact publications and provide them with engaging, unique content to publish online.

6. Write AI Content for Technology Conferences or Events

Woman On A Conference Call In An Open Office

As we all know, hundreds of technology conferences and events happen every year. These events often need content to promote their speakers and attract attendees. When it comes to writing for tech seminars, you need to curate event descriptions or speaker bios.

If you have expertise and knowledge in AI, consider offering your services to generate content for technology conferences or events. You can approach conference organizers directly or find opportunities through networking.

Go through the details of a particular tech event or conference to create relevant content to engage more and more people. The pay for writing conference content can vary. However, it can be a great way to earn money and get the chance to attend industry events and network with potential clients.

At such events, you can also come across opportunities for long-term contracts with conferences. Long term contracts guarantee a more stable source of income!

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7. Create a Website or Blog to Publish AI Content Regularly

Person Working On The Laptop And Using A Notebook

Creating and regularly updating a website or blog focused on AI can be another effective way to make money. Having your own website or blog is also ideal for sharing your knowledge and insights on the subject.

You should also monetize your site through advertising or affiliate marketing links (like we do), where you earn a commission for promoting certain products or services. This long-term strategy requires consistent effort in creating and promoting AI content. But the best part is that it can potentially lead you to a steady income in the long run.

When creating a website or blog, it is essential to have a clear focus and unique perspective. This will help you attract readers and potential advertisers or affiliates. You could also consider offering paid memberships or online courses to increase your income opportunities.

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8. Apply for AI Content Writing Positions at Marketing Agencies

Two People Having A Meeting

Marketing agencies often work with clients from various industries, including technology. Consider applying for AI content writing positions at agencies that specialize in tech or have a strong focus on it.

Finding a content writing position at a marketing agency can provide you with stable, long-term employment opportunities. Being a copywriter, you can use AI copywriting software to create relevant content. Your position will also allow you to work on multiple AI-related projects for different clients, leading you to learn new things.

You may also have the opportunity to learn and gain experience in various aspects of marketing, such as social media management or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s critical to have a strong understanding of both AI and marketing when applying for these positions.

9. Create and Sell an eBook about AI Content Writing Techniques

Someone Using An Ebook Reader With A Coffee Cup In Hand

Another potential income opportunity is to create and sell an online course or e-book about AI content writing techniques. This can be a great way to share your expertise in a structured, organized format that others can access at their convenience.

Consider targeting specific groups who need guidance in creating impactful AI-related content. This may involve marketers or business professionals.

You can sell your courses or e-books on your own website or through other platforms such as Udemy or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s essential to thoroughly research and test the market before investing time and resources into creating a course or e-book. It will help you understand the market’s demand and offer something that people need.

Being a freelance copywriter, you can also consider offering additional services or consultations as part of your course package to provide even more value to customers.

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10. Start a Copywriting Agency to Generate Ads for Businesses Using AI

A Man Working On His Laptop In A Restaurant

Opening a copywriting ad agency to create ads for businesses can be another great idea to get paid for offering your content writing services. This business will allow you to work with a range of clients from different fields, including technology and AI.

Being a copywriter in an ad agency, you are supposed to create content for different channels, such as blogs, websites, social media, ads, etc. But before generating the content, don’t forget to research your clients’ businesses and industries, target audience, and current & marketing strategies. You should also conduct market research to ensure that your clients are familiar with the trends and advancements in the AI industry, which are constantly evolving.

If you trust your copywriting skills and time management skills, you can always work with multiple clients simultaneously and set your own rates. It’s important to carefully review the business of each potential client before committing.

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11. Ask and Answer AI-Related Quora Questions

Quora Logo

Another idea to earn money for AI content is by asking and answering AI-related questions on Quora. You can do this by joining the Quora Partner program and Quora Space Program.

These programs allow you to share your AI experience and knowledge. They work by paying you for the online questions you ask and answer. Just create your Quora Space account and get paid for writing and publishing relevant content to it.

During this process, you will be asked to enter your payment details. You will get paid based on the views and engagement your content receives. Remember that Quora does not pay from its own pockets, and just answering questions itself doesn’t actually pay – that said, you may get paid for the ads you get on your content.

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12. Create AI Content for Video Marketing

A Girl Watching Something Her On Laptop With A Notebook And Pen In Hands

We all know that video marketing is the future of advertising. More and more companies are adapting to this trend and recruiting copywriters to help them create creative video content. You can offer your content writing services to businesses looking for interactive and captivating video scripts.

Start writing video titles, descriptions, and scripts using your AI knowledge. This can be one of the best ideas to get paid to generate AI content. From creating scripts for products, social media, and explainer videos to writing video sales letters, this digital video advertising industry offers endless opportunities to the right candidates.

If you’ve expertise in the area, you can consider giving it a shot. Make sure to research and understand the brand better to generate content that’s on point with their marketing goals. And as always, prevent grammar mistakes to develop effective and comprehensive content for video advertising.

Overall, generating AI-focused video content is one of the best ways to make money on this list. Consider using AI software to make your content creation process a little easier.

13. Start an E-Commerce Business That Offers AI Content Services

A Girl Using Her Phone And Laptop

In this digital marketing era, brands or companies are looking for opportunities to reach out to more and more people. As you may know, AI content services have the potential to develop a competitive benefit, especially in customer experience. So open an eCommerce business that offers AI content services.

With this eCommerce business, you can help brands advertise better by creating competitive content using your AI knowledge. From product descriptions to landing pages to reviews and more, you can provide any content depending on the requirements of a particular business and its marketing strategies. Consider using AI keyword research tools and software to curate relevant content for the best results.

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14. Create and Sell Website Content Using AI Knowledge

A Man Working On Laptop With A Pen In His Right Hand

Several businesses out there need help with website content creation. Are you good at creating web content and looking for another way to get paid for AI content? Give this a try!

You can help companies succeed by creating engaging and relevant website content using artificial intelligence copywriting. The content you generate using AI experience can ensure the success of a business.

When it comes to web content, there are lots of things you need to take into consideration. The most important part is to know the target audience and set content goals. You can use AI keyword research tools to find keywords that can help you create SEO-optimized content for each section.

The web content you offer can be an asset for a business. Therefore, remember to indulge your artificial intelligence copywriting skills while writing.

Once you create the content, sell it to clients for a specific price. The rate may vary from one website to another. Try to work on multiple projects each month to make some good money.

15. Improve Already Existing Content Using AI

Lady With Glasses Working On Her Computer With A Pen And Phone In Hands

Using AI to improve existing content is another excellent way to earn money. Under this, you can approach clients to help them improve the content of their websites, blogs, social media, and more.

You can also reach out to your long-term clients if you know they’re satisfied with your work. Go through their websites or blog posts, note down sections that need improvement, and talk to clients about it.

The best idea is to use AI software as it will make the process easy and less time-consuming. With artificial intelligence, you can adapt content even better to the target audience’s needs. It will ease the content review process and help with several things, like sentence structure and grammar.

Additionally, AI copywriting will help you replace irrelevant content with high-quality SEO content faster and more effectively. So if you’re good at content editing, this could be the best deal for you.

16. Generate Attractive Hooks for Short-Form Creators

Woman Sitting At A Desk, Watching A Video And Taking Notes

Another way to get paid for AI copywriting is by helping short-form content creators develop engaging hooks for their content. Wondering what is a hook? Basically, a hook is a thing that encourages the audience to keep reading or watching online content.

A compelling hook can make all the difference in the success of a video. Hooks could be interesting statistics, funny stories, or anything else that can engage the audience and encourage them to stick around. Creating effective hooks is a must for brands or businesses of all sizes, regardless of the type.

As a freelance writer, you can offer your services to help brands create high-quality, engaging hooks for their digital content. There are several hooks you can use to entice prospective traffic. For example, “Ask a Question”, “Begin With a Fascinating Fact”, “Surprise People”, and “What If?” are some of the most common hooks and techniques.

Pick an appropriate hook to help short-form content creators attract, engage, and retain the audience.

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17. Write Newsletters Using AI

Lady Using Her Laptop And Phone

Writing newsletters is one of the best AI-friendly content types that can help you make money. There are several AI copywriting tools in the market, and you can use them to find hot topics and create engaging headlines.

Simply pick a topic, decide on the headline, and start writing about it. You can even use the copywriting tool to format your newsletter to make it look better. The following AI marketing tools can best help you with the process:

You can use any of these tools to write email newsletters. If you don’t have the time to build an email list, consider becoming a newsletter writer. Avoid additional hassles and focus on writing newsletters for other businesses.

You can work with plenty of companies at one time to help them with their weekly or monthly newsletters. Start writing on the topics they want using AI copywriting tools and get paid for your efforts -simple.

18. Create Slogans for Businesses Using AI

Lady Sitting At Her Desk Using Laptop And Ipad

As discussed above, AI content can help you make money for various tasks. Last but not least, you can earn money by writing catchy slogans and taglines for others using AI copywriting.

AI makes it easy for copywriters to write captivating phrases without spending hours in front of laptops. The AI tools generate slogan ideas that you can implement to create fresh taglines. Always try to be unique and not too long with slogans. Also, make sure your slogans resonate well with brands or people who will buy them.

If you are getting your feet wet and looking for tips on earning with slogans, figure out how to get started. You can sell your slogans on different online platforms, including Etsy, Printify, Shopify Store, Teespring, and a blog. There are several other ways you can follow to sell your slogans.

It’s no surprise that AI copywriting can make slogan writing easy and less time-consuming. The quicker you write a slogan or tagline, the more money you can make every hour.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many ways to get paid to generate AI content. Whether it’s through consulting services, blog posts, social media posts, google ads, white papers, or freelance writing jobs, the primary focus is to use your copywriting skills and knowledge in the AI industry.

Consider using an incredible AI copywriting tool to create valuable content for companies as well as readers. This will not just ensure the content quality but will also allow you to make some good money for all your efforts.

Hopefully, these suggestions will give you some ideas on how you can monetize your AI content writing skills and experience. Best of luck in your endeavors!


Is the AI copywriting industry really emerging?

Absolutely YES. Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we travel, work, do business, or even live. It has the potential to change every sector. Being a copywriter, you can choose to use AI copywriting to create AI-specific content that can help businesses grow (only if the field interests you).
Since AI is a hot topic, it can help you find several opportunities to make some good money for creating AI content. You can try the methods above to make something out of your AI knowledge or expertise.

Are AI copywriting tools helpful?

AI copywriting tools can help you generate ideas and overcome the fear of a blank paper. Though they can help you make a good start when it comes to writing, you can’t rely on them entirely. You need to check facts, add stats, or add your own voice to create content that can attract the potential audience.

Can I really make money with AI writing tools?

AI writing tools have made content creation easier than ever before. They not only help in writing but also save you time by automating tasks that usually take hours. In short, you can make any piece of writing successful using AI, keyword research, and SEO. The better the content you create, the more likely you will be approached by brands for content curation. It eventually increases your chances of making money.

Why should you use AI content generation?

As more and more businesses are coming online and marketing efforts are increasing, there is more demand for high-quality content. AI content generation is the buzzword, and the aim is to make content marketing more efficient. AI tools can help you come up with better ideas and topics to create quality content that resonates well with the target audience.

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