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15 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music

Get paid to listen to music! Is it possible? Absolutely! If you are always listening to music during your free time, it’s time to make it even more enjoyable. You can now continue listening to your favorite music but make extra cash while at it.

If you want to learn how to do it,  read on and see how making money online has become almost effortless.

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Music is food for the soul!

Whether you love the sounds of country music strings, relaxing blues, R&B, or hard rock, there is always that one melody that soothes your heart and mind.

Music can cool your spirit when you are frustrated, exhausted, angry, or disappointed. And, it can also uplift your mood when you are too low for anything else.

This means that it’s always exciting to listen to your favorite tunes.

But, something else makes listening to music more, fun – getting paid to listen to it. That’s right!

You can get paid to listen to and review music in so many ways. Now, that’s amazing! I know the thought of being able to make money listening to music can seem farfetched, but it’s not.

In fact, if you want to make your music time more entertaining, we’ve prepared the best list on how to make money listening to music.

Here we go;

Apps and Websites that Pay to Listen to Music

Apps make listening and making money from music relatively easy. There are also websites that get you paid for just logging in and listening to music from there. And, here are some of the best:

1. Current Rewards

Current Rewards Website

The current Rewards app has been a top choice for many people when it comes to making money listening to music.

Through this app, you receive credits for listening to over 100,000 online radio stations on your smartphone.

The good thing with this app is that you get to choose your favorite music. This way, you won’t have to be content with boring music just because you want some bucks in your wallet.

The chosen stations will depend on your mood, favorite genre, or popular artists, giving you incredible options.

Even better, the pay is also attractive. With Current Rewards, you have a chance to earn up to $600 a year just listening to your favorite music.

That’s $600 free, as you still would have listened to your favorite tunes anyway.

In addition, it’s completely free to join the platform and listen to music. You don’t have to pay for anything, like with streaming services.

All you need is your smartphone, download the app, and you are good to go.

And if you want more, you can also make some extra bucks by answering surveys, watching music videos, or completing other simple tasks.

The platform can be an incredible way to make some easy money.

2. Music Xray

Music Xray Website

Whether you are just listening to music for fun, a singer, or a songwriter, Music Xray can be the ideal platform for you. First, it allows you to listen to music and make money, and secondly, composers and singers can upload their music and earn money from it too. 

When the artists upload their songs, they pay a small fee for the marketing services. In return, they are exposed to numerous opportunities to make money from their music. For instance, companies and brands visit the website looking for great songs and clips for their activities.

In essence, the platform is designed to introduce new artists in the music industry to the public. And, it pays the followers and fans for listening to this new music.

Generally, the pay here is 10 cents per song listened to and can go even up to $12 an hour. The songs are usually 30 seconds long or so. However, to redeem your payment, you must achieve around $20 in your account.

3. SliceThePie

Slicethepie Logo

SliceThePie is a rewards platform that pays users to complete various simple tasks, including listening to music. If you don’t mind writing a short review after listening to a lovely song, then this might be a great platform to earn you a few dollars.

When it comes to getting paid to listen to music, this platform falls among the largest paying platforms. And, you don’t have to do anything much to make your few bucks. All that’s required of you is to listen to the music and leave a few lines of review at the end.

Every review earns you an average of 10 cents, although the exact amount depends on your review’s quality and the music category. Therefore, ensure that you don’t give too simple reviews. Try and provide a more detailed review to make more money.

Payouts are made after you’ve attained around $10, and the money is credited to your PayPal account.

Incredibly, SliceThePie gives you more opportunities to review even more products besides music. You can get paid to review record labels, artists’ wardrobes, etc.

Joining the platform is completely free, meaning you have nothing to lose. Simply join, listen to music, get paid for it, and cash out your reward.

4. HitPredictor

Hitpredictor Website

HitPredictor is part of the famous iHeartMedia. The platform gives fans the opportunity to influence music, even before it hits the market. This is because the company works with brand managers, record labels, and even radio stations. 

Therefore, if you want to have some influence on a new song before it hits the market, HitPredictor is your platform.

HitPredictor is usually a peer review site, collecting public opinions about various songs and music ready to be released to the market. Generally, all you need is to sign up, pick your favorite type of music to listen to, rate the music, and get paid.

Every time you review and rate a song, you receive 3 points, equaling $1. This means that the more songs you listen to and rate, the more your income grows.

You can withdraw your money after you accumulate around $5, which means that you only need to review 5 songs. The money is usually paid in terms of Amazon gift cards, and the platform is 100% to join.

Even better, HitPredictor is ideal for your teens, as it’s available for 13-year-olds.

5. PlaylistPush

Playlistpush Website

As they put it on their website, PlaylistPush is designed to connect artists to the various playlist curators out there. This way, independent artists can get their music out there while the playlist curators get to discover the new music hitting the market. It is an excellent way for the artists to promote their songs and a way to make some bucks for the playlist curators.

The playlist owners have a chance to discover the upcoming artists, help propel their careers, and make money while at it. You get to listen and review this music, and get paid for it.

However, for a curator to qualify for these music curator jobs, one must own a public playlist on one of the major streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Your playlists should also have at least 1000 followers each, and you shouldn’t focus only on a single decade’s music.

In case your playlist hasn’t hit over 3,000 followers, it has to have 30 active listeners or more. And for any other playlist, you just require 1% active listeners on any of the streaming platforms.

The good thing about PlaylistPush is that it not only pays you for listening and reviewing the songs, they also pay you for including these songs in your playlist. Each song review earns you between $1,25 and $15. In addition, you get paid up to $12 for every song you include in your own playlists.

The new artist submitting their songs will part with around $450 on average to get their music in front of the targeted curators. However, joining the platform as a playlist curator is free. Payments are made via Transferwise.

6. RadioEarn

Radioearn Website

RadioEarn is yet another incredible way to get paid to listen to music. Joining the platform is 100% free and will take only a few seconds of your time.

Once your account is all set, all you need is to log in, open your online radio station link, listen to music and start making some money. The platform rewards you with points for every 15 minutes of music you listen to. Therefore, the more time you have to listen to music, the more money that gets into your wallet.

After earning your points, the platform converts them into cash the following month after earning. You can then withdraw your money through Amazon gift vouchers, bank transfers, or Bitcoin.

RadioEarn is one of the simplest ways to get paid to listen to music. And, that’s not all.

If you have a website, you can also earn some money when other people listen to the music. This is possible through an affiliate link you’ll be given, allowing you to earn every time someone clicks on the link.

Therefore, if you have a website with large traffic, this can also earn you some good money.

7. Cash4Minutes

Cash4Minutes Website

Now, this one is quite an easy way to make some extra bucks. The platform was established back in 2014, has paid over $11 million, and has over 130,000 users.

Cash4Minutes enables users to make a few bucks from their unused monthly phone minutes by listening to radio broadcasts.

So, how does this work?

Well, it’s quite simple. All that’s required of you is to confirm your inclusive minutes with your phone provider (fixed or mobile) or VoIP service and use these minutes to call for cash. Here is how to start!

First, you need to sign up, create a unique profile, and include all the numbers you wish to be dialing from. Secondly, choose and dial a number, always ensuring that you are not being charged. You can always do a short test call first to ascertain zero charges.

From here, all you need is to wait for your payment.

The platform pays you for every minute you stay connected to the selected radio broadcast. And, the more you listen, certainly, the more money you receive. While their payment per minute can seem merger, at $0.08, you are doing nothing completely to earn it – just listening.

Your earnings will be paid via Amazon codes, Cash, or Bitcoin.

Sign-up is free, and you can refer a friend to make even more money.

8. Welocalize

Welocalize Website

With Welocalize, the method of earning money is relatively different from other platforms. While most other platforms pay you to listen and review the songs, Welocalize pays when you listen and transcribe the song’s content. Here, you make money listening to music and producing the lyrics.

For this reason, making money by listening to music with Welocalize becomes a bit complex than in other platforms. It requires a bit of concentration and is not all about listening.

However, things are also not all gloomy here, as payments are better than on most other platforms. For instance, while some platforms pay as little as 10 cents per song, Welocalize will pay up to $4 per song. This difference makes the additional transcription effort worth it.

When starting, you are required to select the music you prefer, meaning that you will be transcribing some of your favorite tunes. This makes the work a bit less boring.

From here, you download the app, follow the tutorials and start transcribing. Payments are made after a week, and depending on your transcription rate, you can even make up to $10 an hour. 

This means that if you are looking for an easy way to make some quick cash, this platform is a good one.

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9. Website

How can radio stations get to know which music to play for their fans?

Well, only through their fans’ responses. And, helps with just that.

The company, founded in 2008, provides radio stations with listeners’ opinions about the best music they want to be played. And for this to happen, the company has to seek your opinion.

All you need to start making money on this platform is to sign up and provide them with your listening habits and demographics through an email. From here, every time sample music that fits your habits is available for review, the company emails you for the review.

The company will send you some questions to review, on various segments, including music, DJs, morning shows, etc. This way, while the main task is to listen to music for money, you might be required to rate a certain show.

Every time you rate or review a show or music, you are rewarded with Amazon gift cards, which you can redeem for various products as you wish.

Get-Paid-To Sites where you Get Paid to Listen to Music

10. Earnably

Earnably Website

Earnably pays you for more than just listening to your favorite music. It is a get-paid-to (GPT) platform, which offers you numerous simple tasks, including listening to music, answering surveys, downloading apps, etc. Therefore, if you want to get paid for listening to music and more, Earnably can be your all-time platform.

Some of the other tasks that get you paid in Earnably include listening to radio stations, answering surveys, watching videos, or even tuning to some specified program on the radio.

Like many other platforms here, which helps you earn money listening to music, Earnably works the same. The more you listen, the more you earn.

One thing to note is that the platform rewards through a system called RadioLoyalty. This way, you earn more points as you progress up the various levels.

Payments are made via PayPal cash, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards. But, before you redeem your money, you must have at least $2 in your account, which is the same as 225 points.

Joining the platform is completely free, although this is only possible for persons above the legal age of 18 years.

11. FusionCash

Fusioncash Website

FusionCash is an excellent GPT site where you make money completing simple tasks. The site not only pays you to perform relatively simple activities but even gives you a bonus for simply signing up with them.

Listening to their radio station is among the many ways you can make money with FusionCash. And, theirs is a RadioLoyalty program meaning that you make money for the minutes you listen.

The good news is that even teenagers have a chance to make money through FusionCash. Once you are 13 years and older, you are eligible for this program, where you get paid to review music.

Once you have earned your money, you can withdraw it via a check or PayPal. But, you must first hit the $25 limit threshold.

12. Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards Website

Just like FusionCash, Unique Rewards pays your efforts for completing the simple tasks they offer. Listening to the internet radio is one of those tasks, making it one of the best platforms to get paid to listen to music.

The platform is available for people living in the US, Canada, and the UK. As for the sign-up age, you need to be over 18 years old or register under parental permission if you are above 13 years.

Unique Rewards earns you a cent every time you enter a captcha on the site if you live in the UK or Canada. For US residents, you get 3 cents. While this might seem small, the site requires you to enter a captcha within a 30 minutes duration.

This means that the longer you stay on the site, the more cents get into your wallet. Again, this is not your main hassle. It’s a way to earn during your free time or while on that train heading to work.

Once your earnings accumulate to around $20, you are now free to withdraw through PayPal cash.

More Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music

13. Create a Music Blog

Woman Listening To Music And Writing Blog

Blogging is one online money-making opportunity that has made so many millionaires in the recent past. Even better, blogging is among the easiest ways to create streams of passive income.

So, how do you get paid to listen to music through blogging?

Well, all you need is to create a blog. If you are passionate about music, you can create an awesome blog about music, optimize it for organic traffic, and start earning through affiliate links or ads.

The only difference with blogging is that unlike most of the other above-mentioned options, you need to input your effort and money. However, the rewards on the other end, are always attractive and worth the time and effort.

If you want to succeed in blogging, you have to choose the right niche or genre of music and focus on promoting that. And, whether you decide to go local or international, what matters is how you do it.

Select your target audience, get the right content out there and within no time, your blog starts attracting followers. When you get enough followers, various brands, artists, and even record labels will start hiring your platform to promote their music.

A blog can earn you an upward of $1,000 a month easily if done right.

14. Participate in Focus Groups

Group Of Men Looking On A Laptop

We have mentioned several platforms and apps that pay you to listen to music. But in addition to these apps, we have reward sites that also pay you to listen to music through focus groups. An excellent example of such websites includes Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, etc.

But what are focus groups, and how do they work here?

These are conversation groups. They allow you to connect and chat with people who share similar musical preferences and tastes.

In such groups, you discuss the various songs you’ve listened to, with a moderator guiding your discussion. In essence, it’s more of a review but within a group.

The moderator asks specific questions to everyone, and you get paid for your genuine reviews.

You will be required to answer several questions about various issues, including:

  • Things you like or dislike about a certain song or artist
  • Why you prefer a certain music genre over another

Sharing your opinion is the first step towards making those bucks.

These platforms are free to join, and some even offer you a sign-up bonus.

15. Listen to Your Own Playlists

Playing Music From A Streaming Platform

Last but not least is listening to one’s own playlist to make money.

Here, all you need is to identify the right apps for the job, and you are good to go. An excellent platform that has been doing this for the longest time is Nielsen.

This is a market research firm that pays you for your opinion, as well as for completing other simple tasks. When you download the Nielsen app on your phone, the platform gets access to your musical habits and activities.

You will be required to participate in their research programs, where the app learns about your streaming behavior, the type of music you listen to, etc. Nielsen then sells the data they collect to various companies or music labels that need it.

In return, you are paid for allowing the app to access your phone and participating in their research. So, while you’ll not make money by listening to music directly, you are paid for allowing the platform to learn how you usually listen to music – which is even easier.

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