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17 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books Aloud

Is reading your passion? How about getting paid for it? This guide shows you how to get paid to read books aloud.

If you love reading and are searching for an easy way to make extra bucks, I have the right opportunity for you. While it sounds too good to be true, you can get paid to read books aloud. Currently, numerous platforms allow you to make money reading books. All you need to do is find the legit ones to start making money.

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It might be just the right time to turn your hobby into more than just a hobby – a money-making opportunity. And the great thing about this is that you can do it virtually anywhere and still make money. However, one pre-requisite for this job is a good narrator voice. Also, you should have good story-narrating skills.

Audiobook Recording

Best Platforms to Get Paid to Read Books Aloud

Besides searching for narrator jobs on FlexJobs and other job search websites, other platforms are specifically designed for this. If you’re eager to get paid to read books aloud, here are the best sites:

1. Audiobook Creative Exchange (ACX)

Audiobook Creative Exchange

It is undoubtedly among the most popular ways to get paid to read aloud. ACX is an incredible opportunity by Amazon that allows you to make some money from your reading hobby.

With ACX by Amazon, you have a chance to earn money through reading books on iTunes, Audible, and other platforms. If you want to be a narrator, ACX can consider you for an audiobook producer position.

The authors and book lovers are also not left out. If you wish to narrate your books, you can be considered a Right’s Holder and be accorded the rights to that audiobook.

So, how do you start? If you want to make money reading books with ACX, it’s simple. All you must do is sign up using your Amazon account. The platform will automatically populate your details from here, and you can start making money and reading books.

However, there is one more important thing you should do. Make sure you upload numerous samples on your profile. And they should be of high quality. This way, the Rights Holders can assess your work and hire you to narrate their books.

As for the pay, you’ll be paid hourly, according to the hourly rates you set. In addition, you are eligible for up to 20% royalties split from your Right’s Holder.

2. Spoken Realms

Spoken-Realms Website

If you are talented narrators or professional voice actors, Spoken Realms is another excellent platform to make money reading books. The platform comprises professional narrators, and you can become one of them.

However, joining the platform is not as automatic as in several other platforms. Since it’s a professional community, you must be quite good at what you do.

If you are a member of the following groups, you have an added advantage when applying:

  • SAG-AFTRA – a union of professional actors, voice over artists, journalists, etc.
  • Actors Equity Association
  • ACTRA – A community of more than 27,000 performers based in Canada

Here, you can make money reading out loud graphic novels or even podcasts. As for the payments, they will be either through PFH (per-finished-hour) or royalty share.

In a Per-Finished-Hour, you are paid for each audio hour recorded. You are given a percentage of royalties paid to the authors or Rights Holders for the royalty share payment option. Spoken Realms has a flexible royalty share structure that allows for easy royalties sharing.

3. Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio Webpage

With Bunny Studio, all you need is a charming narrating voice. If you are a voice-over artist or hoping to become a voice actor, you can register with the platform and start making money.

It is one of the best platforms for those who want to get paid to read books aloud and become audiobook narrators. Once you’ve created an account with Bunny Studio, you must submit samples for the voice quality test. The test helps to determine whether your voice fits the requirements. If it does, opportunities to make money here are countless.

The good thing about Bunny Studio is that it allows you to set hourly rates. And authors and Rights Holders will pay based on your set rates. If you want to work from anywhere anytime, joining Bunny Studio as a freelance voice artist/narrator is an excellent choice.

4. Voices

Voices Homepage

Here money-making opportunities are many for those who love reading. The platform has partnered with popular brands like The Channel, Microsoft, Shopify, etc., giving voice artists an excellent opportunity to make money reading books.

With Voices, you don’t have to be a professional artist or actor to join. All you need is a good narrating voice, and you are free to drop your application.

You must sign up for the platform and create a profile to apply. This way, the authors and brands can have something to assess to determine whether you fit their requirements.

One tip for increasing your chances of being shortlisted is to upload top-quality audio samples depending on your chosen niche. Once done, you are free to start auditioning for jobs.

One thing that most people love about the platform is its pay rates. For instance, you can make from $200 to $300 for a single finished hour.

Voices platform offers voice over opportunities to narrators around the globe in over 160 countries. In addition, it’s available in 221 different languages.

The platform claims to have posted over 500,000 jobs, meaning that jobs here are never scarce. It works with producers, creative directors, marketers, and instructors of leading global brands and companies.

5. The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm Website

The platform offers more than just audiobook narration opportunities. While it’s an excellent site to get paid to read books out loud, you can also make money through:

  • Internet video voiceovers
  • E-learning voiceover
  • Telephone voiceovers
  • TV and radio commercial voices
  • Business and training audio recordings

It means you can turn your voice combining your passion for reading into a lucrative earning opportunity. With the Voice Realm platform, you no need to worry about how to make money reading books. It is an excellent place to start if you’ve been searching for such an opportunity.

However, before you can start making money on the platform, there is one thing that the company will look for; work quality. For this reason, ensure that the audio samples you upload are high-quality to increase your chances of being shortlisted for projects.

To start making money with Voice Realm, sign up here. Then, you are ready to get paid for reading books aloud.

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6. Voice 123

Voice Website

Voice 123 is undoubtedly among the best platforms to join if you are a professional voice over artist. Having submitted over 250,000 projects and working with the world’s biggest companies like Coca-Cola, The New York Times, and NBC, there is certainly no shortage of jobs here.

Therefore, if you want to earn money reading books aloud, Voice 123 is your platform. Here, you have voiceover opportunities in various categories, including:

  • Radio
  • Narration
  • Movies
  • Cartoon
  • Commercial
  • Video games, etc.

The best thing here is that you are paid directly by your client. And the company doesn’t deduct any commission from your payment. It means that whatever you agree with the client, you will receive in full.

7. Voice Jungle

Voice Jungle Website

Voice Jungle offers two main options when joining podcasts narration or the e-learning industry. Either of these options provides various opportunities to get paid to read books aloud.

However, to increase your chances of getting the jobs, you must produce high-quality demos that meet the required standards. For this reason, having a home studio with quality recording equipment is recommended.

Also, you should be ready to work on a tight schedule. For instance, the projects must be completed within 24 hours after the request. If you are not good at meeting deadlines, this one is not for you.

Once you’ve made your quality demos, you can register and upload them in an mp3 format. Voice 123 will contact you whenever a job fitting your profile comes up. There are no joining fees; your payment is made instantly once the client approves your work. 

8. Mandy Voices

Mandy Voices

Numerous platforms pay voiceover artists just for their voices and talent. Mandy Voices is one of the top ones. The platform regards itself as the number one for professional creatives’ networks. 

For this reason, you must consider Mandy Voices when looking for ways to monetize your voice. The platform is designed to make it easier for talented voiceover artists experienced or novices) to find jobs that pay for their voices.

As they promise on their website, you can get a job that fits your qualifications and talent. Therefore, if you are still wondering how to get paid to read books aloud, Mandy Voices would be a great starting point.

Luckily, this platform is available for users in several countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. Also, jobs here pay well. You might find a project going for $150 and others paying even up to $1500 or more.

The platform can help you make good money as a side hustle or a primary source of income. Nonetheless, the platform is not free to join. While it offers a free 30-day trial period, you must pay a premium membership fee afterward.

The premium membership gives you access to all the projects available on the platform. On the other hand, you can only access the projects on the directory during your free trial period. To start, sign up here and start making money.

9. Brilliance Publishing

Brilliance Publishing

Brilliance Publishing, formerly Brilliance Audio enables you to make money reading books on Amazon. The platform, established in 9184, is part of Amazon’s publishing group that aims to create a better audiobook listening experience for audiobook lovers.

The good thing about the platform is that it accepts both new and experienced narrators. This way, as long as you have “the voice,” you can try it out in Brilliance Publishing. And you don’t have to beat your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get paid to read books aloud without experience.

If you are a new narrator, you are encouraged to be keen on practicing your narration. The platform recommends at least 6 to 7 hours of training every day.

Starting on Brilliance Publishing as a freelancer is easy. You can contact them via [email protected] for more details.

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10. Findway Voices

Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices is a marketplace that helps connect authors (both new and established) with a community of audiobook narrators. The platform gives the authors access to the audiobook marketplace, giving voiceover artists a chance to make money.

For narrators, you have to create a charming profile with quality audio samples to stand a chance of being shortlisted for jobs. After setting up your profile, you should browse through the platform’s audiobook narrator guide to understand all the requirements and help you start your narration journey.

Payment here is through a PFH (per-finished-hour) model, but you can adjust your rates. Once you’ve finished a project, your payment will be in your account 14 days after approval.

If you want access to even more audiobook jobs, you can always visit FlexJobs for independent projects.

11. Fiverr

Fiverr Website

Last but not least on our list of platforms that help you get paid to read books aloud is Fiverr. Whether you are a new or established narrator, the platform is one of the best marketplaces connecting freelancers and clients.

However, the pay here might not be as attractive as on other sites mentioned above, especially if you are a beginner. But for the established narrators, high-paying gigs can make good money for you. 

All you need here is to sign up, set up your profile, and create gigs. With Fiverr, you can be sure of ongoing job opportunities as long as you are dedicated and have the right skills.

Some freelance audiobook narrators make up to $150 per recording or more, depending on the recording size. You can supplement your job search by visiting FlexJobs for opportunities that get you paid to read books aloud.

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12. Backstage

Backstage Homepage

Backstage is a label that focuses on castings, career opportunities, and professional assistance in the film and performing arts industries. Don’t dismiss this website just yet; you can still get paid for voice acting.

There are several openings for various audiobook and podcast genres, ranging from fictional intelligence books to horror-themed podcasts.

When you join, you may pick from three different plans:

  • USD 8.25/month paid annually
  • USD 16.60/month billed every six months
  • USD 19.95/month – payable on a monthly basis

Once you’ve decided on a strategy and become a registered member of Backstage, you can begin looking for projects to work on.

13. Bodalgo

Bodalgo Webpage

Bodalgo, a German corporation, employs over 10,000 voice actors and broadcasts their abilities in over 80 languages. Bodalgo has over 12,000 devoted customers, including Gucci, IBM, and Microsoft.

This website employs native speakers for various tasks, including audiobook narration, foreign advertising, podcasts, e-learning, and more.

Kabir Singh, a voice actor, poet, and philosopher, has been a member of the Bodalgo community for four to five years and has provided some advice on how to make the most of this platform to get paid to read books aloud.

Create a profile on the website, submit your samples, and begin auditioning for projects!

14. Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters provides voice over services to various businesses, ranging from audiobook narration to IVR. If you’re a newbie or are getting started in this industry, this site might not be for you.

Voice Crafters recruits experienced, professional, and full-time voice actors for each work narration. If you want to apply for a project on this site, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The voice talent must have at least five years of commercial voice over experience.
  • If you are under contract with another voice over site, it must be a non-exclusive arrangement.
  • Background sounds will not be accepted in the demo tape supplied unless the talent is equipped with professional recording equipment.
  • A quick turnaround is anticipated – 24 to 48 hours for a 300 to 500-word recording.

If you meet all the conditions listed above, this is an excellent multilingual platform to explore.

15. Vo Planet

Vo Planet

Vo PLanet aims to deliver quality voice over services and audiobook narrator jobs as effectively as possible. When a customer publishes, all voice actors are free to audition for the job, allowing for a speedy hiring process.

Only experienced and professional voice actors with access to a professional studio are hired by Vo Planet.

Another prerequisite of this organization is the availability of high-quality demonstrations. After you submit your application, it may take up to two business days to evaluate it.

To join this site, you must pay a yearly subscription charge of USD 199. The cost includes all maintenance, data media, advertising, hosting, and promotion.

Vo Planet does not deduct any fees from your earnings. You are entitled to 100% of your client’s earnings. Another advantage of this website is that there is no limit to the number of jobs you may audition for.

16. Upwork

Upwork Website

Upwork is a reputable networking site that links freelancers and clients all around the world. If you’re new to the industry, you may obtain valuable experience without always pitching clients cold.

However, the site is saturated with eager freelancers willing to offer a lesser fee, which may reduce your earning potential in the long term.

Set up your profile properly, handle it like you would your resume, and upload a few demonstrations to entice prospects. Once all the essentials are in order, you may begin seeking clients and securing contracts.

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17. People per Hour

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a website that exhibits freelancer skills in various fields, such as drawing, graphic design, and voice-overs. An essential piece of advice to remember if you’re new to the site is to develop an excellent profile. People Per Hour uses an AI algorithm to match clients with freelancers meeting their requirements.

Your profile must have stated skill sets for the AI system to assess and link your profile with a customer.

Tips For Getting Paid to Read Books Aloud

Pick a specialty

Many audiobook narrators become well-known for their work in a specific genre. Consider the sorts of books you enjoy reading and explore ways to get started in the niche.

Purchase audio equipment

While you may not need to spend thousands of dollars on a professional studio, investing a small amount of money in a good microphone will improve your demos. It can assist you in attracting potential clients and enhance your quantity of work opportunities.

Record in a quiet setting

Find a location with less background noise where you can record. It can help you create higher-quality audio files while reducing the time you spend editing.

Begin with one platform

Instead of joining several websites, concentrate on one to get started. It can help you reply to customer requests, keep track of your work, and stay organized.

Take care of your vocal cords

As an audiobook narrator, you must care for your vocal cords to ensure your voice sounds its best. To relieve your throat, stay hydrated and sip teas with licorice root or marshmallow root.


How Can I Get Paid Reading Books Aloud?

You can get paid to read books aloud if you have an enchanting voice, express your words properly, and establish good pronunciations. If you have a decent voice and can read sentences smoothly, you should consider becoming a voice-over artist.

Many people are motivated to be audiobook narrators because they enjoy reading. Being prepared with the above items will help you succeed in this endeavor.

Is it possible to get paid to write book reviews?

Yes, you can. Writing book reviews is a legitimate source of income, with an average annual pay of about USD 61,000. You might make money reading books and turn them into a full-time profession as book reviewer!

Companies recruiting reviewers often demand a tiny writing sample to display all their talents. Examine recently written reviews to gain a sense of the job.

What is the equipment needed to reading books aloud?

Although making an audiobook may appear complicated, with the correct recording gear, you may begin earning money by reading books aloud from the comfort of your home! These tools will be your best friend when producing high-quality audio.

The first three requirements are a functional computer, a solid internet connection, and a quiet environment. Also, A microphone is the most important equipment you will need while reading free books aloud.

Is prior experience required to get paid to read books?

Prior experience is recommended for entry into professional studios. If you’re starting, establish your portfolio on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour. A good profile can help you get started in this sector.

How Much Do Book Readers Get Paid?

The fees you earn as a freelancer on websites like Fiverr or Upwork are established between you and your client. This figure will be determined by the tasks you can do and your experience level in this industry.

In a more professional studio, such as ACX or Voice 123, your payment will be determined by your qualifications, experience, and the publisher you work with.
Most narrators are compensated per completed hour or through royalty sharing.

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