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Get Paid to Wear Nike: Tips to Become a Brand Ambassador

In today’s fashion and sports industries, wearing trendy and functional clothing is often crucial to making a statement. Nike, a staple brand in these arenas, offers consumers stylish and adaptable choices. What if you learned that you could get paid to wear Nike’s products? Yes, that’s right – you can earn money just by wearing their apparel and shoes.

Numerous brands, including Nike, have recognized the potential of endorsement by everyday people like you and me. You can profit by using referral programs and product testing opportunities while sporting the latest Nike gear. This literary expedition will explore various ways to get paid for donning Nike merchandise.

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From urban streetwear to professional athleticism, Nike has a presence on every corner. Whether you’re a casual wearer or a dedicated enthusiast, finding ways to monetize your passion for Nike apparel is an exciting prospect that combines style, comfort, and some extra income. Let’s explore the different avenues available for those who wish to participate in this unique endeavor.

An Overview

Exposition Of Nike Sport Shoes
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Becoming a brand ambassador for Nike can provide opportunities to make money by wearing their products and promoting the brand. Here’s an overview of the range of ways you can get paid to wear it while pursuing your passion for sports and running shoes and staying fashionable at the same time.

Individual Sports Sponsorships

This option is primarily available to professional athletes. Nike often sponsors top-tier athletes in various sports, providing them with gear, footwear, and apparel. Sponsored athletes may receive financial compensation based on their performance and public image. If you’re a talented athlete aiming to go professional, Nike may be interested in sponsoring you.

Influencer Partnerships

With the rise of social media, influencers increasingly impact consumer habits and brand perceptions. Nike often partners with lifestyle, fitness, and sports influencers to showcase their products and reach a wider audience. As an influencer, you may get paid through monetary compensation or receive free products to wear and promote on your platform.

Nike Product Tester with Free Nike Shoe

You may not get paid in cash for using Nike’s product testing program, but you can receive free Nike shoes and apparel before they’re available. In exchange, you will be asked to provide feedback on the products, helping Nike improve and develop their offerings. Becoming a Nike product tester can be a way to enjoy the benefits of wearing their products without the financial investment.

College Athlete Endorsements

The NCAA has recently updated its endorsement rules, allowing college athletes to benefit from their name, image, and likeness. This opens up opportunities for Nike to endorse and financially reward college athletes who promote their products. While still a developing area, college athletes may soon have the chance to make money by wearing Nike gear.

In summary, a few avenues exist to get paid to wear the product, from professional athlete sponsorships and influencer partnerships to product tests and college athlete endorsements. Each opportunity varies in compensation and requirements, but all can benefit those passionate about sports, fashion, and the Nike brand.

How does Nike Product Testing Work?

On-Feet Nike Dunk Low Emb Nba 75Th Anniversary Chicago Colorway Sneakers
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The application process starts on the testing website. Then you can ask a few simple, specific questions that describe your interest. It’s a test that determines if you are eligible as a tester. Then Nike will send you a test packet containing complete instructions to make you available for testing. Upon testing, you will submit your feedback via the manufacturer’s website and have the product sent.

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Does Nike pay in cash?

You may still be interested in the chance to win free Nike shoes. If you’re in the mood for money for testing with Nike, you should be aware that they’re not liable for the money you pay. It’ll be your first chance when Nike or a retailer launches the products. You can also buy Nike footwear at no additional cost for up to three years. This is fine, especially if you want to get test shoes for it during the testing period. Some testers are not required to return Nike’s products, so they can be considered a payment for assisting the company.

Becoming a Nike Brand Ambassador

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Nike Brand Ambassador, your primary responsibility is to promote the Nike brand and its products through a range of channels. This may include:

  • We maintain a solid social media presence and engage with the audience about the company’s products and services.
  • You are attending Nike-sponsored events and activities, such as runs, camps, and promotional events in your area.
  • You are collaborating with Nike to create content showcasing your passion for the brand and inspiring others to support it.

Building a personal brand that resonates with Nike’s values and mission is crucial. By demonstrating your expertise and alignment with Nike, you’re more likely to become an ambassador.

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Perks and Benefits

Becoming a Nike Brand Ambassador has its perks and benefits. Some of them include:

  • Monetary compensation: While the exact amount is undisclosed, Brand Ambassadors at Nike can reportedly earn up to $4,627 monthly, including a base pay of $3,161 and an additional $1,466 monthly.
  • Access to exclusive Nike merchandise: As an ambassador, you may be provided with the latest products and gear to wear and promote.
  • Increased exposure and networking opportunities: Being associated with the Nike brand can open up opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations with other high-profile athletes, influencers, and companies.

To become a Nike Brand Ambassador, you must create a profile on the contact page of Nike’s website and apply for the opportunity. While factors such as name, age, and following might be relevant, showcasing your passion for the Nike brand, your knowledge, and your ability to engage and inspire others is crucial. Please ensure your application is authentic and genuine, highlighting the unique qualities that make you an outstanding fit for the role.

Nike Product Testing Program

Nike Dunk Low Se
Node Hingprakhon / Shutterstock

How to Apply

To become a Nike product tester, the first step is to apply for the Nike Product Testing Program. Begin by visiting Nike’s official website and navigating its product testing page. From there, create an account using your email address and contact information. Once your account is set up, complete the application with relevant details like your shoe size, clothing size, and sports interests.

Tester Requirements

To be a successful product tester for Nike, candidates must meet specific requirements:

  • Age: Testers can be adults, teenagers, or children, as long as parental consent is provided for those under 18.
  • Physical Activity: Testers should be involved in some form of sport or fitness activity, which helps provide relevant feedback on Nike’s products.
  • Location: Testers must live in specific countries where the programs are available. Could you check Nike’s website for an updated list of participating locations?
  • Commitment: Testers are required to follow through with specific instructions for using and providing feedback on the products within the given timeframe.

Program Benefits

Participants in the Nike Product Testing Program enjoy a few benefits:

  • Complimentary Products: Testers receive free Nike shoes, clothing, and other sports apparel for testing.
  • Exclusive Access: Testers often get to try out new Nike products even before they are released in the market.
  • Influence on Future Products: By providing feedback, testers can directly impact the development and improvement of upcoming Nike products.

In the Nike Product Testing Program, product testers often are not compensated with cash or other monetary rewards. Instead, they receive free products and gain exclusive access to new releases. This is an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to play a part in shaping the future of Nike’s product offerings.

Halfway Through The Process

Writing a signed document is easy when using the touch screen on a smartphone or tablet. If not, choose the type so the recipient will only type in their names. Pressing a green light blue button means you will go to Step 6 if logged out.

Nike sends an e-mail to the address listed on the waiver. If the email wasn’t answered, we could not proceed. You’ve got an email stating that you have yet to reply, but please do. After verifying the Adobe Sign email, you can give a child an email address.

Registering A Child

Cute Little Girl Legs With Nike Pink Sport Shoes And Rainbow Pants
icemanphotos / Shutterstock

If I have a login ID and a password, you must provide the details Nike needs for my child to be a product tester. You register for parents, but only nine steps instead of 11. Pick primarily where you have your kids. Tell me their birthdate. Nike uses Months – Days – Year rather than Day – Months – year. Please give them the full names. You could use aliases when you want to protect your child.

Next, when the recruitment code is sent to the child, it will be entered into the application form. Job application codes are unique codes that your Nike representative provides for your Nike event.

Child Product Testing Criteria

When choosing footwear and either pair, you will be greeted with a screen showing how long a child has to wear shoes. You can also select a different length of shirt/top depending on the size. These options vary in size between XS (7) and YXXXL. After deciding on your preferred trousers size, go ahead and try again. This option is also available in SX 7 and YXXXL sizes. On that screen, you can enter their body measurements and their height.

Nike asks that children have chest, waist, and hip measurements for a healthy body mass. Keep measuring tapes horizontal for measuring children—the chest measures at the maximum level, usually under the armpits.

Minor Children Applications

These sections will apply to children between the ages of 12 and 17. This is quite similar to enrolling a young child aged 13 – 18. No parental account is required. This can be accomplished all at once. The application is divided into twenty sections for children ages 13-17.

Create a Parent Login

It’s crucial to start with a parent profile before registering for your child. Nike asks you which state you are in, and it has an exhaustive list of countries, not simply the big countries. After then, the app asks if you are old enough for the app and if you can add a birthday.

Next up, I’d like to ask if your company has employees. The company’s testing programs targeted at employees have a similar purpose. Testing programs are open to the public. They asked about your playing ability and whether you plan to become one. They ask this because there have been regulations surrounding sponsorships for sports fans in college.

Adult Applications

Adult application forms are similar to teen applications. At the start, the application should be signed by someone over 18 years and preferably older. You may ask where your country is. There are 38 countries to select from. You then have to determine which product to try. You may pick clothing and footwear or both.

Lastly, they verify age by requesting that you put your birth dates in months – days – year format. Next up, you will ask – is there someone in Nike?

Creating Your Test User ID

Then use your username, e-mail, and password. You must provide your ID and email. The e-mails are crucial since this is Nike’s default way of communicating with you. You will move on to the next level if you create an encrypted password with a maximum of 8 characters, with upper and lower case letters. You must then decide whether or not the Nike app tells you if you can test products for free.

Generally speaking, email communications are available, but you can also select SMS messaging if you wish. Texting uses up data to send you messages.

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Influencer Marketing and Sponsorships

Social Media Platforms

Influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for brands like Nike to reach new audiences and engage with loyal customers. Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter are popular channels where influencers share their love for Nike products with their followers.

These influencers often have thousands or millions of followers who look up to them for fashion and lifestyle inspiration, making them ideal partners for promoting Nike’s products and values.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way influencers can work with Nike to earn commissions for driving sales. By becoming an affiliate partner, influencers can share unique links or promo codes with their followers, which, when used, generate a commission for the influencer. This promotional activity can work hand-in-hand with sponsored posts, as it helps create a revenue stream for both parties involved.

Sponsored Posts

Nike often collaborates with well-known personalities and influencers for sponsored posts on social media platforms. Nike-sponsored posts have a strong following in the athletic and sports world and cater to diverse audiences.

Another major sportswear brand, Adidas, frequently partners with influencers for promotional content. By carefully selecting influencers who embody the spirit of their brand, Nike and Adidas ensure that their message resonates with the targeted demographic.


Long-term partnerships can play a significant role in influencer marketing, providing brands like Nike with a reliable source of promotion and engagement. Such partnerships can take various forms, including custom product collaborations, event partnerships, and ambassador programs.

These collaborations provide influencers unique opportunities to work closely with the brand, creating a solid rapport between Nike, the influencer, and their audience. A famous example is Nike’s partnership with Michael Jordan, which created the iconic Air Jordan line of sneakers.

As influencer marketing continues to evolve, it’s crucial for brands like Nike to stay adaptable and forge meaningful connections with influencers who will help them grow their reach, maintain authenticity, and drive sales.

Alternative Ways to Make Money with Nike

Woman Wearing A Nike Dunk Low Coast Isolated In Blue
Hanna Garcia / Shutterstock

While getting paid to wear Nike products might not be an option, a few alternative ways to make money related to the brand exist. This section will discuss a few options, including Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys, Nielsen and Poshmark, Daily Goodie Box, and IZEA.

Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys

  • Survey Junkie: By participating in online surveys and sharing your opinions about various products and services, you can earn rewards, such as cash or gift cards. While you might not directly make money with Nike, you can still earn money to buy their products.
  • Branded Surveys: Similarly to Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys allows you to complete surveys for rewards. You can redeem your points for cash or gift cards, which can then be used to purchase Nike products.

Nielsen and Poshmark

Nielsen: This company conducts market research to understand consumer behavior and preferences. By participating in their surveys or registering with Nielsen’s rewards program, you can earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash. Again, while not directly related to Nike, the rewards earned can be used to purchase Nike products.

Poshmark: If you have Nike products you no longer need or want, selling them on Poshmark can be profitable. This platform allows you to list your used or new clothing and accessories for sale, enabling you to earn cash from your Nike items.

Daily Goodie Box and IZEA

  • Daily Goodie Box: This platform sends out free boxes of samples and products for you to try and review. Although you might not receive Nike products in every box, you still have the chance to make money by reviewing and providing feedback on the items you receive.
  • IZEA: IZEA connects influencers and content creators with brands for advertising and sponsorship opportunities. By partnering with Nike through IZEA, you can earn money for sponsored posts and promotions on your social media platforms or blog.

In summary, a few alternative ways to make money related to Nike exist. Delve into these options and find the best fit for your interests and capabilities.


In summary, getting paid to wear Nike products is possible through various avenues, including sponsorship deals, influencer partnerships, and product testing opportunities. While the likelihood of securing such opportunities may vary depending on factors such as athletic performance or audience reach, individuals passionate about the brand can explore these possibilities to enjoy the perks of earning while donning Nike gear.

For athletes, signing a contract with Nike can lead to various benefits, from free clothing and footwear to financial incentives based on performance or sales of free shoes. In the past few years, the NCAA endorsement rules have also evolved, allowing college athletes to secure sneaker deals while still representing their schools in Nike-sponsored uniforms.

Influencers and content creators can join Nike’s affiliate program or collaborate with the brand on marketing campaigns. By leveraging their online presence, these individuals can generate income by promoting Nike products to their audience, earning commissions or fees.

Lastly, those interested in product testing can apply to Nike’s program. Successful applicants will receive free clothing or footwear in exchange for their feedback and reviews. This opportunity allows participants to earn products from the brand and contributes to women’s training in developing better and more innovative apparel and footwear for the broader consumer base.

Getting paid to wear Nike is attractive for many but requires dedication, skill, specific circumstances, and the right opportunities. By exploring different ways and being persistent, individuals can turn their passion for the brand into a rewarding endeavor.

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Do you get paid to be a Nike tester?

How many people work at NIKE? Average NIKE tester wages in the USA average $310 – an increase of 177% over the national average.

What does a Nike product tester do?

As a Product Testing Analyser, you develop and manage product test categories and consumer perception tests. Could you ensure the test planning and execution of the human perception test?

How to make money with Nike?

The 2% commission on your sales of Nike products and services will be earned through affiliate programs. This 11% commission rate doesn’t apply to every product, though it will generally get more if your product is promoted through a Nike affiliate program.

Will Nike pay me to promote it?

Is Nike Payable For Promoting It? Nike doesn’t pay you for promotions and is rewarded a percentage of sales when you advertise a thing. You will no longer be paid for promotion but also receive money for referrals.

Is it possible to become a Nike affiliate?

Nike doesn’t offer affiliate programs directly online, so you can use an interconnected network. If you browse the Nike Affiliate Site and click Apply Now, you will see an AWIN webpage. AWIN is a network that can help promote your products through the Nikes Affiliate program.

How do you get hired as a product tester?

What are some ways of becoming a product testing consultant? You must first register with a business offering product testing for home products (The Product Testing Panel List is Here). Once your application has been completed, the market research company will send you screeners and e-mails verifying your eligibility.

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