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Get Paid to Wear Slippers: The Ultimate Guide

Imagine earning money while staying in the comfort of your own home and wearing cozy slippers all day. As the world adapts to remote work and streaming lifestyles, unconventional job opportunities have emerged, and one such opportunity is being a slipper tester.

Companies like Bedroom Athletics are recruiting two new slipper testers who will wear, test, and review new fluffy slippers, helping them refine their products and ensure maximum customer comfort. With the two new slipper testers, we’ll be in an even better position to provide the UK’s working-from-home workforce with second-to-none quality slippers.

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The company is glad to welcome an official brand tester to sign up for their team, which will be invaluable in gaining insight and feedback on the continual improvement of their slippers.

The role of an official slipper tester involves wearing new slipper products for a minimum of 12 hours a day, two days a month, for a year. Testers will wear and evaluate it all day before making it available to the public, providing crucial feedback on comfort, fit, and quality. In return, these official slipper testers and specialists are paid a pro-rated salary of around $5,400 a year.

The Slipper Tester Job

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Job Description

The Bedroom Athletics Slipper Tester job is a unique opportunity for a comfortable and stress-free working experience. The primary responsibility of the slipper tester is to wear the slippers provided by the company for a minimum of 12 hours a day, two days a month.

It is expected to test the slippers’ comfort, durability, optimum comfort, and overall quality. The applicant taking on the role will be required to wear and provide extensive feedback on such items as our classic faux fur slipper boots, memory foam slippers, classic mule slippers, and moccasin designs.

Throughout this time must also give extensive feedback on other products, such as dressing gowns and homewares. Members of the public who often get cold feet would be perfect candidates, especially as we head into the colder months, as we want to make sure we’re keeping all our customer’s toes cozy during winter.

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Salary and Working Hours

The Bedroom Athletics Slipper Tester position offers successful applicants a competitive pro-rata salary of £40,000 per year. Considering that the job demands only 12 hours per role and Fluffy only gets paid to wear slippers in the slippers a-wearing for two days a month, this adds up to an impressive, adequate hourly wage, making it a lucrative option for those seeking a comfortable part-time role.

How to Apply

The application process for this dream job is straightforward. I just wanted to let you know that interested applicants should prepare a compelling email detailing their enthusiasm for the footwear company, the newly created role, and any relevant experience in slippers and loungewear. Please include your contact information so the recruitment team can contact you to discuss the next steps.

Bedroom Athletics

The Company

Bedroom Athletics is a UK-based loungewear retailer specializing in comfortable and stylish apparel for relaxation. The company is known for offering high-quality products that prioritize comfort and design in a mission to provide the perfect cozy at-home experience for its customers.

Products and Apparel Range

The main products offered by Bedroom Athletics include slippers, loungewear, and accessories for both men and women. Their line of slippers features a variety of styles and designs to suit every preference. Some of the popular slipper styles include:

  • Memory foam slippers
  • Classic faux fur boots
  • Moccasin designs
  • Classic mule slippers

Bedroom Athletics’ loungewear collection includes soft pajamas, fluffy robes, and other comfortable garments to keep consumers warm and cozy. To keep its selection fresh and exciting, the company frequently releases new products, such as its Autumn/Winter range, which introduces new slippers and loungewear items to customers.

Overall, the brand is dedicated to ensuring that customers feel at home while wearing their products, providing the perfect blend of style and comfort in their apparel range. On some occasions, they even offered a unique dream job opportunity, where lucky candidates would get paid to wear and test their slippers, exemplifying the brand’s commitment to customer feedback and product development.

The Testing Process

Wear and Test Procedures

Getting paid to wear slippers involves wearing and testing brand-new products before they become available. The tester must wear each slipper product for at least 12 hours a day, two days a month, over 12 months. During this time, they will evaluate the slippers’ comfort, style, and overall performance. After testing the products, the tester will provide detailed feedback on their experience, which will help the company make improvements and adjustments if necessary.

Gifted Products

In addition to being paid for their time and critiques, testers will also receive gifted products from the company, including slippers, dressing gowns, and homewares. This is an added incentive for the testers, as they get to keep and enjoy the products they’ve evaluated.

The gifted products need to be reviewed thoroughly, and any issues or suggestions relating to their design, quality, or performance should be reported back to the company. This allows the company to refine its product offerings and make informed decisions about future developments.

Throughout the testing process, the slipper tester should maintain a neutral and clear tone in their evaluations, focusing on providing accurate and reliable feedback. This helps ensure that the information gathered is useful for the company and its product development process. By wearing and testing gifted slippers, testers can make a valuable contribution to the improvement and success of innovative and comfortable slipper products.

Earning Potential

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Monthly Earnings

As reported by a job opportunity found in the search results, the chosen candidate signing up for a new pair slipper tester role can earn up to $450 a month. The job entails:

  • Wearing and testing brand-new products before they are available to the public
  • Wearing each product for two 12-hour days per month
  • Providing feedback on the slippers

Yearly Earnings

You can earn around $5,400 a year as a slipper tester. This is an ideal part-time job for those who love to wear slippers all day, and it provides valuable insights about cozy and comfortable footwear.

Remember that your actual earnings may vary depending on the company or brand you work with, along with your experience and feedback quality.

In summary, becoming a slipper tester is a perfect job that can result in decent earnings on a monthly and yearly basis. With a monthly income of $450 and annual profits per footwear company of up to $5,400, the role of slipper tester is an opportunity to consider for anyone who enjoys wearing and evaluating new cozy and comfortable footwear.

Additional Perks and Responsibilities

Dressing Gowns and Loungewear

In addition to wearing slippers, slipper testers may also have the opportunity to test and review dressing gowns and loungewear. This adds variety to the job and allows testers to assess the overall comfort and style of various products. Some companies, like Bedroom Athletics, may also provide testers with a steady supply of new and cozy items for loungewear, ensuring they’re always comfortable while working 12-hour days.

Some key points about testing dressing gowns and loungewear include:

  • The opportunity to try various luxury loungewear items
  • Evaluating the overall comfort and design of the products
  • Sharing valuable feedback that helps companies improve their offerings

Consultancy on Slipper Designs

In addition to simply wearing and testing slippers, testers may also play a crucial role in the design process by offering consultancy services. This can involve evaluating different slipper designs, such as loafers or moccasins, and suggesting materials, colors, and other design elements.

Individuals with a keen eye for design and an understanding of comfortable footwear can offer valuable insights to companies as they develop new products.

Some aspects of consultancy on slipper designs include:

  • Analyzing various slipper styles and designs
  • Providing suggestions on materials and colors to enhance comfort and appeal
  • Collaborating with designers to develop innovative and improved slipper products

By taking on responsibilities such as dressing gown and loungewear testing as well as offering consultancy on slipper designs, slipper testers can make a significant impact on the products companies develop, helping to provide consumers with comfortable and stylish options for loungewear and footwear.

Slipper Types and Designs

Quality Slippers

Quality slippers are essential for customers who value comfort and durability in their footwear. Investing in quality slippers ensures that individuals can enjoy a warm and cozy experience while also benefiting from longer-lasting materials. Quality slippers often come in a variety of designs, such as memory foam, moccasin, and mule slippers, which cater to different preferences and needs.

Memory Foam

Memory foam slippers offer an advanced level of comfort by adapting to the shape of your foot, and providing customized support. This adaptive material evenly distributes pressure to alleviate stress on the feet. Memory foam slippers are ideal for those who desire a personalized and comfortable slipper experience.

Features of memory foam slippers:

  • Mold to the shape of your foot
  • Provide optimal comfort and support
  • Evenly distribute pressure

Moccasin Designs

Moccasin slippers are popular for their timeless design, comfort, and warmth. This classic slipper style typically features a soft, cushioned interior and a durable exterior to withstand regular use. Moccasin designs often incorporate materials such as suede or leather, providing a stylish appearance while maintaining warmth.

Key aspects of moccasin slippers:

  • Classic, timeless design
  • Cushioned interior for comfort
  • Durable exterior for regular use
  • Suede or leather materials

Mule Slippers

Mule slippers offer an easy-to-wear, slip-on design that allows for effortless use. These slippers are ideal for those seeking a convenient, no-fuss option while offering warmth and comfort.

Mule slippers can be found in various materials, including plush fabrics or memory foam, providing options for individual preferences. Characteristics of mule slippers:

  • Slip-on design for ease of use
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Available in various materials, including plush fabrics and memory foam

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit your application to become a slipper tester is January 31st. To be considered for this unique opportunity, applicants must gather and submit all necessary information and documents before the deadline.

To help with the application process, here is a brief overview of some key points to consider when applying:

  • Eligibility: Understand the eligibility criteria mentioned by the company, such as being able to wear slippers for a minimum of 12 hours a day, two days a month for the testing and feedback process.
  • Submission of details: Prepare your details, relevant work experience, and a statement explaining why you believe you are the ideal candidate for the role of a slipper tester.
  • Product interest: Show genuine enthusiasm for testing footwear products, including slippers, loungewear, and homewares. This will help demonstrate your commitment and willingness to fulfill the requirements of the chosen candidate.

Remember that meeting the January 31st deadline is vital to be considered for this role. Late submissions may not be reviewed, and you could miss out on this opportunity to earn money simply by wearing and reviewing slippers. Therefore, ensure your application is complete and submitted on time, with all relevant information and documents in place.

Ideal Candidates


The ideal candidates for the slipper tester position are male and female individuals passionate about comfortable footwear. Age and location are no restrictions, as the role can be performed while working from home. This opportunity especially appeals to those seeking a flexible work arrangement, as the commitment requires only 12 monthly work hours.


As slipper testers, candidates should be inclined to try various slipper styles, such as slipper boots, memory foam slippers, and faux fur models. An interest in loungewear and homewares is also beneficial, as the tester must provide detailed feedback on their product experience.

Moreover, it is essential for the ideal candidate to be knowledgeable about slipper quality and comfort, as they will be responsible for testing products before they become available to the public. A footwear industry background or product testing experience could be an advantage.

In addition to possessing a keen interest in cozy footwear, the ideal candidate should be adept at providing constructive feedback that will help improve the overall quality of the products. A background in product testing or understanding different slipper materials and designs are valuable assets.

Finally, fanning the ‘Cinderella‘ story might add some motivation, as the opportunity to be a slipper tester can make one reminiscent of the fairy tale. With a position like this, candidates can follow in Cinderella’s footsteps, ensuring the perfect fit for a range of comfortable products soon available to the public.

The ideal candidates for the slipper tester role must be curious, knowledgeable, and passionate about cozy footwear. Their feedback will help shape the future of slipper products and promote an enjoyable experience for customers everywhere.

Public Reception

Social Media Buzz

The concept of getting paid to wear slippers has generated quite a buzz on social media. Many people, including students and homeware enthusiasts, have expressed excitement about earning money while wearing comfortable slippers. Some have even jokingly referred to it as their dream job.

Various styles of slippers available for review, such as classic mule slippers, moccasin designs, and faux fur boots, have also contributed to the widespread interest in this unique job opportunity. The British slipper and loungewear retailer, Bedroom Athletics, has gained significant attention due to this campaign.

In addition to enjoying the comfort of cozy slippers, participants are asked to provide valuable feedback on the footwear they test. This includes evaluating aspects such as comfort, design, and durability. As a result, many social media users are actively discussing their favorite slipper styles and features.

The appeal of this opportunity is further enhanced by the attractive compensation offered to participants. With a pro-rata salary of £40,000 per year, the equivalent of around $5,400 to $6,800, many users have expressed surprise and admiration at the generous payment structure. This has led to a surge in interest in similar job opportunities within the loafer and homewares industry.

Overall, the public reception of this unique opportunity has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by the extensive social media coverage and discussion. The demand for such opportunities will likely grow as more people become aware of the benefits of getting paid to review slippers.


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