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Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate Review and Ratings: Scam or Legitimate?

Want to make some additional money and discover Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate but are hesitant since you’re worried it’ll be a scam? No worries, our Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate Review will provide you with all of the relevant details more about the site and explain if it pays or is a fraud. A few of the sites are outright scammers, so be cautious.

Many sites that pay for surveys provide ways to make money. It may not be substantial, but it is contingent on the site and helps offset small costs.

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Before signing up for surveys, be sure the company is trustworthy. This assessment aims to help you know the site and identify whether it is reliable.

About Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate

Synovate, also known as Global Opinion Panels, is a worldwide industry dedicated to enabling you to take surveys online in exchange for money.

By filling out surveys on Global Opinion Panels, you have the ability to change or improve current products and services, earn rewards just by sharing your voice, test products not out on the market yet, and influence how the design or type of a product is made before it even reaches the stores.

Founded in 2003, Global Opinion Panels has worked hard and strategically to stretch across the world, and they now help corporations and industries worldwide make decisions, rate products, and design for the future thanks to the surveys they pay you to fill out honestly.

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Is Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate a Scam?

No – Synovate is not a scam. On the contrary, they are one of the most highly reviewed and suggested survey websites to start achieving your goals of receiving a steady revenue as a professional surveyor. With Global Opinion Panels attached to your utility belt, you can achieve a larger income that you initially expected.

Synovate is a member of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), and abide by the ethics and code of standards that CASRO places. They whole-heartedly offer you an honest way to potentially make a living, and want to help you achieve your goals by filling out surveys honestly and efficiently.

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Why is Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate Legitimate?

In this Synovate Review it proves that Global Opinion Panels is legitimate because they have standards; they have rules, regulations, and allow you a way to receive revenue through an honest and timely fashion.

To separate Global Opinion Panels from the survey websites that actually are scams, you can simply look at the fact that Synovate does not ask you to pay to sign up with them – it’s free and simple. They will not spam your email trying to get you to do more with their site, sign up for vouchers, advertise for other sites, or anything else.

The only thing they will send you through email are the survey invitations that you can get paid for. That’s why signing up for Synovate is a no hassle, obligation-free process that takes just minutes to complete.

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Who Can Sign Up for Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate?

Anyone worldwide that is legally above the age of eighteen is eligible to sign up for Global Opinion Panels. Since they are a company that works with corporations across the globe, they offer chances for anyone to increase their current revenue or even potentially turn surveying into a career.

The payment method for redeeming your money is cash, sent by a hard check in the mail. More recently, however, Synovate has begun to offer vouchers for gift cards online to major retailers like Amazon.

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How Does Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate Make Payments?

Global Opinion Panels makes payments by sending a hard check in the mail, or through online email for vouchers and gift cards.

The processing time for the hard check can take between six to eight weeks, however, if you request for a voucher instead you can receive it within an hour of your initial request. 

The minimum balance for redemption is $5.00, which is the equivalent of 5,000 points on Global Opinion Panels.

Global Opinion Panels, or Synovate, is a surveying website dedicated to helping corporations, increasing their abilities and range constantly, and helping you to earn revenue honestly through filling out surveys.

They are a dedicated worldwide industry that is definitely a place to start if you’re interested in turning surveying into a profession, or even if you just wish to make some extra money on the side.

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Global Opinion Panels/ Synovate




User Friendly




Survey Options





  • Worldwide Access
  • Payment Method in Cash
  • Vouchers for gift cards online
  • Free and Simple Sign-Up Process


  • Age Restriction, 18 Years or Above