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Google Sniper Review: Legitimate or a Scam?

If you’re reading this Google Sniper review, chances are you stumbled across the product at some point. It’s likely it caught your attention, and you’re seeking the answers before you make a critical decision.

Doing your own research is always a good thing no matter how good or bad they look from a distance. This way you can find legit products which can help you make money online and avoid scams that will put a dent in your wallet.

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So, the video on the product’s sales page claims you can make up to a couple of thousand dollars a day with this system. Is that true? Read on to find out the real truth behind this training which you need to know.

Google Sniper Review

Google Sniper

As of this writing, the product is in the 3.0 stage. Before Google Sniper 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0 were very popular among the affiliate marketing community. If they roll out an update, we will test-drive the product and update this review accordingly.

So, what is the hype all about? What is Google Sniper?

It’s one of the more popular (and older) training courses on affiliate marketing that focuses on creating niche websites. It was launched in 2009 by George Brown. It teaches how you can create a website and monetize it by promoting products from ClickBank, which is among one of the oldest marketplaces for finding products to promote.

  • Find topics of your interest and find products you’d like to promote (from CB)
  • Create a sniper website based on the product
  • Rank the website on search engines like Google
  • Drive traffic and receive commissions on your sales

This is how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell. However, most of the tactics Gsniper talks of are outdated and no longer work. More on that in the next section.

A Sneak Peek

Inside the member’s area, you get instant access to:

  • Video training modules
  • Recorded webinars
  • Downloadable resources in PDF and other formats
  • Extra resources to minimize the learning curve

It focuses on building niche websites and outsourcing so you can save some time once you have mastered the fundamentals. Under the Sniper X section, program creator George hosts weekly webinars and answers questions.

In the latest 3.0 update, a new module named Sniper Cash Machine has been added to the training. You get to learn various strategies which are based around Twitter, Facebook, and creating videos.

The support isn’t the best though. The only way you can get a hold of them is via support tickets. Simply raise one, and the team will get back to you. Unlike most products out there, they don’t have a dedicated community on social media platforms. Facebook groups are the standard norm these days with most products, and G Sniper misses out on them.

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It’s worth mentioning GSniper 3.0 has a ton of upsells. As soon as you’ve purchased the basic product for $47, you will be encouraged to get the upgrades. Back in the day, you could’ve had a $1 trial for testing the product, which is not available anymore.

Things We Liked

There’s a lot to like about the platform – it has been in business for a decade for a reason. It’s not the best product in the world, but it does hold its ground firmly in places.

  • Beginner-friendly video training
  • The strategies are dated, but they worked ‘back in the day.’ It’s definitely legitimate and teaches strategies that worked great until 2010. There were people that were having success with the platform. If you’re looking to master the fundamentals, the ‘obsolete’ information can still be somewhat useful and a good starting point.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. This is more of a ClickBank feature since the product is hosted on their platform. They have a 60-day no questions asked ironclad money-back guarantee during which you can get a refund should you choose to.

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Things We Didn’t Like

We will try to be fair. There are things we liked, and there definitely are some that we didn’t like. There’s definitely some room for improvement here.

  • An endless stream of upsells – there’s a front-end sale for $47, then an elite upgrade for $187, a case study upgrade for $97, and a membership for $47/month. The product could’ve been better if you were not constantly pushed to ‘upgrade’ and pay ‘again.’
  • Deceptive methods for promotions – there are places where the product is promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme. That’s far from true, and you won’t be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight. The product also encourages you to sign up as an affiliate for GS and promote it on social media networks (aka spamming).
  • Obsolete training – GS has had a hard time keeping up to date with the latest search algorithm updates. Google changes them frequently, and so do the other search engines. Something which works today may not work 5 years down the road. Google Sniper teaches strategies that worked great till 2009. If you use them today and hope to succeed, we have some bad news for you. They don’t work anymore.

For example, it talks about creating backlinks to your website which is not a major ranking factor anymore. Over the last few years, Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo have preferred websites that produce high-quality content.

Other than this, page loading speed and user experience/user interface also plays a vital role. In some cases, some of the strategies that worked till the last decade may do your website more harm than good. That’s the last thing you’d want – a penalty!

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Is Google Sniper a Scam?

No, GoogleSniper is not a scam. It’s definitely a legitimate product that does have decent training. It’s good for understanding the basics but don’t expect to make ‘tons’ of money with it. If you’re a beginner at getting organic traffic, you should check out our free guide instead.

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