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How to Hire a Press Release Writer [What’s the Cost]

Are you making an announcement? Hiring a good press release writer spells the difference between effective messaging and lackluster content. Here’s everything you need to know about hiring one.

So you’re ready to spread your message? Should you hire a professional copywriter, or should you draft one yourself?

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Hiring a professional press release writer lets you reap a variety of benefits. Having someone draft your business promotions means better content. You have more time to focus on important projects and more exposure.

Before adding another member to your team, there are factors to consider. Many business owners have made the mistake of spending too much for a copywriter. There are those who hire press release writers only to end up with sub-standard output.

How much should you pay a press release writer in writing press releases? What qualities and skills make a good press release writer?

Why should you hire a press release writer?

Typing On A Laptop With Press Release Content

There are many advantages to hiring a press release writer. Even if you have stellar writing skills and can draft them yourself.

While adding a member to your team is an investment, here’s when hiring a copywriter makes sense.

Improved quality

Hiring a copywriter makes sense if you’re looking for better quality writing in your press releases. Copywriters with extensive experience in press release writing know tips and tricks. And this is common if copywriting isn’t your specialization.

The best press release writers can write about the most obscure topics with ease. They use search engine optimization and a good flow of thoughts. They’re more qualified in making sure your ideas come across how you want them to.

Improved results

You may get results if you draft your press releases yourself. But you can be assured of success if you make a specialized writer do it. Press release writing can be complicated. It is because there’s an established science behind it.

A good press release is relevant to the audience it targets, making it more likely that it is spread and shared.

Good press release writers are knowledgeable about effective keywords. And they can even handle your press release distribution. It makes it even easier for people to find your business or learn about your product or service.

More time

If you’re heading your company, your hands must be full. Drafting press releases shouldn’t be included in your daily to-do list when there are more important tasks.

Hiring a press release writer removes this burden from your shoulders. It frees up your time for activities that matter most.

What should you look for in a press release writer?

A Person With A Laptop And Paperwork


Quality is important no matter what position you’re hiring for. Reliability becomes a more integral quality when you’re hiring freelance press release writers who’ll work remotely.

Since you won’t be able to watch over the worker, you’ll need someone who can get things done on time with minimal supervision. For good measure, ask the writer if he encountered challenges with reliability in the past. And what he has done to rectify them.


It goes without saying that if you look for excellent press releases hire someone qualified. Assess the applicant while going through their credentials and asking pertinent questions.

You want to identify a freelance writer with expertise in producing press releases. Specifically, someone with experience writing press releases relevant to your industry.

Of course, the more writing experience the applicant has, the better. It is ideal to hire press release writers with at least a year of experience in drafting press releases.


If you’re looking to compose press releases on a daily basis, make sure that the press release writer has enough time to work on your tasks. Will you be requesting revisions on a last-minute basis? Make sure the applicant knows this as well.


Most freelance press release writers have a roster of clients. Since you’re not the only one they’ll be working for. You’ll need a writer who can offer a decent level of commitment to your projects.

Will the writer push your tasks aside if more urgent projects from other clients arrive? You need your potential writers to know how much time they need to commit to your projects before hiring them.

Relevant Samples

Take no one’s word for it when it comes to personal experience. Request samples of press releases they’ve written (two or three is a decent number). And review them to ensure they’re delivering the quality and style of work you’re looking for.

Professional Attitude

The best writer in the world won’t be much help if they can’t meet deadlines or react to emails. And it is a serious issue for freelancers. Most freelancers have other clients. And, in certain cases, full-time jobs to cater to, so some wiggle room is required.

Look elsewhere if a candidate fails to show up for an interview or is tardy to respond to you. There are lots of other fish in the sea. And someone who is hesitant to answer the interview process may be an unresponsive nightmare after the job is secured.

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How much to charge for writing a press release?

A Black And White Photo Of A Laptop And A Newspaper

The quick answer: press release cost varies based on several factors. And it’s hard to pin one number to answer this question.

You’ll find a freelance writer who can draft you a press release for as low as $30 to as high as $182 per hour. Others will charge you $.50 to $2 per word or $150 to $750 per page.

There’s an overwhelming variety in cost. It is because there are many ways to charge writing work and so many “add-ons” to consider.

Here are some of the things that may influence how much a press release writer charges:

1. The quality

Well-crafted press releases cost more than those that are substandard. And that’s an obvious fact. You’ll find writers who’ll charge peanuts for their work (as low as $5 per project). But you’re not supposed to expect much.

The foundation of a great press release is clean and concise wording. It also consists of keywords that draw the interest of its target demographic. 

People make the mistake of believing that press release writing services are simple. It is because it is brief and to the point. But, as everyone who has built software or designed systems knows, press releases are difficult.

A well-written press release is concise, direct, and communicates a brief amount of space. Most press releases are tailored to a particular audience, such as trade periodicals, local media, or possible partners.

You may find an early-career freelance press release writer who’ll charge $50. But you’ll have to manage the writer and be in charge of your own distribution.

You might hire an entry-level freelance writer who can prepare something passable for $50. At this level, be prepared to supply the topic and viewpoint for your press releases and manage the writer. You will also be in charge of your own press release distribution services. It is an ideal option for businesses with more time than funds to spend.

For $250, you may be able to hire professional press release writers. They might deliver a press release service with minimal fuss while being able to manage distribution.

You will still be in charge of topic generation and delivery at this level. It is a good alternative for a company that doesn’t mind having a hand in the writer’s management. And also has the time to experiment to discover the optimal degree of quality.

A usual fee for hiring an experienced, qualified press release writer is between $500 and $2500. At this level, the amount you pay will be determined by the writer’s portfolio. It also includes their competence and degree of comprehension for your target audience.

Services like distribution and news monitoring will raise prices, pushing you closer to the upper end. For most established firms, anywhere around this press release service range is a solid decision.

Some firms charge upwards of $3000 each for writing press releases. You should expect to hire an experienced and professional writer with these rates. This press release writer may be in the industry for more than a decade.

The writer should understand the people they’re aiming for. Specializes in your business and has demonstrated skill in crisp, clear language that grabs attention. Rates at this level are likely to include full-service consultation, news monitoring, and distribution.

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2. The scope

More than drafting the press release, some press release writers may offer to shoulder other tasks. It includes developing a distribution network, monitoring for news, SEO optimization, and creating and maintaining a media kit.

More elements may affect the press release writing service cost. So it’s good to know what your press release writer can do for you before making a commitment.

While good writing is essential for a successful press release, it is not the only factor. Identifying the appropriate news, building a distribution network, managing media contacts, and other factors influence how much attention a press release writer receives.

Adding these and other features to the press release service increases the scope and cost. Here are services that may be worth the extra money for you:

News Monitoring

A Black And White Newspaper

Understanding what defines a newsworthy event is a skill in and of itself. It necessitates media expertise and active monitoring of company action. Without someone executing this function, it is possible to overlook celebrations, executive appointments, and promotions. Also, mergers, leadership bios, new ventures, new business lines, and other opportunities get enough attention.

Maintaining a Media Kit

A Guy Holding A Tablet And Reading An Article With A Coffee On The Side

Journalists have hectic schedules. They value contacts who do not need them to put more effort than required. A media kit that includes leadership profiles and head pictures, corporate letterhead, company profile, and other pertinent material can improve your chances of getting positive coverage on media outlets.

SEO Optimization

A Woman Typing A Content On Her Laptop With Magazine And Coffee On The Side

Even without optimization, press releases give SEO benefits in two ways. First, they add new content to the site when it is released. Google enjoys content.

Second, when picked up by bloggers, journalists, and news outlets, press release writing services produce inbound links. Deliberate SEO optimization can boost these advantages. It may include relevant keywords, targeted keyword integration, and inbound link development.

3.  The payment method

Whether you pay hourly, flat rate, a la carte, or retainer influences the amount you must pay a press release writer. If you’re looking to save, look for copywriters who can work on a flat rate, retainer basis. Here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Hourly or flat rate? 

Hourly rates can be attractive. But it means your press release writer doesn’t have enough grip on the project’s scope to give you a flat rate. It may state a lack of experience.

If you’re hiring an inexperienced copywriter, he may take longer to draft a press release than someone who is experienced. Though the quality of work may be the same, you’ll lose money if you’re charging by the hour.

A la carte or retainer? 

Paying for press releases a la carte will allow you to save. But having someone on a retainer basis has its own benefits.

It takes time for a writer to know your company from the ground up. And having someone on a retainer basis gives him enough time to know your company better. And it means spreading the cost of ramp-up. It means you’ll pay lower for each press release on a retainer basis while getting better results.

Where can I find a good press release writer?

1. WriterAccess

Writer Access Main Webpage

WriterAccess is the best portal for hiring a freelance press release writer. You can find press release writers with the skills and expertise you need on this platform. Clients will be able to manage publishing, approvals, and performance. And it is through the WriterAccess content creation platform.

WriterAccess boasts of a robust workflow platform. It has instant access to talent, a dashboard where you can track content performance, and an optional managed service.

To access the software, clients must pay a small platform subscription fee ranging from $39 a month. It consists of a basic account of up to $99 a month for a premium account.

The premium account gives you access to the platform’s wide variety of talent, including animators, photographers, web designers, illustrations, editors, content strategists, translators, and others. Once you’re subscribed, you can pay a flat rate for your projects. Or you can pay by the word ranging from 2 cents to $1 for better quality.

2. Fiverr

Freelance Services Fiverr

Fiverr isn’t the first place you’d think of when hiring high-quality press release writers. But you’ll find more than a dozen gifted copywriters on the platform. And they offer services for a very good price.

Hugh has a 4.9-star rating and over 900 reviews, with over 20 years of experience in corporate PR and marketing communications. He charges as low as $35 for a 300+ word professionally-written press release.

Bgracious has over 1,000 reviews and a 5.0-star rating on her profile. He offers keyword-optimized PR writing packages ranging from $200 for a 200-word article to $450 for a 450-word article.

Faswaldo is a 27-year-old copywriter and public relations coordinator. He specializes in press releases, website content, blogging, product descriptions, and captions. She has a 4.9-star rating and over 1,000 reviews. Her packages range from $100 for a 300-word press release to $200 for a 500-word press release.

3. Contently

Contently Main Webpage

Contently works with the world’s biggest businesses to create engaging, accountable content on a large scale. What distinguishes them is their hybrid approach: they assist clients to generate strategically distinctive content that drives business results by integrating an end-to-end platform, a proven strategic methodology, and a curated talent network into one holistic solution.

Freelancers use their platform to find opportunities to write content for some of the world’s most recognizable businesses. They are committed to supplying their clients with top talent and giving seamless freelance experiences to their contributors.

Their award-winning network of writers can assist you with anything from reported articles to press releases, thought leadership, social-friendly material, and more.

There are no provided pricing rates on their website as Contently has quote-based pricing, ensuring that organizations get what they need to boost their content operations. The Contently pricing approach ensures that you only pay for the services and features you select.

4. Constant Content

Constant Content Main Webpage

With a team of 100,000 writers serving over 50,000 businesses, Constant Content is a writing agency that can help you draft an effective press release. You can guarantee that all articles are unique and SEO-friendly.

Constant Content only accepts expert and specialist writers through a strict application process. You may connect with writing professionals across industries, including medicine, technology, law, finance, engineering, and more.

Unlike other platforms with a set price per word of the project, Constant Content’s pricing varies depending on the writer’s rate. The average rate for custom content is $120.

If you are an aspiring writer, you should check on blogs of famous writers to get an idea from them and be inspired.

Pros of Hiring Press Release Writers

  • Save time by gathering the details of your press release writing in a central document. You can send it to the agency or expert who will create it. Then you may go about your day without devoting a day to producing the press release.
  • The price you pay an in-house employee per hour to create a press release may exceed a professional. You might be able to hire an expert to write it for $400, for example. But, your in-house employee, whom you pay $50 per hour, may need two days to get it perfect.
  • Professional writers are well-versed in the complexities of tone, syntax, structure, and storytelling. That’s their specialty. You’re more likely to get a higher-quality document when you’re an expert. And things could become messy if you do it yourself.
  • You have the opportunity to rewrite it. Many professional content services include some free revisions as part of the pricing. You can submit it for modifications once, twice, or even three times. You can make changes, big or small until you’re satisfied.

Cons of Hiring Press Release Writers

  • An incomplete brief means essential facts may be lost. You have a heavy burden when creating a brief consisting of fundamental notes about what should be in the press release. You must get it exactly right. Otherwise, you may have to rewrite several times to fill in the factual gaps. And it could take a long time and be stressful.
  • Your “tone” may be lost. To avoid losing your voice, give information about the tone and style of your organization’s brand. If you don’t, the writer will most likely use a phrase that sounds expert, reputable, and reliable.


What Makes Press Releases Unique From Other Content Marketing?

The tone of press releases differs from that of other sorts of information. Blog posts, for example, are informal. The tone of social media updates is informal. In contrast, press releases have a dry, journalistic tone.

How Press Release Writing Services Help Your Business

When you deal with a press release writing service, you will have access to multiple press writers. They can assist you in taking your internet marketing to the next level. Professional press release writers will be familiar with several news releases. They craft each press release to reach its intended audience and communicate your aims.

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