Can You Make Money With Home Income System or Is It a Scam?

Can you really earn up to $500 per day for posting link ads? There's a website called Home Income System that claims you can.

There are products which work, and there are some which don't. It's a good thing you're doing your own research before you join something. That's a good way to find decent business opportunities and avoid scams

In this Home Income System review, we dive deep and take a closer look at the platform. If you wondered if it's legit or a scam, read on to find out. 

Home Income System Review

It's a system by a person named Kevin who claims you can make $400-500 a day in his sales video. The website says it's easy to make money and requires little effort from your end.

A typical link posting site's sales page

The video on the sales page focuses on beating around the bush for some time. Then, it suggests you to enter your name and email address on a form that's displayed below the video.

Entering your personal information on scam websites is not a good idea in general. Your information may be leaked or go public/sold to other websites (for a monetary benefit).

Once you enter data in the form, you'll be taken to a second video which is nearly identical and talks about how you can make money (yet again). It makes exaggerated income claims but lacks credibility and social proof.

Kevin, however reveals what his secret system is all about which should raise eyebrows. He talks about how you can make money online by posting links.

What Is It All About?

With link posting, don't expect to make anything. There isn't such a concept in existence (read more here). This program is merely relying on misinformation to sell a $47 product. The program creator Kevin says this is stupid simple and you can get started with a company and start banking.

The more links you post, the more you'll make. If you wondered, this is not even a real business and it's just a way for the owner to get links. People often spam their links on dozens of websites, unfortunately this is what some affiliate marketing programs teach.

Affiliate marketing is simple - you get paid when people purchase product(s) via your referral links. However, link posting jobs aren't even real and we have covered a handful scams which make similar claims. Second income center and WAH program, to name a few.

These scam websites are often shut down for obvious reasons (complaints) and they come up with a new website in no time. They simply re-brand the website, re-design the look and feel and mix things up. There's just no way you'd make money for posting links - plain and simple.

How It Works?

The program makes some bold claims and is geared towards people interested in making a living working from home.

The website even adds an element of scarcity (limited spots left) to boost their so-called product's conversion rate. This scarcity element is just a marketing tactic which they are misusing here.

The fact that Kevin says it only takes 5 minutes to set up the whole system is simply rubbish in our opinion. It takes a lot of work, efforts and time to build a profitable online business. There simply are no shortcuts, instant riches is merely a widespread myth.

In Kevin's words, it's easy to make money. Simply follow the following steps:

However, the business model he's talking about is affiliate marketing which is among our favorites. It's 100% legit but isn't as easy and autopilot as he claims. Like we mentioned, it requires some efforts from your end to make it work for you.

Most of these so-called DFY programs are designed simply to drain your pockets and won't do you any good. This over-simplification is just a way to get you to buy the program and make the program owner 'richer' at your expense.

Is Home Income System a Scam?

Yes and no. You read that right, more on that shortly. We call it a scam because there's no such concept as making money with link posting.

The concept is made-up and just a way to lure people into thinking they're getting hired for a real online job. The fact that it says the spots are limited, it makes matters worse.

Not only is it highly unethical, it simply won't work for the above-mentioned reasons. Most programs which rely on false hype turn out to be scams, this one shares the same roots.

On the flip side of the coin, you would definitely receive some basic marketing training for the money you spent, so you're getting a product. Since it's a training which you can consume as a consumer, it's not really scamming you if you look at it this way.

That being said, don't expect to make a fortune with this, you'd only end up losing 47 bucks.  It's worthy of a mention they ask for your phone numbers so their sales representatives can cold call you and continue to scam you. This can cost you a lot of money which will all go to waste.

  • Uses deceptive sales tactics to close sales, including a fake countdown timer.
  • Link posting jobs don't exist, you can't even make $5 a day, forget about up to $400 a day.
  • It's obvious the product owner wants your money. The product's price is $97, and when you try to leave, it will redirect to another page offering $77, and $47 if you to exit the second time.
  • It does offer a basic affiliate marketing guide, but it's ridiculously overpriced. You can find this information for free on various platforms, including YouTube.

Final Words

Home Income System is merely a false gimmick and you shouldn't expect to make any money with it. We don't see a single reason to recommend the program.

Making money is simple but not easy. You need focus and you should be willing to let go of these misleading shiny objects. You need to have the right skills under your hood, and you must take consistent action to reap the rewards. Over time, it should really start to pay off.

Scams which involve link posting work for obvious reasons. That's because they promise instant riches, and that's what the majority of us want. It still doesn't change the fact such a thing doesn't exist in real life.

These program creators try to sell the dream, instead of the actual product. That's how they're able to dupe people and make money at their expense.

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