Home Job Placement – A Scam or Can You Really Get a Job With Them?

Can you make hundreds of dollars a day with Home Job Placement working part-time? That's what the website claims but we doubt it. Spoiler alert: it's a lie.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the program and share our findings with you. It's always better to be safe than sorry in the case of scams. Is this system somewhat legit or a total scam? Read on to discover yourself.

Home Job Placement Review

The sales page mentions you need to work for an hour a day to make money from home. It talks about placing banner ads on a website, which is a legitimate way some website owners use for monetization. 

People who are into affiliate marketing would purchase a banner placement and it will be hosted on the publisher's website. It's a legit business model, and it definitely works. We have been involved in the space for almost a decade now.

However, the problem is that this so-called cash-maker doesn't really teach you anything. Instead, it's suggested you're getting some copy-paste online job. You'd be given a piece of code which you're supposed to paste on various web properties.

We also found out the person in the sales page is not an active user but a paid actor hired from a freelancing platform. It's interesting how we found this website to be a clone of Secure Job Position. Even the logo is similar, just the wording is different.

If you watch the video, it will be apparent he's working a script. You're then asked to buy the 'Online Homes Career University' for a one-time $97. It's identical to the order page which we found while reviewing the WAH program.

They are also known to create personas so people fall for this scam. One of the more popular ones includes Kelly Simmons. If you happen to browse any of the WAH websites, you may find the name a couple of times.

These sales pages are not even selling a real product. These are all associated with link posting scams, which aren't even real. It's merely a tactic some affiliates use for promoting products or for getting links back to their website(s).

Is Home Job Placement a Scam?

It definitely is - you should stay away from the system. The scam has been running since 2011 and it was run by 'Jennifer Johnson', another made up character. Looks like there's a team of scammers with a common goal - continue to run the link posting scam.

They simply clone a website, rehash old content and make little adjustments. That's it - the new website is set up as a totally new system and is ready to go. You will lose $97 which you won't ever get back.

On top, you may also receive spam in the form of random promotions via your e-mail address. They have it clear on the websites' TOS that you may receive promotional emails from time to time. Considering they run the Home Job Placement scam, we don't think you'd be suggested to join decent business opportunities.

We can't find any reason to recommend the program to anyone. If you're looking to make money online, check out our top recommendation instead. The training is legitimate and has been going strong since 2006.

It can help you acquire the necessary skills needed to run a profitable online business. It does require some efforts and work, but if you feel ready and want to make a change for a better, give it a go! The time, location, and financial freedom that you can get makes it totally worth a shot.

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