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HotSpex Review 2024: Is It a Scam or Legitimate?

In this review, we will examine the site HotSpex which offer company reviews, information about their payment methods and include a breakdown of whether or not the website is trustworthy. Let’s get into our HotSpex review.

Some survey sites will pay in cash, others in “points” that can be redeemed for goodies or gift cards.

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Before signing up with one, beware of scams and fraudulent sites because you don’t want to waste your time answering fake surveys.

About HotSpex Surveys

Hotspex Webpage

HotSpex is a surveying website created with values and unique ideas for their paid surveyors. They constantly try to lift the walls of the research and marketing spectrum ever higher, and come up with innovative, consumer-friendly surveys that you can easily earn quite a sum of revenue to take.

Since 2000, HotSpex has grown to host 78 “HotStaff” employees and conducts multiple global projects throughout the year.

HotSpex, an online questionnaire company at the forefront of research, is committed to improving its methods and ensuring fair compensation for study participants.

According to their social media accounts, HotSpex has reviewed over 150 companies and has posted more than 100 company reviews across several review websites in addition to their own website.

Their most popular brands are Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MySurvey, Neopets and Nesta.

Who Can Sign Up for HotSpex

HotSpex is proud to give opportunities not only to those in the US, but to people internationally. Anyone in the world eighteen or older can take part in the HotSpex surveying experience.

If you want a simple way to earn money online, whether it be just extra spending money or a full-time job, HotSpex is one of the many survey sites that you should join.

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The registration process

The registration procedure at Hotspex takes under a minute. New members are sent an email with a link to the welcome page on this site as confirmation.

Before the marketing campaign, panelists should complete an interactive profile survey to assist Hotspex in targeting the surveys he sends to them. Before launching a marketing campaign, Hotspex explains how to analyze each question.

When the initial profile survey is completed, members earn points, and Hotspex gets a chance to earn points in the research process if they are asked to return their response.

Users who accept the invite link on the email visit the welcome page after completing the two-step opt-in procedure.

How to Earn Money with HotSpex

Hand Filling Online Survey Form

There are many ways to make money using HotSpex.

  • Answering surveys will result in money through point or cash rewards. The more surveys you complete, the more points you will receive and the sooner you will be able to redeem your points for a reward. Participate in opinion polls, market research and survey panels to share your thoughts on various topics.
  • Monthly draw to earn cash prizes
  • Refer friends to join HotSpex or give survey invites and you’ll both receive bonuses when they complete their first survey.

Earning from Paid surveys

HotSpex is a survey business that earns revenue through surveys and market research. You’re immediately invited to join the survey panel after being accepted. When you log out, you may also search for current surveys on the site.

Your e-mail subscribers’ polls pay significantly more than the items on their website. If you can figure out the email address, go to it. To find out whether you qualify for the survey, you must respond to certain questions.

These procedures are carried out in order to see whether you measure up as a genuine applicant and you’re eligible to complete the survey process.

Earning from Monthly Draw

This is another common earning opportunity you’ll see in surveys and from other survey panels.

To participate in the daily draws you just have to complete the survey within the month. At the end of each month you should be notified of your luck in an email.

It’s not really an earning opportunity per se since there’s no guaranteed chance that you can earn from it. It would definitely be a huge bonus if you were able to win.

One winner a month is selected. All members will only enter one prize. So it’s not important how often you completed a survey.

HotSpex Referral Program

200 coins will also be available to BUX token holders who refer their friends. To see if they qualify, go to the “Refer a friend” page and write your friend a message using the simple text tool provided.

You will receive 200 coins if your buddy joins up and completes the survey. So, get started with survey invites and start making money on top of the money you earn from survey opportunities on the platform.

How Does HotSpex Make Payments?

Hand Holding An Amazon Gift Card
Kenishirotie –

HotSpex uses a payment system that they call “Bux.” After you have earned a minimum of $5.00 worth of Bux – or about 550 Bux – you will be able to withdraw your money through cash or receive Amazon Gift Cards in exchange for your work.

Compared to some survey sites, which require you to earn up to fifty dollars worth of work before you can withdraw, HotSpex is being very generous.

Payments and Amazon Gift Cards can arrive in one to two weeks after you request a withdrawal.

Payment Methods

HotSpex pays $3 per survey which is pretty low considering most companies pay their responders between $1 and $5.

HotSpex pays via prepaid card, check or by PayPal funds once you’ve hit the payout threshold, which is around $50.

After reviewing over 150 websites in this niche, I’ve observed that the majority of companies in this niche pay their interviewees via PayPal.

This is why HotSpex’s payment method is a little low for experienced surveyors like myself.

According to our HotSpex review, it is impossible to know if they are a scam without actually working with them.

Payout Threshold – Is It Fair?

Their payout threshold is $50 which means you will get paid every time you reach the minimum payout amount.

HotSpex has a great policy where they’ll send money via PayPal if your balance reaches $5. If not, they’ll transfer the remainder to your bank account.

Usually, companies will transfer money to your bank account the moment you reach the minimum payout amount of $5 but HotSpex has a great policy where they’ll send money via PayPal if your balance reaches $5.

If not, they’ll transfer the remainder to your bank account which is awesome because it serves as a temporary storage place for your earnings.

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Customer Support

HotSpex offers two ways of contacting their support team which are by email and phone. They offer 24/7 customer service via live chat but we weren’t able to get a hold of this feature on our HotSpex review.

Despite their website only being up for a short period of time, they have acquired quite the number of positive customer reviews.

Most customers are very satisfied with the customer service department, saying that they’re polite and helpful when it comes to handling their concerns.

Can you use it on mobile?

Woman Using Mobile Smart Phone In The Night

There’s no app available on the market that will allow you to take surveys and get discounts on your mobile device.

They don’t have any mobile versions of their website at the moment, but they’re quite simple to use. Even though all of the information will fit your smartphone screen, the links are tiny and difficult to maneuver around because they are so tiny.

So, if you want to navigate on a mobile device, you’ll need a computer with bigger displays in my opinion. According to many people, links are tiny and hard to click.

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Is HotSpex Worth Your Time?

According to our HotSpex review, yes! They offer a wide range of online surveys from all different types which makes them great for surveyors who are interested in all kinds of surveys. 

They also offer more than 50 countries for payment which is great!

Other survey sites you may want to consider are the larger, more reputable ones such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks or InboxDollars.

HotSpex Pros:

These are several pros of HotSpex that can be observed during our review.

  • Wide range of fun surveys to choose from; they offer surveys about technology, financial products and more
  • They organize a large number of international projects yearly
  • They have a wide array of payment options for their surveyors including checks, Amazon gift cards and PayPal
  • HotSpex offers a wide range of surveys from all different types which makes them great for surveyors who are interested in all kinds of surveys.
  • They also offer more than 50 countries for payment which is great!

HotSpex Cons

These are several cons of HotSpex that can be observed during our review.

  • Their payout threshold is a little low (at least for experienced surveyors like myself)
  • They pay $3 per survey, which is pretty low considering most companies pay their responders between $1 and $5.

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HotSpex Surveys Verdict: Legitimate

According to our HotSpex analysis , it is impossible to know if they are a scam without actually working with them. We did some research on the ICANN who regulates domain names for companies located outside the United States.

The domain name HotSpex does not come up on the ICANN’s list of suspended or compromised websites so we can conclude that they are a legitimate company.

HotSpex is not associated with any shady companies or brands, which means you can feel safe doing business with them.

Is HotSpex a Scam?

Scam Alert Notification On Device Screen.

No – HotSpex is probably the furthest surveying website from a scam. It isn’t the most highly rated survey site on Work From Home Reviews for no reason. In this HotSpex review, it is shown that the site is not a scam.

HotSpex works harder everyday to fit the surveyor’s and client’s needs before their own. They are efficient, strategic, and actually care about the research they receive from paid surveys.

Certain things also make HotSpex unique from other surveying websites.

Every time you complete a survey, your name gets entered into a monthly drawing for a cash prize.

If you’re a philanthropist or interested in helping those in need, you can also donate what you earn to charity – just one more thing HotSpex does to show that they really care.

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Is HotSpex Legitimate?

HotSpex is a proud member of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), the American Marketing Association (AMA), and a Gold Seal Member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA).

With the achievements HotSpex possess, it is obvious that they’re completely legitimate; on the contrary, they are an organization and surveying website trying to help people who want to make money online achieve their goals.

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Is HotSpex Worth the Time?

 Online Survey Poll On Laptop Screen

HotSpex is an excellent survey site, for both beginning and expert surveyors. With the right amount of effort and honest online surveys, you can earn money online through HotSpex in no time.

But of course, to really earn the revenue you’re looking for you want to select more than one survey website to take fun surveys on. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Work From Home Reviews’s reviews and ratings of the best survey websites out there.

According to our HotSpex review, HotSpex is a great company to work with. They offer their surveyors lots of opportunities to make money and they have very quick payment processes.

Overall, we highly recommend working with HotSpex!

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  • Wide Range of Fun Surveys
  • Offers More Than 50 Countries for Payment
  • Wide Array of Payment Options
  • Organize a Large Number of International Projects Yearly
  • Offers a Wide Range of Surveys


  • Payout Threshold is a Little Low
  • Pays Low Amount Per Survey