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How to Make Money as a Kid: Proven Strategies and Ideas

Making decent money as a kid or free money online may seem challenging, but with some creativity and ingenuity, even the youngest entrepreneurs can find ways to earn extra cash. The journey to financial independence can start at any age. As we delve into this adventure, we will explore a range of ways for kids to make money, from the traditional lemonade stand to more innovative methods leveraging technology.

Thanks to the digital world and community networks, kids have many opportunities to make money today in a win win situation. Some of the money-making great business idea are reserved for older children, while any child can start others with the help of a caring adult. By exploring these options, children can learn valuable financial and entrepreneurial skills, setting them up for future success.

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Setting up a small business, offering services to neighbors, or utilizing online platforms can allow children to begin accumulating their funds. This will enable them to learn the value of money and hard work and instills a sense of independence and self-confidence. Read on to discover ways for kids to make money and kick-start their journey toward becoming financially responsible.

Basic Ways to Make Money as a Kid

There are plenty of opportunities for kids of all ages to make cash. In this section, you’ll find basic and practical ways for kids to earn money while developing valuable skills and gaining experience.


Babysitting Kids
Ursula Page / Shutterstock

One popular option for kids to make money is babysitting. This job involves caring for children while their parents or guardians are away. To find babysitting jobs, kids can:

  • Offer their services to friends, family members, and neighbors.
  • Create flyers advertising their babysitting services.
  • Join a babysitting website or platform for more visibility.

Pet Sitting

Girl Pet Sitting
Chay_Tee / Shutterstock

Another way for kids to make money is by pet sitting or dog walking. This job requires kids to take care of pets when their owners are away or walk pets for exercise. Kids can find other pet care services and-sitting opportunities by:

  • Talking to neighbors and friends with pets
  • Offering their services on pet-sitting websites
  • Advertising through flyers or local community boards

Yard Work

Yard work can also be a source of income for kids. This work includes raking leaves, trimming bushes, or cleaning up debris. To find yard work opportunities, kids can:

  • Could you offer their services to neighbors?
  • Advertise their services through flyers or local community boards.
  • Join websites that connect people looking for yard work with those offering services.

Mowing Lawns

Mowing lawns is another excellent way for kids to make money. This job involves using a lawn mower to trim grass in residential or commercial areas. To get started with lawn mowing, kids can:

  • Use their lawn mower or borrow one from a neighbor.
  • Offer their mowing services to friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Advertise their lawn mowing services with flyers or on websites that connect homeowners with local service providers.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand
Hurst Photo / Shutterstock

A classic option for young entrepreneurs is to start a lemonade stand. This venture teaches kids about running a small business while offering a refreshing drink to their customers. To begin, choose a high-traffic location like a park or a busy street corner to attract more customers. Selecting a great spot improves the chances of making sales.

Next, gather supplies such as a card table, cups, a pitcher, and ingredients to make the lemonade. Calculate the cost of materials and set a price that generates a profit for your business while still being affordable for customers. Finally, create signage that advertises the lemonade stand and the product’s price.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is another excellent entrepreneurial opportunity for kids to make money. First, could you develop a list of baked goods that can be easily prepared, such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes? Decide on a location for the bake sale, ensuring it is visible and accessible to potential customers.

Once all the money and baked goods are ready, could you set up the bake sale area with an attractive display that draws customers in? Pricing should cover the ingredient and packaging costs and still be competitive with local businesses. Remember to promote the bake sale in advance to spread the word and attract more interested buyers.

Car Wash

Running a car wash offers kids a physical yet engaging way to learn about entrepreneurship and how to make money as a kid too. To start, gather car washing supplies such as a bucket, soft sponge, window cleaner, and towels for drying.

You can choose a suitable location that is visible to passing cars and provides easy driver access. Setting up near a busy road or a park with ample parking is ideal. Consider partnering with a local business or organization that allows you to use their parking lot in exchange for promoting their services.

Once the location is secured, could you create signage to advertise the service and its competitive pricing? Opening on weekends, when people typically have more free time, increases the chance of attracting more customers.

Remember to maintain a fun and professional environment while operating the car wash. Proper organization, teamwork, and clear communication will improve the wash cars’ efficiency and satisfy customers. This, in turn, will create an enjoyable and profitable entrepreneurial experience for the young workers.

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Online Opportunities

The internet has opened up a range of ways for kids to make money while learning valuable skills. This section explores online opportunities for children and young adults to earn money.

Start a Website

Kids Working Online
BearFotos / Shutterstock

Starting a website can be an excellent way for children to learn about creating and maintaining a site and generating income. Kids can focus on topics they are passionate about, such as hobbies, entertainment, or even informative content. Once they have built a website and attracted an audience, they can make money through the following:

  • They are selling advertising space or using platforms like Google AdSense.
  • They sell products or services, including crafts, digital products, or e-books.
  • Affiliate marketing, where they can earn a commission for promoting other people’s products.

YouTube Channel

Podcast Concept On Laptop And Smartphone Screen Over Wooden Table
PrinceOfLove / Shutterstock

A YouTube channel can be an engaging and creative way for kids to make money online. They can create educational, entertaining content or showcase their unique talents and perspectives. To generate income from a YouTube channel, kids can:

  • Earn revenue through YouTube’s Partner Program and Google AdSense.
  • Could you collaborate with sponsors or advertisers who want to showcase their products or services through the channel?
  • Sell merchandise or digital products related to their channel’s theme.

Taking Surveys

Paid Surveys Online

Participating in paid online surveys is another way for kids to make money in their spare time. Websites like Swagbucks offer rewards for completing online surveys, watching videos, and playing games. Here are a few ideas for popular survey sites that can help kids earn extra cash:

Remember that some survey sites may have age restrictions or require parental consent for minors.

While these online opportunities can be rewarding and educational for many kids, adult supervision and guidance are crucial to ensure a safe and positive experience.

Selling Handmade Items

Freelance Woodwork

Arts and Crafts

Making money as a kid can be fun and rewarding by selling handmade arts and crafts items. Kids can showcase their creativity and talent while earning some extra cash. Some popular arts and crafts items kids can make and sell include:

  • Paintings/drawings: Using a range of mediums, such as watercolors, acrylics, or colored pencils, kids can create unique pieces of art to sell.
  • Greeting cards: Handmade greeting cards with beautiful designs and heartfelt messages can be a hit during holidays and special occasions.
  • Customized tote bags: Kids can design unique and eco-friendly reusable bags using fabric markers or paint.

To effectively sell crafts, kids can set up a booth at local craft fairs, market their products through social media platforms, or create their own website or an online store on websites like Etsy (with parental consent).


Another popular handmade item to sell is jewelry. Kids can make a range of jewelry items, such as:

  • Beaded bracelets and necklaces: Kids can create trendy, eye-catching accessories using colorful beads and string.
  • Friendship bracelets: A classic childhood craft, kids can learn a range of knotting techniques to make and sell friendship bracelets.
  • Charm bracelets: Kids can create beautiful charm bracelets with a mix of store-bought or handmade charms.

To showcase and sell their jewelry creations, kids can host jewelry-making parties, find clients collaborating with jewelry businesses or local boutiques, or sell their items online through Etsy or their social media accounts.

Remember, coaching kids to prioritize quality, creativity, and uniqueness is crucial when making and selling handmade items. By doing so, kids can develop valuable life skills and make money selling their art and craftsmanship.

Part-Time Jobs for Kids

Teen Babysitter With Two Kids
Dan Race / Adobe Stock


One excellent way for kids to make money is by offering tutoring services. Whether they excel in subjects like reading, math, or science, they can use their knowledge to help other kids in need. Tutoring can involve assisting peers with homework, preparing for exams, or teaching younger students basic concepts. Please ensure the kid is comfortable with the subject matter and has good communication and teaching skills.

Music Lessons

If a young kid already has a talent for playing a musical instrument, they can turn their passion into a part-time job by offering music lessons to other children. They can teach beginners the basics of playing a tool such as piano, guitar, or violin. This helps them make money and allows them to practice and improve their skills. Please make sure the kid is patient, knowledgeable, and has sufficient proficiency in their instrument.


Household tasks can be an excellent way for kids to earn money. Parents or neighbors might be willing to pay kids for a range of chores, such as:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Washing dishes
  • Mowing the lawn

These tasks teach kids the importance of hard work and responsibility while allowing them to earn money fast.

Chore Commissions

Parents can also consider implementing a chore commission system to make housework more engaging for younger kids. In this system, younger kids would receive a predetermined amount for each chore they complete. Some examples of tasks and their potential commissions may include:

Chore Commission Sweeping the floor $1.00 Doing a load of laundry $2.00 Cleaning the bathroom $3.00

This incentivizes kids to do chores and helps them understand the value of earning money through hard work. Parents can adjust the commission rates as needed and ensure their kids complete tasks thoroughly and consistently.

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Fun and Profitable Hobbies for Kids

Cute Smiling Boy And Girl Sitting At Table And Using Laptop
LightField Studios / Shutterstock

While hobbies are typically pursued enjoyment and personal fulfillment, they can also be an excellent way for young kids to make extra money. Engaging in activities they love while earning some pocket of money as a kid can be a rewarding experience. Here are a few fun and profitable hobbies with free and easy money back for kids to consider:

Selling Stuff Online

Young kids can start a small online business by selling items they no longer need or creating handmade crafts. Platforms like Etsy or eBay provide opportunities to reach a broader audience and profit from their creations. They can sell toys, clothes, artwork, or even homemade jewelry.

Dog Walking Business

Starting a dog walking business can be great for kids who love animals. They can offer services to busy pet owners in their neighborhood, charging a fee for each walk. This allows kids to spend time with furry friends and helps them earn money fast.

Play Games and Create Content

If your child enjoys playing video games, they can turn their passion into a profitable venture. They can create a YouTube channel, youtube videos, or stream on platforms like Twitch to showcase their gaming skills and entertain an audience. With monetization options, such as ad revenue and sponsorships, kids can earn passive income while having fun.

Sell Baked Goods

If your child loves baking, they can sell their homemade goodies to friends, family, and neighbors. They can offer cookies, cupcakes, or other treats at a reasonable price. This hobby lets them showcase their baking skills and teaches them about good money management and customer service.

Yard Sale or Flea Market

Please encourage your child to declutter their room and gather items they no longer use or need. They can organize a yard sale or set up a booth at a garage sale or a local flea market. This hobby helps them make some extra money and teaches valuable lessons about organization, negotiation, and salesmanship.

Crafts and Artwork

If your child has a talent for arts and crafts, they can create and sell their handmade creations. They can make personalized greeting cards, decorative items, or even paintings. Setting up an online store or participating in local craft fairs can provide exposure and opportunities to earn more money.

Remember, while most kids are pursuing these hobbies, parents must provide guidance and ensure the safety of their young entrepreneurs. Supervising and supporting business ideas will help kids develop crucial budgeting, business, marketing, and customer service skills. Please encourage them to explore their interests, set goals, and enjoy turning their hobbies into profitable ventures.

Additional Strategies to Earn Extra Money for Young Kids

Kid Online Selling Clothes
narikan / Shutterstock


One way kids can make money is through fundraising. This can involve organizing events or selling items to raise funds for a cause, like a school project or charity. First, kids should pick a cause they care about, then brainstorm ideas for fundraising activities. Some examples include:

  • Bake sales
  • Car washes
  • Yard sales
  • Sponsored events like walks or runs

Setting a goal for the fundraiser encourages donors and gives a sense of accomplishment. Please remember to promote the event through posters, well-managed social media accounts sold online only, and word of mouth.

Investing in Stocks

Another fun way for kids to make money is by investing in stocks. While there might be limitations due to age, parents can help their children open custodial accounts or use investment apps designed for kids. With guidance, kids can start learning about stock markets and make small investments in companies they are familiar with or interested in. To begin investing, kids can:

  1. Research companies they like and understand
  2. Keep an eye on stock market news.
  3. Start with a small, affordable amount.
  4. Learn to diversify by investing in different industries.

By learning to save money and invest in stocks early, kids can gain valuable money-management skills and become more financially aware as they grow up.

Ultimately, kids have numerous opportunities to make money and develop crucial life skills. Through traditional methods like babysitting, pet sitting, yard work, mowing lawns, or more entrepreneurial ventures like starting a lemonade stand, bake sale, or car wash, children can learn the value of hard work, financial independence, and customer service.

Moreover, the digital age offers many online opportunities, such as starting a website, creating a YouTube channel, taking surveys, or selling handmade items. These avenues allow kids to earn extra pocket money and teach them about technology, marketing, and creativity. By exploring these different ways to make their own money, children can embark on a journey of financial responsibility and entrepreneurial success from a young age.

Overall, making money as a kid is not only about the extra cash but also about instilling crucial life skills and values. From managing finances and developing a solid work ethic to learning how to promote and sell products or services, these experiences lay the foundation for future success.

By engaging in a range of money-making opportunities, kids can gain independence, self-confidence, and a sense of responsibility. Besides, the diverse options allow children to get other life skills, explore their passions through creative pursuits like arts and crafts or share their knowledge through tutoring or music lessons. With proper guidance and support from adults, kids can embrace these opportunities and learn valuable lessons that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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