Make Money Online: The Definitive Guide (100+ Ways)

Looking for some side hustle ideas or want to make a living working online? We got your back. 

For the same reason, we compiled a list which should truly stand the test of time and serve you for years to come. In this (updated) definitive guide, as the name suggests, you can find 100+ ways to make money online today.

If there ever was one complete guide which has it all, this is it.

With the quick introduction out of the way, let's dive right in. Feel free to use the table of contents for quick navigation between sections:

Sell a Service Online

Providing a service can be one of the best ways to generate a guaranteed income working online. Since you're trading your time in the process, expect a monetary compensation in return.

Not all services are equal though, your pay will depend on how specialized your service(s) are. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways:

1. Consider Web Designing

If you have a flair for designing websites, working with web design clients should make for a steady source of income. From personal blogs to various other websites, expect to charge anywhere between $100-$5,000 for website design.

The best part? You don't even have to hunt for clients. Get started for free with a freelancing platform like Upwork and you're good to go. You can find hundreds of jobs in there, simply place a bid on the ones you like, and get awarded.

2. Offer Services As a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Since the inception of internet, online businesses have been thriving. The demand for virtual assistants has skyrocketed as well. If you know how to complete simple office tasks, working as a VA may be in your best interest.

However, with VA jobs, you shouldn't expect to make more than $30-40 per hour. Often, some virtual assistants from third-world countries would agree to work in a tight budget ($5-10 an hour).

3. Do Transcription Work

Working as a transcriptionist can be in your best interest if you're good at typing. What will you do? Simply listen to an audio, and jot down what you hear in a text file.

You can make up to $50 per transcribed file. With the dawn of video marketing, marketers could always make use of captions on videos. Other than this, many companies require subtitles for their videos and are willing to hire people for the job.

Transcribe Anywhere is one of our favorite programs which can get you up to speed with transcription. They also have a FREE training which lets you explore the program at your own pace.

4. Try Data Entry

If you have relatively good 'office skills', you can try your hand with data entry jobs. Requirements? Accuracy and a decent typing speed.

The pay certainly won't be very promising, but $3-5 an hour can get you a cup of coffee regardless. Your job will be to prepare various documents day in and day out.

5. Become a Voice Over Artist

Providing voice-overs can be fun and paying at the same time. There are people who absolutely hate the camera and specifically the microphone. Simply put together a basic video file, and provide your voice over.

If you don't mind speaking in front of an audience, this can be a game changer. Not many are good speakers, and if you're one, you should bank on the fact.

Voice over genesis or VO Genesis as it's sometimes called, is among one of the best products to learn or enhance your skills as a voice over artist.

6. Become a Freelance Writer

If writing articles was always your thing, why not monetize the rare skill? Not everyone is adept at writing since this is no easy feat.

As a writer, the sky is the limit. Set your own rates and hours on platforms like Wix and Squarespace. Produce high quality content, and get rewarded.

7. Become a Social Media Manager

If you're good with people management, social media jobs may be worth a consideration. You'll have to manage various social media profiles for a certain time and maintain engagement.

Other than the usual posting to boost web property's engagement, you'll be expected to manage comments and other business queries a social media page may receive. Twitter, Facebook YouTube and Instagram are among the leading platforms you may have to manage as a SMM.

8. Manage Help Desk

With helpdesk management, you would have to handle customers' and business prospects' queries via chat/email/phone support. Most companies employ people to manage help desk as a customer support representative.

Handling Customers' Queries Via Phone Call

This can easily make or break a business since customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. If you miss a customers' query, that's one lost customer. This is where help desk management comes in.

9. Offer Consultancy Services

Working as a consultant has many perks. Since you're considered an 'expert' on the topic, you're basically writing your own paycheck. People also tend to find more value with a consultant since they're paying him/her a premium for the service rendered.

With consultancy, you're free to choose your expertise as well. Specialized consultants make way more money than general ones for obvious reasons.

10. Become a Translator

The need for bilingual people is ever-growing. Since we live in a world where hundreds/thousands of languages/dialects exist, it would never hurt to become a translator and help get the message across to people who speak/don't speak a certain language.

Translations are also used in videos at times to help people understand the content without listening to the original recording. You can find dozens of relevant translation jobs on websites like People Per Hour, on demand.

11. Become a Live Classroom Tutor Online

Teaching can take you far, and you don't even have to prepare a video course if you don't want to. Simply become an online tutor and host classroom-style online sessions.

There are websites willing to hire teachers for the purpose. For instance, VIPKid is one platform through which you can host live classes on the internet and teach English to non-English speakers. There, however is a screening process, but if you're good at the skill, there shouldn't be a problem.

12. Sell Graphics On Third-Party Platforms

If you're good at graphic designing, you can use the skill to bring food on the table. There are many third party platforms where you can offer your graphics work and earn some passive income.

Envato market is among the most popular graphic platforms, which is the first choice of many creative professionals. If not, you can offer your services on freelance websites like 99Designs, and easily charge hundreds of dollars to potential clients.

13. Consider Proofreading

Working as a proofreader can be both fun and paying at the same time. If you have a good eye and can spot errors in no time, proofreading jobs are tailor-made for you.

Your job will to compare various documents and pinpoint errors as they come (and mark them down). There are many helpful courses that can help you get started with proof reading. Proofread Anywhere is one of the finest ones out there.

The program even has a free 7-day mini course to help you see if it's a good fit.

14. Try Network Marketing

If you're good at networking, and enjoy leadership, you could make a killing as a network marketer. Your job is to build a network of like-minded peeps and promote offers.

Russell Brunson's free book Network Marketing Secrets can help you learn the ins and outs of network marketing. If you're a team player, you are very likely to thrive with MLM programs. On top, the commissions are tiered, and it can make for a very healthy passive income.

15. Create & Sell Arts

If you're the creative type, just follow your passion and create a piece of art. Once you have it ready, you can easily charge a premium for it on various marketplaces.

You can showcase your skills on Etsy and Society6, which are among the most popular websites for artists. If not, launch your own website and showcase your talent there.

16. Resell Web Hosting

You can sign up for a web hosting re-seller plan, and sell web hosting to other people as a provider. There can be instances where you may want to share your 'own' web hosting services.

If you're a software programmer, you may want to provide an environment for your customers where their websites may be located. Other than this, there's definitely some potential for a quick buck with reseller hosting plans. Pay $10-15 a month for your plan, and charge hundreds.

Bluehost is among one of our favorite providers (this website is also powered by them). You may want to consider their re-seller plans, they all come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

17. Manage Facebook Ads for Businesses

There are agencies willing to hire a full-time ad manager for their ongoing campaigns. Your job will be to set up new ads, try out split testing, and manage ongoing ads.

It can be a rewarding job since you're in control of the ad spend. If you do a great job, and your skills result in a huge profit for the company, expect a handsome reward.

Other than Facebook advertisements, companies also hire people for running Google ad campaigns for their products (formerly Google AdWords).

18. Become a Bookkeeper

If you're good at math, you can help business owners manage the hurdles they face on a daily basis. Accounting can be a riddle to many, and this is where your role comes into play.

Since this involves taking care of sensitive financial data, utmost precision is preferred. What better way to handle records than by hiring a proficient bookkeeper?

19. Set Up WordPress Websites from Scratch

No, this isn't the usual web designing job we talked of earlier. With this, your job is to help a beginner get started with a website of his/her own. This can, however be upgraded if the buyer opts for a web design service later on once the site is ready.

Purchase a domain of their liking, connect with a web hosting account, and get a website running. That's pretty much it, should hardly take you an hour's time, and earn you in excess of 50 dollars.

The combination of Namecheap (domain), Bluehost (web host), and WordPress (website content management system/CMS) works best. It's an inexpensive solution to build a high quality site.

20. Moderate a Forum

Forums or chat rooms are often used by a lot of people. People who may be interested in a niche or topic can be found having conversations on these chat rooms. With a lot of people and opinions, comes a need for moderation to ensure a healthy environment.

As a forum moderator, you will have to keep an eye on the chat rooms and make sure it's a friendly environment free of hate speech or any sort of profanity. Forum website owners don't mind hiring full-time/part-time moderators and paying them a nice bounty.

You can also open threads of your own and help boost the website's engagement.

21. Review Websites as a SEO

No, this is not a product review, this has nothing to do with user experience either. If you have some search engine optimization experience, you can use it to help brands.

Missing out on organic search traffic can cost business owners millions in lost revenue. For the same reason, they'd happily pay you a healthy fee to conduct an SEO audit on their business site. Other than reviewing their website for SEO, you can also drop suggestions on user experience.

22. Set Up Web 2.0 Websites

Social presence is desired by everyone, be it a local company or a large-scale organization. If you have the time, you can go ahead and set up these web 2.0/social properties from scratch.

Some of the more common web 2.0 platforms include Tumblr, Blogger and Wix. For a set of 4-5 web 2.0 sites, it's not hard to receive a $50-100 one-time payment.

23. Manage a Newsletter Service

If you're fond of writing, you can use the skill to work with a company. You will have to come up with new content, and send emails to company's fan base/subscribers on a regular basis.

Email marketing can be challenging since it requires so much creative thinking. As a writer, this shouldn't be an issue for you. Manage ongoing newsletters, try out new strategies, and help improve company's sales through your creative writing.

People perceive a lot of value in high quality newsletters, which only works wonders for company's authority status in the long haul.

24. Offer Tech Support

Technical support or tech support is a service which can't be overlooked. If you're good with tech, why not help others out and make a living out of it?

Tech support can be done person-to-person, via email, or live through messenger apps like Skype. If someone lacks the required technical prowess, this should easily help them save a lot of time by hiring a person for the job.

25. Become a Newspaper Columnist

As a columnist, you'll have your own section in a newspaper. Newspaper agencies are more than willing to hire you if your writing style is attractive (and can help them grow their business).

There are hundreds of newspaper agencies out there. To get started, let them know you're interested by applying online. At times, having a quality portfolio will only help boost your chances.

26. Sell Insurance Online

If you're a good salesperson, you can perhaps make a living out of selling products that people really need in their lives.

Insurance is one of them, everyone needs it. With programs like Primerica and American Income Life, you can get started as an insurance re-seller/promoter. These companies sport a MLM structure, so if you fancy MLMs, these are worth a try.

27. Do Caligraphy Jobs

If you have an above-average handwriting, you can try out caligraphy jobs. These pay well, and are in demand since not many have a penchant for handwriting.

The pay should be in the range of $30-50 per hour. It can be more or less depending on your expertise as an artist and work experience.

28. Become a Yoga Instructor

If you have been practicing Yoga for a while, you can use the skill to make some dough. Host your classes online, teach people yoga and get paid.

Yoga has many benefits, and a lot of people are surely interested because of the physical/mental benefits it has to offer. Other than Yoga, you can also consider live exercise sessions teaching different exercises and/or martial arts.

29. Become a Life Coach

You won't believe how many people are willing to work with a life coach in the recent times. A lot are battling depression and anxiety issues, and could certainly use some assistance from a professional.

As a life coach, your job will be to identify other people's physical/mental goals and develop an action plan. This will help them realize their true potential and thus, improve their lives. You may also encourage them to indulge in activities such as self-discovery.

30. Sell a Woodworking Project

Selling wood art can be very profitable. Creating and selling your woodworking projects on third-party places can bring in a consistent revenue. Add to the fact not many people are good at making items out of wood, makes the skill even more special.

There are various marketplaces where you can charge a premium for the wooden goods you create. Ebay is one of the more popular ones from where you can charge a fixed one-time fee or conduct an auction if you're feeling adventurous.

31. Try Microworking

As a microworker, you will be assigned micro or mini jobs, and you will have to complete them in due time. This can help you work online by setting your own hours.

Since these are part-time, they won't interfere with your full-time job if you have one in place. Websites like Microworkers and Clickworker can help you get started if interested.

32. Take Up Logo Designing

If you know how to create logos, you can sell them anywhere between $10-100 a piece, sometimes even higher. You can use software suites like Photoshop to create high quality logos in no time.

This website's logo

If not, you can use free web-based platforms or apps like Logo Genie Pro to help you create logos. With the app, you can create a range of graphics other than logos with their hundreds of templates.

Complete Tasks

Completing specified tasks online can be one way to earn some bucks in your free time. You can do various tasks - test products, and complete surveys to name a few.

It can be a quick way to make some dough if you have some extra time each day.

33. Complete Online Surveys

Completing surveys on the side can make for a decent part-time income if you have extra 30-45 minutes of time. The best part with these is the time flexibility, simply get started with a survey platform, pick a survey you like, and share your opinions.

There are many decent platforms out there for making a quick buck. If you're not sure where to go, Radial Insight and Forthright Surveys would make for a great starting point. These are legitimate websites, and they compensate the users on time.

To collect payments, you would need a PayPal account.

34. Test Products

Product testing has come a long way over the last decade or so. Physical/digital product manufacturers are more than willing to pay testers a bounty for trying out their products. This is to make sure everything works as intended and the user experience is great.

User Testing and LionBridge Smart Crowd are two platforms that can help you get started in the right direction. The job availability can be limited at times, but these are among some of the best.

35. Conduct Market Research (On Search Engines)

There are agencies willing to pay people for market research. Simply visit search engines, enter various queries and collect the data that you see.

This can help companies get an unfair advantage over their competitors. Their keyword research is pretty much sorted, and it can also help them find the latest trends to stay on top of their game. 

Market research can help one take out the guesswork since you can clearly see what the top companies are implementing. Just do more of what's working currently and less of what isn't!

36. Help Write a Resume

If you're good at writing letters, more specifically resume, you can use it to make money on the side. Not many people have the time to come up with one on their own, so they're willing to let others do the heavy lifting on their behalf.

You'll receive a one-time fee for your work, but if the quality is more than satisfactory, you can get loads of referrals. People are open to paying for high quality resume writing services since these can either make or break a deal.

37. Become an Editor

Websites are known to hire content writers and editors to ensure high quality content across the board. As an editor, your job will to ensure content quality and overall performance.

It's not uncommon for big brands to have a huge team of writers. Teams exceeding 20 members in some cases. People expect the best from established brands so there's little room for errors. As an website editor, you may also have to proofread articles at times.

38. Solve Captcha

There are websites which offer manual captcha solving services. If you have some time and could use some work, you can perhaps join them. Expect to receive anything between $15-20 per hour.

There are software services which do the same, but human efficiency is far superior. For the same reason, companies, and even some marketers are open to hiring people for the task.

39. Use Different Web Browsers

Many browsers are open to paying a bounty/credit just for using them on a regular basis. Bing has done that in the past, after some specific usage sessions, you can earn a credit.

As of late, there's a browser called Brave which will reward you for web browsing. The browser has a built-in ad blocker, and a Rewards tab through which you can complete tasks and get rewarded.

40. Play Online Games

Online video game websites lure you into playing the game by offering a bunch of goodies. These can be monetary, or non-monetary. Often, they would also require you to rate or review your in-game experience once you've been playing for a while.

With some, you can earn a cashback on your shopping, a mobile recharge voucher, and sometimes cash straight to your bank account.

41. Try Out Paid-To-Click/PTC Websites

The internet is full of PTC websites - PTC Bank, BTC Clicks and Seven Dollar Click to name a few. Unfortunately, most of these turn out to be scams since they never send payouts.

Fortunately, there's a website called Paid2YouTube, the pay isn't very promising but it's legitimate regardless. You may want to give it a shot to see if it's a good fit. Your job will to complete various tasks including watching videos, dropping ratings and comments.

42. Conduct Video Reviews On Websites

These reviews have more to do with usability and user experience than anything else. Business owners definitely want to see what's working in their favor, and what's not.

For this reason, they work with market research/user testing programs to help them gather more data. TryMyUI is one website through which you can make $10 per successful video submission.

There's a hard cap on how much you can earn, but it sure can make for a good side hustle income.

E-Commerce Gigs

The e-commerce industry has seen a rapid growth in the last 5 years. Fortunately, if you wish to work online, there are many options to bank with this multi-billion dollars industry.

43. Start a Dropshipping Business

With this style of business, you'd be a drop-shipper. Simply put, you'd take orders from customers from a retail website you own, and fulfill them on demand via Chinese wholesale supplier platforms like AliExpress.

This is a form of arbitrage since you'd be buying low, and selling high. Make a purchase from the wholesaler when you get an order on the site, and ship the white-label package (often an epacket) directly to the customer's delivery address.

You can learn more about drop shipping on this article.

44. Get Started With Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is among one of the most common e-commerce business models out there. You don't even to manage inventory, and can be an option if you'd like to have customers from around the globe to sell physical goods to.

Simply ship the physical products to Amazon's fulfillment center from where it will be forwarded to the customers. It's all on Amazon's own team (preparing the package, shipping etc). Since your products will now be associated with Amazon, this should instantly boost your credibility.

45. Manage an eCommerce Website

You certainly don't have to own one to make money. Work on someone else's ecommerce website, and help them manage inventory and charge a monthly/hourly rate.

These jobs pay anywhere between $15-25 an hour depending on your expertise and work experience. Platforms like Fiverr can bridge the gap between buyers and service providers/sellers.

46. Design and Sell T-Shirts Online

T-shirt designing is among the hottest topics around. If you love creating catchy designs, you can use it as a side-hustle or make a full-time living out it.

You can sell your custom tshirt designs on your own clothing/accessories website or sell on a marketplace. If you'd like to have your own internet-based store, might as well give Shopify a try. If not, you can still find freelance platforms where people are willing to pay for custom designs.

47. Sell on eBay

Even after the rise of Amazon in the last several years, eBay remains one of the most preferred shopping websites. You can directly communicate with the sellers, and hunt for the best deals.

There are people known to not only sell physical goods, but also digital goods/subscriptions for a one-time/monthly fee. Since there are dozens of sellers, it's the buyer who emerges as the winner. More competition means more competitive pricing and a transparent marketplace for all to enjoy.

48. Design and Sell Caps

Just like t-shirts, you can design caps and receive a handsome monetary reward for your piece of art. You can either create custom designs or sell as a part of your own merchandise if you have some fame.

The demand for clothes and other accessories will never fade, and it certainly makes for a great business opportunity for an enthusiast. You will be purchasing goods from wholesalers and will sell at a retail price, add extra bucks on top of the original designing fee you'll receive.

Publish Your Content

In our opinion, becoming a publisher is one of the best ways to make money online. Why? Here, you own the content and have total control of everything you do. If you could produce helpful content that your audience(s) find valuable, you'd simply never go hungry.

49. Publish an E-Book on Kindle

Getting started with your own eBook on a widely-used platform like Kindle can be one way to reach millions of people at once. If you are passionate about a topic/subject, why not monetize it by producing a high quality book of your own?

Kindle is among one the most used platforms on the internet. If you're not already making use of it in one way or another, you're surely missing out big time.

Since there are hundreds of book categories to choose from, you're sure to thrive as an author if you love what you do, and have a flair for writing.

50. Launch an Audiobook

There are people who're not fond of reading. Audio books are growing in popularity since you can do whatever you want, and listen to a book at the same time instead of 'reading'.

You can take a nap, or travel at the same time since listening won't require as much effort as reading. You don't even have to carry a physical book or an eBook reader with you. Open your audiobook software, and play the book. As simple as that.

Platforms like Audible (owned by Amazon) have seen an incredible growth in the past few years. Other than audio books, you can also get access to various audio shows on it. Thanks to multiple features, it's among the most popular audio-book websites out there.

51. Consider Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among one of our favorite business models for many reasons. You're free to promote products of your choice, when you want, and how you want.

Other than this, with time and some efforts, affiliate marketing can truly be a day job killer. If you happen to use a service or a platform, why not share your recommendation with others? There can't be a better way since you're making some money and helping others at the same time.

If interested, this complete affiliate marketing guide will lead you in the right direction.

52. Build a Blog

This can go in conjunction with affiliate marketing, however, there are times, when you can have a blog in place which has nothing to do with the topic. It can be on things your passionate about, or one that showcases your portfolio. The list goes on and on.

There are many ways to monetize your piece of art. Apply for Google AdSense adverts or request Amazon Ads approval if you'd like to host some product ads from Amazon.

Blogging can be a lucrative career choice. If you're passionate about something, and can help people with your expertise, why not spread the word and make it count?

53. Sell an Online Course

Building and selling an online course is one way to make a passive income working online. Create a high quality video course, and charge a premium to potential students (and over-deliver) on their expectations.

There are many platforms where you can host your course for free. Udemy and Lynda are among the most popular ones. You can always launch a free course first, build a following, and then launch a paid version later on to fancy your chances of getting more sales.

54. Rent Advertising Spots On Your Blog

If you own a successful blog which gets a stream of daily visitors, you can monetize it using multiple ways. Adding random advertisements can be one thing, and selling ad spots another.

You can find people who may be interested in running promotional campaigns through you, and get them to pay a one-time/monthly fee for hosting their advert on a section of your website. Many people would happily pay you a fee, as long as their ad spend yields some results.

55. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is used by over 2 billion people from all over the world. When it comes down to traffic/daily users, YouTube is second only to its parent company, Google.

Timing can't be any better to start a YouTube channel of your own, build a following, and make money allowing advertisements. It can be a cakewalk once you get the hang of it, and start to feel comfortable on camera.

Add a cherry on top if you're really passionate about something. It will show in your content, and people will love you for it. Win-win for everyone!

56. Harness the Power of Facebook Groups

Facebook is commonly used by people from around the world. If you have a passion for something, why not create a Facebook group for it, share your expertise, and eventually build a following?

Since a FB group can be very specific, interested people may find your group with their targeted search, and send a join request. Once the group grows beyond a certain number, it can make for a very profitable income source since your expertise can make you a lot of money.

Your earning potential is directly proportional to the free value you give away via these groups.

57. Do Product Reviews (Blog and/or Video Streaming Platforms)

Reviewing products can be one way to generate a healthy passive income online. There are people willing to pay for your feedback. Product unboxing can be another way to make money online, simply drop a review on a product, and use your referral/affiliate link for recommendations.

People find tremendous value in reviews since they aid them in their buying decisions. Your audience is more likely to judge a product based on what they discover out of your review. This way they are more likely to buy (or not buy) a product based on what you recommend.

58. Grow an Instagram Account and Flip It

Instagram is among one of the most, if not the most popular image sharing platforms today. Millions of people share images on it from all over the world. Most brands are looking to widen their reach, since this is where a lot of their potential customers can be found flocking together.

If you have an account with a decent number of followers), you can flip it for big bucks on websites like Flippa anywhere between $200 - $15,000.

59. Try E-mail Marketing If You Haven't Already

The email marketing industry has seen some of the highest growth rates over the years. It has been found email marketing yields a better ROI than any other form of advertising.

You don't even have to promote products as an affiliate. You can ask people to watch a video/join a webinar/book a ticket/get an e-book, the list goes on. As an email marketer, return on investment is one of the metrics you can't afford to overlook.

Build a high quality email list, shower with tons of value-packed content, and watch your ROI go through the roof (with some time and effort).

60. Build a Membership Website

If you have a highly sought-after skill, build a membership website of your own. Make sure the service is desirable to improve your odds of success.

Once it's ready to go, sport high quality content, and open registrations to all for a monthly or a one-time fee. If people get their money's worth, it will have them coming back for more, or even better send some referrals your way via word of mouth.

61. Become a Guest Post Contributor

Guest posting can take you far since it can instantly help you gain more credibility. Become a contributor at a high-value traffic site, get your content seen, and eventually build a following.

If you have a blog that's struggling to get more organic traffic from the search engines, collaborating with other bloggers should do the trick. Build relations with other people in your market/niche, post helpful content, and ultimately reap some rewards.

Another advantage of guest posting is that it can help you get a contextual backlink. Most blog owners will either get you a link back to your website or a one-time payment for your contribution.

62. Make Use of Banner Ads

Banner advertisements can often convert at a decent rate since they're instantly noticeable. You don't even have to use other people's banners on your site for a monthly/one-time payment.

Either use banner ads for affiliate marketing or for list building, whatever your marketing approach may be. The end goal should be results (your website's long-term ROI that is).

63. Rent an email list

Banner ads can help you build an email list. Once you have a decent sized email list of people in place, what's next? Either do your own email advertising, come up with a marketing strategy or simply rent it out to other online marketers.

Solo advertisements, also known as solo ads are gaining popularity as of late. You'd be sending out an ad campaign to your email list and charge per click for every email click that goes through you.

As a buyer, a solo ad can be very profitable since it can be very targeted and inexpensive compared to other forms of paid advertising like Google Ads/FB Ads.

64. Build a Coupons Website

A coupon site can serve you for years to come. Reason if you may ask? People from all around the world love to shop online, and are always on a lookout for coupons/discounted deals.

Moreover, if someone is looking for coupons, they're in the final stage as far as the buying process is concerned. In other words, they don't need convincing at this point, they're ready to buy now with a credit card in hand.

As a result, a coupon website should yield a very high conversion rate. Far greater than any other type of website - be it a multi-level marketing blog or a sales page or anything identical.

65. Set Up a Job Portal

The old-school way of having to visit employers in an order to find a job has seemingly gone with the bygone era. With the age of internet, most people would find job portals online, and apply for the job positions they're interested in.

If you set up a job portal website, you can partner up with various companies (and get credit if someone goes through you). You get your referral credit, the employee gets a job he loves, and the employer gets a competent team member. A win-win situation for all!

66. Try Vlogging On YouTube

There are people who are not a fan of writing. If that's the case, you can do video blogs or vlogs on websites like YouTube. It can be a lifestyle vlog or anything else you're passionate about.

It's not uncommon for vloggers to use a camera called GoPro to record their content and provide a life-like experience to the viewers. You can have a lot of fun, and make some dough at the same time with YT advertising (Google AdSense/sponsored ads).

67. Resell White-label Products

There are white-label and Private Label Rights/PLR products out there which can be purchased and resold with some branding. You'll have to acquire a license, and then you can re-sell these as if these were your own products.

Since whitelabel products contain no mention of the original brand, it's often a good idea to first 'theme' the main product, give it your touch, and then introduce it to the market. A lot of companies purchase white label products and sell it after adding their own flavor to it.

If something is out there which simply works, it makes little sense to re-invent the wheel. You can sell these on third-party marketplaces or on your own website(s).

68. Stream Video Game Footage

Streaming gameplay can be one way to generate a healthy passive income. Your audience is very likely to be passionate on the topic since they're already watching you play a game.

With these game play videos, chances are high a person will watch the video in full. This in turn, will get you some bonus points (from YouTube), and improve the CPC you get on ads.

Furthermore, if you love a game, it will really show in your content, and your viewers will be able to connect to it.

69. Accept Donations On Your Site

If you have a wonderful service people love, or an awesome blog, why not accept donations if people are interested? The visitors may send some as a token of appreciation.

Donations can also be used to support a public cause or a business idea through crowdfunding. These can help one get started with an idea right away so it eventually turns into reality.

70. Run a Podcast

Running a podcast show can be both fun and a rewarding experience. You get to host a show and share your views on things of your interest. The visitors find immense value in what you have to offer, and subscribe to your channel.

The increased following will eventually help you ingrain your status as an authority on the subject. There are options to run a paid podcast show once you have some initial results.

Audio distribution websites like SoundCloud and PodBean are known to host an array of podcasts.

71. Host a Webinar

Webinars or web-based seminars have grown in popularity over the years. You can set up a webinar, invite people, and host it when the time comes.

In the webinar, you can talk about a topic or recommend a product to get some sales. If not, you can help someone else host a webinar through you, and charge a fee in return. Online marketing suites like ClickFunnels have made webinar-building process a breeze over the last several years.

72. Implement Native Ads

Native ads are among some of the best form of advertising since they fit perfectly with the website's content. These are non-intrusive and since they're targeted, they can bring good results.

If you have a website that steadily gets organic traffic on a regular basis, you may want to consider native advertising. Either charge a one-time or a monthly fee for the ad spot to the advertisers.

Since you don't have to intervene in any way, this opens doors for a true passive income. Native ads are a form of a broader term called contextual advertising. One of the main reason why it can be so effective is because it meshes well with the original 'context'.

73. Consider a Sponsored Tweet

If you're famous and have a healthy following on Twitter, why not consider sponsored/paid tweets and recommend a product to your audience? Obviously, you want to be sure of its quality so as to not tarnish your reputation for a quick buck.

However, if the quality is up to the mark, you can bank some with little effort. Either share the sponsored tweet yourself or hire a virtual assistant for the job.

74. Consider Sponsored Posts On Your Website

Also known as guest posting, with these you'd be accepting new blog posts on the website in return for some monetary gains. If you have a popular blog, you can charge a fee to other people who may want to be featured on your site.

This is another form of advertising which can help boost your site's return-on-investment/ROI, and take it to the next level.

Software Development

Do you have a penchant for designing web/desktop software applications? If your answer is yes, you can work online as a freelance developer/designer or a combination of both.

75. Build Android/iOS Applications

A lot of companies are going mobile for many reasons. Over the last several years, people are using mobile devices more and more. As a result, most companies want to work on their mobile presence as well.

Instead of having to visit a company's website, people would simply download an application straight to their phone from Google Play or iOS app store. This is where you come in, create an application for your customers, and get paid for your expertise.

If you own these apps, you can also enable mobile advertising and get paid for ad impressions/clicks.

76. Build a Sales Funnel

If you're technically sound, you can perhaps help marketers build a sales funnel using your expertise. Most page builders are easy to use, and require little knowledge of HTML/CSS.

With drag and drop editors around, you can easily build a high quality landing page in no time (usually within 30 minutes), and charge hundreds of dollars for one. Thrive Themes is among one of our favorite platforms which integrates seamlessly with WordPress websites.

If you're not a fan of WP, ClickFunnels is a one-stop solution for all your funnel requirements.

77. Launch Your Own Startup

If you know what you're doing, and are passionate about a topic, why not start your own company from scratch? Provided you put in the work in the beginning and give it some time, your brand-new business will surely thrive in the long run.

Once it grows large enough, it can generate a very healthy annual cash flow. You can either choose to bank with it, or list the company on a public stock exchange (and sell your shares at a premium).

78. Create a Directory

There are directory sites out there which would feature dozens of websites in the same category. These website owners would happily pay to be listed on the directory website because it builds 'trust'.

This will require some technical skills though. If you're a programmer, you're pretty much all set. If not, you may have to hire a software engineer for the task. This, however can yield a very solid return on investment/ROI over the years.

There are hundreds of directory sites raking in 6 figures or more each month.

79. Design WordPress Themes

If you have some working knowledge of software programming (also known as coding), why not use it to your advantage? A high quality WordPress theme would easily sell for $50 plus.

That's for one license. If you create a decent one and host it on a marketplaces, it can go viral if the code quality is good enough. Putting an emphasis on theme's design and customization options will also be a good idea.

With most software marketplaces, you can get your product seen by hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe. You can also host your theme on WP theme directory if you want to test the waters. Once you see how it's performs, can always launch a paid version later.

80. Develop WordPress Plugins

Developing plugins can be significantly harder since 'more code' goes into these. However, if you love programming, this shouldn't be an issue for you.

Once you have the plugin ready, you can either host it on WordPress' own plugin directory or on third-party websites like Envato. You can also combine this gig with a video course teaching 'how to build WP plugins' to further increase your income potential.


Investing may be on your mind if you're the entrepreneur kind. It certainly isn't easy to be an investor since you need to manage your risks very well, and it's recommended to never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

It calls for proper market research, but the rewards are often exponential. However, with this segment, the earning potential is incredible. If you don't want to work for money and would rather have it work for you, this is the only option through which it can become a reality.

81. Invest In Cryptocurrency

Investing in crypto currencies is gaining popularity by the year. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are among the favorite digital assets people like to own.

To purchase some for yourself, you can do so from platforms like Coinbase. From there, you can get some of the top cryptos (by market cap), and later on use websites like Binance to exchange for other assets. To learn more about them, Coin Market Cap is a great resource.

82. Become a Day Trader

If investing isn't your thing, you can perhaps learn technical analysis/charting and read charts to make a living. Reading financial markets can make for a very profitable gig once you master the art of reading charts.

These are among the most sought-after skills since you'd gain the ability to tell if a commodity will go up/down in value from this point in time. As a result, you can place your long/short trades irrespective of the market conditions and make moolah most of the time.

83. Become a Cryptocurrency Miner

Mining various digital assets via rigs/machines can be profitable in the long run. Purchase mining equipment, choose the coin(s) of your choice, set up payment wallet address, and you're good to go.

Mining business has come a long way over the years. You can either buy a smart contract with a third party mining company (and invest with them), or purchase your own mining machine.

It's worth noting no two coins are mined the same way, they use different mining algorithms and the break even/profitability time differs with each. In case you're wondering, Bitcoin uses the Secure Hash Algorithm/SHA-256.

84. Invest in Domains - Grow Your Collection

If you were to register a brand-new domain today, it would cost you some 10-15 US Dollars (annual renewal). If you come across short domains (less than 5-6 letters) - example, it can easily sell for thousands of dollars.

If you get a chance to acquire such a domain for anything less than $200, it's a steal. You don't even have to keep the domain for life, just look for opportunities and flip it on marketplaces for entrepreneurs like Flippa (yes, Flippa again).

If not, if your domain name resembles a popular brand, getting in touch with them may be a good idea since they would be likely to acquire it from you. As long as you're in profit, flip it!

85. Try Forex Trading

If you like to analyze financial markets, you can consider working as a Forex trader. You will have to read charts, and make conclusions (set up a buy/sell order) based on your analysis.

If you eventually get good at reading charts, it's the closest thing to autopilot income because you're the master of your destiny. If you could have a way of flipping $100 into $110+ over and over again, there can't be a better way to make money online.

There are many Forex brokers to choose from who will take a commission on all your trades. However, they provide a secure environment in which you can place your trades 5 days a week. The market opens on Monday and closes on Friday.

86. Create or Purchase a Forex Robot

This way is similar to the last one, however with a robot, you won't be trading manually. Either hire a programmer to set up a trading bot or purchase an automated robot from someone.

There are hundreds of robots out there, each with a varying success rate. It's all a game of testing to find which robot works best in your environment, and yields the max profits.

87. Invest in a Savings Account

Yes, you read that right. This isn't the most effective type of investing, but it can steadily make you 3-6% annual on your savings. It differs with banks, with can make for a steady flow of cash if you have a decent bank balance.

If not, you can still invest in mutual funds/bonds and receive anywhere between 5-12% annually.

88. Invest in Real Estate

There are dozens of sites out there which will let you inspect properties at your own pace. It's also worth noting investing in these assets is relatively safer than stocks/bonds. With real estate, the ROI is usually pretty healthy in the long run.

You can buy directly or find a property through a broker's website. Often, with brokers you'd find a lot more deals so making a decision should be easier.

89. Get Started With the Stock Market

If anyone talks about investing, this is often the first idea that comes to our mind and for a good reason. Investing in stocks can be very profitable if done right.

On the flip side of the coin, it's also very easy to lose funds. If you're just starting out, it's best to hire a consultant who will lead you in the right direction. If you want to give it a try yourself, try with a smaller budget, and eventually scale once you start seeing some results and gain experience.

90. Invest in Metals

This again should be an obvious one. It's never a bad idea to purchase some gold or silver if you have additional money sitting on the side. The future looks bright for metals, and should get you a nice profit a decade down the road.

You can invest in metals online, or offline through old-school stores. Be sure to compare the rates online since it often pays if you put in the time for some research.

91. Consider CPA Marketing

Yes, we decided to include CPA or cost-per-action marketing under the investing section. Reason if you may ask? With most forms of CPA advertising, you're testing a marketing strategy using a test ad spend so that's money making you more money.

You get paid per action, and to get those visitors, you often have to make an investment in advertising. If a dollar spent in ads can earn you $1.2+, that's the closest thing you can have to a personal ATM/cash machine.

With some time and a lot of testing, cost per action marketing can be very profitable. Just get the users to complete a desired action, and make money in return. Apart from CPA offers which require a sale, you can also try cost-per-lead/CPL offers which are easier to convert.

92. Make Money With Misspelling Domains

You can purchase identical domains with a slight variation of the spelling or a misspelling and use them to generate cash.

Either use them to send visitors straight to the original site (using a referral link), or contact the website's owner and offer them this misspelling version of the website. Often brands would want to make sure they own all the domains that look or sound similar to the main website.

Example - Both and will take you to the social media site's homepage. If you have a domain that matches a big brand in some way, let them know if they're interested!


93. Sell Personal Photos To Stock Photo Websites

If you want to make some cash on the side, selling personal photos for commercial use to stock photos websites can be an option. If you're okay with your images being used across the web, this is definitely worth a consideration.

Shutterstock and Getty Images are among the leading websites where you can sell a license to use your photos online. Other than your personal photos, you can also sell miscellaneous photos if you're a fan of photography. Websites are already paying big bucks to acquire these.

94. Produce Music

If you love music, why not produce it and publish it online? There are dozens of music streaming platforms where you can showcase your talent and make money when people make a purchase.

With Apple Music, YouTube music, Spotify and many more, you'd certainly never run out of options. All that's needed from you are some skills as a musician, an isolated room for recording and a decent microphone.

95. Try Out Video Editing

If you love editing videos, you can surely monetize the skill. It's a technical one and poses a challenge to many. People could definitely use your services to save time and efforts.

It's not uncommon to offer video editing services on platforms like Fiverr. Depending on the work complexity, charge anywhere between $20 - $500 per completed task. Other than the usual video editing work, you can also create and sell catchy video intros on these sites.

96. Drive With Uber

Do you have a vehicle and are open to drive for a few hours each day? You're in luck, with companies like Uber, you can accept rides and make hundreds of dollars each day.

There's definitely some money to be made as a cab driver thanks to the growing costs of the public transport. If the opportunity presents itself, why not make the most out of it if you're interested? Other than offering a ride, delivering food with the Uber Eats platform is also an option.

97. Recycle Old Mobile Phones

Do you happen to have an old mobile phone which you don't use anymore? Even if it's a dead device, you can perhaps sell it to a mobile recycling company and get paid.

This isn't necessarily a get rich quick scheme, but mobile devices contain various precious metals like Gold and Titanium in their chip sets. If not, the company will simply repair faults in the device if it finds any, and re-sell it with a 'refurbished' tag on it.

98. Claim Cashback On Your Shopping

A penny saved is a penny earned. If you shop often, why not save as much as you can on all your purchases? There are websites willing to get you a nice bounty/cashback if you shop through them.

Bizrate Rewards is one of these sites. The company is partnered with giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks to name a few. Shop through them and earn loyalty rewards in the form of a cashback/gift cards on the mentioned platforms.

99. Sell Old Books and Other Items On Marketplaces

If you have dozens of old books/items which are no longer used, why not give them away on websites like Amazon and Craiglist at a decent price?

It will not only help you make a few extra bucks, but also clean your house at the same time. At times, letting go of old stuff can be win-win for everyone. People can find the books/items they need, and you can make some dough in return.

100. Consider Babysitting

Are you fond of kids? Well, you can take care of them and get paid at the same time. Often, working moms and dads would employ people to take care of their babies while they're away for work.

Since most parents work a day job, they need someone to attend the kid(s) while they're away. Expect to receive an handsome pay for the (work) you'll be putting in.

101. Review Movies/Games and Get Paid

Write product reviews on your blog or record videos and publish them on YouTube. When you review products from a third-party standpoint, that should help buyers gain a better insight on things they're interested in.

Often, product manufacturers hire beta testers for the same reason. Use the product, and drop an honest review. This feedback can help bring further enhancements to the original development.

102. Rent Out Extra Space in Your House

If you have a few spare rooms, you can increase your monthly cash flow with them. Simply list on websites, and rent out rooms of your liking.

Websites like Airbnb facilitate the process, you won't have a hard time finding customers with them. On top, the service is both safe and reliable.

103. Get Paid for Your Health

If you're in prime health, there are applications out there who would would reward you for your fitness levels.

An app called Achievement will pay you for specific health actions. They conduct medical research at times, and the growing community of more than 3 million people surely help lend a hand.

Some health actions include counting your daily steps, keep a track of food consumption, survey answering, and logging meditation sessions.

104. Sell Your Videos Online

Other than stock photos, you can also sell videos to stock websites. Since you're allowing them to sell a licensed usage of these, you should expect to make some nice monetary gains in the process.

You can either sell to websites that provide stock images, or sell videos on online teaching platforms. Either way, there are dozens of methods to monetize your videos.

105. Shorten Links With URL Shorteners

There are dozens of link shorteners who pay per click/per impression. Your job is to use the shorten feature on your links, and send traffic to them. These link shortening websites employ tons of advertising, that's how they make money.

If it turns out to be profitable, you get to receive a nice chunk off the ad income as well. Websites like have been around for a while, and are among the best in business. Even if it weren't for money, shortened links still look better than naked links like

If you were to use a more sophisticated service, check out our 9 favorite link tracking services. Most of these don't offer a free plan, but they are well worth it for many reasons.

106. Walk a Dog

If you love pets, why not help someone walk their pet dog? This won't really feel like works, and you'll get richer along the way taking care of the dog.

Apps like Rover can help you get started with dog walking if interested. Other than dogs, the service is also available for cat owners.

107. Rent Your Car

If you have a car (or multiple cars), why not let it help you take care of some bills? Car rentals can bring in hundreds of dollars a day, sometimes even more.

Getaround is one of the services where you can rent your car(s) in no time. Both hourly and daily rentals are an option, pick one that suits you best.

108. Flip Gift Cards for Some Quick Cash

If you've won a handful gift cards in the recent times (for work), or from anything else, you can flip them for instant cash if they're sitting on the side. It makes little sense to let unused coupons sit forever (so they gradually expire).

You may not be an avid shopper, and if that's the case this is how you can make some with gift cards/discount vouchers. These can be redeemed on major shopping websites, the likes of Amazon, and Walmart to name a few.

Final Words

So, there we have it. That brings us to the end of this extensive guide to make money online. It contains 100 plus ways you can use right now to get started with your online journey.

So, which way are you going to try first? 

Did we miss anything in this guide? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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