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Inbox Blueprint Review – Legitimate Email Marketing Course or a Scam?

Many email marketing courses claim to get you up to speed with navigating the online business world. An internet marketer named Anik Singhal claims you can make $5,000 within the first sixty days with his program. So, what is it all about?

It’s called Inbox Blueprint, and in this review, we shall take a closer look and reveal the things you need to know. Is it a legitimate product or a scam you should stay away from? Read on to find out.

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What Is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint Logo

Inbox Blueprint is an online marketing video course by Anik Singhal which teaches email marketing. With it, you can build an email list of people sharing a common interest and eventually profit from it.

There are instructional videos for every step of the complete email marketing system. It includes all the training, content, support, free trials, and other things you need to get started.

In the course creator’s words, each subscriber is worth a dollar per month. So, building a list of 5,000 people bring in $5,000/month in revenue. He sure has some credibility, and his company has won several accolades in the past few years.

These five elements make up the overall system, including Free PDF downloads, affiliate offers, email content, and traffic from a one-page website. You are free to create an unlimited number of one-page websites.

  • One-Page Website – You don’t need a full website; with a few mouse clicks, the Launchpad software can build you a one-page website.
  • Free PDF gift – In exchange for the free PDF download, this little but effective incentive will persuade your visitors to provide you with their email addresses.
  • Affiliate offer – You can market a successful product developed by someone else rather than having to produce your own.
  • Email content – When someone gives you their email address in exchange for your free gift, here is how you get in touch with them.
  • Easy traffic – You’ll be able to use Anik’s personal traffic network (Clickonomy). The top 8 traffic methods are taught to you at the Traffic Academy, which is another bonus.

If you are new to email marketing, the aforementioned five elements could seem intimidating. However, the training and unique Launchpad software can help you automate the entire process.

The Function of Inbox Blueprint

So, you may be wondering how the system operates and how it generates income for you.

  • Starts with traffic – You direct traffic (users) to your one-page website to make it work. Those individuals choose to opt-in and provide you with their email addresses in return for your freebie. The autoresponder, which is your database, automatically stores the email addresses.
  • Thank You Page & Affiliate Offer – A relevant affiliate offer is presented to them on your thank you page once they opt-in. And if they decide to purchase it, you are immediately paid a commission.
  • Automated emails – Then, whether or not they accept your initial offer, you have the opportunity to continue selling to them via your autoresponder. You can either send them emails or broadcasts, which are emails sent one at a time.
  • The System – You may be thinking to yourself right now that you are unable to perform any of the tasks I listed above. It is the reason you purchase a system that shows you how to do everything.
  • The Software – You might think it’s difficult and time-consuming, but Anik’s Launchpad software can help. With a few mouse clicks, this software automates practically the entire procedure. To learn more, read on down below.

Who Is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal

You’ve probably searched a lot of business courses if you’ve come across his name when looking for marketing and mentoring online. Due to his reputation in the sector, Anik Singal is one of the prominent figures among young online entrepreneurs globally.

He is not just a bestselling author for four of his major works, including eSCAPE, The Email Lifeline, Passion to Profit, and The Circle of Profit, but also a motivational speaker and coach.

Anik demonstrates his love for training young minds by creating a website for entrepreneurs.

The Lurn Inc., a transformational business, was founded in October 2004 with the primary goal of assisting, empowering, and guiding aspiring businesspeople.

The Lurn is an online and offline educational platform that provides essential tools, training, and resources suitable for each entrepreneur’s requirements. Once enrolled with the website, you have unlimited access to more than a hundred paid and free courses.

The platform is fantastic since Anik guarantees that customers directly benefit from the lessons without spending a lot of money, enabling them to learn and grow.

As of this writing, the site offers eight free courses on digital marketing and roughly five free courses on digital advertising.

Aside from the over 420k learners it currently has registered, it appears that the student population is wealthy because the business has over 53k followers on Facebook, 14.5k followers on Instagram, 6k followers on Twitter, and a whopping 413k subscribers on YouTube!

Anik’s humanitarian endeavors were maybe even more well-known than his educational endeavors. He constructed schools all around the world through the Singal Foundation in an effort to give those who are less fortunate chances.

Inbox Blueprint 1.0 vs 2.0

The product has been around for a while and is currently in the 2.0 version. It is how Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is different compared to its predecessor:

  • More Expensive than 1.0
  • It doesn’t come with any up-sells/upgrade offers.
  • More value-packed
  • It introduces a done-for-you/DFY option in case you would rather have someone else do the heavy lifting for you.
  • It comes with launchpad, which is an email marketing automation tool.
  • Assignments to help you make the most out of the training program
  • 14-day trial for SendLane (an autoresponder)
  • 12-month support
  • Bonuses – 12-month Lurn VIP membership, Traffic Academy, and 6-week fast start program

If you’re having trouble or want to use email marketing to grow a profitable business, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 can assist. Despite being beginner-friendly, I would not suggest Inbox Blueprint to people new to online marketing and earning money.

It’s because it will be harder for a beginning internet marketer to create results if you don’t have a strong foundation. Instead, I would suggest that you begin with any of the free, easily accessible Programs For Beginners online.

You will be exposed to internet marketing in this way until you feel comfortable using it. Once you’ve done that, you may use email marketing to expand your business online.

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Inbox Blueprint Overview

Lurn - Inbox Blueprint
  • Inbox Blueprint: The main course of email marketing.
  • Lurn Nation: A website membership where you may buy the package
  • LaunchPad: A dependable and user-friendly business software.

The following bonuses are also included in the package:

Niche Detective

Niche Detective Sample Report

You can utilize this niche research tool to conduct some preliminary niche research. It enables you to choose some of the broad niches Anik suggests before focusing on a more specific field where you can view some important free traffic methods and products you can market.

List Academy

List Academy Banner

The List Academy is an advanced email marketing course teaching you the following: 

  •  How to connect with your target audience
  • The different email kinds that work
  • The business model monetization strategies will both hasten the growth of your list and maximize revenues in the long run.

There is also a Virtual Summit Workshop with four more discussion sessions on email marketing and a Q&A session.

Traffic Academy

Traffic Academy

You will discover tried-and-true easy traffic generation techniques in Traffic Academy.

Each tactic is thoroughly described and backed up by videos, tools, and exercises to ensure you get the fundamentals.

6-Week Fast Start Program

Six Week Fast Start Program

It serves as both training and a case study. The six recorded sessions that make up this program. You will learn everything you need to know about growing your list to 1,000 subscribers right here!

Additionally, it offers a second (bonus) session.

Lurn Masters Club

Lurn Masters Club

You have access to weekly webinars with Anik and daily Q&A webinars that take place from Monday through Friday. It’s an excellent place to ask questions, as well as to hear inquiries from other members.

Launch Pad

Launch Pad

The essential tool in Inbox Blueprint is Launch Pad. Launch Pad, an automation tool for the enhanced version, was reportedly developed by Anik for more than $400k over the course of 14 months.

Aside from the training, the LaunchPad tool is another key selling feature for version 2.0.

How does this automation tool function? What makes it the most crucial tool in the updated Inbox Blueprint?

LaunchPad is a tool that enables you to generate lead magnets, opt-in pages, and autoresponder replies.

Implementing what you’ve learned was challenging because Inbox Blueprint 1.0 doesn’t have a Launchpad-like tool. But now that LaunchPad is part of the enhanced edition, you can build up your opt-in sites easily.

So you follow the instructions to get everything configured from A-Z instead of going out and creating everything yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

How does it function?

Well, there are five basic actions to launch your business model. The process involves selecting a niche, setting up an autoresponder, selecting an affiliate offer, putting together a free report, and then building the funnel.

Let’s examine each step’s function in more detail.

  • Configuration: The focus of this step is selecting a specialty. Anik provides you with a list of all the niches he thinks are appropriate. As a result, choose a niche from the list, give your campaign a name, and choose a domain name (opt-in page URL).
  • Email campaign: To link Launch Pad with your Sendlane autoresponder account, you must sign up with Sendlane and complete a few forms. There is no other way to use Launch Pad; you must finish this stage.
  • Affiliate Offer: You must pick an affiliate offer to promote to profit from this. And based on the niche you select, Launch Pad automatically includes offerings from Clickbank. Create your CB account, link it to Launch Pad, then choose an offer is the idea.
  • Free Report: The free report you’ll offer in exchange for a person’s email needs to be created in this step. Everything is taken care of, from the front cover to the inside text and adding affiliate connections.
  • Funnel Design: This step establishes your opt-in page, thank you page, and email follow-up sequence. Essentially the last stage of preparation. You have the option of using prewritten emails or writing your own. Additionally, you have a choice between a basic opt-in page and a more sophisticated quiz-style opt-in page.

That’s pretty much it. Once you have completed these steps in Launch Pad, you will have an email marketing funnel set up and operational.

Inbox Blueprint Course Modules

Inbox Blueprint offers top-notch training and grants you access to a handful of tools and resources to help you in your journey. The core training is divided into multiple modules, which are as follows:

Eight courses make up the primary module, designed to make learning simple and enable you to transfer to a financially rewarding field. The eight modules in the course are the following:

Inbox Blueprint Course Modules


It all begins here! You are given a list of more than 30 successful and evergreen areas to pick from and launch your business in.

Here, it’s best to pick a niche in which you have a genuine interest. Additionally, you learn how to choose a profitable niche so you can eventually stop using the provided list of 30 niches and pick your own.

What is Learned:

  • How to locate an extremely profitable market best served by email marketing.
  • How to make use of LaunchPad’s given niches.
  • How to investigate profitable niche sites using Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Clickbank.

Assignment: Choose a market niche for your email marketing company.


It is where you set up your capture page and lead magnet. A free gift exchange in return for an email address.

What is covered:

  • An introduction to grab pages
  • Discover the best copywriting strategies and tactics to expand your subscription base.
  • How to create a capture page that converts well
  • Do you want single or double opt-in? They’ll let you know which is the best.
  • How to create capture page designs
  • The best colors for CTA buttons to increase conversions
  • Create a lead magnet of your own

Assignment: Develop your first optimized capture page that is conversion driven.


Things start to get exciting at this point. Anik demonstrates how to monetize your thank you page here (TYP). It is remarkable how little marketing leverages its thank you page.

Instead of being taught what to do, you will need to put in the work and learn for yourself. You will be head and shoulders above your rivals after taking this action.

What is covered:

  • The formula for a successful and highly effective TYP offer.
  • When and how to give your subscriber the lead magnet you promised in “Module 2.”
  • Making a compelling offer for your thank-you page.
  • The best techniques for your thank-you page

Assignment: Configure your TYP and choose the enticing deal!

With this move, you will be miles ahead of your rivals.


Here, you have the crucial matter of automation and making your new company hands-off because, in a perfect world, you want to generate as much money with as little effort as possible!

An autoresponder is necessary, so a small investment is necessary here. SendLane does provide a brief free trial.

What is covered:

  • Describe autoresponders and how to use them.
  • How to trace a click, and why it’s crucial
  • Automated messages or broadcast blasts. Which one suits you the best?

Assignment: Select an email marketing service and launch your initial campaign.


Email marketing and list management involve many different aspects. It is not enough to include a monetized offer in every email. Ideally, you want to have as many loyal customers and subscribers as you can.

Despite being absolutely true, the saying “the money is on the list” is actually more accurate.

Few email marketers succeed in making that much money per subscriber each month, but those that do—and even fewer still—are doing it by carefully monitoring their subscriber lists and cultivating long-lasting connections with them.

What is covered:

  • How to provide content that your readers will value
  • The email marketing lifeline: How frequently and in how many emails should you provide promotional offers?
  • How to make conversion-friendly, high-quality promotional emails
  • The ideal email format for product releases
  • Subject lines that are guaranteed to get views.
  • How to build a relationship of trust with your email subscribers
  • Why it’s critical to test your emails before sending them

Assignment: Construct your initial automatic follow-up chain.


Learning about the trick to making tweaks that increase conversions and generate more revenue with the same amount of work.

What is covered:

  • How and What Simple changes can increase your income
  • Utilizing your subscriber list for profit while cultivating a relationship with them
  • Making money through affiliate offers using your list
  • The secret to successfully advertising the debut of new products
  • Event-specific advertising (Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and so on.)
  • Selling your items through webinars (affiliate offers).
  • Including streamlined rapid action, bonuses will help you improve conversion rates.

Assignment: Adjust, monitor, and increase conversions.


You have nothing if there is no traffic. You have no sales, subscriptions, or business. You learn several highly effective traffic generation tactics and sources in this section.

It is a misconception that traffic is challenging; on the contrary, it is an easy task!

What is covered:

  • A guest post
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Time against money! Conundrum. Spend money on traffic, and you’ll have it immediately. Spend time; over time, traffic will increase.
  • Google Answers
  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Ads on Google
  • Instagram adverts

Assignment: Drive more traffic to your optimized landing pages to expand your email marketing business.


Increasing the size of your new business for unlimited success. Enhancing specific areas of your company for increased performance.

What is covered:

  • The most crucial VIP metrics to observe
  • Increasing your open and conversion rates
  • The best ways to prevent emails from going to the dreaded spam folder
  • Going extravagant or being straightforward?

Assignment: Increase the volume of traffic to your optimized landing pages in your email marketing firm.

The package also includes the self-explanatory welcome and Introduction module to provide a warm welcome and overview of the complete package. It includes three hours of video (and written) information within the main course modules.

From picking a niche to creating a bait to a proper funnel and driving traffic, IB covers it all. It’s definitely worth a shot if you could use a hand as far as email marketing is concerned.

At the same time, it’s not recommended for beginners though. If you’re just starting with online marketing, it’s best to work on your foundation first.

After signing up for the course, you will also get instant access to Launch Pad – an automation tool.

With the platform, you can churn out landing pages, lead magnets, and email automation messages in no time. There was no such thing in the 1.0 version of the program. Hence Launch Pad is one of the main selling points of the course.

The platform is similar to ClickFunnels, which is a more popular landing page builder software.

Income Potential

Earning potential is definitely there since the model utilizes the email marketing channel, which is among the most profitable ones around. It is how the process works:

  • Know your niche (know what you want to promote and what your audience is interested in)
  • Send traffic to a landing page where you’ll collect emails.
  • Offer an opt-in bait (more sophistically known as a lead magnet)
  • Once people have joined your email delivery, shower them with great value for FREE, and build a strong relationship.
  • Monetize by promoting relevant products via email promos. You can sell your own product(s) or promote others as an affiliate marketer.

IB will help you find markets that cater to your interests. Next, you will build a capture page for collecting leads. Once the basic setup is complete, you can drive traffic to the funnel and start list building.

Pricing – How Much Does Inbox Blueprint Cost?

It’s by no means an inexpensive course. The 1.0 version used to cost $250 one-time and came with a $297 upsell offer. The new training only comes with a single pricing plan – $997 one-time.

If needed, there’s also an option to make three payments of $397 ($1,191). However, the newer variant doesn’t come with any upgrade offers, unlike its predecessor.

Apart from the usual training program, you will also have to invest in a domain, web hosting, autoresponder solution, and in the end, traffic. In case you’d like to find out what our favorite tools and resources are, definitely check out the following:

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Inbox Blueprint Is Ideal For Whom?

For intermediate and seasoned marketers looking to master email marketing and expand their online businesses, Inbox Blueprint is ideal.

A single algorithm adjustment by search engines or social media platforms can result in the failure of an entire company. And the ability to effectively maintain and engage with a sizable email list can ensure a consistent stream of cash and a regular steady flow of traffic directed to wherever you choose, including your website.

If you have a real or digital product of your own, you can boost sales by successfully starting an email campaign.

The target audience for this product is often intermediate to expert marketers who are well-versed in the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Help and Support

The help and support you receive with Inbox Blueprint are pretty good.

You have access to a member-only forum with lots of insightful information. There are also a few additional options for getting your questions answered.

As an illustration, you can access daily (Monday through Friday) coaching webinars and a biweekly webinar with Anik. In addition, if you have any inquiries concerning your account, there is a knowledge base and email help department.

In conclusion, I think this is fantastic.

The forum isn’t particularly active, though. It’s largely a ghost town, but there’s a lot of engagement from earlier months and years that you may learn from.

Things We Liked

  • High-quality training – not only does Anik have some credibility, but the course is also indeed top-notch and can be helpful for email marketing aspirants. The training will take you from a beginner to a ninja in no time if you complete the action steps.
  • 12-month support and access to the Lurn community
  • Launchpad is a decent tool for automation. Anyone who builds landing pages and leads magnets should find immense value in them.
  • A successful internet business can be developed via email marketing, which is a dynamic, long-lasting strategy. Whether you utilize it to boost sales or build your entire company around it. It is a tried-and-true tactic that is worthwhile to understand.
  • For students who want to learn more after finishing the core material, the Q&A webinars further enhance the course’s value. Furthermore, it’s an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered.
  • Overall, the bonus material you receive is very helpful. Some of it significantly advances your knowledge of internet marketing.
  • The Lurn platform is a fantastic resource for learning about any online business. Additionally, a ton of free content is available, which is remarkable.

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Things We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive – this is by no means a good starting point for people new to internet marketing. It’s recommended to build your foundation first. Our step-by-step affiliate marketing guide can be a great starting point.
  • The course is built by the course creator’s team members. In case, you want to learn from the man, Anik himself – you’ll be disappointed. The content is reliable nonetheless!
  • Other than the fact that the course costs an arm and a leg, there’s no free trial available. Should you decide to enroll, there are no refunds, either. Since you’d be instantly getting access to everything the course has to offer – you can’t cancel your membership once you join.
  • Although very constrained, the traffic training is good, especially with strategies for paid traffic. It implies that you will probably rely on sponsored visitors, which might make it challenging to turn your organization profitable, particularly if you want to engage in the affiliate marketing industry.
  • One of the most crucial components of this entire company concept is copywriting. Your company might essentially succeed or fail depending on the copy on your opt-in page, thank you page, and emails. There isn’t much training available either. While you do have access to certain prewritten emails, you can’t just rely on them.
  • Although their member’s forum is unique, it isn’t particularly active. Therefore, it can be a while before you receive responses to your inquiries about marketing.

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Conclusion – Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam?

No, not even close. Anik Singhal’s Inbox Blueprint is not a scam. In fact, it’s among the best training programs in email marketing at the moment.

However, it’s still not recommended if you’re a beginner. There are many reasons for it:

  • You may want to learn the basics first if you’re new to the game of internet marketing.
  • The course is ridiculously expensive (at least for someone who has never done IM before.
  • Email marketing can get very advanced quickly, and if you’re relatively new, you may feel overwhelmed.

That being said, it’s still a great investment if you want to expand your knowledge and get started as an email marketer.

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What is Inbox Blueprint?

One of the greatest email marketing courses available, it teaches you the value of email marketing and how to develop an opt-in page that will allow you to grow an email list of subscribers.

Is it downloadable in PDF format?

Only in the membership area is it possible to watch the training videos online. Each module has a PDF download option.

What does Launch Pad mean?

Anik created the software known as Launchpad to make the entire procedure possible with a few mouse clicks and the entry of a few words.

How do I sign up?

You must either visit the Lurn website or find the course if you wish to register for the course.

When will I start to make money online?

Because it relies on numerous factors, there is no definitive answer to this question. It requires your openness to learning, commitment, budget for traffic, etc. Since email marketing does not guarantee success right away, you must put your attention on the long term if you want unlimited success.

Are there any upsells?

No. But the Lurn platform has an ecosystem with various courses you may purchase. For instance, the eSCAPE Masterclass costs $597, and the Copywriting Academy and FB Academies.

They are relevant to the business and are courses that inevitably will help you develop a profitable business in making money online, but you are not required to purchase them.

What other costs should you consider?

You need to consider a Sendlane monthly subscription, which starts at around $35. It is practically required to use Launch Pad because you need it. Additionally, you should take into account the expense of purchasing traffic, which can easily cost $1,000 or more since the free traffic school doesn’t cover a lot of ground.

A domain name, hosting, and design fees are some additional, more discretionary expenses. These fees apply if you hire someone to make a special cover image for your free report.

Is Inbox Blueprint legitimate?

The Inbox Blueprint course, which teaches you how to start an online business from scratch, is legitimate. Although pricey, I don’t believe that makes it a scam. There aren’t many complaints about Lurn on the Better Business Bureau page.

Does Anik deliver the course content?

While he does deliver a large portion of the course’s videos, many of the individual lessons are written or delivered by a different member of the Lurn team.

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