Income On Demand – Is It a Scam or the Real Deal?

If you're reading this, chances are you wanted to learn more about Agora Financial's latest offering. It's called Income on Demand and it claims to be the 'simple secret' for riches. So, is it any good or a scam? 

That's what we will discuss in this Income on Demand review. It often pays to do your own research and analysis before you make a critical decision. This can greatly help you avoid scams and help find real business opportunities which will work. 

Who even wants to put a dent in their wallet? Neither do we.

Income on Demand Review

If you judge it by the name, it sounds quite deceiving. It says you can generate cash flow on demand using the stock market via trading. We've seen a lot of hype around this product. Beginners are banking hard, broke moms not broke anymore to name a few.

Hate to bring this to you, but Income on Demand is not even a standalone product. Wait what? Yes, that's correct, it's merely a sales pitch designed to sell you Agora Financial's newsletter. There are hundreds of 'proofs' out there if you want to dig deeper, here's one of them:

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There's definitely some income potential with trading. There are people who make a full time income trading stocks, but it's also quite risky. When you go all in, you can make a decent profit or lose a fortune. With every trade, there's one winner and one loser.

It all comes down to how much of a trading flair you have. If it's something you fancy (reading charts and everything), this is surely an option. Agora's 'loophole' claims to have a 98%+ success rate which we are skeptical of.

We can only guess where the market may head, no one can 'guarantee' anything. If there was a way to truly predict the market's outcome, why would anyone even make the information public? As you might have guessed, this is for people who like to trade stocks, and not for the average joe.

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The Video Training

Like we mentioned, Income On Demand is not even a standalone product. It explains how day trading works, and talks about the exclusive tips you could receive via e-mail. It's not free though, it costs $1,500 per year and the training is delivered by Zachary Scheidt who is an editor at Agora.

Apart from this publishing ($1,500 pa), he also has published Contract Income Alert ($3,000 pa), Family Wealth Circle ($7,500 pa) and Lifetime Income Report ($99 pa). With shorting stocks, Zachary also recommends to have at least $20,000 to spare, this is definitely not for everyone.


We like how the company's editor is sharing the details here and is not hiding them on purpose (like with some scams out there). You also have a 60-day money back guarantee to test the product. Simply get your money back if you're not happy for any reason.

Argo Financial also uses the element of scarcity to sell their products (time left to order etc), which is an old marketing tactic. In reality, the spots are anything but limited. This is definitely deceiving. Try refreshing the page on the browser and you will see the countdown timer resets.

There's no real guarantee to how much money you will make. If you're full of blind trust and if a trade goes wrong, you may lose a lot of money, let alone make some. There are a lot of reviews for the product online, with negative reviews far outnumbering the positive ones.

Is Income On Demand a Scam?

That brings us to the conclusion. Is Income on Demand a Scam? Nope, we can't consider it as one because it's a product which can still assist you with trading. Whether or not the trades go your way, that depends on the market and not on the product.

It's a service nonetheless which you'd be receiving upon a successful payment for the subscription. It's also possible to make money with trading, but if you're low on capital or if you hate risks, this isn't something you would fancy in the first place. Some will love it, some will hate it.

Considering the vast number of negative reviews for the publication and the steep pricing, we can't recommend it to our readers. There are a lot better ways to make money online if you're just starting out or have intermediate experience.

If you can't risk losing money, investing/shorting stocks/options isn't an option anyway. The market is truly unpredictable and things won't always go your way.

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