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InCompass Panel Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Let’s face it; it is quite hard to take up a side hustle and generate a passive income while working a full-time job. However, if you want to manage extra expenses apart from paying your bills, you’ll need a side income.

What if I told you that there are some ways you can earn some extra bucks without getting exhausted every day?

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What’s more, you can avail of various rewards and discounts using your online earnings. If you’re excited enough to start immediately, read this InCompass panel review for details.

InCompass Panel Review

Incompass Panel Logo

If you’ve looked for easy ways to make money online, you must’ve come across various websites offering free money. Unfortunately, while some of these might be profitable, most of them are scams and a complete waste of time.

That’s why most users refrain from such platforms and are skeptical about signing up in the first place. But that’s not the case when it comes to InCompass Panel.

The mediacell app lets you make money from home without tedious effort or assigning any extra time from your daily routine. But, of course, you have to download the app and avail of their paid offers for some regular side income.

Sounds too good to be true? I have compiled all the details and information about this platform in my InCompass review so you can decide whether InCompass Panel is worth the time.

So let’s get started.

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What is InCompass Panel?

If you are a working member of the Ipsos i-Say survey site, you probably know about IncCompass Panel.

However, if you’re new to the concept of paid surveys and micro-tasks, here’s a brief introduction before I get into further details.

What Is Incompass Panel

InCompass Panel is an additional market research platform for UK residents created by the Ipsos i-Say survey website owners. This website lets UK citizens make a passive income by sharing opinions about their demographics, habits, and hobbies.

The platform further shares this information with its partner brands for decent revenue. Later, it shares a percentage of its earnings with users like you to compensate for your time and effort.

Moreover, this app has many other earning opportunities, such as personal information diaries and short opinion polls, that set it apart from other survey sites.

This means that even if you’re already working on a popular survey site, this platform is worth trying to increase your passive income.

So, is InCompass Panel legit or a scam? To give you further insight into its workings and operation system, I have provided a detailed overview in the section below.

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How Does InCompass Panel Work?

If you’re a frequent survey-taker generating a substantial income through sites like Swagbucks or MyPoints, you’re probably dismissing the thought of joining this panel. However, bear with me, and I’ll tell you what sets this platform apart from its counterparts.

How Does Incompass Panel Work

You see, while most popular survey sites generate data for brands and retailers, that’s not the case with InCompass Panel. Instead, this website focuses on its users’ personal experiences and behavioral information to conduct their own research for television, radio, and internet services.

Meaning you might not get to influence your favorite brands and services with your opinions on this site. However, you can help shape the future of mass communication, entertainment, and music services in your region.

For example, by monitoring your entertainment preferences, the platform sees what people today watch TV for and sells the information to television companies.

This way, the companies air the programs preferred by the masses. Everyone wins.

Additionally, even though it is not mandatory to have a mobile app installed when working for other survey sites, it is compulsory for InCompass Panel members. That’s because downloading the app lets the platform keep track of your data usage, media consumption, communication statistics, and entertainment preferences.

Although the platform does not share sensitive information with third parties, it uses your data anonymously to facilitate research and development.

In a nutshell, this website works by monitoring your everyday information. So, if you’re uncomfortable with that, this website isn’t for you.

However, if you consent to this format, you can make a decent passive income through the platform.

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How to Sign Up for InCompass Panel?

Now that you know the basic details about the site, you probably want to know how to make money with InCompass Panel. However, before we get into the nitty gritties of InCompass money-making techniques, you should know about the platform’s eligibility criteria and sign-up process.

The sign-up process for InCompass Panel is pretty easy. Unlike other websites that make you fill out long, tedious forms before becoming a member, this portal only asks you for basic details.

Moreover, the sign-up process is completely free, and there’s no hidden fee either. Meaning you can join right away if you’re 16 years or older.

Unfortunately, InCompass Panel is not available for the worldwide community. Instead, you can only join if you’re a UK resident.

Similarly, there are other restrictions for joining InCompass Panel. Mainly, you cannot become a member if you’re already a part of the Ipsos community or a family member is already working on the InCompass app.

Besides, you cannot sign up from their website as it only has a log-in option. Instead, you’ll need to install their app and sign up using a smartphone.

Also, you can’t access the app from other devices, so unless your smartphone is compatible, you won’t be able to join.

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Pros of InCompass Panel

After going through the internal workings and sign-up process, you must decide whether the platform works for you. If you’re ready to join and earn money online, here’s a list of benefits to eliminating any second thoughts.

Provides Monthly Rewards

What’s better than earning a passive income while doing nothing? InCompass Panel lets you earn money every month without using any additional time or expertise.

Multiple Money-Making Offers

Unlike dedicated survey sites, there are many ways you can make money on InCompass Panel. This includes answering opinion polls, maintaining a weekly diary, and letting the app run on your smartphone.

Bonus Vouchers

Apart from the basic earning opportunities, the platform offers further rewards in the form of lucrative bonus vouchers every month. You’ll get an e-voucher worth £20 for completing your first month and £10 monthly after that.

Free Sign Up

You don’t need to pay any upfront fee to become a member of InCompass Panel. However, you’ll have to dedicate a chunk of your mobile data to keep the app running in the background.

User-Friendly Interface

Another aspect I loved about InCompass Panel is that their website and app are completely clutter-free. You’ll see straightforward call-to-action on their home pages so you can get to work and make money right away.

Multiple Redemption Options

Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them through various e-vouchers, including Mark’s and Spencer’s and Amazon vouchers.

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Cons of InCompass Panel

While there are a lot of benefits to using InCompass Panel, there are some drawbacks to the portal. I’ve listed them here to give you an honest representation of the panel.

Comparatively Low Income

If you join other popular survey sites, you can earn anywhere from $5-$10 for each survey you take. Meanwhile, on InCompass Panel, surveys and polls are quite rare, and you will mostly rely on the monitoring service for payments.

This means points will take quite a long time to add up, so you can buy something meaningful.

Drains Battery

Although the app does not hinder your device’s operating system in any way, it will drain your battery quicker than usual.

Data Consumption

The app drains around 20-30 MBs of data per day. So, you should keep an eye out while it’s running in the background if you have a limited data plan.

Demographic Limitations

You can only become a member of the InCompass Panel if you’re currently residing in the UK.

Membership Restrictions

Even if you fit the demographic requirements, you’ll have to fit into strict criteria and wait for a vacancy before you can join the platform.

No Cash Prizes

InCompass Panel only pays you in Amazon gift cards and Mark’s and Spencer’s vouchers. So, if you’re looking for hard cash, this isn’t your platform.

Key Features

Just like any other online money-making platform, InCompass Panel also has its pros and cons. While the cons can be huge turn-offs for some users, the pros might appeal to others.

If you think it’s the right money-making platform for you, this section of my InCompass review will take you through its main features. So read along to make the process easier for yourself.

Earning Opportunities – Can I Make Money With Just My Phone?

Making money with InCompass Panel is probably the first question that came to mind when you heard about the platform. There are various ways you can earn some extra bucks on the app.

Monthly Vouchers

Firstly, you’ll get paid for letting the app run in the background on your smartphone. After that, all you have to do is download the mobile app, sign up, and log in using your credentials.

Once you have logged in, the app will monitor your everyday activities. These include your communication details, data usage, entertainment preferences, and call logs.

After downloading the app, you will receive your first £20 voucher when you complete your first month. After that, you can choose whether you want Mark’s and Spencer’s or Amazon gift cards.

Remember, you’ll receive these rewards without putting in any extra effort, which makes it a great deal. After your first month, you will get £10 every further month while using the app.

Survey Diaries

Another lucrative way to make money on InCompass Panel is by maintaining a 7-day survey diary. The app itself will send you an invitation to complete the diary.

Once you accept the invitation, you will get weekly assignments for a week. After you finish your assignments and complete the diary, you will receive a reward of £5.

Unfortunately, these survey diary invitations only come by around 4-5 times a year. So, keep checking your email to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

InCompass Panel Payments

If you’re assuming you’ll get to redeem your InCompass earnings in exchange for cash from PayPal, that’s not the case. This platform only rewards its users in the form of shopping vouchers.

In my opinion, getting Amazon vouchers and Mark’s and Spencer’s gift cards for practically doing nothing is a great deal. You can get discounts on anything from everyday groceries to luxury products and save money.

Similarly, you can maximize your earnings by taking short opinion polls and completing 7-day survey diaries. This way, you can avail of higher-value vouchers and order free stuff from your favorite online store.

The app pays its users every month. Meaning even if you complete the special diary assignments, you will receive your vouchers the following month with the regular app rewards.

InCompass App – Is it Compatible with iOS and Other Devices?

The InCompass App is available for download on iTunes and Google Play. It is free to download and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Incompass Panel App

Besides that, the app has a clean and intuitive interface which makes it great for newbies. Also, it won’t weigh down on your phone’s operating system, so you can let it run flawlessly in the background.

Customer Support Team

InCompass Panel is owned by the Ipsos i-Say team, a well-known rewards website. Attributing to its popularity, it has a huge user base that requires a strong customer support team.

Incompass Panel Support

Luckily, InCompass Panel does not disappoint as it provides multiple support options in case you face problems during operation. You can check out their comprehensive FAQs page and get immediate answers.

Or, you can contact them through the email address and phone number provided on the website and get a prompt response from a representative.


One reason that made me question the credibility of this app was its motive to monitor the activities and consumption details of its users. However, I was glad that the app has a strict privacy policy to protect its users’ data.

Incompass Panel Privacy

Unlike other apps, their research on your data consumption is only shared with radio stations and internet providers. Besides, the platform will only submit data as anonymous results without mentioning individuals or identifiable devices.

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 4/5
  • Features – 3/5
  • Customer Support – 4/5

Is InCompass Panel Legit?

InCompass Panel is a legit app that pays its users in exchange for researching their mobile operations. Additionally, users can maximize their earnings by completing survey diaries and answering opinion polls.

While the app provides timely payments in vouchers and gift cards, it is not the right option for those looking for hard cash prizes. But, if you want to shape the future and improve internet services in the UK today, this is a great way to do it while getting rewarded.

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  • Demographic Limitations
  • Membership Restrictions