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Infinite Income Review – A Scam or a Road To Riches?

It looks like Agora Financial has launched a brand-new newsletter, and it goes by the name of Infinite Income. Now that name does sound a little deceiving, but we shall see. Is Infinite Income legit?

Congratulations on doing your own research before you go ahead and get started with the platform. It’s a surefire way to avoid scams and find legit ways to make money online.

You’ve likely come across Infinite Income for the same reason you’ve come across other financial newsletters, crypto trading services, and investment programs. You want to increase your financial security while decreasing your investment time.

Moreover, it’s likely that you’d like to make more money than you already possess. This is a really encouraging prospect, and it’s likely what makes the publishing and education market in the financial sector worth so many billions. In this Infinite Income review, we will reveal the things you need to know.

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What is Infinite Income?

Infinite Income is a financial planning service for retirees. It encourages them to invest in generating a steady stream of income during their golden years. The key is to spread investments across various stocks, bonds, and other assets to generate a sizable income stream without taking on undue risk.

The primary goal of Infinite Income is to encourage and advise you on where to invest your retirement savings. This is so that you can maximize your return on investment (ROI). Take care of yourself in retirement, or start a college fund for your grandkid!

And what better than to have consistent revenues while you’re doing nothing? All you need to start is a laptop and an internet connection. You have all the power and all the control! The most successful students of Infinite Income run their businesses from anywhere, and they earn semi-passive income.

Who started Infinite Income?

Agora Financial is the publisher of the Infinite Income newsletter, which Mike Burnick owns. Burnick has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry, thanks to his time at pinnacle investment. He is the Senior Editor/Analyst of Seven Figure Publishing/Agora Financial.

During his time at Weiss research, Mike Burnick served as Portfolio Manager and registered investment advisor. He is widely regarded as the firm’s most outstanding manager in its history. Why? He was instrumental in the firm’s rise to control assets worth more than $500 million.

He is a popular keynote speaker at conferences. He is also often sought out by media outlets for advice on how to make money in today’s volatile financial market.

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What happens if you subscribe to Infinite income?

As mentioned before, the platform’s primary goal is to persuade those nearing retirement to invest in lower-risk possibilities. This will ensure a regular monthly income to guarantee a secure future after retirement.

Those nearing retirement age can confidently participate on the Infinite Income platform because it provides low-risk investment options. Investing with the site is simple because you must deposit money and wait for a regular monthly payout.

Infinite Income’s newsletter is another helpful resource. The newsletter gives reliable data on the movement of stocks and shares. This will let you put your money to work in the most promising industry and ensure a steady flow of income even as you enjoy your golden years. You will also learn essential information for increasing your annual Social Security benefit payouts.

You’ll also receive weekly portfolio updates by email. You’ll always know about what’s happening in the financial markets and can act quickly to capitalize on opportunities to make money online or offline. In many ways, it functions similarly to having a trusted business advisor by your side.

The platform will provide you with a database where you can perform in-depth research under their guidance. This is to ensure that you are always the first to invest in firms before the general public learns about them. A current portfolio showing active and closed trades will be available to you.

After signing up as a member of Infinite Income, you’ll have free access to a members area. You’ll also get daily subscription newsletters with the most up-to-date information. If a new service or product is released, you can be sure that the writers at Infinite Income will be there to write about it through Infinite Income Report. You can use it without spending a dime. Subcategories exist for categories, authors, and topics.

When something noteworthy occurs, a new article is written and published in the Infinite Income Center. You’ll be able to use it in whatever you like. It’s set up so you can browse by kind, author, or topic. Infinite Income issues, on the other hand, will highlight the essential things happening in the industry and system.

Products and services supplied within the Infinite Income facility include the following, as detailed on the website of the seven-figure magazine “Infinite Income.” Infinite Income Report! When something noteworthy occurs, a new article is written and published in the Infinite Income Center.

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Infinite Income Review

As we mentioned, Infinite Income isn’t a standalone product. It’s a newsletter that is intended to promote Agora Financial’s services. It sure can be a decent option for people interested in investing via trading, but we have yet to draw conclusions.

Lifetime Income Report and Insurance Return Checks are two more newsletters the same company provides. They provide financial advice services and teach investing. That being said, most of the marketing campaigns we encountered were slightly deceiving at best. That’s not to say the company is a scam, but we are skeptical.

The newsletter’s name (Infinite Income) suggests creating an unlimited income supply. Similar terms are often associated with scams, and it does no good to Agora’s newsletter service created by Mike Burnick.

There are reports of the company doing better than its rivals. They claim to have beaten the market by 17% in 2018, but if that’s true, we don’t understand the need to use shady marketing tactics. It looks like the product is promoted more as a get-rich-quick scheme rather than an investing service/program subscription.

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The subscription is relatively inexpensive and will cost $199 when paid annually. The company provides advice for various low-risk investment opportunities, which in turn can help you earn for your retirement. As a member of Infinite Income, you get instant access to the following:

  • Monthly issues – covers the latest market trends/investment opportunities.
  • Portfolio updates – sent out weekly via email to notify you of changes, if there are any. It also includes trading recommendations and market analysis.
  • Alerts – suggests if you need to take a specific action with your holdings to maximize profits.
  • Access to Infinite Income model portfolio
  • 24/7 access to the member’s website
  • Free subscription to Mike Burnick’s other newsletter services, namely 5 Minute Forecast, The Rundown, America Uncensored, and Wealth Watch.

After checking the income claims, we found out they are rather acceptable and not as hyped as we thought they were. It sits at around 9%, which is realistic. We did see a place where a 47% profit was mentioned. It’s still better than total-BS claims of 400-700%, which are not hard to find if you know what we’re talking about.

Infinite Income Portfolio

If you’re an investor and could use some investment advice, this may be something you could test out. You will have to shell out $199 for the year, but if it can help you make profits (like they claim), this can be a decent service to have.

There is a mixed bag of reviews for the product, though. It also doesn’t make sense for you to join if you’re just starting online and looking to create a passive income stream.

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Infinite Income Pros and Cons


  • Low risk. By the time we reach our twilight years, we ought to have achieved financial stability and be living life to the fullest. To guarantee your financial security, you must build a high-quality portfolio that generates income on autopilot. Because of this, you can finally stop worrying about the precariousness of your investment portfolio in light of the global economy’s cyclical nature. You can go out and enjoy the fruits of your labors.
  • Offers monetary safety and security. After making an investment, you won’t have to do a thing. Your regular paychecks will be deposited each month promptly. You can count on this steady stream of funds to take care of expenses like rent, groceries, gas, and the unavoidable costs associated with raising a family or a set of grandchildren. Every so often, we have to shell out money for random expenses.
  • Develops a high-quality portfolio that generates revenue quickly and easily.


  • This is not for those who want to win big every time.
  • This is not a service that will make you rich overnight.
  • This isn’t for everybody.

Clearing the Confusion with Infinite Income’s Namesakes

Agora’s Infinite Income has 2 namesakes you must be confused about. Don’t worry; we’re going to clear up your confusion right now. Here is some information about the Infinite Income book and the Infinite Income Engine website.

Infinite Income book by Tanner Chidester

Counting Money

First off, I want to clarify that this is a different product from the product we previously discussed. Although they have the same name and aim to teach ways to make money, they are not from the same person or company.

Tanner Chidester built his multimillion-dollar internet firm from scratch. He had no start-up capital, marketing strategy, or business expertise. In Infinite Income, Tanner explains how to use your ambition and fresh knowledge to build a successful internet business.

Using the same methods that The Entrepreneur Tanner offers in his Elite CEOs training courses, you will become an expert in launching an internet business, making money online, being your own boss, and having financial freedom.

Tanner’s individualized strategy for launching a small business is useful for entrepreneurs of all stripes, from real estate agents and authors to consultants and personal trainers. You’ll gain mastery and knowledge of how to build and manage websites, sales funnels, YouTube advertisements, and social media.

Infinite Income Engine

Infinite Income Engine Landing Page

This site claims to make you $100 a day by signing up your information to his site. Then, the more you get into it and sign up, it’s a hundred dollars a week. It’s called a $100-a-day course, and pretty much what you’re doing in this course is just signing up to get on the income engine.

Every few days, this income engine is supposed to make you money online. In the description of this product, it says it’s going to use your ClickBank account for online marketing (sounds legit).

In one of the Infinite Income Engine reviews, a person signed up for it and bought their eBook with 21 ideas on how to improve social media following and make money using phone and email. However, the reviewer never got the eBook.

Infinite Income Engine is not to be confused with Income Engine. Income Engine is a product that promises to help you start an online store in “60 seconds.” Also, the website boasts that you may sell any goods in any market there. Finally, it guarantees “infinite buyer traffic from several visitors.” Built-in features include a Done-For-You 3-in-1 Interactive Sales Engine and 15 Premium Templates.

You’ll also get numerous Hot Products, Hosting, an Email Autoresponder, an Email Swipe, an In-Built Payment Gateway, and Free SSL.

Don’t hesitate to contact the developers of Income Engine with any questions or concerns you might have. They promise to return any money you’ve paid to your payment method if they are unable to resolve the issue.

Final Words – Is It a Scam?

Thumbs Up Icon

No, Infinite Income is not a scam. It’s a legitimate newsletter service by Agora Financial. It’s often misrepresented in some places as a road to instant riches and often as a legit financial advice product. It’s still promising and looks a lot better than most financial newsletters out there. To best describe it, it’s more like an educational platform. The investment loss risk is low in Infinite Income.

However, if you’re not an investor and don’t invest in stocks/options, this is not for you. We don’t see anything wrong in investing (in fact, we love it!), but it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you have disposable income each month, learning the basics of investing is a safer bet. Investment is the greatest way of generating a passive income stream.

Once you’re confident in your skills, grabbing a similar service can add a cherry to the cake. There are better options than Infinite Income if you really want to learn how to be a stock trader.

The product definitely doesn’t appeal to everyone out there. For people new to this online space, we recommend you find something that suits you, stick to the plan, and ultimately reap the rewards with the efforts you put in.

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Is Infinite Income legit?

Yes, Infinite Income is legit. It is an educational platform for those nearing retirement age for them to know how to make a passive income stream by investing.

Is Infinite Income a newsletter or a book?

There is a newsletter and a book with the same title “Infinite Income.” However, they are different from one another and are published by different authors.

Is Infinite Income Engine the same as Infinite Income newsletter?

No, it’s not. Infinite Income Engine offers making money online passively, while Infinite Income newsletter offers education for investing.

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