Is Influencer Cash a Scam or a Legitimate Platform for Making Money Online?

Welcome to this Influencercash review.

As soon as you land on the website, it claims you can start $200 a day right away. Is that even true, can you really bank with them? Is Influencer Cash a scam or a legitimate site?

We get it, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind right now. Congratulations on doing some research, it's a good way to find legitimate opportunities that don't disappoint, and also avoid online scams. Whether or not this platform is worth a shot, we'll soon find out.

More often than not, websites that rely on making bold (and sometimes deceitful) income claims end up in mere disappointments because they don't deliver. Is this the case with this platform? That's what we'll be uncovering today. Let's get started.

Influencer Cash Review

Influencer Cash claims to be an influencer network that pays up to $200 per day. On top, you get a $25 sign up bonus just for creating a free account that takes less than 30 seconds of your time.


Influencercash website's homepage

According to them, it's stupid simple to bank with them, this is all you'll have to do:

  • Create a free account with the Influencercash platform
  • Use your influencer link (referral link) to invite people, and earn $10 per successful referral
  • Once you've accrued some money, get paid via PayPal or Western Union or CashApp.

As per the platform, there are multiple ways to earn money. You can also test products to make some dough (more on that soon). Once you have your login credentials, you will be shown your influencer link, a unique referral link used to give you a credit if someone signs up through it.

To move the needle, this is all you have to do:

  1. Get some clicks to your referral link (just for gettting some clicks, you get $2 which is insane)
  2. Get $10 per successful registration through this sign up link
  3. You can complete miscellaneous tasks on the site for extra rewards

The (Cookie-Cutter) Website

As per the homepage, they have been in business since 2012. 

However, upon a quick whois search, it shows this domain was only registered in 2019. Moroever, there's no mention of the parent company on this webpage. The data on the website hardly matches the real data that's displayed on the whois website:

Source: Whois

Not surprisingly, the platform hasn't paid a dime to its members (this is verifiable via numerous Influencercash reviews). This is an identical clone of other scams:

  1. PaidLeaf
  2. Clout Bucks
  3. Clout Pay
  4. Kids Earn Money (

There's not much difference between these websites. They make the same income claims, claim to be influencer networks, and that they've paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to date. None of that is true though, and these are (probably) data harvesting scams.

They all show a Skype ID inside the account dashboard to make it look legit. However, the link is not clickable, and the account(s) don't exist. It's just a fake image used to 'boost' their authority.

The Ugly Truth Revealed

If you've came across any of the listed websites above, you must have noticed they strikingly resemble each other. Here are the red flags associated with the Influencercash platform.

#1 Fake Payment Screenshots (Poorly Edited Images)

The website has a ton of payment screenshots to convince the visitors. In one of the screenshots, they claim to have paid $245 to a member. Whoever did the editing work did a poor job, and probably forgot to change 2018 to 2019.

As per the Whois database, Influencer Cash website didn't even exist until before 2019. Why and most importantly how will a platform even send a payout before coming into existence? The designer could've done a better job at least!

#2 Use of Stock Photos for Testimonials

None of the testimonials on the main website are real.

These are all done by paid actors hired off freelancing platforms like Fiverr. Most of the testimonials on this site resemble the ones on PaidLeaf. Here's one of the testimonials:

As it turns out, Cristina is just a stock photo. Upon doing a Google search, the same image can be found on dozens of other websites. Since it's a stock photo, anyone can purchase it and use on their websites (both for personal and commercial usage).

If you're looking for some real testimonials, most can be found on TrustPilot. Some of them (the too good to be true ones) are obviously fake, and are done by company representatives or (perhaps) the owners themselves.

#3 Association With Leading Brands

The website showcases leading brands like McDonalds, Target, iHeartRadio, Norton and Cyberghost on the homepage.

In reality, none of these companies are associated with Influencercash. It's simply displaying them because these platforms are authoritative and being associated with them passes some authority to Influencer Cash too.

Since people trust these brands, it makes them more likely to trust this 'Influencer Network'.

#4 Fake Authority

This website, and all the other scams in this network claim to be the #1 influencer network around. The same 'authority website' only has 100 subscribers on their YouTube channel, and a little over 2,500 followers on Instagram.

With Influencer networks, it's only natural to expect a lot better numbers. Since everything they say is false, this shouldn't be very surprising. There's no parent company either like the main page claims. They probably have years of experience, but in scamming people not in online marketing.

#5 You Never Get Paid

Yes, you read that right. Don't expect payouts from this platform anytime soon if you're a member because they don't pay. All the screenshots/payout claims displayed on the website are fake.

According to the system, you have to meet the set criteria:

  1. Refer at least 5 people
  2. Have a minimum of 20 clicks on your referral link
  3. Complete 5 tasks (with each paying $30 for completion)
  4. Cross the minimum payment threshold ($200)

As soon as you've met the criteria, your withdrawal request will be rejected citing you've sent fake traffic/visitors followed by an account closure. All that will happen is you'll waste a lot of time.

The Good

  • There's not much good to say about this site except that it's free to sign up. It's still of no use though since all you'll be doing is wasting your time. You shouldn't put in your real details for testing because your information may be compromised. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The Bad

  • This platform is all about using fake payment screenshots to get users to sign up. Whoever did the editing work forgot to edit out the year and make it look more believable. The company came into existence after the payout date, and it doesn't make any sense.
  • Usage of stock photos for testimonials, one of the oldest tricks in the book that is often over-used by scammers. It still works because it sort of adds 'social proof'.
  • Since the sign up is free, better believe there's a reason these con artists are doing what they are doing. It looks like they are collecting visitors' personal data inside a database which may then be used for unfair means. Worse, it can be sold to third-party websites for a quick buck.
  • The platform won't pay, all the claims they make are there for a reason (to get you to join). The goal is to get more and more users onboard so they can keep collecting data for free.

Final Words - Is Influencercash a Scam?

You bet! Influencer Cash definitely is a scam you should stay away from. There's nothing legitimate about this website from the payment proof to testimonials to authoritativeness to payout claims. It's an obvious data harvesting scam that won't do you any good.

The sign up process is free as you would expect, and that's because the people behind this site want to collect more and more data for free. That they may sell for a premium or even send you random product offers via email from time to time and make money at your expense.

Whether or not you want to test it out anyway, be sure to not enter your card details. In case something goes wrong, it won't be fun to watch your bank balance drain if they misuse your information. It's also in your best interest to use a dummy email address for the sake of testing.

Get rich quick schemes don't exist. If anyone is promising you quick bucks without you having to do any work, it's an instant red flag. It's possible to make a living working online, but you will have to acquire a real skill, and put in the work to reap rewards.

Review Update

As expected, Influencer Cash website ( isn't even online anymore.

This was an obvious scam that shares website design/layout and the functionality with a few more sites in the same network. It was destined to go down eventually and this couldn't have happened at a better time. The domain name doesn't work anymore, and will take you to an error page.

Since this cookie cutter website is now gone, it's possible for it to come back but under a new website name and a domain address. If you encounter any websites like these, make sure to not sign up/enter your personal details just to test it out.

These keep launching for a reason so the data harvesting scam can run itself on autopilot. The con artists make use of deceiving claims as bait for users to sign up. Once the people are onboard, they make it look like you're earning money. As a result, you'll keep referring people onto the platform.

The scam runs itself because people keep promoting it because of the many incentives. SInce this isn't a legit program, it will never pay a dime, and terminate your account once it's payment time.

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