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Instant Local Authority Review – Can It Help You Build Instant Authority and Bag Your Local Clients?

In this Instant Local Authority Review, we will learn if this training program can help you get instant credibility and get you local clients.

Most of the programs that claim to get you quick results end up as mere disappointments. We will discover if Instant Local Authority is worth a shot or if it’s something you should stay away from.

Let’s get started.

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Instant Local Authority is a local marketing training program launched by Alicia, Lorette, Mitali, and Ivana (also known as SociMasters girls).

The package gets you everything you need to build a vibrant Facebook business page. As per the program creators, here are some of the features of the training platform:

  • You get access to a 70-graphic pack that you can use to promote your marketing services.
  • Step-by-step video training to help you get up to speed with local marketing
  • Instant Local Authority bite-sized training on auto-scheduling for drip-feeding content

You can use the Instant Local Authority 70 graphic pack to promote the following local services:

  1. Search engine optimization/SEO
  2. Website building
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Google my business
  5. Chatbots
  6. Business reputation management


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Simply master the fundamentals through the step-by-step video training, and then get to work, and you’ll get results. Here’s how the process works in a nutshell:

The Instant Local Authority program covers a lot of ground; here’s what the training covers.

First, you will be shown how to set up a FB business page from scratch following the best practices, also included will be a guide for image optimization.

Apart from sharing how to post engaging media, including images, it’s shown how to get in front of other people/get exposure. More activity is always better, as it will help get the ball rolling. Here’s what the training program’s dashboard looks like:

There are also a few upgrade offers/upsells for the program:

OTO1 of Instant Local Authority will give you 15 done for you prospecting videos

OTO2 of Instant Local Authority shows how to generate leads without having an ad spend

OTO3 of Instant Local Authority grants you access to a rigorous 6-month coaching program

OTO4 of Instant Local Authority gives you dozens of done-for-you prospecting emails

Instant Local Authority Review – Potential Issues:

There’s nothing wrong with the Instant Local Authority training platform except that it’s very limited and generic. Most of the information that it teaches is readily available for free elsewhere.

Local marketing is just a piece of the puzzle, and if you want to work on your marketing foundation, it’s best to get started with a program that covers everything from A – Z. The knowledge that you acquire can easily be applied to any of your future ventures.

If this is something of your interest, check out our top recommendation instead (below). The marketing education that you’ll get can be used for anything – be it social media marketing or affiliate marketing, or even local marketing.

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You’re also never married to a product in any way. Since you don’t have to pay to promote the system, you can always switch between different products. You can even ditch the ones you don’t want to promote at any point, as there’s no risk involved.

Our top recommendation has helped hundreds of people escape their 9-5 day jobs and has helped them earn a realistic 4-5 figure per month online. It has been going strong for more than a decade now, and the strategies have stood the test of time.

It will ask for some investment of your time and efforts, though. If you’re ready to start your own profitable online business and finally increase the monthly cash flow your businesses generate, we highly recommend you give it a shot. If you ask us, it’s worth it.

Check it out if this piques your interest.

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