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Can You Make Money With Insurance Return Checks?

A company named Lombardi Publishing Corporation (a part of Agora Financial) has launched a new insurance scheme called Insurance Return Checks. So, what is it all about? Is IRC legit or a scam?

We know a lot of questions probably bombards you. In this review, we will explore the company’s latest offering and share our opinion.

What Are Insurance Return Checks?

It’s merely a marketing ploy by the corporation, and there’s no such product. The only goal behind the naming was to draw eyeballs toward their newsletter service.

If you’ve watched their sales video, you will know the concept is fundamental, but the chances of you making money are just as good as you lose some, so it beats the purpose. Most people don’t have a considerable capital, to begin with, and the thought of losing it is horrifying. It’s far from a business opportunity that will bring in ‘guaranteed’ profits.


In the company’s words, it’s the second source of income that’s not known to the masses, and some Lawyers like Lisa are banking more than $37,300+ every year thanks to this ‘secret’ IRC loophole.

How does It work?

The opportunity looks exciting from a distance, but that’s pretty much it. It’s just a way to lure people into paying for the monthly newsletter. The product isn’t that good, and it’s all about false hype and bold income claims.

You will find many reviews online which say the same. Here’s one of them from a finance professional.

Insurance Return Checks Costumer Review

This facts he mentions are a far cry from the company’s bold claims. Not only is your money at risk with these investment schemes, but the returns aren’t as lucrative as one would think. If you’re into investing, you would know there are better (and safer) ways to get 4-5% annual returns.

The cost of joining is $7, which is dirt cheap, but there are hidden fees you’re unaware of initially. After 30 days, $90 will automatically be deducted from your card, $295 at some point before the 6 months, and then $295/year post that.

It’s interesting to note the offer is (probably) banned in the US states of Vermont or California. The website is not accepting applications from people residing in these two states; a government ‘ban’ could explain why.

Are Insurance Return Checks a Scam?

The company is legitimate, and so is its newsletter, but the way it’s promoted using misleading hype and bold claims that’s not something most people will appreciate. It’s a strategy ‘desperate’ scammers use to sign people up onto a system.

You sure can make money with the system, but it’s never a guarantee with investments,; it all depends on your skills as an investor. The chances of you making some bucks is as high as you lose some. It’s like playing a lottery unless you understand what you’re doing.

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