Is Digital Genius Lab a Scam? (The Ugly Truth Revealed)

There's a training program out there named Digital Genius Lab. It claims you can be raking in thousands of dollars in commissions using their done-for-you system.

Is it any good? Or is it a scam you should be wary of? In this review, we uncover the product and share everything you need to know.

Doing some research can take you far. It's a surefire way to avoid scams, and also find legitimate opportunities at the same time. With that said, let's dive right in.

Digital Genius Lab Review

Digital Genius Lab is an authentic training program on affiliate marketing (for the most part). However, they do incorporate a handful shady practices as well. To give you an idea, at some stage, you will be prompted to join an MLM program through them, and invest a fortune.

Digital Genius Lab

It's worth mentioning the platform (digitalgeniuslab dot com) should not be confused with Digital Genius (digital genius dot com). The latter is an artificial intelligence company and has little to do with the former.

Digital Genius Lab claims to be an affiliate marketing platform offering a wide range of tools, resources and additional education to help you succeed online. Granted it's a legit business model, but the company makes use of a lot of miscellaneous practices which say otherwise.

To an extent, DGL is sort of similar to My Online Business which was a multi-level marketing company. It was shut down in 2018 by Federal Trade Commission after it was labelled as a scam.

The business solely relied on recruiting more people into the system, getting them to pay, and without offering anything substantial in return. The outrageous 'business costs' left a dent in many people's wallets. It was eventually taken down after a lot of complaints were registered.

How It Works?

Digital Genius Lab is more of a sales funnel designed to promote two products at once:

  • DGL membership ($99/month or $997/year) - you're supposed to sign up as a distributor, and resell the membership. Upon successful signups, you're eligible to receive 30% commissions.
  • Promote a MLM company called 'Water Ionization & Filtering System' as an affiliate.

When you look at it, it doesn't even make sense as to why an affiliate marketing platform will even consider promoting water filters. It'a far from being considered a good fit.

Recruiting for the Membership

The training will teach you various strategies that you can use to promote their done-for-you/DFY system. All that you have to do is send people to a sales funnel, and DGL will take care of the rest.

A typical sales funnel

In case you wondered, you'll be using Facebook ads to drive traffic, which will cost some money. The program also has coaches, and will assign you one who may aid you with:

  • Connecting to prospects via email followups/phone calls.
  • Making the onboarding process breeze for the customers
  • Getting your referrals to purchase the Digital Genius Lab subscription, and their upsells.

Both My Online Business/MOBE used the exact model, and they were taken down as a result. Since your job is only to drive traffic, these were promoted as a 100% done-for-you system.

Since there was no substance in the content, and these relied heavily on recruiting people all day long, they eventually faced FTC's wrath.

The Weird Multi-Level Program

This part is something they will strategically hide till the very end.

Upon some digging, we found out Global Affiliate Zone had the same founders. The platform was branched out for some reason, and named Digital Genius Lab.

digital genius lab reviews

Global Affiliate Zone

GAZ, is another sales funnel which claims to be an affiliate marketing coaching program, but it really isn't. It also promotes the MLM platform Enagic which offers water ionization systems and water filters. They offer a wide range of products with costs varying between $400 - $10,000.

These websites are basically competing against each other claiming they offer the best training on affiliate marketing. Once you're onboard, you'll be pushed to join a third-party MLM program.

Although DGL isn't a scam, these are very shady tactics, and are commonly used by scammers.

A Sneak Peek

At the very core, the product has two components:

1. Basic Training

The basic training teaches how to run Facebook ads. It contains the following modules:

  • Module 1 - Teaches how you can leverage social media, and set up a Facebook page from scratch. If you're a beginner, this module should be very helpful.
  • Module 2 - Covers how you can set up your own sales funnel, and customize it. It also covers several processes - buying a domain, setting up the funnel, setting up email automation sequence, to name a few.
  • Module 3 - Once you have a FB page and a funnel in place, it's time you drive some traffic. The third module is all about getting started with lead generation. It covers how to set up your Business Manager account, ad accounts, custom audience creation, and ad pixels.
  • Module 4 - Covers data interpretation, 6 FB ad types, and guidelines you should follow.
  • Module 5 - Covers A/B split testing, automation, and scaling strategies.

Even though this information on running FB ads is useful, you can have this all for free via platforms like YouTube. It's simply not worth the hefty price tag of $99/month.

2. Fast Track Triple Pack

It's a slightly advanced training on the same topic (Facebook ads). Priced at $297, it's offered as an upsell/upgrade offer once someone has purchased the elementary training.

  • 30 Day Fast Track - This 4-week program will assign you a coach, who will help you set up and optimize your first campaign in a step-by-step manner. Once complete, you'll receive a graduation t-shirt, and can proceed onto the next training.
  • 90 Day Accelerator - This training is offered on a drip-feed basis - a video a day for 90 days straight. It's focused around sales, and also video adverts and personal development.
  • DGL Mastermind League - The third and final training will pit you against other teams of 5-8 people, and you'll compete with them directly. Since you'll be working in teams of 5-8 people, it's a good way to learn from other people's experiences and failures.

The Ugly Truth Behind DGL (Revealed)

As good as it all sounds as long as the training material is concerned, you need to take these into consideration. Without giving it a thought, it's like throwing money into a sinkhole.

Most Digital Genius Lab Reviews only talk of the pros, but with this one, we shall throw some light on the cons as well. Let's have a look:

  • It's not really a pyramid scheme, but it does share some characteristics. For the same reason (relying on recruiting, and bringing people into the pyramid), Digital Altitude was taken down. Same is true with MOBE and several other platforms which focused heavily on recruiting.
  • Lack of transparency - This is a big one, and you're never on the same page with the company. The fact that you're at some stage encouraged to sign up with the water filter company as a distributor, is never revealed until some time has passed.
  • Lack of direction - It has some elements of affiliate marketing, but it's MLMs for the most part. If you're just getting started, this will only confuse you by teaching you random stuff if information overload wasn't already enough.
  • Ridiculously overpriced for what it offers - Basic training on FB ads can be had for free on various educational platforms. At $99/month, you should instead be given advanced training, which they instead offer at an additional $297.
  • Constant upsells - this is a huge red flag, and the coaches will even push you to get the upsells since it directly benefits them (referral commissions).

Things We Liked

  • The platform believes in giving back - Digital Genius Lab is a participant in NeverThirst, an organization aiming to provide easy access to drinking water worldwide. DGL donates 1% of their yearly profits to the foundation.
  • Decent FB ads training for beginners - The training is step-by-step, and if you're a total beginner, you would definitely benefit from their coaching. Even though it's overpriced, it still covers a lot of ground, and it can make your life easier if you intend to use FB ads for a while.
  • Income potential is definitely there, but it will take a lot of efforts and time. However, it's also too easy to lose money with paid advertising, let alone make some if you don't know what you're doing. You shouldn't dabble in paid ads unless you understand the process very well.

Final Words - Is Digital Genius Lab a Scam?

No, Digital Genius Lab is not a scam. It does heavily focus on recruiting (bringing people onto the system), and promotes a random water filter MLM. However, they have a legit training on how you can use Facebook ads to your advantage.

At the end of the day, it's a decision you'll have to make. The training is decent, but it's overpriced, and if that's what you want to do moving forward, it's best to check out some free content on paid advertising first.

Even though it can't be called an outright scam, it's still something we can't recommend to our readers for the many reasons mentioned in this review. You're better off working on independent platforms which don't drag you into the ugly game of recruiting, and instead teach a real skill.

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