DutyMoney – Legitimate or a Scam? (Review)

Can you make money with DutyMoney or is it a scam? We know this might be the question on your mind right now, and we'll address just that in this review.

It's often a good idea to do some research before you make a decision. It can help you avoid scams and find programs which work. With that out of the way now, let's take a look at the website.

DutyMoney.com Review

After visiting the Duty Money website, you'll notice a striking resemblance with other so-called money maker sites. It's like a 100% clone of several other platforms - same copy, images and web page's design. 

If you haven't seen a 'clone' or a cookie-cutter website yet, following are a few examples:

You will notice these reviews focus on two websites which are duplicate copies of each other. The only difference is the product name, website link, and some images. Even the layout/design is identical. Often scammers come up with such tactics so they can continue to  'promote' a scam.

Take this into consideration, and that instantly raises red flag for the platform Dutymoney. These websites are either affiliated with shady programs, or clutter the sales page with advertising to make a quick buck off you (the visitor).

Not accessible as of 2020, went offline in 2018

This website encourages you to sign up, and use your unique referral link to 'spam' all over the internet. This will all go to waste, because this isn't how sales are made, and the platform won't pay you a dime, either.

What Others Are Saying

Websites like ScamAdvisor don't seem to think very highly of the website, either. It's apparent from the following snapshot which we took from the site. The website has a very low trust score.

Apart from this, you'll find several complaints for the platform. It was also known to run fraudulent advertisements at a time to lure people in.

Important Update:

The website (dutymoney.com) isn't even live/accessible as of 2020. When you visit it, it will take you to a parked domain. It's possibly taken down, or moved to a new domain (with a new name), and probably 'cloned' yet again.

This way, the owner may continue to 'run the show'.

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Is Duty Money a Scam?

DutyMoney, definitely is not a legit website. As of 2020, it's not even in existence. You probably know the reasons why it could've been taken down. We updated this review to get rid of the registration/login process since it's not valid anymore.

Sharing the older info in here won't do you any good. That's one reason we deleted that section. If you're looking to make money online, DM isn't wasn't the best option out there.

Also, cookie cutter websites like these don't even have proper legal pages in place (disclaimer, contact etc). It's never a good idea to fall for these since there's no way to know who's running them. They also intentionally hide their website's public whois information for obvious reasons.

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