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Is InteleTravel a Scam or a Legit Travel Biz Op?

There’s a good chance you stumbled across InteleTravel in recent times. With this company, you can not only get travel discounts but also make some dough with their biz op. So, if you wonder if it’s any good, read on to find out.

InteleTravel could be on your mind because of your wanderlust. Who wouldn’t want discounts/coupons on travel, hotel, and other expenses and potentially save thousands?

In this review, we will take a closer look at the popular travel business opportunity and share if it’s legitimate or a scam. It’s always a good idea to do some research of your own before joining a system. This way you can avoid scams and find the right products.

In a nutshell: Is InteleTravel legitimate? Yep.

InteleTravel Review

The InteleTravel travel company was launched in 1992 by James Ferrera. The product has gained quite some fame and for a good reason – they have been going strong for nearly 3 decades. However, if you’re interested in the biz op side of things and want to make money with it, don’t have high hopes just yet.

To understand how they operate, definitely check out the following video:

InteleTravel utilizes the multi-level marketing business model to sell discounted packages & tour packages. They definitely have good products to offer; we could always use travel discounts! Some of their competition include Evolution Travel and World Ventures.

People often overspend when they get packages through an agent; the company tackles the problem very well. They say their goal is to simplify the process and also provide a lucrative business opportunity for people interested in earning with the program.

InteleTravel Sales Pitch

If you sign up as a travel agent with the company, you get paid depending on what products you sell. This is not like your usual day job; you’re merely an independent contractor. Most agents struggle to make a couple of hundred dollars a month since MLMs are not what most people fancy.

The Products

The agency doesn’t have its own products. They, however, have partnered with a dozen of legit travel companies that do. Following are some of their associated agencies:

  • Cruise – Viking River Cruises, Avalon Waterways, and many more.
  • Airlines – Alaska Airlines, British Airways, etc.
  • Vacations – Travel Impressions, Disney, etc.
  • Hotels – Sandal Hotels, W Hotels, GoGo Vacations, etc.
  • Car Rental – Avis, Budget
  • Travel Insurance – Travel Insured
InteleTravel List of Partners

If you sign up with the company, you will get instant access to the following:

  • Exclusive travel vouchers/discounts
  • Custom travel booking website
  • Customer support
  • Competitive travel rates

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The Business Opportunity

With InteleTravel, you can either earn a commission on your travel package sales or recruit more travel agents under you. The company doesn’t have its own biz op; they have partnered with PlanNet marketing and utilize an MLM structure.

It’s not free to join; you’d have to fork out some money if you wish to get started as a travel agent. The enrollment fee is $179.95 one-time, monthly $39.95, and planned marketing’s $19.95 monthly. This would set you back by $179.95 once and then $59.95 monthly.

They make up to 16% of every sale you bring; the remaining goes to the original provider. Out of the 16% InteleTravel gets, you’d get anywhere between 70-80% of the commissions. You can also grow your team by recruiting others.

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Is InteleTravel a Scam?

No, InteleTravel is not a scam. The company is definitely legit; they sell real products (through partners) and offer handsome tour/travel discounts. They have also bagged a dozen awards over the last few decades.

There are dozens of negative InteleTravel reviews. They’re all about bashing the program and are probably from people who didn’t have a very good experience with it.

From what most people say, the company offers good support as well. That being said, if you’re interested in making money through the biz op, don’t expect to rake in thousands. Most people are not good with recruiting since MLM is not for everyone. The average network marketer only makes a couple of hundred dollars a month if that gives you an idea.

Thankfully, there are legit (and more rewarding) ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is our favorite business model simply because of the time and location freedom it can provide. Our top recommended training can help you get a jump-start if that’s something of your interest.

Definitely give it a go if you’re interested in working from home and want to earn on the side (and eventually bid farewell to your day job).

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