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MCA Review – Is Motor Club of America Legit or a Pyramid Scheme?

Wondering if the MCA business opportunity is a good fit for you and if you can make a living out of it? You’re at the right place – some absolutely love it, and some call it a pyramid scheme. In this review, we shall explore the biz op side of the platform together.

Before you go ahead and make a decision with Motor Club of America, it’s always a smarter idea to draw your own conclusion after doing some research of your own. This way you can find real businesses and programs that work and those you should be wary of (scams).

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If you’ve read multiple MCA reviews, you will notice a pattern – most of them are trying hard to recruit others into the system. We don’t see anything wrong with recruitment/promotion unless it’s unethical/deceitful.

If you’re looking for a quick answer: Is Motor Club of America legit? Yep.

Motor Club of America Review

Motor Club of America or MCA as it is popularly known, is a 24/7 roadside-assistance provider. They’ve been in the game for a long time, and not many names come close when it comes down to roadside assistance services.

Motor Club Of America Logo

MCA is only available to people living in Canada and in the United States. To be a member, you will have to fork out a one-time fee of $39.90 and then $19.95 monthly. If you have wanderlust, this may be a useful investment as they can help you tow vehicles in time of need.

The company has been around since 1926 for a reason. They are definitely legitimate, and to survive for almost a century, a company must have an offering that is almost impossible to refuse (which they have). It’s older than companies like Primerica which sport a similar commission structure.

However, the business also features a referral program which has characteristics of an MLM. It’s often promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme by some promoters which is very unethical on their part. The program lacks a punch when it comes to resources for helping people with recruiting.

MCA Membership Benefits

With Motor Club of America, there are two membership plans – Security and Total Security. Some of the benefits you can avail as a paying member are as follows:

  • 24/7 towing service anywhere in US/Canada
  • Hospital benefits
  • Personal/auto damage collection
  • Travel services and discounts
  • Rewards for stolen vehicles

For more information, we encourage you to compare the Security/Total Security plans on their website instead.

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MCA Business Opportunity

Let’s get to the meat of the subject – the business opportunity side of things. Some find it lucrative, others not. You can receive commissions for recruiting people onto the platform. It utilizes an MLM structure, and you can get commissions from your direct referrals’ sales (their downlines) too.

The compensation plan is pretty straightforward. You can get up to $80 per referral which can go up to $90 depending on the sales you bring. The more you bring, the higher your payouts become. You can also get up to $6 from your direct referrals’ sales (Tier2 and 3).

Income Potential

The income potential is there, but don’t be mistaken. It’s often easier said than done. Some promoters promote it as a means by which you can break free of your day job which is not true. It takes time and effort to get results in anything you do.

There are people who do great promoting multi-level platforms like Motor Club of America, and then some struggle to bring in 3 figures a month (YES – 3). If you’re keen on promoting it, you can use one of the following marketing channels for more exposure:

  • Facebook ads (promote on the biggest social media platform and reach the target audience)
  • Blogging (produce valuable content on your website, and promote things on the side)
  • Create YouTube videos and drive traffic to the business opportunity via your referral links
  • Old-school text messages and word-of-mouth techniques

If you don’t have any prior experience in marketing, you may have a hard time. This is because MCA has very limited training to help you get up to speed with sales. If you’re in the same boat, this business opportunity is not for you.

You will only waste time and money promoting it; it’s often best to start with a beginner-friendly platform. It can help you cut out the guesswork and help you master the fundamentals.

If you have experience in MLM and would like to go ahead, My Lead System Pro is one such platform that can greatly aid you; definitely have a look.

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Motor Club of America – Things We Liked

There’s a lot to like about one of the oldest roadside assistance providers in the US/Canada. Here are a few things we liked:

  • It has been around for almost a century (it was launched in 1926). Staying in business for almost 100 years is not by luck or chance. They definitely know what they are doing. For instance, MOBE was an MLM company that was launched in 2011. It was classified as a pyramid scheme and was taken down by FTC in 2018. Scams simply can’t survive for decades.
  • Excellent ratings on platforms like GlassDoor and BBB. MCA work-from-home BBB has a 4-star rating that places the program among some of the best ones.
  • MCA is among the leaders when it comes down to roadside assistance services.

Things We Didn’t Like

There are definitely a few things that you should consider before you sign up as a paying member of the platform:

  • Only available to people living in the United States/Canada as of this writing. If you live in other countries, you will have to look elsewhere as MCA is not an option.
  • Tons of website replicas – they didn’t have their own website for a long time, and there are people who took this opportunity. There are a lot of replicas around who are merely affiliates. This is the company’s official website in case you wondered.
  • Training, resources, and support could’ve been better – since there isn’t enough information on how to promote the platform, some people have come up with rather deceitful promotion tactics. With proper training, resources, and support, this could be minimized to an extent.

Is Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Motor Club of America is far from being considered a scam or a pyramid scheme. The fact alone that they have been in business for almost a century confirms this. A scam like MOBE (mentioned earlier in this review) can’t last for a decade, let alone a century.

That being said, the associated business opportunity isn’t the best one there is. It does share some characteristics of a pyramid scheme since the only way to make money with it is through recruitment. It’s definitely not illegal, but there are better options if you know where to look.

Also, if you’re not a fan of recruiting others, MLM businesses aren’t for you. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to make a living working online other than spending time recruiting other people.

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