Is My Business Venture a Scam or a Legit E-commerce Business Opportunity? (Review)

Can you create websites in no time and start making money? That's something you can possibly do with My Business Venture. Is that even true and can you bank hard this way?

We will aim to tackle just that and try to provide the answers. In this review, we take a closer look at the e-commerce platform and share if it's legitimate or a scam.

My Business Venture Review

So, what exactly is My Business Venture all about? The e-com service claims to provide you with all the perks - web hosting, finding/selling products and collecting funds via payment processors.

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The program creator Thomas Stridiron says many people are running successful businesses on the platform. What will you have to do? Follow the training closely, and take massive action. However, if you're not from US/Canada, this isn't for you since the program is not available outside of these countries.

The ecom service provider company provides you with all the necessary tools and training you need to succeed in an e-commerce business. The program focuses on a business model called dropshipping which has grown in popularity over the last decade.

So, what will MyBusinessVenture do for you? With dropshipping, they can help you out with the following done-for-you services:

  • Set up an online store/website
  • Web Hosting (get free domain name from us by following the link!)
  • Thousands of products to select from
  • Payment processors
  • Training to help minimize the learning curve

The program is expensive and the plans start from $795 and go all the way up to $3,995 one-time. However, there are a lot of free options to choose from which can help you determine if ecom is for you.

You can always master the fundamentals, make money and then scale your businesses with a similar program. Udemy is one inexpensive online learning platform from where you can find tons of courses for as little as $10-20 one-time.

Things We Liked

My Business Venture is expensive, but it also comes with a wide range of tools, training and resources you will need in the ecommerce space. Following are the things we liked:

  • All the tools and resources under one hood for quick access. MBV University is an exclusive section for expanding your knowledge.
  • 1-1 training and prompt support
  • A+ rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) - very popular in the states
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There weren't many negative reviews on BBB which we found for the platform, which is a thumbs up. If you have the budget, and already have experience in the e-com industry, you may want to test out the platform.

Things We Didn't Like

There are also a few things which should be on your mind before you go ahead and sign up for an account. Unlike most My Business Venture reviews, this one will throw some light on the cons too:

  • Ludicrous pricing - the pricing is on the steeper side and it may not be the best option if you aren't familiar with dropshipping.
  • Only available for people residing in United States & Canada
  • MBV is not for you if you don't want to sell physical products. It can often be a headache since selling digital products is a lot more convenient.
  • There are a lot of My Business Venture complaints. Some even say you should stay away from the My Business Venture scam. However, that's more because of a bad experience.

Is My Business Venture a Scam?

No, My Business Venture is not a scam. MBV is a legit platform for people interested in making money with dropshipping. E-com businesses can be expensive at times since you'd invest money all the time to drive traffic and selling physical products is not something which most people fancy.

For the many reasons mentioned in this My Business Venture review, we cannot recommend it to anyone. If you're looking to start your own profitable online business and are low on budget, check out our #1 recommendation instead.

The training can help you get more location, time and financial freedom in time if you put in the work. It focuses on getting you up to speed with affiliate marketing. It is among some of the most profitable business models today because it yields a high ROI if done right.

Definitely check it out if you're up for some work and are interested in changing your lives for the better (and work from home).

2 thoughts on “Is My Business Venture a Scam or a Legit E-commerce Business Opportunity? (Review)”

  1. My Business Venture is technically not a scam because they deliver what they say, a website with products to sell. They don’t take your money and disappear.

    With that said, there is NO WAY to make money. This will be long but I’ll explain

    1. The products come from Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise. If you go Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise’s website you can almost get everything MBV offers (minus free shipping) for $199!!!!. I’d HIGHLY recommend trying this before shelling out thousands to MBV.
    2. How can MBV even afford to pay the shipping on orders and stay in business? They can’t. My rep said they have over 1,000 customers making money. Ok, let’s say those 1,000 even average just one sale a day. That would be 1,000 orders a day or 365,000 orders a year that MBV pays Sunrise Wholesale to ship out. The lowest shipping cost at Sunrise is $5. So even if all the orders were the lowest shipping cost that would be over 1.8 MILLION DOLLARS that MBV spends in shipping. There’s no way they are staying in business if that was the case.
    3. The products don’t sell. Believe me I tried. And even if they do sell you have to sell them for about a $1 profit per $100 order. So many people are selling the same products on EBAY, Amazon, etc….. I promise you that you will not sell these products and if you do you’ll make practically nothing on the order.
    4. When My rep went over the “upgrades” I was appalled. $500 to set up a few social media pages which anyone can do for free and in under 30 minutes. $300 to do website verification which anyone can do for free and in under 2 minutes. $400 if I want to add any products I may have. $300 for pro email addresses. That’s just a couple, they have a bunch of upgrades. They don’t just profit off this, they must make a killing from anyone ignorant enough to pay for it. Over and above the initial 4K investment they try to get you for another 4K of “upgrades” that shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars all combined.
    5. The “Lowest Price Guaranteed” is a joke. It only applies to your website, which no one will visit or buy from. If you want to sell the products on Amazon, EBay, etc… they do not honor this. Same with free shipping. But again they know you won’t sell anything so offering free shipping doesn’t mean anything.
    6. Support is a joke. I always got transferred to a guy who was so rude and uninterested in helping. It’s obvious they really don’t want you to call them
    7. My rep absolutely disappeared after I got everything they offered and I guess he realized I wasn’t getting more. Every call is a sales pitch.
    8. They refuse to give referrals claiming their customers don’t want to be bothered. Give me a break. If they had real people making money they’d be thrilled to let you speak to them. All their testimonials seem to be from people who just bought in. They did the same to me, asking for a testimonial before I even really started.

    There is more but this has been long enough. Bottom line is save your money. You will NEVER make a dime with this joke of a business. I suggest if you’ve been taken by these people to call the BBB immediately. That was the only way I personally got anything back.

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