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Is Tranont a Scam or a Legit Business Opportunity?

If you are on the lookout for a business opportunity and are looking to make some cash on the side, there’s a chance you’ve stumbled across a website named Tranont.

Some believe it’s a legitimate opportunity, some call it a scam, and some a pyramid scheme. So, what’s the truth? We can tell you probably have a lot of questions unanswered at this moment.

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Doing some research can take you far since it can help you steer clear of scams and also help you find legitimate products that don’t disappoint. In this Tranont review, we reveal everything you need to know about this program.

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What Is Tranont?

Tranont Logo

Tranont is a Utah-based company that was founded in 2014 by Lorne Berry. As per their social media records, the health and wellness provider is all about helping average-income families achieve considerable wealth. Tranont products are divided into Health and Wealth products, and this MLM company is one of the talks among MLM practitioners.

The company utilizes a multi-level marketing business model. They even had to deal with a few lawsuits as they were accused of deception and defamation.

If you want to build a business with Tranont, be prepared to shell out $99, as that’s the joining fee. Following are the perks you can enjoy as a Tranont associate:

  • Receive up to 35% commissions on your sales
  • Receive bonuses up to $40,000 in your first year as an associate
  • Monthly leadership bonuses
  • $500/m Jeep bonus
  • Get free trips for outstanding performance
  • Promote partner services as an affiliate to tenfold your income potential

Is Tranont a Pyramid Scheme?

The company utilizes a multi-level marketing business model. They even had to deal with a few lawsuits as they were accused of deception and defamation.

If you want to build a business with Tranont, be prepared to shell out $99, as that’s the joining fee. Following are the perks you can enjoy as a Tranont associate:

  • Receive up to 35% commissions on your sales
  • Receive bonuses up to $40,000 in your first year as an associate
  • Monthly leadership bonuses
  • $500/m Jeep bonus
  • Get free trips for outstanding performance
  • Promote partner services as an affiliate to tenfold your income potential

Is Tranont a Pyramid Scheme?

Legitimate MLM programs sell tangible products instead of pyramid schemes that are all about recruiting. The latter offers little value to customers and as a result, are often taken down by scam buster agencies.

Here’s a video that explains the difference between a pyramid scheme and an MLM:

Tranont Health Product Line

The company offers a wide range of health products. The goal of these is to help improve your lifestyle and enable you to lead a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Tranont groups their products into 6 category, namely Beauty, CBD, Core, Personal Care, and Stamina. The following are the products according to category.

Tranont’s Most Popular Health Product: Tranont Glow

Tranont Glow

Tranont Glow is an advanced Type 1 Collagen with Superfood Antioxidant formula. Collagen is the most important structural protein in the body. The type 1 collagen in Tranont Glow helps your body maintain strong bones, muscles, organs, skin, and more.

You can keep your collagen levels where they should be and reap the advantages of doing so with the help of Tranont Glow. This collagen also functions to support healthy bones, joint health and overall healthy aging (it can even keep your skin tight).

Collagen is a chain of amino acids produced by the body. As we age, collagen levels production in the body naturally slows and its ability to produce collagen begins to slow down. Tranont Glow’s collagen includes superfood antioxidants that help fight aging.

Not all collagen have the same properties. With type 1 collagen making up 90% of the body, Tranont utilizes a highly absorbable and bioactive version of type 1 collagen peptides. Most significantly, they hydrolyze the collagen themselves!

They buy raw collagen, which is then enzymatically hydrolyzed with natural fruit enzymes into di- and tripeptides. You won’t have to look far to locate collagen that meets your standards for quality and transparency, features offered by only a select few manufacturers.

Aside from type 1 collagen, Tranont Glow uses biotin to strengthen hair, nails, and skin, promoting continual growth.

Although the company promises these, we are not sure if Tranont will yield these results because there are no Tranont Glow reviews online. So, be careful in purchasing as we don’t know what Tranont offers in this product!

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Other Tranont Health Products

Other Tranont products for health include the following:


  • Rejuvenate Luxe Kit – a daily moisturizer and face roller
Rejuvenate Luxe Kit Edited
  • Nourish – a prebiotic shake
Tranont Nourish
  • Renew – an all-natural supplement
Tranont Renew
  • Rejuvenate – a daily moisturizer
Tranont Rejuvenate


  • Relieve – Whole-Flower Hemp CBD muscle rub
Tranont Relive
  • Suthe – Whole-Flower Hemp CBD drops
Tranont Suthe
  • CBD Soak Set – Whole-Flower Hemp Bath Salts and Free Candle
Tranont Cbd Soak Set


  • Balance – multivitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
Tranont Balance
  • Enrich – digestive enzyme blend with stabilized probiotics
Tranont Enrich
  • Fortify – vitamin C blend
Tranont Fortify
  • Optimize – proteolytic performance formula
Tranont Optimize
  • Replenish – mushroom complex with Ashwagandha and fulvic acid
Tranont Replenish
  • Support – Vitamin D and K blend
Tranont Support

Personal Care

  • Illuminate – a brightening toothpaste
Tranont Illuminate
  • Refresh – mouth rinse and mouth spray
Tranont Refresh


  • Boost – premium Nitric oxide formula
Tranont Boost
  • Enhance – creamer with MCT and amino acids
Tranont Enhance
  • Focus – Vitamin B complex
Tranont Focus
  • Mojo – energizing focus blend
Tranont Mojo
  • Mojo Stick-Packs – energizing focus blend
Tranont Mojo Stick Packs
  • Zest – energizing focus blend
Tranont Zest

Alternatively, these can all be purchased as a bundle under the health package. It’s worth noting FDA has approved none of these health products.

Tranont Bundles

Tranont Wealth

Here’s what the wealth package products can help you with:

  • Monitor credit reports
  • Help save money with Taxbot
  • Secure your ID and devices online

Apart from these, they also offer a handful of e-commerce products. Clothing is one of them, for both men and women, which we found a tad expensive.

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Becoming an Associate

If you’d like to get started as a Tranont partner, follow these steps:

#1 Select a Package

After entering your personal details (name, email address) on the log in or create an account page, you will be prompted to select a package. You can choose between different health bundles, depending on your preferences.

Pick A Bundle

Opt for a bundle of your choice or proceed to the next step without even picking a package for now.

#2 Select a Product

Individual Products

In the second step, you’re asked to pick an individual product. The choices include both Tranont Health and Tranont Wealth products.

The most inexpensive ones in the health category will cost you $24. For $24, you can get a Refresh spray, which is their cheapest offering.

#3 Pick Your Subscription Products

Subscription Product Bundles

Here, you will be shown packs and bundles of Tranont products for health. The cheapest pack costs $120.00. Just like the previous page, you can proceed to the next step without purchasing anything from this page.

#4 Verify Your Cart

In the third step, you can review your order and update it as necessary.

If you haven’t selected any products yet, the cart will show a $99 bill which is for the Tranont monthly membership. The next bill for the business tools subscription will be due in 30 days’ time.

#5 Personal Information

Once all set, you’ll be prompted to fill in your personal information. Birthday, phone number, and home address are some of the fields.

There are a few upsells/upgrade offers as well (optional):

Tranont Shipping Information

Tranont upgrade offers/upsells. These could easily cost a fortune, and you aren’t even done with the registration process.

The associate’s fee is $99/month, and to stay as an associate; you need to cover business tools subscription and other expenses, either pay $25 a month or buy one of the health packages.

Associates are the starting level. As you build your team and expand your reach, you will advance in rank. Here are the various account levels for reference:

Tranont Account Levels

Unless you’re a seasoned network marketer, it may be ridiculously hard to promote the system and maintain your ranks. The $99 fee also means this is only for serious people, or it’s too easy to go broke doing this.

If you change your mind at some stage and want to cancel your membership, drop an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also use their phone number (800-973-3715) for the same.

With Tranont, you can either sell individual products/packages and earn commissions on your sales, recruit people, or do both.

Tranont Rank Requirements

Various ranks within the system

As per the snapshot, to achieve Pearl level, these are the requirements:

  1. Have 100 volumes (your personal orders + team/direct referrals’ orders)
  2. Tranont group volume has to be $5,000 (team’s order value in total)
  3. At least 3 sponsored members (3 legs)
  4. A maximum of 50% of your group volume must come from 1 leg. It can’t be any more than that.


  • The associate fee is ridiculously expensive at $99/month. As a partner, it shouldn’t really cost you anything just to be able to promote the platform and its products. Add on top of the additional costs to maintain your account; it only gets steeper from here.
  • With all the upsells, it can easily cost hundreds of dollars just to sign up as an associate.
  • Expensive products – it certainly won’t be easy to convince people to buy them.
  • Very complicated compensation plan(s) – something simpler would’ve been a lot better.
  • The health products/package aren’t approved by FDA as they haven’t done any testing.

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Now, the Pros

  • If you’re a seasoned network marketer, you could make a killing doing this
  • Good if you enjoy recruiting and if you have a huge following
  • Even better if you’re very passionate about health/wellness products. If you tend to like something, you’ll be a natural salesman.

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Final Words – Is Tranont a Scam?

No, Tranont is not a scam, nor is it a pyramid scheme. The company offers tangible products in the health & wellness industry, just that their business opportunity isn’t the most appealing. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive ones out there.

The website sports ridiculous compensation plans and the MLM structure, which is complicated at best. Not to forget the insane startup costs, we can’t recommend it to our readers.

MLM programs aren’t for everyone. You sure can thrive with them if you have the experience and know what it takes to promote one. However, those aren’t for the average joe as one can easily go broke promoting the platform and not make much out of it, and pay $99/m at the same time.

As a distributor, you’ll also be paying $25/m to access the business tools. If not, you must purchase a health package which adds up as an additional expense.

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We got your back. If you’re looking to work from home, we can help you get started in the right direction. Affiliate marketing is one of our favorite business models, and for a good reason. It can help you achieve financial, location, and time-freedom in time.

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Simply select a product of your choice (the one you like), and get some sales. Moreover, unlike most multi-level marketing programs that have pay-to-play characteristics, you don’t have to pay a dime to be an affiliate for a product. At least not to legitimate affiliate marketing programs.

You’re also never married to a product in any way. Since you don’t have to pay to promote the system, you can always switch between different products. You can even ditch the ones you don’t want to promote at any point, as there’s no risk involved.

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Definitely check it out if this piques your interest.

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