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Is Richard Harper’s Job Quitter Club Scam or a Legit System?

Welcome to this Job Quitter Club review.

Is there a proven trigger that forces money into your bank account? Does such a thing even exist? Is it possible to replace your day job’s salary in less than a month’s time? Well, that’s what this program’s sales page claims.

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Doing some research can take you far since it can help you avoid scams and also assist in finding legitimate systems that don’t disappoint. Is Job Quitter Club a legit system or a scam? That’s what we’ll be covering; read on to find out.

Job Quitter Club Review

As soon as you land on the Job Quitter Club website (, you will notice it makes many ridiculous income claims. To get you to buy into the ‘system,’ a video will start to play on its own once the page has successfully loaded.

Here are the various ‘hooks’ this sales page uses:

  • Exceptional sales video to make it look believable
  • A secret system that you can buy for just $47 one-time
  • Push a few buttons and make hundreds or even thousands of dollars

So, you can get rich quickly out of nowhere without actually doing anything. That’s what this system says. The person in the video says you’ll make money just for watching this presentation alone, which is not true either.

It looks like just another get-rich-quick scam that’s looking to make a quick $47 off you. If you happen to make a purchase, it may prompt you to buy a few more products as upsells/upgrades.

Who Created This ‘System’

It’s apparently created by Richard Harper, who dropped out of college, looked for ways to make money online, and then stumbled across this lesser-known loophole. For some weird reason, he’s willing to give it away to the first 100 people for just $47.

Job Quitter Club Sales Pitch

You would think, if it’s the real deal, why is he throwing it away for $47? That’s because this is an obvious scam, and the ‘secret system’ is just baited so he can make a quick buck at your expense.

Most of these stories are made up and are used because people fall for them. One reason that explains it is that people can somehow relate to the story, and then human emotions come into play. Moreover, there’s no way to verify who actually created this video or did the voiceover.

It merely contains an image, and the voice could be of anyone. The image used in the video presentation looks like a stock photo (a licensed image you can purchase for commercial usage). After a few minutes of digging, ‘Richard’ did turn out to be a stock photo.

Job Quitter Club Fake Customer Stock Image Photo
Source: Shutterstock

Like expected, the income screenshots are just as fake. Just try doing a Google search, and it will come up with hundreds of identical screenshots.

Job Quitter Club Income Screenshot

This one brought a dozen search results with images identical to this one. Most of the online scams promise the world and re-use the same fake ClickBank income screenshots over and over.

Job Quitter Club Income Similar Images

At this stage, it’s evident Richard Harper is just a fake persona, and so are his ‘photos’ and story.

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How Job Quitter Club Works

As soon as you land on the sales page, you will be shown some secret system. To know more about it, you must first make a $47 payment.

A system that can rake in cash on autopilot using some secret software or some secret loophole no one knows about. In reality, such a thing doesn’t exist, and the reason why the sales video doesn’t openly talk about the system is that there’s no such thing in existence.

It’s just a way for the program owner to convince you and get your credit card details. Harper’s money-making system is just as fake as he is. You’ll also be asked for your email so the con artists can continue sending you promo emails from time to time and get you to buy something.

The only person who benefits from this is the program/website creator.

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The Ugly Truth Revealed

There are a lot of potential red flags with the Job Quitter Club website. Here’s some:

#1 Fake Income Screenshots

There’s nothing secret about this system. It’s just a way to get you to pay $47 to the website.

The income claims are fake as well, including the payment screenshots. That’s just to convince you, and these screenshots can easily be found with a quick Google search. There’s no way one can make cash on autopilot with the push of a button.

It takes real effort and some grit to make money online. It’s hardly as autopilot as one would think. Automation has its place, but to get there and automate some tasks, you must put in the work first.

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#2 Fake Countdown Timers

The spots on the website are hardly limited. It will show only the last 5-6 spots are open, and it may close down anytime. Whereas they are truly unlimited, and it’s just a fake counter used to make the ‘product’ look a lot more exclusive.

It’s one of the many high-pressure sales tactics salespeople use to close sales. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if the product is in limited quantities, but in this case, it’s just to promote fake scarcity. The timer is not running out anytime soon, just refresh the page, and it will be back to normal.

#3 Richard Harper Is Just a Stock Photo

Richard Harper is just an alias, and he doesn’t exist. Whoever created this website generated a random name and made him the program creator.

This way, the website creator’s real identity is hidden. He can, thus, re-launch the website under a different name and continue to scam people. All the images are fake, including Richard’s; it’s merely a stock photo that can be acquired for commercial use for a tiny one-time fee.

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#4 Potential Spam?

Since the program asks for your personal information upfront, there’s a fair chance it’s collecting it all inside a database. This way, the scammers may send you offers via email occasionally and get you to purchase some products.

Or worse, your data may be compromised and sold to third-party sites that operate similarly.

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Final Words – Is Job Quitter Club a Scam?

No second thoughts here; Job Quitter Club definitely is a scam you should be wary of. From the ridiculous (and fake) income claims to the fake program creator to some fake ‘secret’ system, there’s not much good to discuss this so-called system.

Thumbs Down Icon

It’s certain you won’t be making a dime with it even if you make the initial purchase. All that will happen is you’ll waste time, and the website owner will get rich at your expense. Since they’re collecting your personal data, you may also receive spam via email regularly.

Scams like these are more than capable of putting a dent in your wallet. Then, to recoup your lost money, you may even have to work extra hours, the last thing anyone would want!

Testing these sites with your personal information is never a good idea. If you want to test drive the platform anyway, enter a dummy/secondary email address to see the process in action. Entering credit card details is something you should avoid at all costs.

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