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14 Best Jobs Where You Work Alone | Solo Jobs

Are you looking for some rewarding jobs where you can work alone? Your search might just be over. Here is a list of some incredible jobs that allows you to work solo.

Although most jobs require people to interact with others, not everyone enjoys it. For different reasons, some of us struggle to work with others and thus prefer working alone.

So, if you are not suited to working in a team, that does not mean that there is something wrong with you. In fact, some people are more productive when working alone. In addition, solo jobs allow you more flexibility than other mainstream careers. You can set your own schedule and even choose your clients.

However, working solo does not mean that you will not interact with anyone at all. Solo jobs still require some form of communication and human interaction. But the contact is minimal.

Below are the highest-paying jobs where you work alone.

Best Jobs Where You Work Alone

jobs where you can work alone

1. Software Development

If you prefer being left alone to pursue a project, then being a programmer will afford you a great deal of independence. Although you will be interacting with clients from time to time, the contact is minimal.

Software developers often spend a lot of time alone staring at a screen. The job involves designing applications, running tests, and identifying and solving functionality problems.

However, despite having a lot of autonomy, you need to ensure that what you are doing is in alignment with the needs of your customers.

Almost all industries today use software to manage their operations. So the opportunities are immense. And being a highly technical field, the potential for earning is high. However, you need specialized skills in computer programming or information technology to be successful in this field.

2. Social Media Manager

If you love social media and are organized, then this job is perfect for you. Social media managers do things like developing a social media strategy and posting content on social media pages.

They are also in charge of monitoring engagement through moderate commenting and conversations. In short, they are supposed to help organizations and people manage their online presence.

There are many people and organizations with social media accounts but may not have the ability to engage someone on a full-time basis.  This has created a huge opportunity for freelance social media managers. Social media management is one of the best jobs for introverts and those who want to work alone from home.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another excellent opportunity if you are looking for jobs where you work alone from home. The digital age has provided many platforms and avenues for writers to earn from their craft.

Some of the things you can do include blogging, writing e-books, ghostwriting, technical writing, and copywriting among others. And finding work is easier today because there are many platforms, set up to help freelance writers get clients such as FlexJobs and SolidGigs.

Like any other freelance career, freelance writing requires a lot of discipline, especially if you want to earn a consistent income. But this should not be a problem if you are passionate about it and enjoy the luxury of working alone.

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4. Pet Care

pet care

Do you enjoy spending time with animals? Then this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Pet care requires very little interaction with people. Your time will be split between yourself and the animals.

There are no specialized skills that are required to do this job. But you need to know the basics of handling pets. There are many jobs in the pet care industry. There is the option of pet grooming, dog walking, or even house-sitting. Today, many people are willing to pay for such services.

And you don’t have to go looking for clients yourself. There are many platforms where you can find people who need these services. and TrustedHousesitters, for example, are good places to start.

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5. Bookkeeping

Do you want jobs where you work alone? Try bookkeeping. Bookkeepers spend a lot of time on their own as they pore over financial records to ensure that every dollar is accounted for.

You may also be required to manage an accounting department, prepare financial reports, and even come up with accounting policies. All these duties can be performed remotely, making bookkeeping one of the jobs where you can work alone from home.

How much you can earn depends mostly on the organization you work for. Fortunately, solo jobs allow you the opportunity to take on as many clients as you can handle.

Lastly, you don’t have to be an accounting graduate or certified public accountant to do this. A basic bookkeeping course is enough to get you started.

6. Data Entry

There is a reason data entry is popular with solo workers. First, it is among the best entry-level jobs where you work alone. Second, jobs are readily available. You don’t need any prior experience to start working as a data entry clerk. However, you need basic computer skills such as typing skills and the ability to use applications like spreadsheets and word processors.

This is because most of the tasks entail entering data from hard-copy documents or electronic files into a computer system.

As your own boss, you can choose to do it on a full or part-time time basis. However, the more time you can devote to it, the more money you stand to make.

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7. Graphic Designer

There are many people and businesses out there that need someone who can create visuals like logos, ads, and infomercials.

So with just your computer, knowledge of design software, and a bit of creativity, you can tap into this market. A graphic designer creates custom visuals that can communicate ideas, enhance aesthetic appeal, and improve communication.

Although you do require specialized design skills to get started, many graphic designers are self-taught. You can also acquire these skills on your own. Please note that the more skilled you are, the more money you are likely to make because of the quality of your work.

The fact that you will be using technology means that this is one of the jobs where you work alone.

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8. Food Delivery

The food delivery business is undergoing rapid growth currently. There are so many restaurants today that need delivery services but are not ready to engage a driver or invest in cars.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also added fuel to this fire. So, now more than ever, the demand for home and office deliveries is higher than ever.

This provides anyone who has a car and can drive, with a great opportunity to make money. If you are looking for jobs where you can work alone, you can give food delivery a shot.

You can partner directly with restaurants or people who offer take-out services. These people or organizations can be paying you a flat rate for every delivery or you can ask for a commission.

There are also tons of food delivery companies you can work with such as Doordash, Postmates, and UberEats.

9. Transcription Work


Transcription entails converting audio and video files into text. And, no prior experience is required. This makes transcription one of the best entry-level jobs where you work alone.

However, you need decent typing speed to make good money. As a beginner, you start with general transcription. This means you can work on any materials that are not technical such as recordings of meetings, speeches, and interviews.

As you gain experience, you can get into technical fields such as legal and medical transcription which pay more.

If you are wondering where to get clients from, you can scour through freelancing websites like FlexJobs and SolidGigs. However, you should aim at getting your own direct clients if you want to earn more.

10. Proofreading

Do you have a keen eye for detail, and enjoy reading? Then proofreading is a great job where you can work alone. A proofreader’s main duty is to perfect content pieces before they are submitted or published. It is often the final step in the review of content.

It is important to note that there is a big difference between proofreading and editing. Editing is about correcting mistakes to do with spelling, grammar, and syntax.

Proofreading, on the other hand, is more nuanced because you will be going through content that has already been edited.

With a good command of English, you can do this job even without any formal training. To get started, sign up to freelance sites like Fiverr, Rev, or SolidGigs to get your first client.

11. Landscaping

Landscaping and lawn care are jobs where you can work alone and get good returns. You can choose to do it as a person, or set up a small landscaping company.

The beauty is you don’t even need much to get started. With just the right equipment, you will be on your way to making some dollars.

As a landscaper, you could mow people’s lawns, develop landscaping plans and come up with ideas for making outdoor spaces more beautiful. And during winter, you can expand your services to include snow removal services.

Landscaping jobs don’t require any formal training. But you can take courses that will help you to offer superior services if you want to stand out.

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12. Truck Driver

truck driver

Solo truck driver jobs are very popular with introverts because of the amount of time they get to spend on their own. So if you want jobs where you work alone, get your CDL license and be ready for long drives.

However, unlike other jobs on this list that allow you to work from home, truck driving will take you to isolated roads and remote locations. Be prepared to spend a lot of time away from the comfort of your home and family.

A significant number of people in solo truck driving jobs are self-employed or work as independent contractors. This means they have a lot of freedom and flexibility.

13. Data Analyst

This is one of the best-paying jobs where you work alone. The work of a data analyst is to collect data, process it, and then perform statistical analyses to identify patterns, draw conclusions or come up with solutions.

You will love this job if you like working with numbers and are conversant with technology. Because the job is complex and tasking, many data analysts prefer working alone for efficiency and productivity.

And now that we are in a data-driven world, every industry today needs the services of data analysts. That is why data analysts can rake in a six-figure income working alone.

Because it is a technical field, you may need specialized skills to perform well. So you need to take a business analytics or data analytics course to stand a chance.

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14. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are often in high demand. It is also one of the best jobs where you work alone. If you are organized and love getting things done in an orderly manner, this could be the job for you.

With the huge demand for VA services across industries, you get to choose what you want to do and focus on just that.

The day-to-day duties of a virtual assistant vary depending on the industry and company or person you are working with. The most common duties include responding to phone calls, messages, and emails, and organizing calendars and files.

A VA also organizes and manages schedules. Being adept at graphic design and social media management may also be an added advantage and could land you more clients.

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How to Find a Job Where You Can Work Alone

Before you start looking for jobs where you work alone, it is important to first identify the set of skills, qualifications, and experience you have. What services are you able to offer with what you have?

And although most of the opportunities outlined above do not require highly specialized skills, you can still invest in upgrading your skills. For example, you can take short courses online or in person that will help you to package and market your skills. This will help to increase your chances of landing a job.

To find jobs where you can work alone, the internet would be a good place to start. You can check freelance websites and job boards such as Flexjobs, SolidGigs, and Freelancer, among others.

Another way of getting jobs is through networking both online and offline. Find and engage with a community of people who are in a position to know which opportunities are open and where.

For example, if you want writing jobs, you can talk to other writers and bloggers because they are better placed to know someone who needs your services.

You can also use your existing clients to get others. This demands that you offer quality services so that it becomes easy for someone to refer you to someone else.

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