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Can Jordan Daniels Get You a Millionaire Website or Is It a Scam?

Chances are you saw mentions of Jordan Daniels if you’ve seen ‘make money online websites. So, what exactly is it? Those websites come up with a similar sales page sporting the same video as well. The websites include My Success Plan Online, Ultimate Online Success Plan, and Leading Online Success Plan.

They are all basically the same websites except for some design and copy changes run by the same person Jordan. Is that a big scam and something you want to be wary of? We scrutinize things and reveal the truth in this review.

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The websites make bold claims as you’ve just won a jackpot and that your millionaire website is all set and ready to go. The pattern looks very identical to other scams we have reviewed on this website.

Millionaire Website Congratulation Message

The videos even go on to say the spots are limited (a misleading marketing tactic for closing sales). People often use the scarcity element to lure people into making a purchase because people perceive a higher value in something limited.

Who Is Jordan Daniels?

Most of his domains are anonymously registered which means the whois data for his domains remains hidden for the real world to view. When you consider that there are no photos of him and that he lacks an online presence, it triggers red flags.

Since there isn’t anything about the person online, it’s only natural for us to think it’s just an alias used by ‘some’ marketers to get sales in their business.

It’s a fact most websites that claim to help people make money online and scammers, they rely on using aliases instead of showing their faces. Using aliases is not always a bad thing though; there are times when people come up with an alias for privacy reasons or to look like a myth.

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Millionaire Website – REALLY?

No, you don’t get one (as expected!). It’s a lie and just a false tactic some people use to get sales. Whenever you see bold claims about something, it’s time you become wary of it, do your own research, and trust your instinct. If something sounds too good to be true, well it is.

You instead receive a 21-step blueprint developed by a multi-level marketing company called MOBE.

So Jordan (or whatever his real name is) is just a MOBE affiliate and is promoting the program. This is not the only website that relies on using shady tactics for promotions; My Online Business is another dirtbag website that does the same.

This is the classic ‘bait-and-switch tactic. They appear to promote something and then you’re taken to something which is anything but similar to the main website. This is because people fall for misleading claims and buy high-ticket programs (even if they don’t need them).

If one website is taken down, they take a backup and come up with a re-branded version and continue to scam people.

Is Millionaire Website a Scam?

The website relies on using non-ethical promo tactics, but they are sending people to a business opportunity called My Online Business Empire. Some people have done well with the system in the past, but most struggle to make $100 per month with it.

That’s because it’s an MLM company and people who are not fans of recruiting won’t do very well with the system. If hiring/recruiting others is your thing, you can make a killing with MOBE.

As far as Jordan Daniels is concerned, we don’t even know if he’s even real. One thing is for certain – he’s not legit and can’t be trusted. Legitimate marketers do anything but deceive prospects just for the sake of getting sales.

It’s a well-known fact recruiting isn’t for everyone, and most people fail with MLM systems. If you want to make money online (WITHOUT recruiting), we highly recommend you check out our top recommendation.

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