Kennedy Accounts – Wall Street’s Lesser Known Secret or a Scam?

Welcome to this Kennedy Accounts review.

Looking to uncover a secret that's intentionally kept hidden from the masses for more than 50 years? This lesser-known Wall Street secret can turn your tiny investment into a fortune.

This is what the website ( claims. It's only natural to be skeptical because that's one bold claim right there. Most of the programs that promise the world end up falling short. Today, we shall explore the things you need to know about this platform.

Doing some research can take you far since it can help you avoid scams and also assist in legitimate opportunities that don't disappoint. Is it legitimate or a scam? Can you actually tenfold your investments with these? Read on to find out.

Kennedy Accounts Review

This page on the Banyan Hill website ( speaks highly of the system, and is presented by a financial journalist named Jeff Yastine.

Also the Editorial director of the Banyal Hill website, Jeff supposedly has decades of experience in the financial sector. Apart from being a stock market investor, he also offered his services at PBS Nightly Business Report as an anchor.

He's well-known, and there's a good chance Kennedy Accounts are the real deal because he strongly believes in them. In his words, anyone can set up one and make a fortune.

Jeff Yastine Kennedy Accounts

This is apparently a secret tycoons like Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates have used to tenfold their wealth. As per Jeff, this was once a secret only known to the elite class, and over the years it has started to leak out.

As a result, Americans can exploit this and turn little investments into millions. In the video, he talks about a lot of people who've had success with Kennedy Accounts.

The video shares multiple convincing reasons as to why this is the best system in existence to multiply wealth (and retire early). This looks legit, but why would a government conceal something for so long? Maybe there's a lot more to it that's not very well-known.

How Kennedy Accounts Work

Kennedy Accounts are more of an investment strategy that people can use to get a step closer to financial freedom. These are Direct Stock Purchase Plan investments, also known as DSSP.

Here's a quick video (by Jeff) that explains how it all works:

Here are the main benefits of buying DSSP stocks:

  1. You buy directly from a DSPP company.
  2. There are no brokerage commissions since the transaction is direct.
  3. You can re-invest the dividends you earn (and the snowball effect comes into play) and multiplies your investments on autopilot.

Kennedy Accounts is a term that was coined by Jeff. The law was introduced by the then US president John F. Kennedy and as a result, Jeff named it after him. If you're wondering about this type of investment, it's definitely legitimate.

However, the video is more of a sales pitch than anything else. This is more for boosting Jeff's credibility and for promoting his financial publication Total Wealth Insider.

What Is Total Wealth Insider

It's an investment newsletter run by Jeff Yastine. If you make it till the end of the sales video, a button will pop up on the screen that takes you to TWI website.

Annual subscription costs anywhere between $47 - $129 depending on the options you select. Once you're onboard, it will renew automatically at $97 per year. Jeff even claims to give you a 100% refund if you don't make at least $10,000 using his insider strategies.

The countdown timer on the website is obviously fake. It's used to promote scarcity, an over-used marketing tactic that still works because it makes a product look a lot more exclusive. If you were shown something and only the last 4 copies remain, you're more likely to pull out your credit card.

This isn't really a magic pill or a road to riches if you fare this against regular stocks except that there's no brokerage fee involved. Even if you decide to buy his newsletter, you sure can learn more about stock marketing investing, and it can be helpful to some people.

Final Words - Is Kennedy Accounts a Scam?

No, Kennedy Accounts is not a scam. The sales pitch, however, is more for promoting Jeff's annual newsletter service which again can be full of value and a good fit for some people.

There's not much secret about it though. DSPP's have been around for a while and it comes with many perks including that you can save some funds on the brokerage fee. We hope this review helped you make a decision. Whether or not you'll give it a shot, it's your call now.

If you buy a subscription, feel free to share your experience in the comments down below.

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