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Is Lead Lightning a Scam or a Legit System for Generating Red Hot Leads? [Review]

There are a lot of websites out there which claim they can make the lead-generation process less of a nightmare for you. Lead Lightning is one of them. We will take a closer look at the platform and share what you need to know before signing up for this review.

Why is it important to do research first? The product is inexpensive at $7 one-time, but it doesn’t hurt to find out the pros and cons beforehand. It’s also good to avoid scams – there are tons of them out there. If you’re ready to learn more, let’s get started with this Lead Lightning Review.

Lead Lightning Review – An Overview of the System

What is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning Perfect For Beginners

Lead Lightning is basically a sales funnel for a program named Power Lead System with a slight twist. Other than this, you will be presented with some specific beginner-friendly training.

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Neil Guess designed this product. The price of this multi level marketing program is what I find most remarkable. The cost of this item is only $7, not a regular payment but a one-time fee paid in whole. After purchasing, each sale earns you $6.

Upon joining, you will be presented with two options after a successful $7 payment goes through. Apart from Lead Lightning, it’s also sometimes called Leads Lightning or Lead Lightening.

You can either promote LL as a standalone product or support Lead Lightning with your main product when you use the automated sales funnel.

Lead Lightning Funnel

There are also a bunch of upsells, and it isn’t really worth promoting – more on that soon. It does share some characteristics of a pyramid scheme since it relies very heavily on recruitment, but we’ll see as this review progresses.

You get access to ‘ready-to-deploy’ landing pages, email sequence templates, and a platform for managing your contacts. You will also be eligible to earn up to 85% commissions on your sales.

If you’d like to take advantage of automation, you may want to test the program. You can send email campaigns, track traffic, and connect with customers via email follow-ups.

Leads Lightning Overview

It also includes video training, tutorials, and a dedicated Facebook group for support. It doesn’t really ‘spit out’ commissions – as we mentioned, it’s only from the sales you bring to the system from your marketing efforts. No promos, no commissions.

How Does Lead Lightning Work?

Get Lead Lightning

You must register through a sponsor to join the Lead Lightning Program. You must be referred to participate in the program because there is no direct way to sign up. After entering your email address on a landing page and visiting the website through a recommendation, you will receive a link to the actual website.

You will be directed to a landing page that provides a summary of the Lead Lightning system and its benefits. If you’re interested, you may register by setting up an account with an email address connected to it.

You will be given a username, password, and a link to the admin section of your Lead Lightning account after paying the $7 registration fee and creating the account. You can begin the training that is meant to teach you how to create leads and make money online as soon as you log in.

You will be guided through all the products you can sell on Lead Lightning. There are four different products, and they are the following:

  • Lead Lightning – $7 once-off
  • All-In-One Marketing System – $30 monthly
  • Free Ad Secrets – $147 once-off
  • Social Academy – $497 once-off

Each program has an instructional product that is attached. It also has a referral program with rewards for new members you refer. For each referral that signs up for the same $7 subscription with Lead Lighting, you receive $6.

The arrangement of the numerous Lead Lightning Systems

Because it requires a monthly membership, the All In One System is distinctive. For each person you suggest who signs up for that package while you are a member, you receive a $20 commission.

According to the commission structure, from the first ten recommendations, five go to your sponsor, the person who brought you on board. After the first 10, you receive five out of five, and your sponsor receives one.

You receive a one-time $100 commission for the Free Ad Secrets if your referral purchases the $147 bundle. The commission for the $497 package is $400.

The caveat with these upsell programs is that to receive the commission, you must be a member at a certain level. For instance, if your referral purchases a $147 package when you are only on the $7 level, the $100 will instead go to the person in the pay line above you who has purchased the $147 package.

Although there is no assurance that consumers will purchase such things, this may tempt you to acquire more premium packages. It is a typical upsell scenario when you are urged to spend money you had not initially planned to spend.

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What Do You Get In 7$?

You will gain access to the program aside from other benefits if you invest $7 in Lead Lightning. However, Lead Lightning also includes more items, all of which are free.

The freebies are made to increase your sales. However, some of the goods are outdated, and such goods are entirely useless. Some products, however, will really direct traffic to your affiliate links.

Bonus 1 — Training

You’ll receive comprehensive internet marketing training. This training is being offered to you right now so that you can bring in more clients for them. You can choose from multiple courses, including sponsored advertisements, email marketing, YouTube marketing, and Facebook marketing.

Bonus 2

You will need images and banners directing traffic from various platforms. But making banners is a time-consuming task. Thus they offer you a selection of banner images, which you may use on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

How You Earn $400 For Every $7 Sale?

They have a solid MLM structure and remarkable skills for drawing in customers. They demonstrate how this product is worth $7 for all time. However, if you purchase this item, they will begin marketing their membership offers to you.

And with each offer, you will earn a bigger percentage if a sale is made. However, you will need to provide the lead lightning team some money monthly.

They are setting up a trap by pulling clients in and promoting subscriptions with various offers. Then those clients bring in more clients. They will receive double the money at every stage of this process, which never ends.

Despite being a little challenging to understand, you can acquire a general sense of how it operates. And why are they paying such a high price? 400 dollars from one sale.

Leads Lightning Product Line

Lead Lightning Funnel Price

With Lead Lightning, you will get the following. The supposedly ‘$900’ worth of value you will get costs only $7. It has to be a catch, right? That’s what we thought of when we stumbled across the system the first time.

You will also be told there’s an upsell on the product’s sales page, which is a good thing. We liked transparency; few programs are very transparent with their product line. With the gold upgrade, you will have to pay a one-time and monthly fee to make up to $100 per sale.

However, it may not be the best decision (as we mentioned earlier). Once it’s sorted, you’ll get access to the Lead Lightning log in, but it’s not worth the money. Why if you may ask? Let us throw some light on it.

  • Sketchy testimonials – we found multiple testimonies on the sales page from people who were also on other sales pages. The pictures may be stock images – buy a license, and you can use them on multiple web properties.
  • Inactive Facebook group – apart from the pinned post for solo ads, engagement is non-existent.
  • Power Lead System is promoted as an MLM – this may not be bad, but most people struggle with multi-level marketing opportunities. If you’re starting out, it’s often easier to make money with business models like affiliate marketing.
  • Far from automation – you will have to create your own email. Also, platforms like Insightly provide customer management systems for free. You can also hire a writer off Fiverr for a one-time $5, so there’s your email content sorted.

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Lead Lightning Affiliate Packages

There are a total of 3 affiliate packages—Regular, Silver, and Gold—plus 2 “upsell” packages, which I’ll discuss below.

Regular Membership

An affiliate can earn $6 from any front-end purchases they bring in by recommending customers to Lead Lightning once they have purchased the Regular membership, which costs $7.

Silver Membership

The Silver membership costs $29.97 a month, despite the Lead Lightning marketing system’s frequent claims on its web page that there are no monthly fees.

Affiliates can make $6 from front-end sales at the Silver level and then receive a $15 monthly recurring commission from any Silver affiliate members they suggest.

Despite the fact that Lead Lightning states in their income disclaimer (as seen below) that they pay on product sales rather than recruiting, it is obvious from this that they are paying for recruiting because they are paying commissions on affiliate members, which isn’t a product.

Gold Membership

The Gold membership costs $53.97 per month, and members can make $20 per month from any Silver and Gold membership sale. They help to drive in addition to earning $6 on front-end sales.

Since the highest commissions come from bringing in new members who will bring in new members, it is obvious that the focus is on getting you to attract people to sell Lead Lightning who recruit others.

It gives the impression that everything is beginning to look like this:

Lead Lightning Networking Gold Membership

You can choose from two additional upsells inside of Lead Lightning that you may advertise and profit from aside from the affiliate memberships.

These are the Platinum and Diamond memberships.

  • Diamond Membership – It is a one-time fee. In addition to the aforementioned Lead Lightning membership levels. You receive a one-time commission of $100 for each membership sold in the diamond membership. 
  • Platinum Membership – Similar to that, this is a $497 one-time purchase with a $400 commission for each platinum membership package sold. However, remember that they are upselling.

Now that the Lead Lightning marketing system has a multi-level commission structure, you may profit from the work of individuals you recruit below you aside from the direct income you receive.

Lead Lightning Compensation Plan

The Lead generating programs exist based on a “pay-to-play” model. Therefore to be eligible to receive commissions from “items” that you sell, you must first have paid for them out of your pocket.

As an illustration, if you are a Gold member and recommend someone who buys both Silver and Gold, you will receive commissions from both sales.

However, if you refer someone who buys both Silver and Gold while you are a Silver member, you will only receive commissions from the Silver membership, and the Gold sale will be passed up to someone above you.

It also holds true for the “upsells.” The only difference is that you will receive $50 off their sale if you directly recruit someone who makes a Platinum sale and is also a Platinum member.

Lead Lightning Could Benefit Whom?

People With Laptops Gathering

Lead Lightning has the ability to help a lot of individuals. And it can be divided into two groups:

  • If you are employed in the “lead selling” sector.
  • If you’re an affiliate marketer

The abundance of information on traffic generation systems that Lead Lightning offers is one of its major strengths. Worth the $7 starting price. 

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, it won’t teach you everything there is to know about generating traffic, but it will give you a tiny boost.

There will be upsells available to you when you sign up for Lead Lightning. When you offer Lead Lightning, these upsells will enable you to earn higher commissions.

They are not meant for people who promote other products using lead lighting. Only those who want to earn more than they can for $7 should use these. Whether or not the upsells are worthwhile for you must be determined.

You might use traffic generation systems in making money online from Lead Lightning. It’s not a complete guide to traffic creation, but if you apply these strategies, you’ll probably earn a lot more money from the upsells, which matters most.

It implies that you’ll only have a few traffic streams. For example, search engine optimization would not be covered. Even then, a few of these tactics will aid in accelerating the procedure and enabling you to begin earning money right away.

Each of these methods is only briefly addressed, with the exception of YouTube, which appears to be relatively thorough. You won’t learn any top-secret techniques, but it has been designed so that even beginners can understand how everything works.

Also, those new to making money online are prime candidates for recruiting. Since they don’t have any experience with how it actually works and may believe that attracting traffic or leads will result in sales, even if this is only half the story.

Most starters to Internet marketing are unaware that not all traffic is created equal. If your traffic isn’t targeted or coming at the correct time in the buying cycle, it’s just traffic and won’t often translate into sales.

What legitimate chance do I have of attempting to sell them a keyword tool when prospective buyers are looking for something else, as in the case where you sell keyword tools but the traffic coming my way was for autoresponders?

It is a regrettable practice that many lead generating products offer. People are forced into purchasing traffic or lists unrelated to the products they are pushing, but you still receive traffic as advertised, fulfilling the seller’s responsibility.

Can I Use The Lead Lightning Marketing System To Earn Money Online?

Person Holding Money

You may make considerable money from this program starting with the $7 membership, but the latter products and upsells are more expensive.

In the end, I concur that the danger of losing money must be considered while investing in the Lead Lightning funnels project, considering that you would be spending significantly more than the $7 standard plan.

Lead Lightning Support

We always focus on the positive aspects of any product or system when we listen to it. Additionally, we always avoid defective components, which is crucial for any goods. Here, I’m referring to support, which is an essential component of any program, instruction, product, etc.

You will be in good hands if you have solid support since issues arise in all kinds of business, and when they do, you will require support. However, you will receive Facebook group assistance here at Lead Lightning.

And I discover that this support is not very good or beneficial. It takes a while to resolve the issue.

Facebook group support can be improved over time once there are many active users in the Facebook group. However, there aren’t so many active users in their group.


  • Huge commission – For someone interested in multi level marketing, the compensation rate of 85% can be appealing.
  • Affordable entry fees – Most people can afford the low admission fee of $7. Additionally, it is a one-time expense, so after paying it, you are done. There are no additional monthly fees or ongoing subscription charges.


  • No physical product – A physical product is not connected to the lead lightning system. It is simple to be misled into purchasing something while believing it to be something different if you are unaware of such mechanisms. The manner in which the product is being advertised is the issue here.
  • Recruitment-intensive – The sustainability of the lead lightning system is problematic if you are not devoted to recruiting. It becomes a means of making quick money than a long-term source of income.
  • No product value – There is no significant value supplied by Lead Lightning’s offerings outside of the basic learning materials.
  • The front-end sale is deceptive – The $7 gets you in, and you can earn money with it, but once you’re in, it doesn’t give you access to everything it promises. If new users are unfamiliar with the platform and the worth of the offerings on Lead Lightning, the platform’s numerous upsells may mislead them.
  • Lack of a free trial membership – You must pay upfront, which may make you feel cheated if you don’t like what you find. Before you spend money, a reputable platform should offer a free trial membership so you can fully understand what you are obtaining.

Conclusion – Is Lead Lightning a Scam?

No, LeadLightning can’t be considered a scam. You get access to some lead capture pages and email templates that you use. Having said that, don’t expect anything special from the platform considering the measly $7 payment you’ll make.

Thumbs Down Icon

The support is non-existent; there are companies that offer CMS for free. It eventually links back to PLS isn’t the best program either. Considering all these factors, we can’t recommend the system. There are better programs to manage lead gen and other automation tasks.

I’m convinced that if you register in the Lead Lightning program, you’ll probably end up spending more money promoting it and buying goods than you’ll ever be able to regain.

Additionally, you will need to spend over $500+ to make use of the affiliate program.

Should you be required to spend $500 or more to promote something? No way! Since you are already assisting the owner by marketing the program, product, or service, being an affiliate should be free.

I wouldn’t sign up for a program if it charged for affiliate program participation. It sounds questionable.

Overall, it’s safe to state that I won’t be suggesting the Lead Lightning marketing method because I think joining will only result in financial loss.

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How does Lead Lightning help you make money online?

You may learn how to launch a lead generation business through Lead Lightning. Generating automated leads is their general offer. You look for potential buyers online and send them offers. Each time one of the products you sell is purchased, you receive a commission.

Lead Lightning is for whom?

The website promotes itself as the ideal starting point for new online marketers, but it doesn’t appear to mention more seasoned ones.

Do Lead Lightning students get results?

No, and yes. Even though there are endorsements on one of the many sales pages for LL, I thought most of them were very ambiguous. Things appear to be improving with the Facebook group because a few students claim success after implementing the instruction.

What is the price of Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning is available for $7. You receive lifetime access to the program for that amount, and each referral earns you a commission of $6. To earn money, you’ll need to continually bring in new members. And you must select one of the upsells if you want to earn more than $6 per sake.

Is it recommendable to join Lead Lightning?

I am unable to endorse Lead Lightning as a trustworthy method of making money online. It promises easy money with no effort, but I’ve only come across three of the over 50,000 members of the private group who appear to have consistently succeeded in some way. When you factor in all the upsells and dubious marketing strategies, I can only suggest that individuals stay away from Lead Lightning.

Who is responsible for Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning was developed by the Power Lead System. On the Priceless Possibilities platform, the Power Lead Program operates. For almost 20 years, Priceless Possibilities has been developing unique marketing strategies for network marketing and sales organizations.

What should I do first, and how do I begin with Lead Lightning?

Click the “How Do I Get Started” option after logging in. Follow the instructions throughout the entire “Getting Started” video. Here is where you can discover your referral link: underneath that video(s). You need to promote your referral link. Make sure to watch the video titled “How do I market my link” which is located near the bottom of the same page further down.

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