LeadPal Review

LeadPal Review - Revolutionary Software for Lead Generation?

In this LeadPal Review, we reveal everything you need to know about this lead generation software. Read on to learn the ugly truth.

LeadPal is a software that claims to help you get 1-click optins of verified email addresses. All this in less than 60 seconds with their smart lead gen campaigns.

LeadPal Review

LeadPal Review

LeadPal Review - An Overview

Vendor name:

Able Chika



Launch Date:

Jul 30 2020

Launch Time:




LeadPal is a cloud-based software that simplifies the process of lead gen.

The product creator Able Chika claims you can set up a campaign in just 60 seconds. Once the links are ready to go, they can be deployed on various social media platforms or forums or on standalone websites.

The optin forms use the 1-click sign in method that social media sites including Facebook use.

LeadPal Review

LeadPal Review

LeadPal supports a range of platforms, some of them include:

  1. Apple
  2. Microsoft
  3. Amazon
  4. Twitter
  5. Google
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Yahoo

The leads that you'll acquire will be verified since they have an active account on these sites. Once people have logged into the site using one of these sites, you'll have their contact information.


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It's easy to set up a campaign with the software, simply fill in the blanks and you're ready to roll:

LeadPal Review

LeadPal Review

It's also possible to have some info stored on your back-end that can be accessed on demand. Enter a campaign name, tags, and a description if you want to make use of that.

Setting up a fallback link is also possible in case your original link goes down (for whatever reason).

You can also customize login channels, connect tracking pixels and enable GDPR policy to stay compliant in European countries. Here are a few highlights of the cloud based software program:

  • Helps you build an email list (with multiple choices) and improves the conversion rates.
  • Opt-in links are sharable on websites, forums, ad platforms, and social media websites.
  • Verified email addresses are fetched once the users have opted into your system.
  • Connects with leading integrations including AWeber, Getresponse and Mailchimp.
  • Detects the platform someone has used to log in, and displays the icon with the person's credentials alongside.
LeadPal Review

LeadPal Review

Creating a LeadPal link is a breeze. Head over to the links tab, enter a target URL, select a campaign and have a few tags in place.

Once you're happy with the changes, click save.

LeadPal also offers a few upsells/upgrade offers (or OTO/one-time offers as some call them):

OTO1 of LeadPal unlocks advance features of the software. You can connect up to 10 custom domains of your own, integrate up to 50 social apps, and remove branding.

OTO2 of LeadPal will let you collect unlimited leads through the app and let you use unlimited domains for lead generation. You can also connect as many social accounts as you want and assign team members.

OTO3 of LeadPal unlocks exclusive features such as re-sending campaign to non-openers, integration of re-targeting, weekly email stats and QR code scanning. You can also synchronize leads to multiple email autoresponder accoutns at once.

OTO4 of LeadPal will get you whitelabel rights for the software. You can add your own branding, and sell it as your own software. It will let you create up to 500 client accounts as well.

LeadPal Review - The Ugly Truth

Even though LeadPal is a decent software for more automation in your lead generation campaigns, it's not very polished and lacks a punch.

It lacks stability, and pales in comparison to some of the leading autoresponder systems out there. It has decent features, but there's nothing extraordinary and you can certainly do better.

Moreover, lead gen is just a piece of the puzzle, and to get leads, you need to have a sizable audience or a proven traffic source.

To get leads and sales in your business, you need to stick to a proven marketing plan, and have a strong foundation. Just using a software like LeadPal may assist you to an extent, but it cannot replace the knowledge that you need to acquire before getting started with any of these tools.

Lack of information and abundance of shiny objects like these is the biggest roadblock one may face in an online business. If you can do it all manually and have success, only then you should consider automation.

It's just a tool that will magnify your marketing efforts. You should instead focus on building a strong foundation in marketing, learn the right skills from the right training, and then get to work.

So, what do you think of this LeadPal review? Let us know by leaving a quick comment down below.

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