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Things You Should Know About LegalShield – Is It A Scam?

Legal Shield is an MLM company that provides legal services to people. The company exclusively provides services through its associates who sign up through their multi-level marketing program.

In this review, we look at the business opportunity and share things you need to know. 

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What is Legal Shield?

LegalShield existed in 1976 to solve one problem: affordable legal services. When you need legal advice, working with a lawyer can often get very expensive and drain your pockets.

In 2011, it was acquired by a company called MidOcean Partners, and they named it Legal Shield.

Legal Shield Website

There are a few membership levels, which come with different perks and services. The number of services you receive is directly proportional to the monthly fee.

With their business opportunity, the members can earn referral commissions and make money with the MLM chain. The services are sold exclusively through associates; you must get yours through an existing member.

How does It work?

It sports an MLM pyramid structure, and there are two ways in which you can make money with them:

  1. Selling the product
  2. Recruiting people

Here’s the company’s compensation plan for reference. If you sell their products, you’re eligible to make 20% commissions (on the whole year), but you can lose it all in one go if customers cancel the plan in the first 12 months (in fact, more than half of the people cancel their memberships).

The services aren’t very good, and there are hidden fees involved so you must pay extra to get new services which hurt the product’s conversion rate.

Recruiting is where the real money is when you get others to promote the product after they sign up under you as an associate. Building a team means you can earn up to a few percent of what they make. There are multiple ranks in the system, as you would expect.

  • Junior Associate
  • Associate
  • Senior Associate
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Executive Director

Better ‘rank’ opens up new income opportunities, and your MLM team will widen simultaneously. To fancy your chances, you must recruit more people and a certain number of sales into the system.

However, the chances of it working for you are slim because the product doesn’t have the best reputation in the world, and the refund percentage is higher than you would like.

Membership Benefits and Options

LegalShield memberships cater to individuals seeking accessible legal support. Members can expect a portfolio of legal services ranging from consultations to court representation, often at a fraction of standard attorney fees.

Legal Advice and Consultation

Members have the privilege of unlimited legal advice and consultation from a provider lawyer. This service is designed for those who require professional guidance on various legal matters, such as understanding contracts or legal rights.

For instance, if a member receives a complex service agreement, they can consult with their attorney to clarify the terms and conditions, ensuring they make informed decisions.

Document Review and Preparation

LegalShield also offers document review and legal form preparation, supporting members in navigating legal paperwork. An attorney can review up to 15 pages of a document at no additional cost, which is beneficial for those who need reassurance on the legality of the content before signing. Moreover, members can also have standard legal forms prepared in line with specific legal requirements.

Representation in Court

If a member needs to be represented in court, LegalShield also has options for that. Coverage may vary depending on the type of plan, but typically, a member can have an attorney represent them in various legal actions. This is often a relief for members who might otherwise be daunted by the prospect of court proceedings and navigating the legal system independently.

LegalShield Plans

LegalShield offers various legal plans tailored to meet the individual needs of their customers, whether those are personal, small business-related, or concerning identity theft. Each plan provides access to legal support and services to deliver legal protection with affordable pricing.

Personal Legal Plans

Personal Legal Plans from LegalShield provide individuals with legal assistance in common personal legal matters. The plan includes unlimited legal advice and consultation, document review for up to 15 pages, and estate planning services, such as drafting a will, living will, and power of attorney.

These plans come with a monthly subscription fee, typically offering more affordable access to legal services than paying hourly for a private lawyer.

  • Legal Matter Coverage: General consultations, estate planning, traffic violations, family law, and more
  • Estate Planning Tools: Wills, living wills, healthcare power of attorney
  • Pricing: Monthly fees starting from around $29.95

Small Business Plans

Small business owners can benefit from LegalShield’s Small Business Plans, which offer legal assistance tailored to the needs of a business. Features of these plans might encompass legal consultations on matters such as contract review or debt collection.

Furthermore, they address specialized areas such as small business law, assisting with estate planning for business continuity, or establishing trusts and living trusts.

  • Legal Services Offered: Contract review, debt collection assistance, legal correspondence, and more
  • Business Matters: Legal aspects of running and protecting a small business
  • Pricing: Varies according to the size of the business and the level of service required

Identity Theft Plans

LegalShield’s Identity Theft Plans, often branded as IDShield, offer services to help prevent and resolve identity theft. These plans typically include identity theft monitoring and identity theft restoration services, assisting in the case of an identity theft incident. Subscribers receive guidance on preventive measures and have access to expert support for resolving identity theft-related issues.

  • Identity Protection: Monitoring and alerts for identity theft occurrences
  • Identity Restoration: Expert support to help restore one’s identity
  • Pricing: Separate plans for individuals and families, with varying levels of protection features

The range of plans offered by LegalShield provides individuals and businesses with several options for legal support and protection tailored to suit different legal and financial needs.

Customer Experiences

When examining LegalShield’s service through the lens of customer experiences, one finds a mix of positive reviews that often highlight substantial financial savings and effective resolution of issues, as well as critical feedback targeting specific areas for improvement.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

  • Financial Benefits: Customers have reported significant financial savings. Specific cases cite savings of over $50,000 for individual and business legal matters, underscoring the economic advantage of LegalShield’s services.
  • Customer Support: The member services team is accessible through various channels, including phone, chat, and a mobile app. Assistance is often described as just a “tap of the app” away, emphasizing the company’s focus on user convenience.
  • Ratings: LegalShield has garnered positive feedback, reflected in several 4-star and 5-star reviews. Valued members have expressed satisfaction with the quality of service and the peace of mind provided by the plans.

Critical Reviews and Feedback

  • Pricing Concerns: There are mentions of dissatisfaction with the cost of the service. The pricing structure is an area where some customers have left critical feedback, highlighting the importance of transparency and value in LegalShield’s offerings.
  • Customer Service: While many customers report positive experiences, some reviews highlight customer service complaints. The nature of these complaints ranges from response times to the resolution process, which suggests areas where customer service improvements could be beneficial.
  • Plan Limitation: Certain reviews allude to limitations within the legal plans, indicating that some customers did not feel fully covered by their plan’s scope. This feedback often points to the need for clarity around each legal plan.

Professional Expertise and Knowledge

LegalShield’s model provides its members with access to an extensive network of experienced lawyers for various legal issues. The network attorneys must meet stringent criteria to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and competency to assist clients effectively.

Provider Law Firms and Attorney Qualifications:

  • Vetting Process: Rigorous selection ensures knowledgeable legal professionals.
  • Performance Monitoring: Continuous quality checks maintain high standards.

Members can leverage this expertise when facing legal troubles to make informed decisions concerning their legal rights. For example, suppose a member encounters an issue that necessitates a lawsuit. In that case, they can obtain advice from their assigned lawyer to understand the nuances of their case and the best course of action.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Employment Law
  • Business Law

LegalShield emphasizes that their member services are designed to simplify getting legal help without the challenges of searching independently for qualified lawyers. This accessibility is critical for ensuring that members are supported in defending their rights and making educated decisions without undue stress.


  • Direct Communication: Members have a dedicated toll-free number.
  • Availability: Services extend to a wide range of legal matters, promoting comprehensive counsel.

Through this structured support, individuals and businesses can confidently address legal matters, knowing they have seasoned professionals guiding them every step of the way.

Comparing LegalShield to Other Services

When evaluating LegalShield, it is essential to consider how it stacks up against both traditional law firms and other online legal service providers. Factors such as cost, service delivery, and range of services come into play.

Legalshield vs Traditional Law Firms

Legalshield’s primary offering is a subscription-based model that differs significantly from the traditional law firm structure. Traditional law firms typically charge clients for each hour of consultation or legal work provided. 

LegalShield, originally known as Prepaid Legal, changed this approach by offering prepaid plans that cover a variety of legal services. This potentially makes legal assistance more affordable and predictable in terms of cost.

However, LegalShield may have limitations compared to a full-service law firm, particularly in complex legal matters or highly specialized legal services where personalized, ongoing consultancy might be critical.

Legalshield vs Online Legal Services

Compared to other online legal services, such as Rocket Lawyer, Legalshield offers a unique approach to connecting its members with actual law firms rather than providing direct services online. Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, offers a range of online legal documents and the option of on-call lawyers.

  • Legalshield Cons:
    • No free trial or money-back guarantee
    • Some difficulties with canceling memberships
    • Customer service reports are mixed

Rocket Lawyer provides services such as legal document preparation and a legal directory akin to an online legal directory where one can find attorneys for specific legal needs. This contrasts with Legalshield’s method of assigning firms to clients based on their legal issues.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings are often used to gauge such companies’ credibility and customer satisfaction. Legalshield boasts an “A+” rating from BBB, a factor that customers might weigh alongside the availability and scope of services when choosing between Legalshield and its competitors.

Additional Resources and Tools

LegalShield offers many additional resources and tools designed to empower clients with legal education and provide robust customer support.

Legal Education and Knowledge Base

The LegalShield site provides a comprehensive legal knowledge base that clients can access to educate themselves on various legal topics. For instance, they offer informative articles and guides that answer common legal questions, ensuring that individuals have a foundation of understanding their rights and can make informed decisions. Legal documents are often complex, but LegalShield aims to demystify them by offering explanations and resources to help create essential documents such as living wills.

Customer Support Channels

LegalShield prides itself on providing great advice through its customer support channels. Subscribers have the benefit of 24/7 access to customer support.

Clients who need assistance navigating the site, understanding legal documents, or having specific inquiries regarding their rights can reach out through various channels such as phone, email, or chat. This ensures that subscribers receive the help they need promptly and effectively.

Legalshield’s Reputation and Trustworthiness

LegalShield’s standing as a provider of legal services is largely viewed positively, with a notable presence on various review platforms. The company has many feedback entries that mention the value it provides to its members.

Trust and Service

  • Trustpilot reports a 4.5 out of 5 rating, illustrating a high level of satisfaction among users.
  • ConsumerAffairs references over 1,500 reviews, indicating extensive user engagement but a very low rating of 1.4 out of 5.
  • While the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is not specified, LegalShield is typically expected to adhere to stringent business practices as a service provider.

Reviews and Member Experience
A diverse spread of reviews often mentions the professionalism of their provider attorneys. LegalShield is characterized by its commitment to offering licensed legal help throughout the United States, suggesting a reliable service for those with legal needs.

Site and Accessibility
Feedback suggests that the LegalShield site is user-friendly, and the company consistently tries to serve individuals and businesses. Members have expressed a sense of being valued, often mentioning LegalShield’s accessible customer service.

Professional Legal Network
LegalShield partners with many law firms and attorneys, ensuring members receive licensed and professional support. This extensive network also enables the offering of 24/7 emergency legal assistance.

Critiques of the service exist, such as difficulty canceling memberships and mixed reactions to customer support, which are important factors for potential members to consider. However, these viewpoints appear alongside the recognition of LegalShield’s affordable service and the significant cost savings reported by members, substantiating the company’s claims of providing peace of mind to its clientele.

Is LegalShield Legitimate or a Scam?

Legal Shield can’t be considered a pyramid scheme or scam because it lacks a high-quality product. They have a lot of bad reviews and everything, but they provide legitimate services that a user can consume.

It has been going strong for decades; it definitely is a legit MLM system. If it wasn’t, there’s no way it would stand the test of time, which it has.

That said, the business opportunity isn’t the best you will find, and you still need to recruit to make money. Most people hate recruiting, us included. The work-to-reward ratio isn’t the best with network marketing, and it’s anything but hands-off.

It’s a fact most people struggle to make money online. That’s because of the countless bunk programs flooding the online space. If you’re looking for a scam-free way of working from home, I highly recommend you check out our top recommendation for making money online, which teaches affiliate marketing, one of the most profitable business models today.

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